Believe Not Every Spirit

Believe Not Every Spirit examines I John 4:1-16 to confirm that only through Christian discernment can the faithful recognize the Holy Spirit from the spirit of error. Is everyone that claims to accept Christ worthy of devotion? What is love scripturally? This relaxed sermon inspects the term “antichrist” and establishes when Satan speaks his lies the world accepts them as truth from John 8:44 and other epistles.

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Fake News Now #10

Fake News Now #10 features Paul English, Eli James and Jeromy Visser discussing YouTube, Ursula Haverbeck, PewDiePie, Donald Trump, Hillary the dogcatcher, CNN, Texas governor Greg Abbott, the NFL, author J K Rowling and extra topics that all qualify as “false news.” This two hour recording is the tenth installment of Euro Folk Radio’s weekly “Fake News Now” targeted towards exposing the networks.

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Bad Guys of Scripture

Bad Guys of Scripture clarifies several strategies of sinful men from the Bible and is the second of two sermons expanding on CPM’s “Lawless Tactics” audio series. This lively Covenant Gathering broadcast examines the subtle devices of “the world’s first murderer” Cain, Balaam the soothsayer, the betrayer Judas Iscariot and Simon Magus so our faithful women will be better equipped in choosing a mate.

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Bad Girls of Scripture

Bad Girls of Scripture explains several devices of whorish women in the Bible and is considered the first of two sermons expanding on CPM’s “Lawless Tactics” audio series. This Covenant Gathering broadcast examines the subtle methods of Eve in Eden, Rahab the Harlot, “queen” Jezebel and Delilah of Sorek in order to arm our Christian brethren against the loose or “strange” woman (Proverbs 7:5).

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Prince of Politics

Prince of Politics will likely be an unpopular sermon as it attempts to provide an alternate viewpoint regarding the “victory” of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Can the president-elect Trump be any type of “savior” when Yahweh forbids casting lots for men as our rulers (2 Chronicles 19:2, Psalm 1:1, Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 16:33)? Lucifer is the prince of this world’s politics and wars against the Saints!

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Nahum (Part #2)

Nahum (Part #2) continues our study into the book of the minor prophet by establishing the Assyrian is “the rod of Yahweh’s anger” from Isaiah 10:5 and more. Is this flesh ruler a type of Satan? Was Jonah correct in refusing to warn Nineveh? This sermon proves that while God will destroy a majority of faithless Ninevites according to this prophecy a remnant will be spared amongst His chosen Judean people.

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Nahum (Part #1)

Nahum (Part #1) provides background on the minor prophet and why he felt compelled to bring his “burden” to the unfaithful Ninevites. This series proves Jonah was correct in his warnings thus this introductory sermon explains several undeniable attributes of Yahweh like jealousy and rage (in addition to being fair and just). We also clarify several reasons Nahum makes no promises within his written prophecies.

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Woe to the Greedy

Woe to the Greedy scrutinizes the outcome of covetous men during Yahweh’s judgment and proves there is no position for the egotist amongst the Saints. What does “I shall not want” mean? This brief sermon revisits the second chapter of Habakkuk to establish it’s not the Will of Christ that His chosen Israelites work “to build cities with blood” when our Heavenly Father has freely given us everything we need.

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The Strange Woman

The Strange Woman explains how king Solomon infuriated Yahweh by taking wives from the heathen nations (I Kings 1:11) but focuses more on his own warnings against miscegenation from Proverbs. Foreign women are forbidden thus this sermon clarifies how Christian men and women are to conduct themselves in choosing mates providing sufficient proof that Yahweh disapproves of mixed relationships.

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Forgotten Yahweh For Baal

Forgotten Yahweh For Baal proves many Israelites prefer counterfeit prophets over Yahweh’s unchanging Word from Jeremiah 23:25-28 – some even replace the Creator for the father of lies! To further explain the tactics (and ultimate fate) of fake teachers Romans 16:17-18 and Deuteronomy 18:18-22 are covered so Christians can easily “mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to doctrine.”

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