Reptiles in Scripture

Reptiles in Scripture provides an overview on several types of serpent from the Holy Bible. This tranquil sermon proves Yahweh used frogs in judgment against Egypt and the tortoise, chameleon and lizard are all unfit to eat. Are dinosaurs mentioned in the King James Version? This lecture scrutinizes leviathan from the book of Job and mostly proves “viper” is used metaphorically for Satan’s children.

Download the mp3 here or here (9.82 mb).

Solaric and Edenic Covenants

Solaric and Edenic Covenants attempts to explain the first two contracts made by Yahweh in scripture to the solar system and Adam and Eve before their fall from grace. Why was “man” told to replenish the earth? What was the tree of knowledge? This special release contains both air and studio versions due to this series cancellation yet the truths contained within are still very pertinent to the Christian walk.

Download the mp3 here or here (9.33 mb).

Jacob Have I Loved

Jacob Have I Loved explains why Esau was hated by Yahweh and proves his brother Jacob was fancied because he contended for the birthright. Was trickery involved in Jacob’s blessing? What did Esau do to anger God? This broadcast of The Covenant Gathering aired on Euro Folk Radio and uses the non-canonized books of Jasher 27:8-14, 2nd Esdras 6:9 and Jubilees 19:10-23 to verify Edom is cursed.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.1 mb).

The Barren Fig Tree

The Barren Fig Tree has the distinction of being the final sermon in the Covenant People’s Ministry “parable” series, the 99th official broadcast in Luke (with ten additional lectures preached before 2014) and an invite to decide the next topic for Pastor Visser! This closing discourse uses Genesis 3:7 to confirm Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nudity and highlights a lesser-known parable from Judges 9:8-15.

Download the mp3 here or here (9.69 mb).

Parable of the Seed

Parable of the Seed is a sermon comparing the picturesque allegory of Christ from the 21st statement in Thomas’ Gospel to Mark 4:26-34. This broadcast further confirms Yahweh has a literal “seed” (or children) on earth who desire their Father’s Law enforced for national prosperity. God created the earth to be fully automated thus His genuine offspring seek to further increase during the harvest by doing His Will.

Download the mp3 here or here (9.34 mb).

Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow expounds upon Paul’s epistle to the Romans 14:1-12 to explain the difference between personal discernment and outright judgment (which belongs to Yahweh alone). We are to both live and die for Yahshua! We must refrain from disunity! This sermon clarifies exactly how Christians are to accept those “weak in the faith” and how to use tact when dealing with milquetoast believers.

Download the mp3 here or here (5.93 mb).

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2) completes a study begun one year before focused solely on the Biblical Law of karma. This segment explains that Yahweh designed natural providence so that both righteous and wicked seeds will “reap what they sow” in this life and the coming Kingdom. We also give details on why Jesus Christ used agricultural terms when teaching His bride parables such as seeds, trees or branches.

Download the mp3 here or here (9.25 mb).

Heart Waxed Gross

Heart Waxed Gross is an expository style sermon from the Covenant People’s Archives that almost didn’t see release due to the hyperactive preaching and poor audio recording within. This animated study from Isaiah 6 into why Yahweh blinds some people (and chooses others) proves that our Messiah did NOT come for the entire world but rather a specific group with the ability to understand His perfect words.

Download the mp3 here or here (10.0 mb).

Joachim and Anna

Joachim and Anna revisits the Gospel of Mary 1:1-6 (and the Protevangelion 2:1-10) to establish that the parents of the virgin Mary were patient when requesting a daughter from Yahweh. Also showcased are the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and His “grandparents according to the flesh” Joachim and Anna. This is considered a precursor to our upcoming Nativity sermon scheduled for Christmas.

Download the mp3 here or here (10.4 mb).

Ophanim and Thronos (Part #1)

Ophanim and Thronos (Part #1) begins our final two-part sermon into the reality of the heavenly host by uncovering the hierarchy of angels as transcribed in our Bibles explaining their positions to both Yahweh and man. Dealing mostly with rebellious archangels and the latter day war of Gog and Magog this enriching sermon further proves that messengers do the bidding of Yahweh for the sake of His Saints.

Download the mp3 here or here (15.5 mb).