Tactics of the Serpent
( CPM's "Tactics" Series )

by Pastor J. John Visser

"By knowing Satan's tactics we can draw closer of Yahweh."

56 Pages | 2012 | Paperback
Subject: Antichrist Behavior

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(8.5" x 11")

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Tactics of the Serpent proves the seduction of Eve in Eden by examining various bad people from the Holy Bible. This paperback examines the character of Satan himself in addition to the specific actions of Cain, Balaam, Judas Iscariot, Simon Magus, Eve, Rahab, Jezebel and Delilah. This book looks at detrimental new 'doctrines of [no] devils' that seek to protect the lawless one by explaining away his existence. We look at the many commandments that tell us to study the scriptures and look a little deeper at demons and angels. An in-depth examination of the many names of Satan, the so-called "temptation" of Christ and the parable of the tares is included.

Tactics of the Serpent (Official "e-Book" Edition)

ISBN: 978-1-365-36686-4


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