Every Word of God

Every Word of God (Yahweh’s Truth #57) proves the importance of God’s codified Word from everywhere else in the KJV Bible but the Temptation of Christ narrative. Considered a precursor to CPM’s upcoming Nativity sermon “Star in the East” this upbeat broadcast stresses the importance of trusting what’s confirmable in scripture over man’s faulty interpretations and establishing our faith on the “schoolmaster” which is Emmanuel the Messiah.

The World That Was

The World That Was (Yahweh’s Truth #56) confirms from the Authorized Bible that there are three earth ages and as a Christian Identity livestream aids the listener in understanding of each era. Why do we walk through this valley of the shadow of death? The first age was when the Sons of Yahweh existed in harmony before Satan’s rebellion, the second is our current era and the final being “world without end” beginning at the return of Christ.

None Other Name

None Other Name is a lengthy sermon proving “there is none other name but Jesus under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved” as taught in Acts 4:12. How important are names in scripture? Is the Name Yahweh or Yahshua greater? Does Jesus mean Zeus? This solemn lecture is considered the unofficial sequel to “What’s in a Name?” (based on Romeo and Juliet) preached by Pastor Visser in 2018 on Worldwide Christian Radio.

Fear of Death

Samhain VII: Fear of Death is a special Halloween broadcast continuing Covenant People’s Ministry’s long-running Samhain audio series exposing the pagan roots of the holiday. Can the enemy control us through fear? Can a pandemic drive the lemmings to forced inoculation? This seventh segment is an upbeat sermon mostly from the New Testament epistles highlighting several “powers” given to the Sons of Yahweh to exercise against the beast.

The Two Ways

The Two Ways covers the first chapter of the Didache to confirm Jesus’ statement; “Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it (Matthew 7:14).” How can faithful Israelites tell if we’re on the correct path? Who invents alternate passages? This expository style sermon confirms the hardest path often centers around the Golden Rule due to mankind’s inability to mirror the compassion and mercy of Yahweh.

Ambassadors of Christ

Ambassadors of Christ continues to celebrate the Apostle Paul by showcasing his New Testament teachings regarding Christian duty under a tyrannical government of mortal man. Technically the final part of three exposing “Paul bashers” as this educated former Pharisee taught extensively (and from prior experience)on the traps of legalism in both Christianity and politics. Praise the remnant that war for a future under Yahweh’s reign!

Overseers of Truth

Overseers of Truth confirms the validity of the Pauline epistles by comparing the New Testament apostle’s teachings on Christian warfare to the Gospels and letters of Peter. Should faithful Saxons vote for men over them? This continuation of the previous week’s sermon “Respect of Persons” defines Truth from the Bible to further explain the duty of every Saint is to struggle FOR the preserved Word and not resist its clear-cut commandments.

Respect of Persons

Respect of Persons proves from scripture that our Creator Yahweh does not play favorites unlike mankind. What does this statement mean to the faithful when we’re also taught “God is love?” What does Peter’s vision on the rooftop represent to our Saxon race today? Is all food now fit to eat? This lengthy investigation into the Pauline Epistles confirms the impartiality of God while explaining another aspect of the Israelite people’s future destiny.

Power in Prayer

Power in Prayer (Yahweh’s Truth #55) is a lengthy episode of Intel Update that proves the might within prayer from mainly the Authorized New Testament Gospels and Epistles. What can we ask for from our Creator and how many times can we make these requests? This two-hour broadcast also scrutinizes several passages solely from Luke’s Gospel to showcase the teachings of Jesus Christ pertaining to communicating with Yahweh the Father.

Zechariah (Part #11)

Zechariah (Part #11) continues to teach on the “root and offspring of David” who came and will come again to finally render righteous judgment and restore eternal peace to Yahweh’s Kingdom on earth. What does Zion represent? This upbeat sermon concludes Zechariah’s straightforward commands and only starts to explain his vivid prophecies concerning the coming New Jerusalem also mentioned in the New Testament by John the Revelator.