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    Whoops! I misspelled Rebecca's name in the prayer: (רבכה) instead of the correct (רבקה). Both of these letters can carry the same sound, but are not to be confused. Perhaps I was thinking of the various spellings in the English: 'Rebecca' and 'Rebekah' when I made this mistake? Still, the error is ginormous considering that each word has a different root. I've corrected the text online, but the pics will need some work. Sorry! (I realized the error when I saw what the verbal root 'רבך' means, and it occurred to me that I must be spelling it wrong!)
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    I thank You Yahweh for lovely Rebekah in the Name of Yahshua, for her righteous deeds, for greatly helping her, even her offspring - Your children, Yours Good Father! And please, hug her for us I pray, for Israel would not be here without you. Truth and much love from Your servant to Yahweh and her child to Rebekah.

    How I translated it today without looking at the original translation, more than two months after writing it.
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    I just realized that (tsade - צד) should probably be pronounced as 'side', just as we still say it today! Isn't that amazing how so many of these words are still in constant use, and hold the same meaning?

    Also, sorry for any weird spelling errors or grammatical errors throughout the lesson. When more lessons are complete, I'd like to come back to all of these earlier ones and re-edit them, and also recompile them into a book, Yahweh and Yahshua willing!

    יהי שלום בכם
    May peace be with you!
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    Thanks Joe! I enjoy reading your comments.

    Mary is a blessed name for a blessed woman. Just as 'James' (from the Greek Ιακωβ, which is the same word we call 'Jacob') and 'John' are the most common male names, 'Mary' is the most common female name, and they are all Biblical, and they are all righteous names for Yahweh's people.

    This goes for anyone reading, if you know a Mary, ask her if she could use a hug! :)

    Praise be to Yahweh and His Glorious Son Yahshua for all these blessings and more!
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    Thank you for defending the mother of God, Neal. Great blog.
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    Glad to be of help! Praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for all these blessings, and in the name of Yahshua Messiah (ישוע משיח) may they keep coming!
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    Excellent and very concise. Thanks.
  8. נהאל (Neal)'s Avatar

    Concerning his main argument for 432 Hz, the author makes so many mistakes in the use of gematria that I have to come to the conclusion that he hasn't done his homework. :(

    Let me explain:

    He keeps mentioning in Part II and Part III that the 'Aramaic' word 'light' in gematria equates to the number '144.' This is entirely incorrect. The Aramaic word for 'light' is (נהיר) or (נהור) (see Daniel 2:22, Gesenius Lexicon p.1102). Neither of them equates to 144, but 265 and 261 respectively.

    Then he goes on to confuse Aramaic with Hebrew by indicating that the word he is referring to is not (נהיר) or (נהור) but a Hebrew word which means 'light' (אור) (see Genesis 1:4, Gesenius Lexicon p.21-22). But again, this word does not equal 144, but 207.

    For an actual example of a Hebrew word that equals 144, see (קדם) (Genesis 3:24, Gesenius Lexicon p.869-870) a common word which according to Gesenius means 'front, east, aforetime.'

    I agree that 432 Hz is Godly, and that Yahweh really loves his numbers (the example of the 144,000 saints in Revelation which the author brought up is an excellent example.)

    But these articles in my opinion hurt us more than help us, because they portray falsehoods as proofs.

    So let us seek the Truth instead!

    John 14:6 KJV (bold indicates updated word; underline added for emphasis)
    6Yahshua saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life...

    עם-אהבה נא תשמרנו יהוה בהאמן עם-בנך ישוע משיח

    (With love, please keep us in the Truth Yahweh, with Your Son Yahshua Messiah!)
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    Use the link and go to the website again. In the search box type in 432 and it will bring up a Part 2 & 3 of the original article. I have not had a chance to read them yet though. I found them today after posting the original which I found many months ago and read. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crossman
    Here's a link to another good study on this subject written by A. True Ott, PhD. Starting with ancient history he takes us through the history of 432 hz until the United Nations post WW2 change over to 440 hz and surprisingly who was behind it.

    Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

    Interesting! Do you know where we can find more information regarding these Chaldean Tuning Triangles, or any of the other ancient instruments he mentioned? He didn't leave any links that I saw. I would like to hear them and verify if they are in or even near 432 Hz, that would be astounding!

    Either way, I don't doubt that our ancestors played purer music back in the day, what being more in tune with the Spirit and all (people still read king David's lyrics, I mean come on!) Just turn on the public radio and compare for a few seconds and you'll hear what I mean (but don't really! It'll hurt your ears, as I'm sure you know!)

    However, as far as I have studied the subject, there were no regular standard fundamentals in the modern age before 440 Hz, although musicians certainly used 432 Hz back in the day (see here, it pops up at least four times that I saw.) But there really weren't any standard fundamentals yet in the times of Mozart and what not (no multicultural empire big enough to force one down our ears.)

