• The White Christian Holocaust

    The White Christian Holocaust
    by Roy B. Mansker

    The Jews whine continually about the holocaust of six million of their kind being done in during the days of World War II. While there is every evidence to refute their ridiculous claims, they go right on with the BIG LIE, shouting in frenzy, "never again". Currently, there seems to be at least as many survivors as there were victims of the "gas oven."

    Since world Jewry controls the international Jew media, you never read about any part of the White Christian Holocaust which has destroyed hundreds of millions of our Aryan kinsmen down through six thousand years of history. It can be traced back to the day that Eve was beguiled by Satan. It continues right up to the present.

    Cain, son of Satan, killed Abel, shedding the first Aryan blood. His descendants, the hybrid Jews have had a thirst for our blood ever since. Every despicable act committed against us you can be sure there was, or is, a little kike lurking in the background, even though a toadying non-jew may have made the hit. Some of our own are easily bought. The spilled blood of White Aryan Israel cries out for vengeance.

    The book of Esther is a prime example of how the Jew schemes to undermine the White Aryan people—have one of their women marry the ruler of the Nation. This is the only book in the entire Bible where no reference is made to Yahweh God. For this reason many Bible scholars feel that the book of Esther is a 'plant' to deceive our race and curry sympathy for the Jew. This writer does not disagree with this theory.

    Since it would require a few lengthy volumes to put down all the recorded history of Jewish crimes committed against our Aryan people, let us touch on two cases of recent times.

    The White Christian Holocaust of the Russian Revolution has been a continuing, on going thing through the last 63 years. A handful of overweight Khazar Jews live off the fat of the land. The producers are lucky if they get 5 percent of what they labor long hours to generate. The White Aryan is not as well off as he was under the Tzar when, according to Jewish fables, the people were kept in abject poverty.

    Also, if one listens to the BIG JEW LIE, they would have you believe that the people didn't put any spirit into the the fight against the Soviet Communists. Well, let them tell that to the souls of such Generals as Yudenitch, Denikin, Kaledin, Kornilov, Petlura, Wrangel and Admiral Alexander Kolchak: Names which have been written out of history. Troops of the White, Imperial Army fought a brave, valiant but losing battle under these brave officers.

    Admiral Kolchak was among the last to be overrun and captured. He was promptly lined up with officers serving under him and shot. According to some reports of the time, tens of thousands of frozen bodies of his soldiers dotted the landscape for many miles west of Omsk, along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

    When captured, Admiral Kolchak had in his custody all the gold, silver and other securties of the Tsarist Government. What happened to this wealth in the reported amount of 1,150,500,000 Rubles has never been made clear, but it wouldn't take a heavy weight in the brains department to figure this out. True to their lying nature, reports from Soviet Jew headquarters had it that Admire Kolchak was trying to escape with all these goodies to the United States. It was never explained, however, why his train was headed in the direction of Moscow into the path of the advancing Red Bolshevik army.

    The rich farm land of the Ukraine had been peopled by the White Aryan race for hundreds of years. It was truly a prize for any conquerer. When the Soviets took this country over, many tens of thousands of men and boys were taken away and shot. The two legged animals of central and eastern Asia were turned loose upon the helpless women and young girls to do with as they pleased.

    The farm land of the Ukraine produces less today than it did in the days of the Tzars, and the country has been written out of the history books as though it had never been a sovereign nation. So has Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.

    How many millions of our race were brutally murdered in Russia between 1917 and l922 will never be known. From the ruling family of the Romanovs down to the lowliest peasant they were slain so the Soviet Khazar Jews could take over their country and eventually the world.

    More recently we look at the Holocaust which the German people, our Aryan kinsmen, were subjected to. In the first place let it be said that Adolph Hitler's chief aim was to free Germany from the usurous tyranny, cutting out the cancer of world Jewry. (And I saw one of its heads as it was wounded unto death. And the deadly wound was healed. Rev. 13:3). Adolph Hitler was instrumental in fulfilling this prophecy. His national policy was a great setback to the aims of international Jewry—interrupting their timetable for world conquest.

    As early as 1933, it was evident to Jewish leadership that the idea of interest-free money might catch on around the world if Hitler's national policy was allowed to go unchecked. In a frenzy of hate and callousness, the Jews declared war on Germany, swearing death to the German people. And who did they sucker into waging this war? We know the answer, of course.

