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Epistle to the Galatians:
( Series Complete )

 Galatians 1:1-10 (04-30-17 / 45 Min.)

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Galatians (Part #1) provides necessary overview on Paul's epistle before covering the first ten verses of this letter to the gentiles in Galatia. This introductory segment makes clear Paul's reasons for rebuking the foolish Galatians that were turned aside to an entirely different gospel and another redeemer. We're warned by Paul if any man or angel preaches a different gospel they're to be considered cursed.
 Galatians 1:11-24 (05-07-17 / 45 Min.)

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Galatians (Part #2) covers several of Paul's "additions" to the book of ACTS with his explanation of his conversion and commissioning by Christ. Paul confesses he was a zealot in the "jew's religion" and persecuted the early church but seemingly Yahweh had an alternate path for Saul of Tarsus! The apostle teaches on predestination making the claim Yahweh foreknew his becoming an ambassador to gentiles.
 Galatians 2:1-8 (05-21-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #3) teaches that Yahweh is not a respecter of persons by covering Paul's reasons for rebuking certain men "crept in unawares." Which is greater? The Law or faith? How are we forgiven of sin? In this recording we discover that a source of contention amongst the early church was over the Old Testament ritual of circumcision and discover that again even Peter succumbed to "the fear of the jews."
 Galatians 2:9-19 (05-28-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #4) clarifies in detail several reasons the apostle Paul withstood Peter at Antioch over fleshly disputes over the Mosaic Law. What does being "dead to the Law" mean? Is Christ the minister of sin? Paul's account in chapter two details that Peter associated and dined with gentiles while walking with Christ and for a short time thereafter but he like many fell from the simplicity of Christ's Word.
 Galatians 2:20-3:12 (06-04-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.0 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #5) explains what it means to be crucified WITH Christ and what dying to the world represents to the new seedline Christian. What are the works of the Law? Why would the aged apostle tell "heathens" they're the children of Abraham? In this sermon Paul explains that nobody is justified by the Old Testament Law and quotes the minor prophet Habakkuk; "the just shall live by faith alone."
 Galatians 3:13-21 (06-11-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #6) describes how Christ became a mediator for the Old Testament and confirms that faith is much greater than obedience to our Father. Is the Law of Yahweh no longer applicable to our Christian walks? This letter to the Gauls provides a basic overview of the Abrahamic covenant and allows Paul to clarify these "heathen" are part of the numerous nations blessed through Isaac's elected seed.
 Galatians 3:22-29 (06-18-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #7) deals with one of the hardest statements ever made by the apostle Paul; "There is neither Jew nor Greek in Christ Jesus." How was the Mosaic Law a schoolmaster (or tutor) intended to bring us to the Messiah? The persecuted apostle proves gentiles are the descendants of Adam thus if they accept Yahshua as Messiah they become part of the everlasting promises made to Israel.
 Galatians 4:1-8 (06-25-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #8) continues our lengthy series on Paul's letter to the Galatians by illustrating new heirship under Christ for every gentile nation. What does "adoption of sons" mean? What's the difference between Israelite and Galatian? How important is belief to Jesus? This upbeat sermon explains how servants under the yoke of Old Testament Law are made sons of God through faith in our Redeemer.
 Galatians 4:9-18 (07-02-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #9) deals mostly with the apostle's timeless statement; "Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" Is it forbidden under the new covenant to observe times? What is our initial consecration? In this sermon we scrutinize Paul's teaching that legalizers wish to bring the faithful into bondage by using Yahweh's Law and also verify it's always proper to be a zealot for integrity.
 Galatians 4:19-29 (07-09-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #10) deals with the apostle's seemingly complex claim that "Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all." In this sermon Paul uses both Hagar and Sarah as Old Testament allegories to represent the two covenants: one of faith the other by promise. Which is greater? How can the faithful reconcile Paul's own statement "All Israel shall be saved" with his teachings in Galatians?
 Galatians 4:29-5:11 (07-23-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #11) mostly explains Paul's statement "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" and how it applies in today's society. Does Christ demand circumcision from His followers? Are we justified by obeying Yahweh's Law? Is faith greater than obedience? This sermon confirms the faithful must oftentimes prune their metaphorical vineyards of deadwood to truly grow within the Holy Spirit.
 Galatians 5:11-21 (07-30-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #12) contrasts both literal and spiritual circumcision while detailing more about Peter and Paul's contention over the Mosaic Law. What are the works of the flesh? How do the faithful walk within the Holy Spirit? Does Jesus' "golden rule" still apply today? To answer this sermon deals with Paul's warning "if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another."
 Galatians 5:22-6:2 (08-06-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #13) scrutinizes the nine specific fruits of the Spirit as outlined by the apostle Paul who further instructs the faithful to crucify the flesh. This thirteenth sermon from our long running series on Galatians discusses the law of Christ and teaches to recognize the spirit of meekness. We conclude with Paul's claim "if a man think himself to be something when he is nothing he deceives himself."
 Galatians 6:3-10 (08-20-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #14) continues the final chapter of Paul's letter by explaining his claim "whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Why are Israelites commanded to esteem all men better than themselves? Do those that habitually transgress God's Law become a servant of sin? These answers are provided in this relaxed sermon designed to provide updates on CPM while upbraiding our faith in Christ.
 Galatians 6:10-18 (09-03-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.81 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Galatians (Part #15) completes our lengthy examination of Paul's letter to the Galatians by confirming he puts a difference between the faithful and general masses. Is Yahweh's Law "done away with?" This final sermon looks at the apostle's closing benediction and candid statement "God forbid that I should glory except in the Cross of Jesus Christ" thus proves everything but preaching the Gospel is vanity.
 A Little Leaven (01-15-23 / 59 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.69 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.3 mb ) -alt-

