Ten Types of Faith

Ten Types of Faith [2021] scrutinizes the specific kinds of faith mentioned in the New Testament with the intention that our stubborn people can evaluate their current standing with Yahweh. This animated lecture builds upon CPM’s previous livestream titled “The Law of Faith” but solely focuses on the varying levels of confidence mankind can have. As expected extra coverage of the Abrahamic Covenant is supplied alongside several hints about upcoming topics.

1 thought on “Ten Types of Faith

  1. Gruss Gott
    und Guten Abend.

    Im very much interested in learning more.
    is there any in north las vegas nevada.

    please i desire fellowship, the truth, integrity, and to honor Yahweh.

    i know our te is short, and the enwmy has surrounded and devoured our land. my prayer is to hear him say well done.

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