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    If you live in the UK I'm selling copies cheaper on eBay:

    I offer free shipping in Australia. -essaryl
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    From this thread.
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    Download all 61 'Remnant Way' broadcasts here.
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    RIP Pastor Peters!
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    This is one of Eli's better articles.
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    UCOY should bring this program back.
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    knights' party snake oil(part #1) sounds like mostly attacking people, hope your right about that stuff for your sake.
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    WHAT?! Duke is a addict?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    Whatever became of Jonathan Williams?
    Williams disappeared right around the time Obama became president (March 2009).

    I don't think anybody really knows where he ended up.
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    Whatever became of Jonathan Williams?
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    Thank you!
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    I remember these shows. Not too shabby.
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    Thank you!