The Seedline Monthly Devotional
( Identity Doctrine in Thirty Days )

by Pastor J. John Visser

"Knowing seedline doctrine is vital to Biblical understanding."

50 Pages | 2016 | Paperback
Subject: Christian Living & Bible Study

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8.5" x 11")

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This book is designed to teach you seedline doctrine in thirty days! There are no page numbers in The Seedline Monthly Devotional. Irrespective of month simply turn to the correct day’s page and attempt to memorize some - if not ALL - of the KJV Bible verses provided. Meditate on their deeper meanings (Psalm 119:15) and ask yourself what Yahweh is saying to you through His Word. Spend time reflecting upon some of the reasons these verses were written. If you have time, read the provided article for that specific day.

The Seedline Monthly Devotional (Official "e-Book" Edition)

ISBN: 978-1-365-34464-0


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