• Letter to an Inmate

    Letter to an Inmate
    by Roy B. Mansker

    The following letter to an inmate in prison is in answer to some of the questions he asked about Aryan Nations. It is being shared with Aryans all over the world in and out of jew jails.

    Dear Aryan Kinsman:

    Greetings to you. I will do my best to answer your questions satisfactorily. First, I should tell you that you are not likely to absorb all there is to Aryan Nations in a short time. I have been more than ten years getting to the point of understanding that I am now. Something most people outside the identity message fail to understand, also some within it, is that there are two trains of thought in the world today. There is the minority Christian thought which is far overshadowed by the well-organized jewish thought. You posed the question as to how our race could allow these things to happen. Well, our Father is punishing us for the disobedience of allowing the alien to have the rule over us. We have had jewish thought control thrust upon us from the day we were born until it becomes almost second nature. Something within tells us that these things we see going on in the world today are not right—and most of our race does not know what to do about it. Believe me, Aryan Nations knows the answers. Aryan Nations comes right out of the Bible, written for us, the White Aryan, Adamic race. These ills are not new—they have been on going for the better part of our six or seven thousand year history. These are the end times and we shall prevail. With the help of our Father Yahweh we shall prepare the way for His Kingdom. This is not to be confused with the rapture heaven of the so-called "born again Christian." It will be right here on our planet earth where our Father placed us to have dominion of all we survey. We will rule with Jesus Christ, the embodiment of our Father.

    Back to jewish thought. When the human mind has been subjected to a barrage of kinky thinking, such as is spewed forth over the tube, or garbage dispenser as some call it, the daily jewspaper and all the other methods the kikes have in poisoning and destroying the mind of our race, it is no wonder that we are the product that we are. So we must strive to throw off this Jewish thought. We must work toward the end of these animals emasculating the minds of our children in school. We must put the Bible and prayer back in school. We have this in our Aryan Nations Academy at Hayden Lake, Idaho. I can guarantee you that no kinky-headed nigger will ever answer the roll call there. WHITES ONLY. Back to the jungle with the animals. They scream continually about their being forced to come here. They are ten times better off, but we could care less about that. What do you want to bet that they dig in their heels when we head them for the boat going back? Oh, yes, it will happen!

    Please understand that the aforementioned punishment for disobedience is not as individuals but as a nation which we have allowed to be taken from us. No less a personage than Benjamin Franklin warned his contemporaries to bar jews from the new nation by constitutional authority. He further warned what would happen if they were allowed the run of the country. It has turned out exactly as he prophesied.

    This is war which our Father declared in Genesis 3:15. In this day we are seeing the beginning of the climax of that war. Consider Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. If you understand these scriptures, then you have a fair grasp of it all. If you do not, I will explain it in a future letter. You see, I don't know how far advanced you are in "unlearning" the falsehoods that are so prevelant in these times. They are so many and varied that they require our best efforts at unscrambling them. Don't forget that the jew, who is in power, will tell you 99 unimportant truths in order to get you to believe one lie which is important to him for you to believe. So long as you and I continue to believe his lies, we will remain under bondage to him. "Know the truth and the truth will make you free." Now, to your questions.

    "How can we get these positions filled with our own people?"

    Under our Nation State, there will be no one—repeat—no one in any position whatsoever unless he or she is of pure Aryan blood. He will have to be so to have residency in the Nation. All will be subject to the Divine Biblical Law of our Father, handed down to Moses at Mt. Sinai. (Moses was not a jew as is claimed by those traitors in the pulpit, but a pure White Aryan.) We can prove this in our Bible.

    "How can we be as sure of strangers as we are of our own blood?"

    We cannot, and there will be none in our midst. So we will not have to be concerned about them.

    "What if a person had something valuable and could sell that piece of merchandise or property and make a big profit; could he do it if he gave part of the profit to the Nation for schools, or something like that?"

