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    CHAP. II.

    Joseph is the victim of many plots by the wicked ingenuity of the Memphian woman. For an interesting prophetic parable, see Verses 73-74.

    YE see, therefore, my children, how great things patience worketh, and prayer with fasting.

    2 So ye too, if ye follow after chastity and purity with patience and prayer, with fasting in humility of heart, the Lord will dwell among you because He loveth chastity.

    3 And wheresoever the Most High dwelleth, even though envy, or slavery, or slander befalleth a man, the Lord who dwelleth in him, for the sake of his chastity not only delivereth him from evil, but also exalteth him even as me.

    4 For in every way the man is lifted up, whether in deed, or in word, or in thought.

    5 My brethren knew how my father loved me, and yet I did not exalt myself in my mind: although I was a child, I had the fear of God in my heart; for I knew that all things would pass away.

    6 And I did not raise myself against them with evil intent, but I honoured my brethren; and out of respect for them, even when ...
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    The Eleventh Son of Jacob and Rachel.

    CHAP. I.

    Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob and Rachel, the beautiful and beloved. His struggle against the Egyptian temptress.

    THE copy of the Testament of Joseph.

    2 When he was about to die he called his sons and his brethren together, and said to them:--

    3 My brethren and my children, hearken to Joseph the beloved of Israel; give ear, my sons, unto your father.

    4 I have seen in my life envy and death, yet I went not astray, but persevered in the truth--of the Lord.

    5 These my brethren hated me, but the Lord loved me:

    6 They wished to slay me, but the God of my fathers guarded me:

    7 They let me down into a pit, and the Most High brought me up again.

    8 I was sold into slavery, and the Lord of all made me free:

    9 I was taken into captivity, and His strong hand succoured me.

    10 I was beset with hunger, and the Lord Himself nourished me.

    11 I was alone, ...
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    CHAP. II.

    Verse 3 contains a striking example of the homeliness--yet vividness of the figures of speech of these ancient patriarchs.

    AND do ye, my children, flee evil-doing, envy, and hatred of brethren, and cleave to goodness and love.

    2 He that hath a pure mind in love, looketh not after a woman with a view to fornication; for he hath no defilement in his heart, because the Spirit of God resteth upon him.

    3 For as the sun is not defiled by shining on dung and mire, but ...
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    The Twelfth Son of Jacob and Rachel.

    CHAP. I.

    Benjamin, the twelfth son of Jacob and Rachel, the baby of the family, turns philosopher and philanthropist.

    THE copy of the words of Benjamin, which he commanded his sons to observe, after he had lived a hundred and twenty-five years.

    2 And he kissed them, and said: As Isaac was born to Abraham in his old age, so also was I to Jacob.

    3 And since Rachel my mother died in giving me birth, I had no milk; therefore I was suckled by Bilhah her handmaid.

    4 For Rachel remained barren for twelve years after she had borne Joseph; and she prayed ...
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    Two fruit trees.

    BUT Satan the wicked was envious, because of the consolation God had given them.

    2 So he prevented them, and went into the cave and took ...
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    The Fifth Son of Jacob and Leah.

    CHAP. I.

    Issachar, the fifth son of Jacob and Leah. The sinless child of hire for mandrakes. He appeals for simplicity.

    THE copy of the words of Issachar.

    2 For he called his sons and said to them: Hearken, my children, to Issachar your father; give ear to the words of him who is beloved of the Lord.

    3 I was born the fifth son to Jacob, by way of hire for the mandrakes.

    4 For Reuben my brother brought in mandrakes from the field, and Rachel met him and took them.

    5 And Reuben wept, and at his voice Leah my mother came forth.

    6 Now these mandrakes were sweet-smelling apples which were produced in the land of Haran below a ravine of water.

    7 And Rachel said: I will not give them to thee, but they shall ...
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    The Sixth Son of Jacob and Leah.

    CHAP. I.

    Zebulun, the sixth son of Jacob and Leah. The inventor and philanthropist., What he learned as a result of the plot against Joseph.

    THE copy of the words of Zebulun, which he enjoined on his sons before he died in the hundred and fourteenth year of his life, two years after the death of Joseph.

    2 And he said to them: Hearken to me, ye sons of Zebulun attend to the words of your father.

    3 I, Zebulun, was born a good gift to my parents.

    4 For when I was born my father was increased very exceedingly, both in flocks and herds, when with the straked rods he had his portion.

    5 I am not conscious that I have sinned all my days, save in thought.

    6 Nor yet do I remember that I have done any iniquity, except the sin of ignorance which I committed against Joseph; for I covenanted with my brethren not to tell my father what had been done.

    7 But I wept in secret many days on account of Joseph, for I feared my brethren, ...

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