Micah (Part #13)

Micah (Part #13) covers the destruction of the wicked for unjust weights and measures showing a stark contrast to those who obey the “Micah mandate.” Are there circumstances when men do NOT reap what they sow? Are any of Yahweh’s people considered good? This continuation of CPM’s audio series on the minor prophet sets the groundwork for Christ’s statement “a man’s enemies are of his own household.”

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Micah (Part #12)

Micah (Part #12) proves Yahweh’s condemnation of the heathen nations during His day of vengeance is because they go after false gods (many of which are mentioned within the Hebrew text itself). The Day of the Lord is near! This continuation of CPM’s series on the minor prophet’s visions substantiates only a remnant will be found amongst the children of Israel and covers the “Micah mandate” in specific detail.

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Speak the Oracles of God

Speak the Oracles of God analyses Ist Peter 4:1-11 to establish that Christian suffering is to be expected from most people that follow “the will of the Gentiles.” Why are the faithful ostracized from their former companions once they accept Yahweh’s Law as authoritative? What is the only thing worth discussing? Peter explains His sheep should always have the Word of God in their replies to this unbelieving world.

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Desert Island Verses (Part #9)

Desert Island Verses (Part #9) explores the topic of being “too touchy” and explains that only through perseverance can the faithful please Yahweh. Also discussed is the disbanding of the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club and the aftermath of needlessly controversial Obie & Visser shows due to specific men’s egos. In this final segment Obadiah 1:18 asks “You’re of the pure Adamic race, are you? Prove it!”

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Sin in Proverbs

Sin in Proverbs looks at key verses from the wise book of Proverbs all dealing with the demoralizing topic of SIN or iniquity. Most importantly this “meaty” sermon identifies the habitual behaviors and eventual rewards of the wicked providing numerous passages to hopefully rebuke rebellious Israelites into obedience. The listener can learn how to spot false prophets and fortify their own faith.

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Seduction of the Innocent II

Seduction of the Innocent II allows Obie & Visser to examine the jews’ involvement in the comic book industry and their reasons for promoting a fictional view of reality towards Israelite children. Outlined is the purpose of the Comics Code Authority and some examples of antichrist graphic novel titles are provided. Current events, prophetic news and upcoming CPM programs are discussed as usual.

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Mystery of Godliness

Mystery of Godliness surveys the qualifications of being a teacher of Yahweh’s Word from Paul’s 1st epistle to Timothy (3:1-16). Is polygamy allowed for bishops and deacons or can woman be Christian pastors? This heated sermon proves that the apostle straightforwardly taught Yahshua Messiah was God Himself and modern “Paul bashers” should be shunned by the faithful remnant.

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Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#188] finds Pastors Visser and Wickstrom discussing current events like the recent George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin (hate crime) court trial. This hour-long Christian Identity broadcast also grants “the Viss” a platform to explain some lesser-known facts about Covenant People’s Ministry and clues listeners in to much-anticipated Obie & Visser shows.

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Fear of Salvation?

Fear of Salvation? reveals slanderers and those who gossip as being antichrist by showcasing numerous Biblical admonishments against fretting about others. If faithful Israelites are instructed to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12) than those who spend the mass of their limited time attacking or criticizing others are not only hypocrites but deniers of Jesus’ Words.

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DSCI For Dummies (Part #3)

DSCI For Dummies (Part #3) completes our simplified trilogy dealing with the beguilement of Eve and the resulting offspring of “the world’s first murderer” Cain. This broadcast deals with Genesis 3:15 which is a central verse in Christian Identity and even looks deeper at the curses Yahweh directly placed upon the heads of Adam, Eve and the serpent. Newsguy and theChomo call in during the last hour!

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