    Most of the White Aryan kinsmen oi the German people around the world bowed to the cause of world Jewry. By the millions they arrogantly traipsed off to teach the "Hun" a lesson, as their fathers had little more than 20 years previous. How much we had, and have, to unlearn!!

    It should be pointed out with the strongest of emphasis that Hitler could have overrun and killed every British soldier at Dunkirk. Instead he held his troops back, hoping to show, in spite of Jewish propaganda, that he had no wish to kill his Aryan Kinsmen. Also, it must be remembered that England was first to bomb German cities, killing civilians. The tragic consequences of attempting to rid their country of the Jewish insanity was to cost the German people a high price—almost their very existence.

    While W.W. II was in progress, anti-Christ Jews in Washington and London were scheming to exterminate Germany down to the last man, they hoped. Jew, Henry Morgenthau, devised a plan to reduce the Nation to a farm state and put the people on a daily diet of less than 800 calories—and starve them to death slowly. How is that for fiendish insanity? Degenerated Roosevelt (Rosenfeldt) and his crony, Winston Churchill, endorsed the plan with great enthusiasm.

    Luckily, this heinous, satanic plan was not fully implemented, or there would not be much of a Germany today—a great loss to the world in technology and creativity. In this case the greed of world jewry won out. They did not wish to sacrifice this know how. It would be needed for post-war exploitation. There would be other ways to wreak vengeance upon the German people. So the vicious mind of International Jewry came up with the idea of the phony holocaust, and putting the leaders on trial as "war criminals," a thing unprecedented in world history.

    In the beginning the number of Jews alleged to have died in the "gas ovens" was put as high as forty million. Most accounts (their own) has the world Jew population at around 15 to 16 million. So it is quite obvious that the BIG HOLOCAUST LIE was planned piece meal and haphazardly. They finally settled on the figure of six million we hear so much about today. But they have never explained how there were 15-16 million of them in 1939—minus 6 million in 1945. This reduces the number to 9-10 million. Then four years later (1949) between 15 and 16 million again. Now, this is a biological impossibility, even for Jews. Yet they have the gall to scream the holocaust accusations at the German people who are not deceived, also at the American people, most of whom ARE deceived.

    Oh! Yes! We Americans are guilty too! That is, if you believe the book While Six Million Died, written by a Jew and published by a Jew publishing house (is there any other kind of book publisher?) We Americans, so the book accuses, twiddled our thumbs while it all happened.

    In the waning days of the war, Germany was beaten but waging a last ditch fight. The allies were going for unconditional surrender and the people knew full well what they were in for. They had suffered at the hand of the vicious Jew before. He would swarm back into their country in allied uniforms and his cruelty would know no bounds.

    From early bombing raids into Germany the allies stumbled onto a way to create a fire storm (Spotlight Oct. 9, 1978) in the large cities. Generating a heat of 1400 degrees and a wind velocity of 150 miles per hour, the result was terrifying agonizing death to hundreds of thousands of people. In Dresden alone at least 200,000 Germans met death in this manner. Dresden had no soldiers billeted in or near the city, nor any war industry—yet the order to rain this death and destruction upon the disarmed citizenry was directed from the Yalta summit meeting. Ever think about what kind of animals were in session at Yalta? The raid was carried out on Feb. 13, 1945, within three months of complete and unconditional surrender. Many women and young girls suffered the same fate as those in Ukraine a quarter century before.

    Let each man and woman search out his or her conscience. There should be no doubt as to who suffered the real holocaust.

    Currently, an unknown number of jews are making a career of running the earth hunting long forgotten "Nazi war criminals." One of these turned out to be only ten years of age at the time of the alleged crimes. In spite, of this the jew blood-hounds contended he was guilty. One of the more prominent of these fakers is one Simon Wiesenthal, who put together a documentation center in Vienna. You can be sure he has "documents" to "prove" any hoax which world jewry might wish to make charges on. The maniacal thoroughness with which this "nazi" hunt has been pursued denies any claim to sanity.

    "Well, what can I do about it?" We have heard this question hundreds of times!

    "—Know the truth and the truth shall make you free." St. John 8:32. When you have learned the truth, you will KNOW what to do.
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