View Full Version : Sydney has more brothels than Vic, Qld

11-11-2010, 04:27 PM
Sydney has more brothels than Vic, Qld

Sydney has more than double the number of legal brothels than the whole of Victoria and Queensland combined, a NSW government document shows.

The first sex industry statistics ever compiled in the state reveal it has 271 legal brothels, with 244 of them in Sydney alone, the Daily Telegraph reported on Friday.

They include full service and "happy ending" massage brothels.

The statistics also show 150 illegal brothels operate in the state, and there were 90 complaints about suspected illegal brothels.

But there could be a lot more, with just 56 of the state's 152 councils responding to a state government survey.

By comparison, Victoria has just more than 90 legal brothels and Queensland has 24.
The Telegraph reports that senior NSW officials delivered the figures in March this year in a report by the Government Interagency Brothels Taskforce, but the government was reluctant to release them because of the upcoming election.

- AAP November 12, 2010