• The Ku Klux Klan Unmasked

    The Ku Klux Klan Unmasked
    by Rev. W. C. Wright, Waco, Texas


    The purpose of this little folder is to REMOVE THE MASK OF WEIRD SECRECY and LIFT THE DARK VEIL OF MYSTERY from THE KU KLUX KLAN and permit the reader to look into the most secret chambers of the Invisible Empire and learn for himself the inside facts about WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT STANDS FOR, WHO ARE ITS MEMBERS, AND WHO ARE ITS ENEMIES.

    So let's ...

    "Play the Game Fair"

    What do you really KNOW about the Ku Klux Klan? Have you heard both sides aud carefuily considered the facts with impartial fairness and without prejudice? Have you made an HONEST effort to learn the truth? Have you given the Klan a just, fair and impartial trial? Are you "PLAYING THE GAME FAIR?," or have you condemned the Klan on the testimony of its enemies without hearing the other side?

    You cannot learn the truth about men or organizations from their enemies. You cannot form a fair and impartial judgment and give the case justice until you have heard both sides. How would you like to be tried before a court that would hear only your enemies testify, and pass judgment without hearing your friends? Would you consider that a fair trial? "LET'S PLAY THE GAME FAIR."

    What Is the Klan?

    You have heard and read what our enemies SAY the Klan is. Now, be fair and let us tell you what we KNOW it to be. Being on the inside, we have a better opportunity to KNOW than those on the outside.

    1. The Ku Klux Klan is a Secret, Fraternal, Benevolent and Patriotic Order. In that respect it is similar to the Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks and all other Secret Orders, and is entitled to the same respect and protection.

    2. It is duly chartered, just like all other Secret Orders, under the laws of the State of Georgia. It has identically the same kind of a charter that the Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks end others have.

    3. It is legally incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia, and has the same right to operate as any chartered and incorporated institution or organization.

    4. It is permitted to operate in every State in the United States, through due process of law, just as all other chartered and incorporated institutions operate, and is entitled to the same rights.

    5. It has a Special Legal Charter from the Superior Courts of Fulton County, Georgia. That is something that no other Secret Order has. It is the signed and sealed endorsement of the courts.

    We submit to you in all fairness, that a lawless organization, designed to violate the law, practice mob-violence, and take the law into its own hands, would not ask for a charter from any State; neither would it be chartered or incorporated by any State, much less sanctioned and endorsed by any court, or permitted to operate in all of the States. Such reasoning is absurd and ridiculous. Therefore, all such charges against the Klan are false, unwarranted and unbelievable.

    6. Its Obligation, Kloran (Ritual), Constitution and Laws are duly and legally copyrighted by the United States Government. No other Secret Order in America copyrights its Obligation and its ritualism. When a document is copyrighted a complete copy must be left in the copyright offices at Washington, D.C., for public inspection, and that is exactly what the Klan has done.

    7. It is strictly an AMERICAN organization, by native-born AMERICANS, for AMERICAN citizens; to defend, perpetuate and promulgate AMERICAN ideals, principles, and institutions.

    8. It is strictly a white man's organization—not to foster racial hatred or harm the negro; but to preserve the purity of the white Caucasian blood, oppose the intermarriage of races and maintain forever the doctrine of white supremacy.

    9. It is strictly a Protestant Christian organization—not to foment religious prejudice or foster religious intolerance; but to defend and uphold the sacred traditions, holy doctrines and sublime principles of Protestantism and exalt the living Christ.

    10. It is strictly a Gentile organization—not to fight and persecute the Jew or teach racial hatred; but to preserve and perpetuate the ideals and traditions of the white Gentile race.

    11. It is strictly a fraternal organization—not to encourage, condone or practice the boycot; but to stand by each other in times of need in all things honorable, and to help, aid and assist each other in all just and worthy undertakings.

    12. It is strictly a benevolent organization—not to encourage promiscuous begging and indolence; but to relieve the injured and the oppressed; to succor the suffering and unfortunate, especially widows and orphans, by means of hospitals, sanitariums and donations, and such other service as we can render.

    13. It is strictly a moral organization—not to regulate individual conduct by force or fear; but to develop a dependable character, shield the sanctity of the home, protect the purity of womanhood, teach and practice clean living and a right relationship toward God and man.

    14. It is strictly a patriotic organization—not to promote the interest of any particular political party; but to develop and train good citizenship, promulgate the principles of a pure Americanism, respect, defend and honor our country's blood-bought flag, uphold the Constitution of the United States, obey and help enforce the laws of our country, and in every honorable way to promote the general welfare of good government.

