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 Kingdom Parables (08-18-21 / 199 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.5 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 45.3 mb )

Kingdom Parables (Vita) is considered the "life" broadcast (and sequel to The Husbandman Waiteth) with Warrior of YHVH and Pastor Visser covering all seven parables regarding the coming Kingdom of Yahweh taught by Christ in Matthew 13. Who will uproot the tares? Who is the true vine? What is the field? This lengthy sermon is meant to provide an expansive overview on the three earth ages while confirming Satan has offspring on earth.
 Epistle of Barnabas (Part #1) (08-25-21 / 206 Min.)

[ WMA ] (12.9 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 47.0 mb )

Epistle of Barnabas (Part #1) is a unique Covenant Gathering show with Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH covering approximately half of the Greek epistle while explaining the importance of this extra-Biblical text to today's godless society. In this lengthy Bible study in-depth background into the formation of the "Yahweh's Truth" broadcast with Dr. Wickstrom is provided alongside several updates regarding our upcoming classic literature broadcasts.
 The Way of Death (08-29-21 / 41 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.55 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.25 mb )

The Way of Death continues Pastor Visser's commentary on The Didache by covering the entire fifth chapter which outlines major sins the Israelite people are to abstain from engaging within. Not all sin is equal in Yahweh's eyes! This Sunday pulpit sermon provides supplementary Bible study on "the unforgivable sin" taught by Christ in the Gospels and is loosely based upon the character Heathcliff from the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontė.
 Prayer of Nehemiah (09-01-21 / 38 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.37 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.58 mb )

Prayer of Nehemiah highlights an important request made by the minor prophet in the first chapter of his Old Testament book of visions therefore this Bible study explains why Yahweh scattered the Israelite race and details the eventual regathering of His people. By looking at this model petition of Nehemiah the faithful remnant can lead a more prayerful life and develop the faith required to overcome most stumbling blocks placed by the enemy.
 Mustard Faith (09-08-21 / 64 Min.)

[ WMA ] (4.04 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 14.6 mb )

Mustard Faith proves the Israelite race can technically never have enough faith in Yahweh therefore this Bible study attempts to explain why belief and obedience are the most important to our Creator. As the network lost over half of this broadcast the official audio release from CPM contains a rare outtake preached in 2016 titled "The Mustard Seed." This sermon is loosely based on the classic book Jane Eyre by English writer Charlotte Brontė.
 Christian Fellowship (09-15-21 / 216 Min.)

[ WMA ] (13.6 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 49.3 mb )

Christian Fellowship is completely based on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt and explains many facts about historic Savannah, GA unknown to most Yankees. Two tears in a bucket. Motherfock it! This expansive Covenant Gathering broadcast is more a relaxed look at current affairs with Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH covering a variety of topics relating to Identity Christianity and announcing future CPM sermons.
 A Dream Within A Dream (10-27-21 / 208 Min.)

[ WMA ] (13.0 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 47.4 mb )

A Dream Within A Dream allows Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH to discuss the recent attack on Covenant People's Forums and the new CPM Network hoping to combat the censorship of sound Biblical CI teaching. "A surprising number of human beings are without purpose" therefore this extended episode of Covenant Gathering is structured around Picnic at Hanging Rock by novelist Joan Lindsay (but has the added bonus of a conclusion).
 Lower Than Angels (10-31-21 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Lower Than Angels (Samhain VIII) is a previously unreleased Wednesday Bible study dealing with the deity of Emmanuel our Christ. Was Yahweh murdered on the Cross? Can Spirit even be killed? Is God greater than Jesus? These questions are answered! While considered a weaker lecture a year prior this "lost sermon" mostly on the Epistle to the Hebrews seemed appropriate to share for Halloween 2021 to commemorate All Saints' Day.
 Rare Parables (11-12-21 / 244 Min.)

