Capstan and Pinch

Capstan and Pinch is a short collection of bloopers, blunders, TalkShoe disasters and previously unreleased (somewhat unusable) material from the first half of 2016. This assortment deals mostly with Biblical crowns, the gospel armor and Christian grace but none of these pieces ever saw release outside this collection. By piecing them together it’s our hope that these goofs may see new life as a single Bible study.

Download the mp3 here or here (7.20 mb).

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#211] finds “Wick & Viss” discussing the pagan roots of the Christmas holiday and providing damning quotes against its observance. Who is Satan Claws? Why do people decorate trees? Find out! This powerful study is completely anti-Christmas and provides many answers as to when and where Jesus was born in addition to commentary regarding white nations in general.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.9 mb).

Hermas I (Visions) #3

Hermas I (Visions) #3 continues our slowest-running (and yet most anticipated) series to date by further examining the gnostic text of The Shepherd of Hermas 2:8-20. In this relaxed segment the Shepherd is commanded to get his personal life in order before being provided the answers to the book he saw briefly and is also told that only through God’s Son Jesus can he join the holy angels in judgment.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.0 mb).

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom

Yahweh’s Truth with Dr. Wickstrom [#188] finds Pastors Visser and Wickstrom discussing current events like the recent George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin (hate crime) court trial. This hour-long Christian Identity broadcast also grants “the Viss” a platform to explain some lesser-known facts about Covenant People’s Ministry and clues listeners in to much-anticipated Obie & Visser shows.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.8 mb).

Hollywood: World of Jews

Hollywood: World of Jews is the loosely-based continuation of Hollywood’s Wizard Wand of Satanic Images that finds Obie & Visser updating listeners to the current state of the media and the power behind it. Do jews own Hollywood? Discover how motion pictures and television sitcoms helped transform a once-Christian nation into country of degenerates and godless atheists within a few decades!

Download the mp3 here or here (36.4 mb).

Desert Island Verses (Part #7)

Desert Island Verses (Part #7) focuses solely on the corrupted NIV version of the Bible highlighting ten specific errors and several obvious omissions from its text. The New International Version is just as corrupted as the NASB and as Christians are to always desire “the whole of the Word” Obie & Visser prove this tainted book is NOT to be trusted! A special and unique entry into their longest-running series.

Download the mp3 here or here (34.3 mb).

Hermas I (Visions) #2

Hermas I (Visions) #2 is the long-awaited sequel to the first part covering The Shepherd of Hermas 1:24-2:7. Pastor Visser provides a brief background into the text itself and current audio series before providing lively commentary on the meaning of this extraordinary vision. This sermon on creation finds “the lady” granting Hermas exclusive permission to copy her book (of Life) before it’s quickly snatched away.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.5 mb).

Viking: The Son of Olga

Viking: The Son of Olga is technically the first part of Obie & Visser’s look at the Druids because unforeseen circumstances cut this special holiday broadcast short! While continued in Viking: Son of Goldblatt this opening segment begins to unravel the mysteries behind these somewhat misunderstood tribes. Also discussed are wombats, wallabies and the recent outbreak of verbal “racial abuse” in Australia.

Download the mp3 here or here (20.2 mb).

Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview

Dr. J. Wickstrom Interview is a special conversation with one of the most well-known teachers in Racial Identity: Dr. James P. Wickstrom. This lively discussion provides listeners with plenty of “spiritual meat” that might take a lifetime to digest even giving you a “behind the scenes” of the Larry King Show. The latter half of this unique Godcast finds Obie & Visser doing their typical news and preaching.

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Pastor Bob Jones Interview

Pastor Bob Jones Interview is a unique broadcast beginning with Obie and Visser discussing Grimm’s fairy tales and their relation to Christian Identity. Thirty minutes later Pastor Bob Jones of Nevada joins the conversation for an in-depth interview concerning his conversion to dual-seedline CI, Desert Island Verses and current events about his long-standing ministry with Dr. James Wickstrom.

Download the mp3 here or here (43.6 mb).