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Book of Esther:
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 Esther 1:1 - 9 (03-29-23 / 51 Min.)

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Esther (Part #01) provides details about the controversial book and explains some of the reasons secular men dispute its authenticity. Is Esther a foreshadowing of Christ being a redeemer for her Israelite people? Why did Haman seek to exterminate all the Judeans? These questions are answered in this flagship sermon meant to prove the validity of Esther as historical and stimulate other Christian preachers to defend its compelling text.
 Esther 1:9 - 2:7 (04-26-23 / 62 Min.)

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Esther (Part #02) showcases Queen Vashti refusing Xerxes' request after his 180 day drunken "feast of riches" and her ultimate banishment as an example to other Persian women. Is feminism taught in the book of Esther? This continuation proves (in less than ten minutes) from other accepted books of scripture that several of the main players are mentioned elsewhere in canon therefore the script of Esther is likely just as authentic.

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