Star in the East

Star in the East (Yahweh’s Truth #58) is a special Christmas sermon telling the nativity story from the Gospels arranged as a single narrative. Appropriate for State runoff elections is a detailed look at Antipater the Idumaean and Herod’s involvement. This lengthy lecture continues a long-running tradition at Covenant People’s Church and bears the distinction of being the final episode of Intel Update to feature a numbering system in the descriptor.

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    But don’t imagine that beliefs are irrelevant. It’s only through acceptance of all the beliefs, practices and ideology that a person becomes Jewish. See below,

    No this is a lie. A Ju, Jew, or Juish is right from ception in the womb, from Luzifer, such as, Kain, Judah, etc. who have their start of life from the lead fallen angel, (Jew, – Ju, – short for a seed from this Luzifer or a seed from any of Luzifer’s male offsprings, such as Judah, etc.). See “The New Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia,” around 1952 copy right. You search the entries.
    Did Ray Bunzow really send the site: above mentioned ?

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