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Mary's Gospel Series:
( Series Complete )

Introduction: Nativity Primer(s)

 Unto Us A Child Is Born (12-24-08 / 79 Min.)

[ WMA ] (4.98 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 18.0 mb ) -alt-

Dealing solely with the "nativity story," Unto Us A Child Is Born inspects the account by arranging the gospels as a single narrative. Hear how the mother of “God manifest in the flesh” was considered a criminal! This 79 minute sermon begins with the archangel Gabriel announcing the forthcoming Messiah and ends with Herod's mindless "slaughter of the innocents." (Preached Christmas Eve 2008)
 Unto Us A Child Is Given (12-25-13 / 82 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.16 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 18.6 mb ) -alt-

Unto Us A Child Is Given arranges the Gospels of Luke and Matthew as a single narrative to present the "uncut" version of the Nativity story on Christmas evening. From Gabriel's annunciation to the virgin Mary to Herod's "slaughter of the innocents" this lengthy sermon expands upon a lecture preached five years earlier to highlight several lesser known facts about the birth of Jesus Christ: King of ALL Israel.
 Prince of Peace (12-23-15 / 82 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.12 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 18.5 mb ) -alt-

Prince of Peace is a broadcast presenting the uncut version of the nativity chronicle by arranging the gospels as a single narrative and highlighting lesser known facts from all four books. Why was Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh presented to baby Christ by the three wise men? This lecture explains many prophecies fulfilled during Yahshua's birth and why telling this story is imperative to spiritual growth.
 Apocryphal Nativity (12-24-16 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.75 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.6 mb ) -alt-

Apocryphal Nativity scrutinizes Yahshua's birth story by comparing the account from Matthew and Luke's Gospels to several "Gnostic" tomes like the Protevangelion, Gospel of Mary and Infancy I. This seasonal lecture was preached Christmas Eve on the Euro Folk Radio network and is designed to explain the delivery of Christ from an alternative viewpoint other than ones found in our canonized KJV Bibles.
 He Came Unto His Own (12-24-17 / 82 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.13 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 18.5 mb ) -alt-

He Came Unto His Own tells the complete nativity story from the King James gospels arranged as a single narrative. From "the Word was God in the beginning" (John 1:14) to Herod's slaughter of the innocents this relaxed Christmas Eve sermon stresses the importance of telling this seasonal story so others understand Christ's birth fulfilled many Old Testament prophecies concerning Yahweh's Israelite people.
 His Name Shall Be Wonderful (12-23-18 / 88 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.55 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 20.1 mb ) -alt-

His Name Shall Be Wonderful is a Christmas episode of Yahweh's Truth detailing the nativity story from the New Testament Gospels. How important is our Redeemer's Name? This sermon begins in Isaiah 9:6 to prove "his name shall be called Wonderful" and ends in Philippians 2:10-11 to forewarn "at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."
 Star in the East (12-23-20 / 162 Min.)

[ WMA ] (10.1 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 36.8 mb ) -alt-

Star in the East (Yahweh's Truth #58) is a special Christmas sermon telling the nativity story from the Gospels arranged as a single narrative. Appropriate for State runoff elections is a detailed look at Antipater the Idumaean and Herod's involvement. This lengthy lecture continues a long-running tradition at Covenant People's Church and bears the distinction of being the final episode of Intel Update to feature a numbering system in the descriptor.