A Little Leaven (Persephone) is a flowery sermon that begins 2023 by looking at tolerance of sin within society and sets the groundwork for our upcoming four-part series about Greek myth in scripture. Should we allow the iniquitous amongst our people? As Christians we should be new creatures in Emmanuel therefore this upbeat lecture provides expansion upon Paul's teaching from Galatians 5:9; "A little leaven will leaveneth the whole lump."

Epistle to the Ephesians:
( Series Complete )

 Ephesians 1:1-10 (01-01-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #1) provides a brief background on the letter of Paul before explaining the first ten verses of this epistle which stresses the importance of grace over works. This opening segment discusses predestination and how Yahshua's sacrifice is superior to the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament. Also examined is the pedigree of Paul who has no difficulty explaining "jews" cannot receive his sayings.
 Ephesians 1:10-23 (01-04-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #2) continues examining Ephesians as an epistle by explaining more about predestination and the imparting of the Holy Spirit. This sermon proves prayer is a Christian power and that Yahweh "made Christ to have ALL dominion over the works of His hands" (Psalm 8:6). Paul explains that the Holy Spirit is "the earnest of our inheritance" thus this second lecture proves we must abide in Christ.
 Ephesians 2:1-15 (01-08-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #3) attempts to prove several similarities from this epistle to Paul's letter to the Romans by establishing the habitually sinful are "without Christ" thus unredeemable. This sermon provides ample coverage on one of the most well-known passages in Ephesians: "For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of Yahweh. Not of works lest any man should boast."
 Ephesians 2:15-3:7 (01-11-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #4) deals with "the dispensation of God's grace" according to Paul by explaining the difference between Israelites and Gentiles in canonized scripture. In his letter to Ephesus the apostle Paul claims the faithful are "an habitation for Yahweh" and instructs former strangers on how they can become fellowcitizens through the groundwork of the Old Testament prophets and newer apostles.
 Ephesians 3:7-21 (01-15-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #5) examines parts of the "mystery of godliness" in establishing the author's intention in converting Gentiles in Ephesus to the Gospel. This general epistle to the Ephesians deals with the topic of grace extensively thus this sermon proves Yahweh created ALL things by Yahshua our Savior. Also covered is Paul's tenfold prayer for the blessings of Yahweh which teaches "world without end. Amen."
 Ephesians 4:1-12 (01-18-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #6) begins the second "half" of Paul's letter to Ephesus by confirming there is no conspiracy regarding the authorship nor structure of this book. This segment deals with staying in the "unity of the Spirit" and deals mostly with the topic of oneness. Was water baptism done away with? What is the manner of the Gentiles? These questions and more are answered in this illustrious sermon.
 Ephesians 4:12-27 (01-22-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #7) continues to stress the importance of not giving place to the devil by abstaining from sin. "Be ye angry and sin not" and "put away lying" are commands of Paul from this epistle. In the fourth chapter of Ephesians the apostle speaks considerably on putting off the old man and becoming renewed in the Spirit so this sermon teaches on the many positions within the Body of Yahshua Christ.
 Ephesians 4:27-5:5 (01-25-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #8) covers Paul's commandments to abstain from fornication, uncleanliness and covetousness after being renewed in the Holy Spirit or abstaining from the former way of the Gentiles. What does "let him that stole steal no more" mean?  Why are the faithful seed of Israel's race forbidden from speaking ANY "corrupt communication?" These answers are provided in this energetic sermon.
 Ephesians 5:5-21 (01-29-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #9) deals with secular men that deceive our people with vain words and Paul's commandments to reprove their deeds. This upbeat sermon provides a Bible study from both the Psalms and Isaiah to demonstrate Paul extensively taught the Old Testament throughout his epistles. Also discussed is spiritual drunkenness and the resurrection of the "dead in Christ" before the final Kingdom age.
 Ephesians 5:21-33 (02-01-17 / 49 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.04 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.0 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #10) mostly scrutinizes two politically incorrect commandments from Paul: "Wives submit yourselves unto your husbands" and "Husbands love your wives." This sermon outlines the Christian family and nation by proving Paul instructed the Ephesians from the Old Testament regarding this "great mystery" of oneness. We are all members of one Body through Yahshua who is the church!
 Ephesians 6:1-11 (02-05-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #11) continues to discuss the hierarchy of Yahweh by examining Paul's commandments to children and servants. Why is God considered no respecter of persons? Who ultimately sees to our needs as a people? This sermon scrutinizes the fifth commandment from Exodus 20:12 and describes the promises that come with obedience to others which is likened unto obeying our Father Yahweh.
 Ephesians 6:11-24 (02-08-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.15 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.4 mb ) -alt-

