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  1. UCOY's "Unfair, Unbalanced and Uncensored"


    These days, there’s been much talk about the United Church of YHWH so I’m proud to announce that the UCOY website has recently been redesigned and updated with all-new materials! During Fall 2008, Pastor Visser was a regular participant on the "Unfair, Unbalanced and Uncensored" broadcasts that aired to a substantial amount of listeners through the blossoming network.

    These eleven programs feature Pastor(s) Jonathan Williams, Darren Howard, ...
  2. Questions & Answers: CPM "Freestyle!"


    The CPM “Freestyle” broadcasts were one of our attempts at answering the numerous questions we received in the year 2005. While this series has been officially discontinued, the truths contained within these four shows still stand the test of time. Give them a listen and perhaps you might find an answer to some of your own questions concerning Christian Identity!

    We now offer these rare broadcasts to you and invite you to discern for yourself;