• The Lost Generation

    The Lost Generation
    by Roy B. Mansker

    A special sympathy to those parents who had children born in the decade following WW II; who through their ignorance and inattention had not the slightest idea how their children were being brain washed in the public schools. Very few of us were aware of how they were being conditioned for destruction in the soon to be stepped up drug traffic, jungle music, prostitution and every other filth the sick minds of the sewer rats could contrive. Make no mistake about it, these things were planned to destroy our White Aryan children.

    The Jews and jew pimps did their work well. Being in control of everything from music to politics, to school text-books and the Jews media, they not only conditioned the minds of our children, but many of the parents as well. There was and is only one side heard from on the tube and in the press, that of the jew. The real Christian viewpoint is never presented.

    Oh! Sure! The proselyte preachers who dance to the Jew "music" are allowed "on camera," that is, as long as they say what their jew masters want them to say. Pretending to be disciples of Christ, they did and do Him lip service every Sunday morning, while telling "the flock" that Jesus Christ was a Jew and that the Jews are God's "Chosen Children."

    Well, that's not what Christ Jesus called them. Read Matthew 12:34 and Matthew 23:33-35.

    Almost suddenly it was upon us. The highways and byways of this great land were teeming with young men in long hair and beards. Their female contemporaries, also with long, stringy hair, which detracted much from their personal charm and beauty.

    Names such as Haight-Ashbury, Big Sur, Telegraph Road, Berkeley, Greenwich Village and many others broke upon the scene and were carried on the lips of these lost children, as they traveled from place to place getting their brain fried on LSD. Behind it all the enterprising kike was working around the clock to invent new and profitable ways to destroy the "goy" (Aryan) children. New and deadly narcotics came into widespread distribution and use. The latest and most soul destroying being the infamous PCP or angel dust.

    The Franks, Johns, Georges, Marys, Janes, Cindys and all the rest were caught up in the Jew written jungle rock "music", suckered into dancing to the new tune.

    "The times they are a-changin'," wrote Bob Dylan (Zimmerman). Who would know that "the times they are a-changin'" better than this little kike? It had been spelled out by his people who had learned "the lesson of the book."

    The Beatles came on the scene about the same time, captivating young, white Aryans around the world with their evil offerings. And when we thought that it could get no worse, along came the niggers with the real jungle beat and noise which was jokingly called "music". How many of these groups contributing their dubious talents to this soul-destroying cause, defies enumeration.

    In the 60's Greenwich Village in Jew York was a name on the lips of every Hippie worthy of the name. It was the "in" place to go. All kinds of interesting things happening there. A place of freedom—free from bossy parents and strict hours; free love and sustenance. It all sounded so exciting, but to those who went there it soon became a horrible nightmare. All too many of our young Aryan white women ended up in the clutches of nigger pimps who forced them into prostitution. It wasn't unusual for one of these jungle bunnies to have eight or ten white girls on the street—keeping him in a fleet of Cadillacs and high living. White slavery took on a new twist. How many women of our race ended up here, and in other large cities, to be lost in this quagmire of degradation and filth, is beyond the knowledge of any living person.

    If these victims were not already addicted to drugs when they were put on the street, they soon learned the meaning of the word—and what a living hell it could be. In time, many of them overdosed and were found dead on the street or in the alley. Tens of thousands, yea, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of our children were numbered among the unsolved murders of Jew York City alone. Such a great number were never heard from again. If one of these pimps even thought that one of his "pigeons" was holding out on him, he might fly into a rage and murder her. This obviously happened more often than not.

    But why did they stay there and put up with this? you ask. That is a good question, but we can only guess and theorize as to an answer. One possible answer is that when they found themselves in such a degraded state, they felt too ashamed to seek a road back to decency. Or perhaps they were more like Zombies than human beings, with no will to resist.

    Many handsome young Aryan men ended up in Jew York from the small towns, and farms of New England. This being a natural thing—for the young to seek their fortune. What many fell into was not natural. The number of these young men who were led into the gay society will never be known. Some were even induced into a marriage ceremony, with a hardcore pervert. News about some of these evil unions got back home to horrified parents who would later view them with confused acceptance. That which was a grave sin yesterday, was being ignored by today's society.

    In time a new name was added to the long list of social diseases—"Gay Bowel Syndrome". We can only guess as to the number of our precious children who were destroyed by these afflictions. The victims must run into the millions in the past fifteen years. And this jew-nigger evil is raging through our land today like a fire out of control.

    In addition to the above evils, many of our White Aryan children have been sacrificed to the devil worship in Greenwich Village and other places such as San Francisco. Reportedly, the victim is put to unbelievable torture before the end of the ritual, which results, naturally in death. Details, perhaps, are better unmentioned.

    'The lost generation.' We still see some of them on the roadways of America—their total worldly goods on their backs, hitch-hiking to nowhere in particular. They present a pathetic, forlorn picture in their faded clothing and unkempt person.

    This writer knew personally, some of these unfortunates around Silver City and Mound House, Nevada. Some were trying hard to "Kick the habit." Others just didn't have the will to try. Most would lose in the end. One of these derelicts who seemed in a daze most of the time made a trip to California about once a month to collect his "Crazy Money". Upon inquiry about "Crazy Money," I learned that the State of California paid a monthly stipend to some of the wayward children who had cooked their brains on LSD and other drugs.

    Where have all our children gone? They have disappeared as the winds of yesterday. Some day, our merciful Father, Yahweh will restore them to us. It is, perhaps, better for us now that we do not know their fate.

    These things cry out for vengeance in a loud voice. Those of us who have "the ears to hear" and "the eyes to see," must work toward bringing about those things which will correct these wrongs. How many White Aryan families have suffered the loss of one or more of their precious children? How many more will be lost before we put an end to this insanity?