Ephesians (Part #12) completes our lengthy investigation of Paul's writings by providing a concise summary of his entire letter before describing the Gospel panoply in detail. How can the faithful equip these pieces of "spiritual armor" today? What does each part represent? Paul closes his epistle by reminding the Ephesians "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places."
 Fullness of the Spirit (04-12-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.77 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.6 mb ) -alt-

Fullness of the Spirit uses Paul's letters to the Ephesians and Galatians to explain the eleven fruits and nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. This relaxed sermon clarifies the imparting of Yahweh's Soul unto Adamkind before proving Christ's own teachings regarding Christian living. By contrasting the lusts of the flesh with the works of the Spirit modern Christians can better arm themselves against any "spiritual" antichrist.

Epistle to the Philippians:
( Series Complete )

 Philippians 1:1-6 (10-01-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.79 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #1) begins our study on the Pauline epistle by devoting the first half of this introductory sermon to an overview on the letter itself explaining the apostle's intention for authoring it. Unlike many churches Paul helped establish the Christian converts at Philippi remained steadfast in their resistance to Judaism thus this first lecture clarifies that part of Christian Living 101 is always being joyful.
 Philippians 1:6-19 (10-04-17 / 47 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.92 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.5 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #2) provides updates on Yahweh's Truth, Covenant People's Books and the CPM Newsletter before covering the next twelve verses of chapter one. There are only two types of preachers in the world - discover how to discern the spirit behind yours! This continuing sermon dissects Paul's "model prayer" for the Philippians and showcases the final result of suffering for the Gospel's sake.
 Philippians 1:19-30 (10-08-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.80 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #3) continues our study by scrutinizing Paul's teachings about "one Spirit and one mind" from his epistle to the church in Philippi. Are Christians allowed to have varying opinions concerning doctrine? Why does the apostle Paul say "to live is Christ and to die is gain?" This ongoing (rainy) sermon on Philippians proves we are to never fear the enemy by continually striving to be of one accord.
 Philippians 2:1-11 (10-11-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.82 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.2 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #4) begins the second chapter of Paul's epistle to the Philippians by examining four examples of the Christian life and his appeal for faithful living. Is our Messiah called Jesus or Yahshua? Why are we instructed to have "one mind which was in Christ?" This sermon proves why Yahweh gave our Kinsman Redeemer a Name which is above all others and showcases the sevenfold example of Christ.
 Philippians 2:11-17 (10-15-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.83 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.2 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #5) continues stressing the importance of Jesus' Name by visiting the Gospel of Matthew and the 2nd epistle of Peter for further elaboration. What was Paul's sacrifice to Yahweh? Can men truly labor in vain? What is the Word of life? This sermon explains Paul's directive "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" and provides updates on the current status of CPM overall.
 Philippians 2:17-3:3 (10-18-17 / 44 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.73 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.89 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #6) deals mostly with the apostle sending Timothy and Epaphroditus to the Philippians in old age while providing seven specific points about these "fellow-workers" from the Greek. Can Israelites fall from grace? Who are the circumcision? This sermon covers Paul's warning "beware of dogs, evil workers and the concision" and attempts to apply these spiritual teachings to our modern era.
 Philippians 3:3-12 (10-22-17 / 48 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.99 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.8 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #7) focuses on Paul's racial pedigree being "of the stock (or race) of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin and an Hebrew of the Hebrews." Is righteousness by the Law? Was Paul a Pharisee? How are we found within the Body of Christ? This sermon puts the final coffin nail in the topic of circumcision by comparing the act to "the concision" in Greek which this same apostle warns against.
 Philippians 3:12-21 (10-25-17 / 46 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.90 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.5 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #8) completes the third chapter by dealing mostly with the resurrection of the dead in Christ from other Pauline epistles with supporting passages from the book of Revelation. What does Paul mean by "the first man Adam was made a living soul but the last Adam was made a quickening spirit (1st. Corinthians 15:45)?" This relaxed homily explains all flesh WILL vary and is NOT the same!
 Philippians 4:1-11 (10-29-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.84 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.2 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #9) explains why Paul commands believers to "stand fast in Yahweh" while having joy through faith by Christ. Paul commands Christians to practice four specific traits thus this broadcast explains each one! Which is more important - the Spirit or flesh? This sermon covers the specific Christian virtues we're commanded to meditate upon while following Paul's apostolic example even unto death.
 Philippians 4:11-23 (11-01-17 / 45 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.81 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.1 mb ) -alt-