    15. "The Invisible Empire is founded on sterling character, and immutable principles, based upon sacred sentiment and cemented by noble purposes. It is promoted by a sincere, unselfish devotion of the souls of men, and is governed by their consecrated intelligence. It is the soul of chivalry, virtue's impenetrable shield; and the devout impulse of an unconquered race."

    Its purposes are pure.

    Its teachings are timely.

    Its conduct is commendable.

    Its principles are patriotic.

    Its ideals are indispensable.

    Its motives are magnanimous.

    Its hopes are high and honorable.

    Its powers are practical and potent.

    Its desire is duty duly discharged.

    Its methods are matchless and manly.

    Its standards are sacred and sublime.

    Its practices are patient and peaceful.

    In view of the above facts the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is worthy of the respect, confidence and support of all good men.

    What It Stands For

    For the sake of brevity we shall classify the principles of the Ku Klux Klan under two general heads, viz.: Religious Ideals and Patriotic Ideals.

    1. Religiously We Stand For:

    Christ as a criterion of character.

    The tenets of the Christian religion.

    The Bible as the Inspired Word of God.

    Calvary's old rugged, blood-stained cross.

    The absolute freedom and liberty of worship.

    The 12th Chapter of Romans as our Law of Life.

    The sacred ideals and traditions of Protestantism.

    Unconditional religious toleration toward all people.

    The Klan NEVER HAS, and NEVER WILL, under any circumstances, seek to prevent or interfere with any religious sect or people in the exercise of their constitutional right to "worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience." We positively make no fight on any race or religion. You have never heard of the Klan disturbing or molesting any religious services, or interfering with any race or creed in the exercise of their rights as American citizens, and you never will. We PRACTICE religious toleration.

    2. Patriotically, We Stand:

    (a) For the Government of the United States above every other and any kind of government in the whole world, civil, political or ecclesiastical, and owe no allegiance of any nature to any foreign power, prince, people, or pope.

    (b) For the Constitution of the United States, and each of the several States, with all of their amendments, and for every constitutional law, both State and Federal.

    (c) For all the rights and privileges of American citizenship as guaranteed by the Constitution and constitutional laws, irrespective of race, color, creed, lineage or tongue.

    (d) For freedom of speech, freedom of the press; freedom of worship, the right of peaceable assembly, the right of self defense, the right of trial by jury, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    (e) For the just, rigid and impartial enforcement of all laws through duly constituted courts and authorities, irrespective of racial, political, religious or fraternal connection or affiliations.

    (f) For the highest type and quality of American citizenship that can be developed by educational and Christian ideals, principles and institutions; consistent with loyalty and patriotism.

    (g) For the free public school system, enlarged and improved, with every child of school age in America in attendance, with a Bible in every school room and a U.S. flag over every school house.

    (h) For the exclusive use of the English language in the United States and the Americanization of all foreigners, that this country may not be a jargon of tongues and a chaos of international ideals.

    (i) For white supremacy; the prevention of intermarriage with negroes; the purity of the white Caucasian blood; and the right of the white man to rule this country.

    (j) For the election of clean, capable and honorable men to office, and a fair, just and economical administration of pubiic affairs, without fear and without favor.

    (k) For the prevention of all forms of lawlessness, mob-violence and lynchings, through a proper respect for constituted authority and a due regard for law and its enforcement.

    (l) For the eternal separation of church and state, and the undisputed right of all men to "worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience."

    (m) For a restricted and selective immigration law that will protect America from feeble-minded, immoral and criminal foreigners, and admit only those who intend to become American citizens.

    (n) For the strict enforcement of the Eighteenth amendment and all prohibition laws, and the prevention of doctors and druggists from dispensing whiskey on prescriptions.

    (o) For racial, religious, political and fraternal toleration: and we grant all other men of every race and creed the same rights and privileges we claim for ourselves.

    (p) For "Equal rights to all and special privileges to none." All the Klan asks is a square deal and fair play for all men alike.

    (q) For the blood-bought, tear-stained and heaven-bedecked Stars and Stripes—Old Glory—the Flag of the U.S.A.—and everything that it Symbolizes—the sacrifice of our fathers, the suffering of our mothers, the freedom of humanity and the Glory of Our Country.
    "Its Red is the red of the sunset's evening glow. Its White is the white of the winter's driven snow. Its Blue is the blue of the ocean, sea and sky. Its Stars are the United States that shall not die."
    These, my friends, are the sacred democratic, American principles that the enemies of the Klan oppose. Those who fight the Klan are most assuredly opposed to the things for which the Klan stands.

