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  1. Refining the 2 Seedline belief

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    In my opinion to this deep subject. I understand the two seed-line message as the trees in the garden of Eden being nations that bear the fruits of knowledge or food. The tree of good and evil was race mixing and chaos. The spirit of this tree came into Eve. The spirit was sin or death. Staying pure and separate from evil was 50% to 50%. Adam and Eve was not trust worthy to be in the garden of Eden. Afterword doing your best--- got you a long happy life and that was it. The more you sin----
  2. How do you avoid coruption and deceit.

    With all the non white immigration; how are you coping with a smaller and hateful world to live??
  3. The priveliage of lisening to true and helpful CI messages

    My personal opinion in listening to true CI information is how to get out of the Babylonian ZOG system now in place.

    My way is to slowing get out or farther away from the ZOG system slowly. Because being in the Babylonian ZOG system most all my life; the shock of quickly getting out of the system would be difficult to adjust to. Guys we are not buying our selfs out of the continued hate and violence directed at us pure white folk.
  4. we live in a more hateful and smaller world ---concerning converting new Folk

    In my opinion ; Difficulties to me is a society that values gang staking prep activities to ZOG ---- over truthful reality and biblical truth. Any opinions?
    Is Being less trashy or financially stronger the answer? How good do we need to be to have a secure existence?
  5. People who lack skills for self employment.

    what worries you about the strict laws of over hate speech. I am a lower middle class person who wants dignity and not be forced into interracial marriage without a title of privilege or million dollars.
    Is whoring after other GODS a way the Israelite-s loved money or status over Yahweh?
    Any honest responses would be appreciated.
    Also is a good racial kinsmen one obeyed their parents or grandparents;;;; who in turn had a good understanding of yahweh before ...

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