Philippians (Part #10) completes our ten-part series on Paul's letter by scrutinizing his conclusion and final benediction to the Philippian converts alongside Clement and Caesar. Can women be "yokefellows?" What is the goal of a Christian life? Is Yahweh's Old Testament Law "done away with?" This final lecture looks at Paul's promise of God's supply and commendation for past care during extreme tribulation.

Epistle to Titus:
( Series Complete )

 Titus 1:1-1:16 (08-09-09 / 43 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.70 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.78 mb ) -alt-

Paul's Epistle To Titus (Part #1) teaches Christians how to discern genuine pastors from the numerous false prophets in the land. In this special two-part series examining the entire book of Titus we learn how the authentic church should be operated and the importance of the Word in establishing doctrine. We also examine seventeen qualifications ( and disqualifications ) of legitimate Bible teachers.
 Titus 1:16-3:15 (08-16-09 / 43 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.69 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.74 mb ) -alt-

Paul's Epistle To Titus (Part #2) completes our two-part study by exploring the Christian hierarchy for elder (and younger) men and women in the unadulterated church. This segment stresses the importance of personal sobriety for the faithful while explaining the very purpose of the work of Christ. This sermon teaches that it's our Messiah who should be the cornerstone or foundation of the valid church.
 Titus: Slow Bellies (08-09-15 / 38 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.39 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.67 mb ) -alt-

Titus: Slow Bellies scrutinizes seventeen qualifications and disqualifications of being a teacher of Yahweh's Word directly from Paul's epistle. Can Christian preachers have more than one spouse? Are they allowed to participate in drunken revelry? This sermon attempts to highlight several differences between genuine and deceitful prophets by looking at Paul's established church hierarchy as outlined in scripture.
 Titus: Evil Beasts (08-12-15 / 43 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.67 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 9.68 mb ) -alt-

Titus: Evil Beasts examines false dogmas like "the flat earth theory" or "Satan is man's flesh" in light of what the apostle Paul instructs genuine Christian pastors to espouse. What are the positions of men and women in the church structure? Is servitude and slavery permitted under the New Covenant? This sermon on the second chapter of Paul's letter to Titus provides answers and again challenges a debate.
 Titus 1:1-2:4 (03-01-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.12 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.3 mb ) -alt-

Titus (Part #1) begins our two-part examination of Paul's third pastoral epistle by providing background on the book itself and clarifying under what circumstances it was wrote. This sermon covers the seventeen qualifications (and disqualifications) of being a preacher so the faithful can more easily understand what is required of Yahweh's prophets and identify the imposter tare amongst our people with ease.
 Titus 2:4-3:15 (03-05-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.12 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.3 mb ) -alt-

Titus (Part #2) concludes our two-part assessment of Paul's New Testament letter by confirming what Bible teachers are supposed to instruct "elders" so they will share wisdom with the next generation of Israelites. This brief series on Paul's epistle to Titus teaches Christians how to discern the works, teachings and doctrines of genuine pastors by comparing them to what teachers are forbidden from doing.