Part One: Gospel of Mary's Birth

 Gospel of the Birth of Mary 1:1 - 2:8 (10-07-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Gospel of Mary (Part #1) begins our lengthy examination into the life of the virgin Mary as transcribed in the Gnostic and apocryphal books. This introductory segment explains how Anna and Joachim fulfilled a lesser-known prophecy by bringing forth "the mother of God" and cleverly points out several similarities between The Gospel of the Birth of Mary and our authorized KJV canonized Bibles.
 Gospel of the Birth of Mary 2:8 - 4:7 (10-11-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Gospel of Mary (Part #2) continues looking at Mary's childhood by explaining her dedication to the temple at three years old and what the fifteen Songs of Degrees found in Psalms represent. We further inspect the prophecies given to Anna and Joachim by the angel of Yahweh concerning their daughter and their likeness to the annunciation of Christ found in our New Testament Gospels.
 Gospel of the Birth of Mary 4:7 - 6:5 (10-14-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Gospel of Mary (Part #3) explains Mary's teenage years and how she brings the temple into a dilemma when she opposes their traditions concerning marriage in favor of God's Word and her parent's vow to Yahweh. This sermon clarifies a racial prophecy by Isaiah concerning "the rod and stem of Jesse" and how Joseph was chosen to wed Mary while promoting the many virtues of virginity.
 Gospel of the Birth of Mary 6:5 - 7:18 (10-18-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Gospel of Mary (Part #4) details the Traditions of Glastonbury by examining the hymn "Jerusalem" written by the poet William Blake. We further expand upon the "ensign" of Joseph's budding staff by comparing it to the Hawthorn Tree in Glastonbury Abbey, England. This sermon also points out many similarities of the angel Gabriel's annunciation of Christ in this Gnostic text to Luke's Gospel.
 Gospel of the Birth of Mary 7:18 - 8:15 (10-21-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Gospel of Mary (Part #5) completes our investigation into The Gospel of the Birth of Mary by examining the events that took place prior to the "nativity Story" as transcribed in our canonized New Testament. This segment proves that there are NO inconsistencies between this Gnostic text and the authorized Bible while highlighting several acts of obedience on the part of Mary and her parents.
 Rod and Stem of Jesse (09-22-13 / 48 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.03 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.9 mb ) -alt-

Rod and Stem of Jesse revisits the Gospel of the Birth of Mary (5:1-17) in order to prove that angels are literal, the virgin Mary was obediently chosen and the genuinely faithful will always petition Yahweh for advice over sinful men. The mother of "God manifest in the flesh" (1 Timothy 3:16) has an important life story that can only be found within the pages of this Gnostic non-canonized book.

 Joachim and Anna (12-22-13 / 46 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.87 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.4 mb ) -alt-

Joachim and Anna revisits the Gospel of Mary 1:1-6 (and the Protevangelion 2:1-10) to establish that the parents of the virgin Mary were patient when requesting a daughter from Yahweh. Also showcased are the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and His "grandparents according to the flesh" Joachim and Anna. Considered a precursor to our upcoming Nativity sermon scheduled for Christmas.
 Mary's Gospel (07-08-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb ) -alt-

Mary's Gospel revisits select passages from the Gospel of the Birth of Mary alongside the Protevangelion to verify the virgin's steadfast virtue and equip listeners with lesser-known facts about her parents Joachim and Anna. This lecture confirms Mary's Davidic bloodline while explaining some prophecies fulfilled in her conception, living within the temple and ultimately bringing forth Emmanuel "God with us."

Part Two: The Protevangelion

 The Protevangelion 1:1 - 3:3 (12-06-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #1) commences investigating this "historical account of the birth of Christ" (ascribed to the apostle James) by explaining how the parents of the virgin Mary were able to request a child from Yahweh through obedience to His Law. This sermon looks at the similarities between this Gnostic text and The Gospel of the Birth of Mary by dealing with many Old Testament patriarchs.
 The Protevangelion 3:3 - 6:5 (12-13-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #2) continues our study into James' narrative concerning the pre-Gospel story of the virgin Mary and her parents. This segment researches the unique covenant made between Joachim, Anna and Yahweh concerning their daughter and the events surrounding the actual birth of their child. Mary's works during infancy and her commitment to the temple are partially covered.
 The Protevangelion 6:5 - 8:11 (12-16-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #3) compares the prayer of Anna concerning her child as found in this Gnostic text to Mary's "magnificat" prayer regarding Jesus in our canonized gospels. This segment deals with the virgin Mary's dedication to the temple at three years old, her miraculous activities as a teenager and the events preceding Yahweh directly choosing of "the widower" Joseph to wed her.
 The Protevangelion 8:11 - 9:23 (12-27-09 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #4) finds Mary betrothed to Joseph at fourteen years of age through a requested "ensign" by Yahweh. Understand the importance of the virgin Mary's sincere service to God through full obedience to His Word. This segment also deals with the archangel Gabriel's annunciations to both Mary and Elizabeth concerning their coming children John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.
 The Protevangelion 9:23 - 11:17 (01-10-10 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #5) explains Satan’s seduction of Eve by investigating Joseph’s sentiments after returning home to discover the virgin Mary six months pregnant. This segment also unlocks many mysteries concerning the original sin, Cain’s bastard progeny and the state of judaism during Mary’s fourteenth year. Easily, the most "dual seedline" Christian Identity program in this entire series.
 The Protevangelion 11:17 - 15:7 (01-24-10 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #6) covers the temple's hypocritical trial of faithful Mary and Joseph for supposed adultery. In this lecture we cover the numbering of the Israelites by Emperor Augustus, the vision of Joseph concerning dispersed Israel and the actual birth of Christ at the hands of a Hebrew midwife. This sermon concludes by examining king Herod’s deceitful exchange with the three wise magi.
 The Protevangelion 15:7 - 16:28 (02-07-10 / 40 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.53 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.15 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Part #7) deals with Herod’s "slaughter of the innocents" and the extreme measures Mary and Elizabeth take to protect their infant children. To conclude the series we examine the murder of Zechariah by the Herodians in detail helping to shed light on the curse of Christ in Luke 11:51; “The blood of Zechariah shall be required of this generation [race].” Contains music by Matthew Ott.
 The Protevangelion (Overview) (03-14-10 / 95 Min.)

