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    Marxism and Judaism
    by Salluste La Revue de Paris, Juillet-Aout 1928.


    Marxism and Judaism is a translation from the Revue de Paris, of July and August, 1928.

    The Revue de Paris was then in its thirty-fifth year of reputable service to the French. That it presented spokesmen for both sides is apparent from reading this work. That it is fair, will become obvious as you proceed.

    Matters of the utmost importance are discussed and, we might say, revealed. In this fact alone, this is a valuable work. One student, before publication here, said it was the most important thing he had seen in twenty years' research on the question itself.

    In the superlative wit of the argument, no reader can help but enjoy the repartée, the delicate irony, the quick thrust of sarcasm, for which so many brilliant French writers have been famed.

    We believe this scholarly study will help materially in growing American understanding of an important influence disturbing the peace of the world.
    The Publishers
    Marxism and Judaism

    The study that Salluste has been presenting, in the Revue de Paris, on the "Secret Origins of Bolshevism", has provoked the same heated discussion that marked, last year, his revelations on the subject of "Lenin, Agent of the Okhrana". Applause and condemnation have joined in chorus, in a tumult that is not yet over. Salluste does not vaunt himself over the sensation that he has caused; it is entirely natural that, tearing the veil from before this vital question of the present time—that is, the Marxist conspiracy against civilization that has grown ...
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    Slavery: Its Origin, Nature and History
    Considered in the Light of Bible Teachings, Moral Justice and Political Wisdom

    by Rev. Thornton Stringfellow D.D. [1861]

    Extract from Address of Prof. S. F. B. Morse

    It cannot but be obvious to all intelligent minds, that among the complex questions which have so long agitated the whole land, and which have mingled their discordant elements in producing the present alarming political condition of the country, so deeply distressing to every patriotic mind, the moral and religious question of slavery stands forth most prominent. Indeed, it is the fundamental question, and demands, first of all, a satisfactory settlement; for on the right decision of this moral and religious question depend all the other questions relating to slavery. Whether slavery, or the condition of being held in subjection to the will of another, is a divine institution, sanctioned by laws and commands, and regulated from the earliest times, or is forbidden as a sin—as a violation of the laws of God—is surely a fundamental question. Difference here, at the start, is antipodal. The course of conduct pursued by the believers in these two extremes, must of necessity lead to results as diverse as light from darkness. Until this point is satisfactorily settled we cannot reach the expediency or inexpediency, the advantage or disadvantage, of this system of servitude. If it is a sin, if the Bible shows it to be a sin, the controversy is settled; we can have no compromise with sin; we have nothing to do with it but to forsake it. Hence all whose consciences sustain them in that view of the question are at least consistent in their zealous opposition to slavery, and their determination to uproot it everywhere and at all hazards. On the other hand, if God has shown in his word and by his providence, that servitude or slavery, in its various modifications of form and duration, and of mild or severe character, has, from the beginning of the world, been an essential feature in His government of man; that viewed from a loftier stand-point than is circumscribed by earth or time, there are benevolent ends in part comprehensible even by our short-sightedness, ends only attainable by this system, then they whose consciences sustain them in this view of the question, will be cautious how they rudely and recklessly fight against God and destroy it with violence. A glance at the character of the litigants on this question, show ranged on each side of the two opposing opinions, men of the highest intellectual and moral character. Rash, indeed, would it be to charge either party with hypocrisy. There is no need for such an uncharitable assumption. The humble seeker after truth will not suffer its golden sands to escape him, even if he has to separate them, with labor, from the mire of human weakness and error, and hence he may not neglect the extremest views of the bitterest opponents. Yet mindful of our own weakness and of our need of enlightenment, to what standard, but God's word, shall we appeal as the arbiter in such a controversy? "To the law and to the testimony."

    Slavery and Government

    Chapter I
    What Slavery is—What Freedom is—None are 'born' free: all are 'born' slaves—Slavery a necessity—Why ...


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    by David Tate

    God gave us His Kingdom to take care of—eventually the shelves collected dust, the floors became cluttered with drunken souls all around. The buildings are now decaying and starting to fall. We have just begun to clean, but there is something in our way. ...
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    Some Basic Notes on the Biblical Text
    by David C. Tate

    Today there are literally thousands of fragments and whole texts of the New Testament that date back hundreds of years before our English translations. We have original handcopied texts of the entire New Testament dating ...
    by Published on 08-14-2013 10:00 AM
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    Love or Hate - White Racism: Where Does It Come From?
    by David C. Tate

    What is the actual driving force behind the "racist" White Christian Nationalist's fight for the preservation of the Aryan Race? The news media would scream an immense ...
    by Published on 08-14-2013 09:00 AM
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    The Movement Is Dead ...

    Long Live The Cause!

    A Revolutionary Perspective

    by David C. Tate, POW of the Brüders Schweigen.

    Ask any number of racists involved in whatever branch or faction of the pro-White so-called movement to define the "movement," and you will get as many different definitions as people you talk to. Ask those same people to define "The Cause" for which we fight, and, in nearly every case, you will hear: "For the preservation of our Race." The point should be clear: there is no movement. There is only The Cause.[1]

    In the past 25 years of racial awareness, this author has watched the birth and death of several hundred "movement" organizations, from fly-by-night newsletters, to large, seemingly well-structured groups. Many have fractured or divided over real or imagined disputes. Others have collapsed under the weight of Establishment pressures or arrests by a de facto government doing the bidding of the Jews behind the scene, but most have simply faded into obscurity.

    The titles, designations and banners the various movement organs have concocted to identify or designate their many factions and fractures, doctrines and beliefs, are enough to confuse not only our adversaries, but those we hope to "save." If the whole program were actually designed to confuse, it could not have been executed better. Did I say, "confuse our adversaries"? Somehow, I do not believe they are the ones who are confused.

    Ask yourself: "Where does our so-called ...
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    Government = Prison
    by David C. Tate P.O.W., Brüder Schweigen

    Many prisoners have observed that prison is a microcosm of "the system," or government, as a whole. Prison being the total imposition of someone else's rule over another's ...

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