Epistle to Philemon:
( Series Complete )

 Philemon and Onesimus (02-08-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb ) -alt-

Philemon and Onesimus covers the entire epistle of Paul which emphasizes the importance of repentance and forgiveness. Onesimus once stole from Philemon yet became profitable to Paul in later life thus the result is this shortest (and most personal) of all Pauline letters. Every verse in the text is clarified because there is much the faithful can apply to their Christian walks taught in this New Testament book.

Epistle to the Hebrews:
( Series Incomplete )

 Faith Hall of Fame (Part #1) (02-29-12 / 49 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.06 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.0 mb ) -alt-

Faith Hall of Fame (Part #1) scrutinizes the first twenty verses of the eleventh chapter of Paul's epistle to the Hebrews and uses the Biblical examples of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sara, Issac and Jacob to expose what authentic faith is. Listen now to learn which specific acts landed each of these Adamites into the "Faith Hall of Fame" and how to have an ever-increasing faith in our Father Yahweh God.
 Faith Hall of Fame (Part #2) (03-07-12 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.14 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.3 mb ) -alt-

Faith Hall of Fame (Part #2) finishes the eleventh chapter of Paul's letter to the Hebrews by covering the final twenty verses which detail the faithful examples of Joseph, Moses, the ancient Israelites and Rahab the "harlot." This sermon outlines many of the persecutions the sons of Yahweh will experience for following Christ and even provides several examples on how we can increase our own faith.
 Christian Living 101 (10-02-16 / 39 Min.)

[ WMA ] (2.45 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 8.88 mb ) -alt-

Christian Living 101 uses the general epistle to the Hebrews 13:1-21 to explain the basics of Christian etiquette that is oftentimes lacking within Racial Identity. This special sermon highlights the fourteen steps of living for Christ from the author of Hebrews (likely the apostle Paul) so faithful Israelites can better adjust their attitudes towards pleasing Yahshua "who is the same yesterday, today and forever."
 Examples of Faith (Part #1) (12-17-16 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.76 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.6 mb ) -alt-

Examples of Faith (Part #1) is the first of two sermons dedicated to studying the examples of faithfulness outlined in the eleventh chapter of the epistle to the Hebrews. This Covenant Gathering broadcast defines the word "faith" before detailing specific works of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah from the book of Genesis alongside their precise listing in the "Faith Hall of Fame" found in Hebrews 11.
 Examples of Faith (Part #2) (12-31-16 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.76 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.6 mb ) -alt-

Examples of Faith (Part #2) is the second of two lectures dedicated to reviewing the examples of faithfulness outlined in the eleventh chapter of Paul's epistle to the Hebrews. This Covenant Gathering broadcast defines the word "faith" before detailing the specific works of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, Rehab and the Israelites from Genesis together with their listing in the "Faith Hall of Fame."
 Majesty on High (01-04-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.13 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.3 mb ) -alt-

Majesty on High examines Hebrews 1:1-14 to establish Christ our Redeemer is greater than the Old Testament prophets. Is Hebrews a mystery epistle? This sermon explains the two known scriptural methods Yahweh "speaks unto us by the prophets" and further verifies the author of Hebrews (most likely the apostle Paul) was familiar with specific prophecies fulfilled by Yahshua from Isaiah and the Psalms.
 Order of Melchizedek (01-25-17 / 48 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.00 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 10.8 mb ) -alt-

Order of Melchizedek uses the text of Hebrews 7:1-19, Psalm 110:4 and Genesis 14:18-23 to explain why Yahshua is a high priest forever after this kingly order. Who was Melchizedek? Why did father Abraham give him a tithe for bread and wine? How does the Biblical narrative concerning this "king of Salem" effect Christians today? Was this covenant vital? These answers are provided in this recording.
 A Better Covenant (02-01-17 / 50 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.13 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 11.3 mb ) -alt-

A Better Covenant uses Hebrews 8:1-13 to confirm Paul taught the final contract Yahshua brought was far superior to the Mosaic law. This sermon describes how the Old Testament law is not "done away with" but made perfected in Christ. This lecture in Paul's epistle to the Hebrews explains how we have a "high priest" in Jesus and uses Jeremiah 31:31-34 to confirm the apostle taught the prophets.
 Secrets of Answered Prayer (03-08-17 / 28 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.76 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 6.39 mb ) -alt-