    Also, the author of the article is off when it comes to the meaning of the Hebrew words for which he has offered gematria values. For instance, the one he labels as 'yadah' (ויתודו) which means 'to throw' in the Qal and 'to praise' only in the Hiphil/Hophal actually seems to be in the conjugated form of Hithpael, and is not the root word (yadah - ידה) itself, which has a different gematria value (10 + 4 + 5 = 19 as written.) Though the given gematria value (432) for the conjugated form is accurate, the actual word (oo-eeth-udoo - ויתודו) only shows up once in the entire Bible, which is in Nehemiah 9:2. It's translated in the KJV as 'and confessed,' but is more literally rendered 'and they confessed.' Pretty much all of the examples of gematria in the article are inaccurate in some way like this, and thus are not helpful in proving the case for 432 Hz. Careful!

    I'm thinking about making a short tutorial on how to calculate Gematria in the Hebrew, perhaps it may be of use. But I find that the meaning of the Hebrew words are often sufficient enough in and of themselves to understand what the Bible is saying, and we shouldn't become spell-bound with numbers and forget what Yahweh is telling us! The satan-seed seems to enjoy this stuff a little too much for my liking, but Yahshua did say 'be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.' (Matthew 10:16) It's good to be aware of these things!

    Also, I heartily agree with the outlook of the author, Christians should play music in 432 Hz! I don't doubt that it puts a smile on Yahweh's face when we do so, and it's good for us too! As you can see in the PDF above, 432 Hz hits on so many pure numbers that are not only in the Bible, but are found in nature too, whereas other fundamental frequencies like 440 Hz hardly tap into any.

    It's a false note that goes against Yahweh's creation.

    The strings, my lord, are false.
    - Shakespeare
    Thanks! I enjoyed the article!
    Updated 11-21-2016 at 11:20 PM by נהאל (Neal)
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    Here's a link to another good study on this subject written by A. True Ott, PhD. Starting with ancient history he takes us through the history of 432 hz until the United Nations post WW2 change over to 440 hz and surprisingly who was behind it.

    Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

  12. Joe's Avatar
    Thanks for the read. I appreciate your blog.
  13. Ron Olsen's Avatar
    Very handy. I shall try this.
  14. נהאל (Neal)'s Avatar
    You make music? Where can we listen?

    I've been thinking about Matthew 5:14-16 recently. I would like to share more information regarding music alongside our Hebrew studies, such as a musical and mathematical proof of why 432 Hz is clearer than 440 Hz, etc. Yahweh only knows, maybe I'll even blog a song or two in the future!

    בהשם ישוע משיח יעזרך יהוה בזמרתך כעזר מעזרת בו

    (In the Name of Yahshua Messiah, may Yahweh greatly help you with your music as He helped Mozart with his!)
  15. Crossman's Avatar
    Thanks Neal,
    Didn't know we had the free ability to convert music through Audacity which I have used for many years for recording. I have been using YouTube to listen to 432mz music for about a year. Mozart is wonderful in 432mz.

  16. נהאל (Neal)'s Avatar
    Thank you!

    I enjoy music in a fundament of 432 Hz as well! I'm thinking I'll write a blog on how one can convert their own music in 440 Hz to 432 Hz using the program Audacity.

    P.S. You should try out the Christopher Hogwood Mozart Symphonies from the Academy of Ancient Music. From my testing they play in 428 Hz fundament, but more importantly they keep to the original temperament that Mozart wrote in by playing the instruments from the time period! And they play the skipples properly. Outstanding!

    יהוה ברוך בהשם אדון ישוע משיח

    (Yahweh bless in the Name of Master Yahshua Messiah!)
  17. Crossman's Avatar
    Very uplifting, thanks for sharing and blessing the flock. I to, listen to Mozart in 432 Hz.
  18. Ron Olsen's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this, brother. I love Mozart's Missae and Requiem.
  19. נהאל (Neal)'s Avatar
    Look here you satan-seed, Yahweh with His righteous Son Yahshua, they are coming back to utterly consume you with the Great Fire of Yahweh! For He, our Elohiym, IS A CONSUMING FIRE!!! Yahweh! I pray in the Name of Yahshua Messiah, let all that they do come back against them, they who are the abominable seed of satan! Amen my Father Yahweh, let it be so, even by the Hand of Yahshua Messiah, let these wicked things be consumed by Your Great Fire! Amen!
  20. נהאל (Neal)'s Avatar
    Yahweh, in the Name of Yahshua, Your Righteous Son, please help us to remember all of Your words, for the sake of Your children and Your most excellent Holiness! Will you help us, even onto the greatest of perfection? Let it be so Good Father Yahweh, hear our prayers and let Yahshua come back to us soon!
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