• War of Words and the Big Lie

    War of Words and the Big Lie
    by Roy B. Mansker

    Of all the schemes brought into play by the jews to deceive and subjugate the White Aryan Race, misleading words have taken the greatest toll. In just about every language they have become fluent and have mastered the art of deception. For many thousands of years they have had the rule over us simply because they have provided the circus (entertainment—baseball, football, etc., at a handsome profit) to keep our minds off the real issues. No wonder they refer to us as the dumb "goy" cattle.

    Consider the word PREJUDICE: The true meaning of this word has been tampered with so much in the last century that its application has little resemblance today of its former meaning. Too many of our people get unnerved at being branded as prejudiced, and will go to any lengths to defend themselves against the stigma. The true mea-ing, of course, is to prejudge. Well, when you have prejudged your enemy, you know he is your enemy. The White Aryan people should consider that this is a friendly word when placed in its proper context—not the apprehensive word the jews would have us believe.

    RACIST! Some of our people will crawl on the ground like a serpent, to prove they are not a racist. Feelings of guilt have been stirred in them for so long, they actually believe we have committed the great crime—enslaving the blacks, denying them this and that, including equality and social togetherness. In Africa many of the tribes do not mix, on pain of death. In this country there are some blacks who do not approve of race mixing. Nor do they feel guilty for this. All the other races, or hybrids, stand up for the best interests of their people. They are racists and will, in everything they do, prove it. A nigger will act like a nigger. A jew will act like a satanic jew. A chicken-o will obey the instincts of a chicken-o, etc. Why is it so difficult for the White Aryan, Adamic people to understand that they should not have guilt feelings for being White? Perhaps five percent of the White Race are bona fide racists. The very word, racist, scares the other 95 percent of our people. This makes up the only group on the face of this earth who are not racist. The use of this word by the jews has been very productive in deceiving our Aryan people as to who they are, why they are here and where they are going.

    Those who are White on the outside and black on the inside—the "Oreo" cookie in reverse—have never lived in a predominantly black neighborhood. I would dare say. For living in such a community can make a racist out of the most avowed, brainwashed "goy." Smashed windows in the dark hours for starters, usually get the Aryan Race mixer to reconsidering. Then when he is working the night shift and his wife is raped by a few of his jungle bunny neighbors, he will likely become a racist. However, it is reported that even this does not clear the heads of some. They still feel sorry for the "poor devils," and can't blame them for acting the way they do "since they have been treated so badly in the past." This type of Aryan will not easily understand that the jews are using the other races, especially the nigger, to destroy the White Christian, Aryan Race. Oh! YAHWEH! Help them to overcome this mind conditioning of jewish thought!

    ANTI-SEMITIC: This hyphenated word is defined in the jew-published, Colliers' dictionary—copyright 1963, as follows: opposition to, prejudice or discrimination against, or intolerance of jews, jewish culture, etc. We Aryans know that a semite is a descendant of Shem, a son of Noah—Enoch—Adam. The jews employ the BIG LIE when they say they are Semites. But then, they are the father of the BIG LIE, (St. John 8:44) which they so successfully hung onto Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. These miserable creatures were not fit to tie Hitler's shoe latchet. They have probably gotten more mileage out of 'anti-Semitic', then any other word in any other language. The term has been used so much and for so long, it has become trite and hackneyed. Yet all the jews-media has to do is hurl this epithet at an accused Aryan and he is cut down to size. LET IT BE EMPHASIZED THAT WE, AT ARYAN NATIONS ARE NOT ANTI-SEMITIC—WE ARE ANTI-JEW!

    The jews have misled our people down through the many centuries with their BIG LIE. The two grandaddy whoppers of all being their claim of descendency from Shem and Abraham and therefore, "the chosen children." The other is the BIG LIE of the holocaust. Any of our White Aryan kinsmen who believe this FAIRY TALE of the jews being "the chosen" of Yahweh God, should ask themselves this question: Would the true children of Yahweh do the evil we see today under world jewry? Promote pornography, narcotics and prostitution? Set up countinghouses for the purpose of exacting usury (interest) and make a general mockery of all the Laws of Yahweh?

    Jews are guilty of all these things, but not without the aid and comfort of proselyte preachers, politicians and jew pimps of our own Aryan race. Without this aid and comfort, the children of Satan could not commit the crimes they do. The 23rd Chapter of Jeremiah tells what Yahweh intends doing to these traitors. They are counted among His enemies.

    It is almost amusing the way the jews-media throws the term "White Supremacy" around. It is meant to further inflame the hatred of the enosh (those not of the White Aryan Race) and set our people ill at ease. It usually accomplishes both purposes. Well, we ARE children of the Most High God, so why should we be touchy about it. It is no less than blasphemy if we fail to acknowledge our Father, Yahweh, who put us here to exercise dominion over the earth. White Man! do not spurn your rightful heritage by agreeing with the enosh jew that you are at the bottom of the heap. Lift up your face and acknowledge your supremacy over those not of your race. To do so is to acknowledge your loving Father, Yahweh.

    NAZI: Now there is a word which, as Pastor Butler so aptly puts it, "brings instant knee jerk response." Some of our people see an immediate picture of a cruel dictator with barbaric tendencys ordering millions to the gas ovens. Here is the real proof of the effect of the BIG LIE. The world jews-media has repeated this FAIRY TALE about the holocaust so much and so often, they have managed to convince some of our people that it is a true story. But those who consider the evidence can figure it out for themselves even if they don't read some of the good books on the subject; which proves beyond doubt that the holocaust FAIRY TALE is just that. If there was a shred of evidence, some zealous Nazi-hunting jew would have claimed immediately, the $50,000 reward offered by a society in Los Angeles. This money remains unclaimed to date.

    Definition of Nazi in the aforementioned Colliers' dictionary goes as follows:

    A member of the National Socialist German Workers Party founded in 1919 on facist principles and dominant from 1933 to 1945 in Germany under the dictatorship of Hitler, where it followed the principles of extreme nationalism, racism, totalitarian direction of all cultural political, and economic activity, and militarization, while urging a destiny of world leadership for Germany—adj., of or pertaining to the Nazis or their party. G. short for Nationalsozialistische (partei) National Socialist Party.

    Study this definition closely and you will be able to see how clever the jew is with words. He can make a fairly accurate statement, yet have it appear to the unsuspecting "goy" that a monstrosity is being described. But, if you look at it objectively, this definition does tell it much the way it was—and should have been. At least the German people, our Kinsmen, enjoyed a respite from jewish satanic usury (interest). Truth prevailed for a time and a segment of the earth's Aryan population managed to flourish.

    The term or word "Nazi," however, did not originate in Germany. It is just another jewish smear epithet, which likely had it's beginning among the ruling jews in the Kehilla (world Jew government in Jew York).

    WAKE UP! ARYAN KINSMEN! Don't allow the anti-Christ jews to make a slop pail of your mind with their application of certain words. Their whole program is as phoney as Wednesday night wrestling.
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