Secrets of Answered Prayer looks at four ways the faithful can increase their chances of Yahweh pouring out His blessings in their personal lives. Does our Father answer every prayer? Is He bound to forgive sinners? This sermon highlights several New Testament commandments all concerning prayer and its necessity to Israelites today proving oftentimes it's our "asking amiss" that causes unanswered prayer.
 Dealing with Sin (04-16-17 / 30 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.89 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 6.84 mb ) -alt-

Dealing with Sin provides the Biblical definition of "sin" and proves Christ taught Yahweh's Law is in effect before Pastor Visser equips listeners with ten New Testament verses regarding repentance. Are we "once saved always saved?" How do we walk in the Holy Spirit? This short homily will help the lost sheep of the house of Israel take steps to ensure forgiveness and be able to "go and sin no more (John 8:11)."
 Word Power (04-26-17 / 60 Min.)

[ WMA ] (3.78 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 13.7 mb ) -alt-

Word Power is a distinctive sermon because it allows Pastor Visser to discuss his ministerial past in light of president Trump's recent support for the state of Israel before looking at the strength of words that we speak. This upbeat Covenant Gathering episode looks at numerous Bible verses from both Testaments all proving the importance of Yahweh's "Word" in overcoming the eventual battle of Armageddon.

Pauline Epistles:
( Series Complete )

 A Form of Godliness (03-12-17 / 27 Min.)

[ WMA ] (1.70 mb) [ MP3 ] ( 6.17 mb ) -alt-

A Form of Godliness looks at Paul's second letter to Timothy 3:1-8 to explain several characteristics of "end time" Christians that deny the authentic power of Yahweh. Will Jesus return to this earth? How does God's Law fit into our latter-day apostasy? The apostle Paul provides a list of behaviors that aid the faithful in spotting false prophets with "despisers of those that are good" being towards the very top.
 The Miracles of Paul (05-24-17 / 59 Min.)

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The Miracles of Paul scrutinizes nearly every wonder this apostle does from the book of ACTS while attempting to prove several lesser-known facts about Paul from his own letters. An education on Saul and his conversion! This sermon confirms Paul was made an apostle by Christ Himself, accepted by the remaining disciples and taught three specific Old Testament Laws that other epistle writers avoided.
 Respect of Persons (09-16-20 / 64 Min.)

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Respect of Persons proves from scripture that our Creator Yahweh does not play favorites unlike mankind. What does this statement mean to the faithful when we're also taught "God is love?" What does Peter's vision on the rooftop represent to our Saxon race today? Is all food now fit to eat? This lengthy investigation into the Pauline Epistles confirms the impartiality of God while explaining another aspect of the Israelite people's future destiny.
 Overseers of Truth (09-23-20 / 63 Min.)

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Overseers of Truth confirms the validity of the Pauline epistles by comparing the New Testament apostle's teachings on Christian warfare to the Gospels and letters of Peter. Should faithful Saxons vote for men over them? This continuation of the previous week's sermon "Respect of Persons" defines Truth from the Bible to further explain the duty of every Saint is to struggle FOR the preserved Word and not resist its clear-cut commandments.
 Ambassadors of Christ (09-30-20 / 58 Min.)

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Ambassadors of Christ continues to celebrate the Apostle Paul by showcasing his New Testament teachings regarding Christian duty under a tyrannical government of mortal man. Technically the final part of three exposing "Paul bashers" as this educated former Pharisee taught extensively (and from prior experience) on the traps of legalism in both Christianity and politics. Praise the remnant that war for a future under Yahweh's reign!
 Can Paul Be Trusted? (06-16-21 / 178 Min.)

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Can Paul Be Trusted? explains several reasons Emmanuel chose Paul to be an Ambassador to the gentiles and details his conversion from Saul the Pharisee to the most vilified of all Christian Apostles. Why has Paul been so controversial throughout history? In this lengthy Wednesday Night Bible study Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH use the writings of Peter, James and Luke to verify Paul was an accepted apostle and look deeper at his miracles.
 Preach the Word (07-07-21 / 187 Min.)

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Preach the Word is the continuation of our previous Wednesday Night Bible Study "Yahweh's Eternal Law" but with more emphasis on the New Testament. Is there a time when the prophets are silent? What does preach the Word "in season and out of season" mean? Who is the Living Word? In this extended sermon Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH attempt to answer these questions and discuss upcoming lecture topics (open for public debate).

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