[ WMA ] (5.98 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.1 mb ) -alt-

The Protevangelion (Overview) provides the listener with valuable dual-seedline truths concerning the seduction of Eve and Yahweh's curse in Genesis 3:15. This Voice Of Christian Israel broadcast features Pastors Eli James and Visser discussing the numerous parallels between "canonized" scripture and the Gnostic books which explain the birth of Christ and murder of Zechariah in greater detail.

Part Three: Infancy I

 Infancy Gospel (Part #1) (10-04-15 / 52 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.24 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.7 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #1) introduces the Gnostic text by providing a background on the book and its relation to the Qur'an. This first sermon covers the statement of Caiaphas involving the infant Christ addressing Mary from His crib in addition to its impact on Isho'Dad of Merv's commentaries on Matthew's Gospel. Also reported is the "birth" of Christ in a grotto with assistance from a Hebrew midwife.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #2) (10-07-15 / 44 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.0 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #2) explains why the Hebrew midwife took Jesus' foreskin (others say the navel-string) to preserve in the same alabaster-box of oil Mary the Sinner used to anoint Him for burial. This sermon proves that the events surrounding the nativity story in INFANCY I mostly align with canonized scripture and concludes with Yahshua's dedication in the temple of Jerusalem by Saint Mary.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #3) (10-11-15 / 42 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.60 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.42 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #3) provides background on Hannah the Prophetess before expanding on how Zoroastrianism influenced the magi that bore gifts for our infantile Redeemer. Did baby Jesus' swaddling clothes have powers to heal? This sermon proves angels can appear as "stars" and Herod the Edomite considered Yahshua a criminal pronouncing a death sentence on Him before six months of age.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #4) (10-14-15 / 55 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.45 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.4 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #4) continues our look at the Gnostic text by examining an Egyptian Baal priest's son being loosed from many devils in addition to Mary and Joseph's return to their own country. This forth segment teaches on lesser-known facts surrounding Herod's slaughter of the innocents and explains a precursor to Yahshua "freeing the captives" in the form of prisoners ensnared by bandits.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #5) (10-18-15 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.12 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.2 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #5) scrutinizes some of the miracles surrounding the infant Yahshua's bathwater having power to heal leprosy from the Gnostic book of INFANCY I. This upbeat sermon proves that sometimes man's government desires to kill or imprison problems as opposed to facing them and even provides evidence on why our cursed enemy Satan is considered a "serpent" in the Holy Bible.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #6) (10-21-15 / 52 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.25 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.7 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #6) mostly looks at a rich man who was turned into a mule by a "giddy and jealous" witch and how his distraught sisters obtained healing for him. Not all scripture is doom and gloom - this story has a happy ending! This sermon examining the seventh chapter of the gnostic book explains that a Christian directive is to point others to Yahshua their ultimate healer and comforter.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #7) (10-25-15 / 46 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.84 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.3 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #7) examines an account of Mary and Joseph taking the infant Jesus through "a band of robbers" in Egypt and how this relates to His latter crucifixion between two criminals. This continuation into our look at the Arabic gospel inspects the eighth chapter of INFANCY I proving Christ spent three years in Egypt ( in fulfillment of Hosea 11:1 ) and ends with Yahshua entering Nazareth.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #8) (10-28-15 / 51 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.21 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.6 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #8) is a sermon against polygamy using the example of "two sons from different mothers by one husband" and how conflict arose when one was chosen over another. This eighth part in our examination of the gnostic book finds Mary and Joseph back in Bethlehem doing miracles with the bathwater of Christ. This sermon even explains how Hansel and Gretel ties into the Bible!
 Infancy I: Place of Refuge (12-02-15 / 47 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.93 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.6 mb ) -alt-

