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    Pastor Apocales,

    Indeed, by the end of the year we'll release free PDF downloads of these titles.

    If you're looking for something to read might I suggest looking into our four major releases @

    Each title can be downloaded directly and are rather lengthy. Thanks for asking!
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    Do you ever plan to release them in non-print form?
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    Maybe somebody should let the folks at stormfront know lol those downey bastards would have a **** fit! :D

    Do you buy the book or what?
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    I have yet to order this book but noticed a "bad review" for the Adobe pdf by our race-mixing friend, Dave.

    Reviewer: CrossReach - March 22, 2010
    Subject: Vile Racist Filth
    What more can be said
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    This is my favorite book by Pastor Visser.

    Anybody who reads this and still continues to deny the devil is a fake.

    He offers the Adobe pdf for free but you should order a copy for yourself.