View Full Version : Santos Bonacci Antichrist Jew Arrested for owing over $132,000 in taxes in Australia.

Bruce Howard
01-28-2014, 06:59 PM
Queeny Cameron made a good update video about Santos the Sicilian or Maltese antichrist mamzer Jew. He was arrested on January the 10th 2014.


Normally I would not celebrate the police randomly arresting someone, but Santos Bonacci got his comeuppance for preaching heresy, cabala and Talmudism to so called "truth seekers". PRAISE YAHWEH.

Have a look at this crazy satanic jew, as he blasphemes the name of Yahweh in the flesh/Yahshua Christ. Santos looks demonically possessed in the eyes in this video, I could barely stomach hearing his putrid lies and slander and blasphemy.


Again PRAISE YAHWEH for getting this crazy Jew away from preaching heresies to those white truth seekers who do not yet know their racial identity as Israelites , and are still following the lies of Jordan Maxwell, David Icke or Alex Jones.

Yahweh bless.