[ WMA ] (15.4 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 55.8 mb )

Rare Parables is mostly based upon Animal Farm by George Orwell because Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH scrutinize the teachings of Christ relating to some of the animals mentioned in the allegorical novel. "Let's face it our lives are miserable, laborious, and short!" Meant to be an extensive showcasing of several lesser-known allegories found in the New Testament Gospels this four hour episode of Covenant Gathering is the longest to date.
 Esau for Stubble (11-17-21 / 57 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.57 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.9 mb )

Esau for Stubble covers the entirety of Obadiah's prophecy against Edom but not before providing background on the pedigree of Esau himself. What did Jacob's twin brother do that made Yahweh hate him and his descendants forever? Are modern "jews" Abraham's seed because they make this claim in their Almanac? Listen to this pulpit sermon to discover what historical and genuine Christian Identity has always taught relating to Esau/Edom.
 I Will Be Thy Plagues (12-01-21 / 44 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.75 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.97 mb )

I Will Be Thy Plagues is largely based on Hosea 13:14; "O death, I will be thy plagues - O grave, I will be thy destruction." This relaxed sermon deals with the topic of plague by proving many similarities between the Mosaic Law and end-time prophecies mentioned by John the Revelator. Yahweh is God of Israel only therefore has no problem cursing non-covenant people that stand against Him as this lecture from the minor prophet confirms.
 Hell Is Moved For Thee (12-08-21 / 43 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.68 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.71 mb )

Hell Is Moved For Thee provides insight into the downfall of antichrist at the return of our King mostly from Isaiah 14 and is a scriptural warning against pride. Is Yahweh an enemy to certain people? Does Adamkind reap as they've sown? Why is Lucifer considered a morning star? This pulpit sermon begins to set the foundation for our anticipated holiday broadcast Better Than the Angels which is about Christ having dominion over cherubs.
 Covenant of Truth (12-15-21 / 44 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.72 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.85 mb )

Covenant of Truth explains the importance of Yahweh's eternal Word by attempting to answer the timeless question "What is Truth?" This rainy day sermon scrutinizes the Mosaic Law's teachings on FACT before covering the minor prophet Micah (7:18) where the faithful are asked; "Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy!"
 Doth the Wicked Contemn God? (12-22-21 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.49 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.01 mb )

Doth the Wicked Contemn God? is an expository style Bible study on the tenth Psalm of David which asks; "Doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it." This lecture confirms that men reap as they've sown and are always taken within the traps they lay for fellow Israelites. By examining these negative character traits within Saxon man the faithful remnant can more spiritually understand current events.
 Better Than the Angels (12-29-21 / 46 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.87 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.4 mb )

Better Than the Angels is the final pulpit sermon for the year 2021 and proves the reality of angels mostly from the New Testament epistles. More importantly this lecture is part of CPM's Morning Stars audio series because it confirms our Kinsman Redeemer not only created the holy cherubs but uses them to His bidding. A gritty but very necessary Bible study on Lucifer's fall from grace that explains how he became Satan (meaning Adversary).
 Six Results of Slander (01-02-22 / 31 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.95 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 7.07 mb )

Six Results of Slander looks at the outcome of being defamed by a fellow Israelite in their order of severity. From simple separation of friends to outright homicide this broadcast makes no apology in pointing out the damage caused by such Christ-deniers from a personal perspective. Furthermore this upbeat pulpit sermon explains six scriptural consequences of slander to clarify precisely why many antichrist engage within vilification and libel.
 Accuser of our Brethren (01-05-22 / 20 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.21 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 4.39 mb )

Accuser of our Brethren was meant to have a sequel but was preached properly a week later as Seven Classes who Slander therefore it's unlikely a second part will ever be produced. However as a short lecture on the first three types of slanderous Israelites it actually warrants official release as it's delivered from a different perspective (and location). Mainly a topical sermon on the 50th Psalm this raw broadcast exposes another face of antichrist.
 Seven Classes who Slander (01-12-22 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb )

Seven Classes who Slander is a sermon about the scriptural types of Israelite that engage in defamation against their brother or "mother's son." Why do our people prefer lies over truth? Does Saxon man actually favor being lied to? This broadcast-quality lecture explains why Yahweh considers all slanderers wicked hypocrites and confirms those that engage in libel won't be found in the coming Kingdom. Contains updates on coming projects.

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