• The Aryans Are Coming

    The Aryans Are Coming
    by Roy B. Mansker

    The International Congress of Aryan Nations has just concluded (July 9, 10, 11, 1982). Delegates from many states were in attendance. New York, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, North Dakota, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska were some of the states represented, as well as was Canada, England, Germany, and South Africa. One of the great highlights was a delegation from Germany. Mrs. Manfred Roeder, representing her husband, was accompanied by Ingrid Weckert, Secretary for Teutonic Unity.

    From all across the land they came—with one purpose in mind—to unify and consolidate efforts to preserve the fast dwindling numbers of the Aryan White race. Addressing the assembly were such great speakers as Pastor Robert Miles, Ed Arlt, Thom Robb, David Lane, Alexi Erlanger, Don Black, and Aryan Nations' own Pastor Richard G. Butler.

    A great surge of awakening and awareness is sweeping away the blinders from our people—the true Israel. They are seeing their great destiny as never before. They are looking to the great Northwest and seeing far beyond to that great day of Yahweh—when His Kingdom shall prevail.

    Yes, the Aryans are coming—the regathering of the household of Israel. The awakening giant is stirring—the two witnesses are standing upon their feet (Rev. 12:11) and the great fear of the enemy is manifested in greater Jewish insanities.

    Yes, from all points of the compass they came to the International Congress of Aryan Nations, at Hayden Lake, Idaho—their resolve and will growing in a mighty crescendo, each delegate aware that time is short—that our Father has ordained these last days of this age to be a time of great turmoil and shaking—the bringing together of a remnant—the great Aryan peoples.

    The traitors of our race serve the cause of jewry in many capacities. They are found in the federal, state, and local police; in the classroom where history is distorted—where outright lies, such as the holocaust, are programmed into the minds of innocent little Aryan children; in the pulpit where Jew pimp preachers tell their congregation every Sunday morning that the jews are "the chosen children."

    But, have no fear, the Aryans are coming! They will settle for no less than total victory! They are the "battle axe and weapons of war." (Jer. 51:20.)

    Fed up with pornographic filth, homosexuality, and narcotics being foisted upon their children, the Aryan warriors are ready to do battle to irradicate these things and cleanse the land. No longer will the children be bussed to schools where the jungle animal has charge—where they are beaten and robbed of their lunch money—where they suffer every indignity that can be thought of by the primitive beast. Make way, the Aryans are coming!

    Fed up with having no Nation State on which they can pour out their redress of grievances, with seeing the guilty rewarded and the innocent punished—traitorous white judges violating all bounds of decency by ruling in favor of the criminal nigger rapist. That low rumble in the distance—that is the foot tread of the Aryan warrior!

    Fed up with alien scum sweeping in like a flood to eat the good of the laud, with jew parasites claiming civil rights for these diseased animals, with sharing the fruits of their labor with those who seek to destroy them, the Aryans are coming, and their fury is mounting!

    Fed up with financing their own destruction, the Aryans are calling a halt to having his pockets picked to keep the alien in power over him. He is sharpening his sword to hack this cancerous growth into oblivion. The Aryans are on the march! Their righteous anger will not be easily requited.

    Fed up with White Aryans being sent to jew prisons for defying traitorous white cops that defend the niggers who rape and murder our white women, with prison administrators who allow the jungle beast to run the prison and enforce his will over the defenseless white, the Aryans are coming on like a terrible juggernaut, the like of which has never been seen before. It will crush everything in its path—when the Aryans begin to hate!

    With the signing of the NEHEMIAH TOWNSHIP CHARTER, a great stride was made. The guardians of liberty are awake and alert. Aryan anger is the greatest force on this planet and will smash everything opposing the goals of the sons of Adam, who are appointed to carry out the will of their Father.

    The Aryans are coming, but not only to the great Northwest. Everywhere they are regathering in spirit and love of race. The genetic memory is stirring and filling the hearts of men with a great desire to come forth to carve the Kingdom of Yahweh out of the kingdom of Baal. All former things of Satanic, jewish insanity will pass away. No more will the sound of the jew cash register be heard while extorting the Aryan's sustenance from him.

    Aryan man knows full well the tribulations and great hardships ahead of him. He is very aware of the perilous road he must travel but is prepared to meet any and all challenges he may encounter. But more than anything else, he is willing to lay down his life to win the total victory—the victory which will liberate the world from the evil running rampant—that evil which feeds upon itself and is self-consuming.

    White man! You are an Aryan whether or not you like it! Do not say that you can't get involved—you are involved—you are white!! Do not delight your Jew enemy by being a stupid goy (cow). Instead, join the steamroller of Divine enlightenment which points the way to the Kingdom of Yahweh—and to your salvation.

    The enemy plans more bombing and assassinations of our peoples. Even now they are in a frenzy to carry this out. We know, because the threats are coming in almost daily. But know this, Jew, enemy of all things decent and honorable, no matter what extremes you go to, YOU LOSE!!! How do we know? Our Father has ordained it from the foundation of the world and has so informed us. The terrible swift sword is already in place. The Aryans are coming and that is your nemesis!

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