    Who Are Its Members?

    Of course, we cannot give you individual names, for that would make the list too long, and no fair-minded man will expect us to do so. We can only tell you the class and character of men who belong to the Klan. That will show what kind of an Order it is; for good men do not join and stay in a bad Order, although some bad men do get into all good organizations, even the churches.

    To be a Klansman one must be:

    1. A native-born, white, Gentile, Protestant American citizen;

    2. Of good morals and dependable character;

    3. Of unquestionable patriotism, owing no allegiance to any foreign power;

    4. A believer in the tenets of the Christian religion;

    5. Willing to accept Christ as his criterion of character;

    6. Willing to take the 12th Chapter of Romans as his Law of Life;

    7. Obedient to the laws of the U.S. and the State in which he resides;

    8. Willing to discourage selfishness, and sacrifice to serve others;

    9. Willing to stand for the right and against the wrong;

    10. Willing to grant to others the same rights and privileges he claims for himself.

    11. An honorable, upright, loyal, law-abiding citizen, sworn to help the officers enforce the laws;


    That is the class, and character of men we seek to get into the Klan, and the kind who are in it, with comparatively few exceptions. We firmly believe that there are fewer bad men in the Klan, in proportion to its membership, than in any Order that we know.

    While the Klan is only nine years old, it has had the most phenomenal growth of any organization in the history of the world. No other Order has grown as rapidly, nor been fought more bitterly. During this brief time we have enlisted (and more than 90 per cent of them during the last four years), of such men, as we have described above,

    MORE THAN 5,000,000 MEMBERS;

    Including more than 750,000 Masons,

    And more than 30,000 Protestant Ministers.

    Honestly, do you know of any other Order that has a better endorsement than that? Isn't the recommendation of 750,000 Masons and 50,000 ministers sufficient to commend it to your confidence? Do you think that such men as these would endorse, defend, support and belong to an organization that was corrupt, immoral, lawless or dangerous? Do you believe that such a large number of men could be deceived, deluded or bribed into upholding the wrong?

    That is the kind of an organization and the character of men that some people are fighting. That is the class of men that some people denounce as liars, bootleggers, criminals, and by every vile epithet that the mind of man, distorted by ignorance and prejudice, can conceive. Do you know why they do it? We are frank to confess that we do not. May the Lord forgive them. They know not what they do.

    That is the kind of an Order and those are the kind of men of whom some people say, "If we cannot kill Ku Kluxism with the ballot, we MUST kill it with the bayonet." That is the kind of men who are being assaulted, murdered and prevented from meeting in free (?) America by rabid, bloodthirsty, unlawful, murderous mobs of un-American and anti-American foreigners and law-violators. Can you imagine such radical intolerance, such vicious hatred, such inconsistent and lawless opposition in a free country, such as America is supposed to be?

    Efforts to Suppress the Klan

    Enemies have tried every conceivable method to suppress the activities and growth of the Klan. They have tried mob violence, brickbats, clubs and guns; they have tried frame-ups, courts and investigations; they have tried suits, injunctions and false witnesses; they have tried crooks, liars and traitors; they have tried wine, women and graft; they have tried lawyers, judges and governors;—in fact they have tried all the hellish means, diabolical methods, and devilish schemes that the spirits of demons and fiendish minds of men, aided by his Satanic Majesty, could conceive and invent, to wreck and destroy the Klan; but they have all miserably failed. In spite of their fiendish desire and hell-born efforts to check its growth, disrupt its membership and destroy its influence, the Klan marches steadily onward and upward toward the successful defeat of wrong, and a triumphant victory for the right.

    Surely the hand of God is leading, and the Spirit of God is hovering over this great movement. Nothing short of Divine Providence could ever have saved the Klan from wreck and ruin, as it has passed through such trying ordeals and dangerous experiences. If this work be of men it will come to naught; but if if be of God you cannot stop it. The right will always prevail, and the wrong will fail.

    It has been with Jonah in the belly of the whale, with Daniel in the den of lions, and the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace; it has been with Peter behind prison bars, with Paul in the hands of the mob, and with Christ in Gethsemane, before Pilate's court and on Calvary's cross-crowned brow; but thanks be to Him who rules over the destinies of man and nations, and ever guards and protects the right, the Klan has been delivered from all these perils and snares and is cleaner, bigger, stronger and more useful to mankind today than ever before.

    Who Are Its Enemies?