Infancy I: Place of Refuge uses Proverbs 14:26-27 to explain how a FEAR (or respect) of Yahweh should be a "home of sanctuary" to faithful Christians and provides updates on possible future sermons. Should we fear God or Satan? Seven examples of confident men from the Bible are showcased thus the second half of this broadcast revisits the Syriac Infancy Gospel to expose a lesser-known face of the Devil.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #9) (03-17-16 / 56 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.49 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 12.6 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #9) scrutinizes the "Lady Saint Mary" using baby Yahshua's bath water to heal a princess of leprosy in Bethlehem. Also considered is the healing of Bartholomew/Nathaniel to whom Christ would later say in John 1:47 "Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!" This study into chapters 11 and 12 provides backdrop on some lesser-known miracles of Christ performed as an infant.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #10) (03-18-16 / 58 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.64 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.1 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #10) deals solely with the topic of demonic possession providing insight into the childhood of Judas Iscariot (the Moabite betrayer). Established in this sermon are some names of Satan and clarification into how his "unclean spirit" is able to torment victims as a Legion of demons. Obviously, we revisit the Maniac of Gadara that Jesus dealt with in the fifth chapter of Mark's Gospel.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #11) (03-19-16 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.76 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.6 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #11) provides background on Jesus becoming a carpenter as a youth and explains some miracles He performed while working with His stepfather Joseph. Discussed is Yahshua's creation of Golem in the "shape" of birds and giving them life to the chagrin of His enemies that dutifully complained. A brief overview of INFANCY I is offered as this series enters the third (and final) phase.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #12) (04-06-16 / 51 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.21 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.6 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #12) scrutinizes miracles attributed to Yahshua during His adolescence such as turning Israelites into literal "kids" (or baby goats) during a game of hide and seek. This sermon also finds Jesus commanding His followers to "curse and kill the serpent" thus support is found in the canonized books of Ezekiel, Daniel, John and Acts confirming facts in the manuscript of Infancy I.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #13) (04-10-16 / 63 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.97 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 14.4 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #13) as a sermon focuses on teaching "every one who displeases Yahshua is killed" thus contains some of the harder narratives discussed in the Gnostic book. This segment finds the youthful Christ cursing and ultimately causing no less than three specific individuals to die. Also covered is reconfirmation of the fact that Jesus is the Living Word and mere man couldn't educate Him.
 Infancy Gospel (Part #14) (04-13-16 / 59 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.69 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.3 mb ) -alt-

Syriac Infancy Gospel (Part #14) completes our study into the Gnostic book by teaching on Christ in the temple at twelve years old mesmerizing the learned men of Israel. This final sermon proves that Jesus was smarter than His teachers and explains why the childhood of Yahshua is rarely mentioned in canonized scripture. We conclude with Him initiating His ministry after baptism by John in the river Jordan.

Part Four: Infancy II

 Infancy II (Part #1) (07-08-12 / 37 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.31 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.38 mb ) -alt-

Thomas's Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ (Part #1) starts our look at the Gnostic gospel by establishing it was written to the Israelites alone and then expands on some lesser-known miracles of our Savior. Undeniably a Christian Identity sermon! Discover why the Messiah formed twelve sparrows of clay to gave them life and how we can attribute such acts to our everyday Christian walks.
 Infancy II (Part #2) (07-11-12 / 37 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.29 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.29 mb ) -alt-

Thomas's Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ (Part #2) finishes this two-part series by examining "shoulder-hoppers" and the attitudes of Yahshua's detractors when He was a youth. We confirm that Yahweh is the God of the Old Covenant just as Christ is the God of the New Testament. Christian Identists can learn the background behind Jesus' relationship with His step-father Joseph by listening today!
 Yahweh's Truth #19 (06-24-18 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb ) -alt-

Infancy of Christ provides listeners with the intact text of Thomas' "Infancy II" with complimentary quotes from James' "Infancy I" to showcase several miracles attributed to the youthful Messiah. This episode of Yahweh's Truth aired on Worldwide Christian shortwave Radio thus confirms every miracle ascribed to the young Christ was later performed during His adult ministry from the Authorized version of the Bible.

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