    The answer to this question is a little complex unless you understand the Biblical Law which we as a race have abandoned for the frivolous, satanic law of the beast system. I think it is best explained in the following way:

    God gave to His children (us, the White race) a heritage. That heritage is dominion over this earth which we have lost by default. But the covenant is that He furnishes the land, the season, the rain, etc., while the Aryan supplies the labor to bring it to fruition. One tenth of the increase we bring into the storehouse of Yahweh which provides for all the aged, crippled and otherwise disabled persons (don't worry, there will be no 'freeloaders'!). The seventy elders who will administer the righteous law of our Father will be given their sustenance (believe me, they will earn it). Incidently, these seventy elders will not have the power to pass any laws—only to administer the Immutable Life Law of God. The Life Law of our Father is fair and just and it covers any and everything His people require to exist happily. Those producing will retain nine-tenths of their increase to dispose of as they see fit. Since the land is not ours to sell (we only have dominion over it), we may use it in perpetuity, forever. To pursue this a bit further—I think I anticipate your question. Let's say you are settled on a property and you put a lot of hard work into it, build it up to make it prosper. Now, after a few years you wish to move to another area. You are perfectly free to do so, and can take anything on the land which you placed there yourself. Now, you will ask, "What about the beautiful home I built which is impractical to move?" Good question. This can easily be solved by trading it to someone else for a property of equal value who wants to move to the area you are leaving. Under the fair law of our Father there is no way in which you lose, if you obey His commandments. Now, as to the seventy elders, their only function is to see that the fair law is administered. Compare this small number of righteous men to the traitorous parasites without number in Washington, D.C., who, under the thumb of world Jewry are paid to pass more and more restrictive laws. It should not be difficult to decide which system one would prefer to live under. How long will we continue to pay for our own destruction?

    Economic independence? We will never have this until we throw off the shackles of Jewish bondage and attain our own NATION STATE. Try to understand that there is no other way we can do it. WE MUST RETURN TO THE IMMUTABLE LIFE LAW OF OUR FATHER. Also, understand that our GREATEST ENEMIES ARE THE RACE TRAITORS IN OUR OWN RANKS. We will never get anywhere pleading our case before a bunch of jew lacky judges. If you elected a few of our people as true representatives in Washington, they would be silenced almost before they began—this has been demonstrated many times in the past. The same would apply to the state or local scene. We have to have total control of our NATION STATE. You are very correct in saying that it will be a long climb. But it will not be a nation within a nation. It will be our NATION STATE, and no one outside our race will have anything to do within it. We will not comprise the slightest bit of evil with the satanic, jewish state.

    Now, under the Law of God, within the NATION STATE, in a case such as yours, there was no crime committed, so there would have been no penalty put upon you. Likewise, there are many of our people in lockup who are not guilty of a crime against our laws. Jails are a product of jewry, so we can correctly call them "jew jails." Thus you are tried in a jew court, under jew law, and sent to a jew jail in the custody of jew lacky marshals. At present there is nowhere to appeal but to the swine who sent you up in the first place. We will have to put up with the present status quo until we get back to our own NATION STATE where there will be no injustice. Only those deserving punishment will get punishment. Now, it shouldn't be too difficult to live by the law of our Father, since it is just common sense in the final analysis.

    You will note that I haven't completely answered your questions about the seventy elders. I will go into this further in a future letter. It is a somewhat detailed chronicle and I could not do it justice in the short space of a letter. But I will try to bring out the important points later.

    As to education, our people will be the educators of the young. We will have our own doctors, lawyers and teachers. They will minister the respective positions under the law of our Father. It will all be so different under the Kingdom. Our women and children will not have to fear the jungle beast any more. This is not ordained by Aryan Nations, it is ordained by our Father and God.

    I wish to commend you or your ability to think things out which are important to you and to the race. Your potential as a warrior for the Kingdom is great. I am looking forward to the time when you will be in a position to live among us and fight the good fight. If the time schedule favors you, there will still be some fighting to do when you can come to us. I also commend you for your desire to continue your education. Stay with it, but beware of the jewish pitfalls. I'm sure you will recognize them when they come.

    Lastly, I will do all I can in getting others in our circle to write you. It may be a while but I will work on it. Those in your position are remembered by all of us in our prayers. We are in touch with a number of the Aryan Brothers in jew jails. We pray for the day of your deliverance.

    All good wishes.

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