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    If anyone had doubts after reading this and all scripture there in.Then i wouldnt know what to say to them.Thank you for this.Yahweh bless
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    Two or three years ago Pastor Bob Jones from Nevada gave a most wonderful two part narrative of Dr Swift's Blue Tunic army of Christ via the Hal Turner network. I have edited the two segments together and cut out the non related sections as well as normalized and noise filtered it.
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    Very good article here, I'd like to interject the possibility Simeon and Levi belonging to Ireland and Wales. Both are very dynamic in their culture as opposed to Britain and Scotland. During the dark ages, when our ancestors ran rampant with pagan idolatry, the religious sector of Wales were the Druids.

    The Druids pretty much worshipped the earth, much like a lot of hippies and new-agers today. This being during the time that Yahweh said we would forget our language, our heritage, and so forth. My contention is this: Levi being the priesthood, naturally designed that way by Yahweh, were still priests even as Druids. Though their hearts may have been far removed from any truth, there was still a calling to be wise, and teach their people. Also, everyone has probably heard rumors of Celtic warrior castes, even to this day, red-headed people are generally known as being 'fiery, short tempered, and even destructive'. Much like Simeon and Levi in were in Canaan with their family, and their sister Dinah was defiled by Shechem the Hivite. Together they took up arms and slew every male in his city, even after the Hivite males had all been circumcised as a measure of good faith toward Jacob/Israel for the hand of his daughter Dinah. Genetics control much more than we know I believe. Much like the descendants of Ishmael still hold a grudge against us for getting the shorter stick, we still show traits of our ancestors in not just our skin and eyes, but our very behavior and moral compass. I recently acquired a picture of an ancestor of mine in 1863, and Ill tell you something...WE LOOK IDENTICAL, I thought this was amazing, especially since this was almost 150 years ago. So somehow, somewhere, our genes carry us down through all the ages.

    Also, on the topic of Spain, Hibernia, was also known on maps as Iberia which in HEBREW is strongs #5680 `Ibriy ib-ree' patronymic from 5677; an Eberite (i.e. Hebrew) or descendant of Eber:--Hebrew(-ess, woman). It interesting that the early Europeans would even consider naming a place in Hebrew. Of course being that the language has survived in this people for 1000's of years before, its easy to see why and how they did.
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    The fool, of course, claims our Bible "borrows" from these myths.

    It's really the other way around.
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    Great reading!
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    I was saddened to hear that Joshua Caleb Sutter turned Creatard.
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    Very handy study.
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    403 page views now!
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    No lie - 152 page views in three days. Not bad.

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    Nice! These types of articles are valuable.