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    by Published on 01-06-2010 02:15 AM
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    1. IN the former book, most honored Epaphroditus, I have demonstrated our antiquity, and confirmed the truth of what I have said, from the writings of the Phoenicians, and Chaldeans, and Egyptians. I have, moreover, produced many of the Grecian writers as witnesses thereto. I have also made a refutation of Manetho and Cheremon, and of certain others of our enemies. I shall now (1) therefore begin a confutation of the remaining authors who have written any thing against us; although I confess I have had a doubt upon me about Apion (2) the grammarian, whether I ought to take the trouble of confuting him ...
    by Published on 01-06-2010 02:13 AM
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    BOOK 1.

    1. I SUPPOSE that by my books of the Antiquity of the Jews, most excellent Epaphroditus, (2) have made it evident to those who peruse them, that our Jewish nation is of very great antiquity, and had a distinct subsistence of its own originally; as also, I have therein declared how we came to inhabit this country wherein we now live. Those Antiquities contain the history of five thousand years, and are taken out of our sacred books, but are translated by me into the Greek tongue. However, ...

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    What's that say for "those that claim to be Judeans but are really of the...

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    Only envy could lead a person to care what Jews do with their Jewish porn.

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    Maybe a moderator can clean up all this "cares of the world" spam designed to take away the Word Yahweh sows?

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    You're an idiot and antichrist liar still promoting this nonsense years after being proven false.

    Welcome to BanLand - apparently you missed that your cult postings are not welcome here.

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