    After seeing what the Klan is, what it stands for, and the character of the men who are in it, as expressed by one who actually knows by being on the inside, it is passing strange and almost inconceivable that such an organization would have any enemies.

    But when you realize that every ideal, principle and institution for which the Klan stands is a living, vital and unsettled issue and an unsolved problem; you can easily understand why some people oppose and fight the Order. Frankly, with all due respect to the good men who may oppose us, we affirm that there are ONLY TWO CLASSES of men who fight the Ku Klux Klan: 1) Those who are uninformed or misinformed and do not know the truth about it; and 2) those who are maliciously mean, or the criminal and un-American elements.

    To the first class, the GOOD men who are uninformed and misinformed as to what the Klan really is we are making this appeal for fair play. "Play the game fair," boys. Give the Klan a fair and impartial trial. We are giving you the cold facts and the naked truth. You can easily verify what we say by making an honest investigation. If you have any doubt about the matter and will come to us, we will make you a proposition that will prove to your entire satisfaction that what we say is absolutely true; and that the Klan is worthy of your fullest confidence and heartiest support. We welcome a careful and critical, but fair and honorable investigation.

    To the second class, composed of law-violators, the un-American and anti-American elements, we say, "Come on, you minions of hell and imps of Satan. We welcome your opposition and are ready for the fray." In this class you will find bootleggers, boozers and bums; gamblers, grafters and gunmen; henchmen, highjackers and home-wreckers; crocks, criminals and cowards; murderers, mobs and malefactors; reprobates, rascals and robbers, thieves, thugs and traitors; atheists, infidels and agnostics; fakes, frauds and foreigners; wife-beaters, women-seducers, and white degenerates; I.W.W.s, Socialists, and Bolsheviks; intolerance, hatred and prejudice. Every class of wickedness, sin and deviltry is arrayed against the Klan; simply and solely because the Klan stands FOR everything that in right and AGAINST everything that is wrong.

    Say, my dear reader, which crowd are you in? The one described as qualified for membership in the Klan or the measley, motley mob of miserable misfits listed under our enemies? Certainly if you are a GOOD man and stand for the right, you cannot line up with our enemies; nor can you afford to fight or oppose an organization that stands for such sublime principles and is composed of such fine characters as the Ku Klux Klan. "Choose ye this day whom you will serve."

    Honestly and candidly, do you think the ideals principles and institutions set forth above are worth defending, promulgating and supporting? Do you think the class and character of men in the Klan are worthy of your confidence and fellowship? Are they your kind of men? Remember, "Birds of a feather flock together."

    The line is clearly drawn. The vital question is: Shall America be controlled by native-born, white, Gentile, Protestants of good morals, Christian faith, and patriotic loyalty to our country and its blood-bought flag; or shall it be dominated and wrecked by intolerant, un-American foreigners, reprobates, degenerates, lawless mobs and criminals?

    You must take your stand. You cannot be neutral. Jesus said, "He that is not with me is against me." The same is true of the Klan. If you are not for it, you are counted with its enemies. How can you afford to lend your influence to that crowd?

    The Builder

    The Knights of the Ku Klan Klan is building for the future. Its prime purpose is to develop character and make America safe for Americans. To this end we are fighting for a higher type of citizenship, the purity and sanctity of the home, better and more efficient public schools, the sacred ideals and traditions of Protestantism, the sublime principles of a pure Americanism, and the development of a perfect civilization. Our purpose is to smooth the way, remove the dangers and bridge the chasms in order that we may bequeath to posterity a safer life, a more sublime heritage and a more glorious civilization than we have enjoyed. To make it safe for our children who follow after us, we must play the part of,

    The Bridge Builder
    An old man, traveling a lone highway, Came at evening cold and gray, To a chasm deep and wide. The old man crossed in the twilight dim: That sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned, when he reached the other side And builded a bridge to span the tide. "Old man," cried a fellow pilgrim near, "You are wasting your strength with your building here: You never again will pass this way, Your journey will end with the ending day, You have crossed the chasm deep and wide, Why build a bridge to span the tide?" But the builder raised his old gray head, "Good friend, in the way I have come," he said, "There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way: This stream that has meant naught to me May to that fair-haired boy a pitfall be, He too must cross in the twilight dim,— Good friend, I am building this bridge for him."
    Don't you want to help us build this bridge?

    We call upon every GOOD man who believes in the sublime doctrines of Protestant Christianity, and the sacred, time-honored principles of a pure Americanism to join hands with us in this righteous cause against the devilish wiles of wickedness and the threatening perils of anti-Americanism.
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