• The Jew Predator

    The Jew Predator
    by Roy B. Mansker

    In the north woods around the world is found a small four legged animal called a wolverine. He is also known as a Carcajou, Indian Devil, and many other unprintable names—also unspeakable in polite company. This vicious little animal preys on other animals, some much larger than himself. He is a parasite who takes food away from a contemporary and if he doesn't consume it all, will spray his musk rendering it unfit for another animal. If he can't run the show there won't be one.

    Does this sound like some one you know? Truly, this creature can be called the "Jew" of the four legged animal world. Like the Jew, if he can't control it, he will destroy it. It is said that a wolverine is seldom observed carrying out his acts of destruction. Like the Jew, he prefers to stay in the shadows with his depravations. Many trappers whose cabins were made a shambles have gone hunting for the creature only to discover that the hunted was on their back trail observing their every move.

    And so it has been concerning the White Aryan, Adamic Race down through the passing of sixty centuries. Since their father, Cain, slew righteous Abel, they have furtively pursued the Aryan, Israel people across the world, enslaving and exploiting them at every turn—always with such deception that our people scarcely knew they were financing their own destruction.

    Everything the Jew race has today, he stole from our White Aryan, Israel people, including our identity and some of our names. He has created nothing which was good. All his creations can be focused onto one item—the beast system. This is the beast which "the whole world wanders after" (Rev. 13:31). The beast system is one of conspiracy, bribery and intrigue. It derived from Babylonian Talmudism and has not only enslaved and exploited the household of Israel, but all the other races of the world. Nothing is sacred to the Jew. He will sacrifice his own kind to further the cause of world Jewry. He is currently using the black race in an effort to destroy the White Israel people, through school integration, race mixing and inter-marriage.

    Oh YAHWEH! Open the ears and eyes of those not tuned in to thy divine will and purpose—that we might be delivered from the long shadow of evil which has spread across our land.

    To those of our White Aryan race who feel sympathy for the "poor down trodden", I would suggest the reading of The International Jew by Henry Ford, The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15, by Pastor Dan Gayman, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, in which the Jews tell in their own words what they intend doing to the White Christian Race. To date they have brought about most of the conditons described in the protocols. Time is running out.

    Down through the history of this Country, the Jew has preyed upon our free enterprise system, seeking to subvert it to his own purpose. One among countless instances is The Ford Motor Company. Today this giant Corporation is completely Judaized. As long as old Henry was alive, he held these parasites at bay and prevented them from making serious inroads toward a takeover.

    About 1915, Mr. Ford became aware that outside forces were trying to muscle in on his Enterprise—an Enterprise he had built with his own sweat and genius. It was but a short time that Mr. Ford learned what these forces were, whereupon he amassed a staff of honest men to travel throughout the world and do research on the Jew race. The findings were published in his paper, The Dearborn Independent, in 1920 and 1921.

    The Kehilla, seat of world Jewry in Jew York came unglued at the seams. Cries of "anti-semitism" were heard around the world. The "poor Jew" had been picked on again. A campaign of Jew hate was directed at Mr. Ford which has abated but little since. Only recently an hour long diatribe was aired on PBS-TV, slandering the memory of this great man. While admitting that Ford was a genius in one breath, in the next he was being ridiculed as a country bumpkin with but little formal education; bigoted and prejudiced, of course. How dare these sleazy, dispicable parasites! Their gall is unequaled.

    Another case of great genius who was preyed upon and ripped off, was Thomas A. Edison. It is common knowledge that Edison invented among other things, the motion picture projector and camera. But it is not common knowledge that several larcenous Jews appropriated and exploited this new medium. They ran into trouble in Jew York and fled westward to escape the long arm of what little justice there was even that long ago. Arizona was passed up for California as the more nearly perfect year around climate for shooting motion pictures. In later years the Jews of the movie industry gave this reason for settling in California. But the real reason was to escape prosecution for violating Edison's patent rights. Even in California, arrests were made for those violations, but the scheming Jews placed bribes here and made deals there, and soon had the situation under control. In later years this became a big joke among them.

    Ever wonder why so many small businesses fail? Say one with five to ten employees? Well, the Jews detest small business because a large number of these are harder to control than a few large ones. (The Jew is the originator and master of the merger process). So if he can't control it completely, he will work toward it's destruction. Ask any man who operates a small business to tell you about his difficulties with local state and federal edict. At least 50 percent of small business failures can be attributed to government stifling interference—taxation and impossible conditions: Rules set down by the Jew predator.

    "Ye Have lived in pleasure on the earth and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter."

    "Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you." (James 5:54).

    Here, YAHWEH is talking to the Jews—there can be no mistake about it.

    True! There has not been much resitance by our people—but I see and feel a hot fury building up in the hearts of our Aryan Kinsmen. The Jew predator has released the savagery of the African jungle upon us. School children are being beaten and raped by black animals in integrated schools. Old people are being robbed and murdered on the streets. Our precious youth led into drug addiction and into the gay society. The sickness is so great and varied that it would require reams of paper to set it down.

    The fury is growing and will soon explode around the world. YAHWEH-YASHUA will feel the heat of this fury in his face, and will activate the great army to aid us in the fight. The Jew predator will have taken his last prey!
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