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hello again dear kinfolk and thank you for joining me my name is pastor Visser and today we're going to be looking at the story of Susannah that is in about 14 minutes when we go live here on euro folk radio calm well before we actually get to that apocryphal story of Susannah I'd like to take a look at parallel Bibles this is my first parallel Bible it is a King James and an authorized version combined and the beauty of these types of books especially if you're new to this seei message is that you're actually able to read along in the King James Version and if you have any questions you simply skip over to the amplified text and it will clarify particular statements this one is a King James authorized with a King James amplified and this one was given to me in December of 1996 so it's about 20 years old when I use this Bible quite a bit actually so you can see there's plenty of notes within it plenty of highlights and so forth there's even a lot of pictures but I definitely suggest that you get a parallel Bible if you're not able to because they surely help you with in your studies and they give you deeper meaning into the etymology of particular words another one that is made is this particular comparative study Bible this features the New International Version the authorized King James Version the new American Standard and be amplified text of the King James and unlike many other parallel Bibles this one actually is to complete old and new testaments combined and therefore you look at it it has on each page the text for that particular chapter or set of passages and then it continues to show you in each particular narrative now these types of Bibles are extremely handy if you're new to Christian identity or if you're designing study notes because oftentimes one particular translation will say what another wilmot and if you're assembling study notes that can be extremely beneficial to you now most for translation parallel bibles are the New Testament only and you can see why because the entire Bible with four translations it's quite exhaustive so this one is a for translation New Testament featuring the King James the new American Standard the Williams New Testament Bible which I've never used and also Beck's New Testament of the language of today and there's a lot of modern translations admittedly good news Bible NIV and every time it seems man comes in and attempts to actually make the Bible easier to read they usually end up making it more complex and in fact we're going to be looking at some of that today in the story of Susannah possibly time allowing comparing it to the book of Esther that is considered canon and the differences between those two stories so this has four translations but it is only a New Testament but it is a parallel Bible nonetheless another one that's interesting is this one I don't use it that much but it's a layman's parallel New Testament it features all the introductions for each Bible when it features like always the King James but it has the amplified King James the living New Testament and the RSV version of the Bible and so as you can see basically the possibilities are endless when it comes to these types of books and the reason that they are important I because every translation definitely buries most oftentimes according to the whims and the the world view of the transliterators so you could basically in any amplified or parallel bible lookup well-known passages and that's what we're about to do in this particular bible we're going to look at Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 which is a well known verse but for example the King James says Yahweh speaking I will put enmity between thee and the woman between thy seed and her seed and it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel now that's well known that's authorized and that is the King James Version but the amplified King James renders that same verses and I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring he will bruise and tread your head under beat and you will lie in wait to bruise his heel and so you can see because that particular passage is amplified they add much more meaning to it therefore if you were a pastor and looking for a particular passage dealing with offspring or progeny of the devil will the amplified King James excels the authorized version and so we can do that with basically any of these New Testament Bibles let's take Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 that's a well-known Bible verse it proves that Jesus Christ is a white man so turn with me to the first chapter of Revelation if you have a Bible and we'll look at it in the King James Version Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 says King James his head and his hairs were white like wool as white as snow and his eyes were a flame of fire now that's an imperative verse because it actually proves not only was the hair of Yahshua transfigured and or white in st. John's divine or st. John the Divine vision but his head also was white that is Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 how does the new American Standard render that same verse we read as such his head and his hairs were white like white wool like snow and his eyes were a flame of fire therefore in this particular instance the new American Bible actually gives an extra reference to the terminology of white therefore if you are assembling study notes that's imperative and that can be very helpful the Williams translation puts it as his head and his hair were as white as white wool as white as snow and his eyes were coals of fire whereas the Beck translation puts it as dust his head and his hair were white like white wool like snow his eyes and flames were like fire and so if you don't possess a particular pair allel Bible you can find one probably with any translation of the Bible that you have or desire and I definitely suggest that you obtain one especially the King James amplified and there's so many reasons for that of course today we're going to be looking at God's law when it deals with a harlot a prostitute and also we're going to be looking at the Bible's teachings on virtue and a virtuous woman and the reason for that is extremely apparent in today's society because part of what we're going to be looking at today in the book of Susanna story it is apocryphal but it deals with vindication justification basically putting all of your faith on your way God knowing that God will deliver and that's exactly what Suzanna did now that's a far parallel in a difference compared to the works of Esther who had a one-night stand with the king and in fact within dual feed line Christian identity very few preachers will ever quote the book of Esther and more of us are more prone to quote the story of Susanna from the Apocrypha and for good reason because Susannah had virtue whereas Esther did not and I believe in about 19 years of preaching I've quoted the book of Esther one time and that's not to say that I'm afraid of the text in fact I truly enjoy a challenge so someday I may cover s-sir but for the most part Esther shouldn't be considered canon whereas the story of Susanna should be now it was taken out of Canon because they believed at least at the Council of Nicaea that it didn't establish any doctrine but you will see from today's lecture that that most assuredly is not the case in fact the story of Susanna confirms biblical doctrine and not only that proves that if we do what is right yahweh god will truly deliver us and so i will be reading again like usual from the Goodspeed translation of the Apocrypha and also from a King James Version of the Bible and therefore if you have your Bibles definitely get it ready we will be going live on euro folk radio in about 4 minutes now from our angle we actually do have a chat and there's no questions or any interactivity so it may be something different that you see on YouTube but if any questions do pop up in the group chat I'll be more than happy to answer them towards the conclusion of today's lecture and before we actually get to today's lecture I'd like to thank Michael Carl Farren John my good friend archetype Jack with the tea the patreon network and our new moderators ah PL he's a great moderator he came with a strong arm and he's definitely helped clean up our forms at covenant people's ministry org and so if you desire fellowship feel free to by covenant people's ministry org and sign up for an account there now as you heard me say here in about three minutes we're gonna go live we're gonna broadcast through your own folk radio and we're gonna be looking at this great apocryphal story from Susannah and I'll be proving from the authorized King James many of the laws that are pertinent to this story another thing I want you to consider if you haven't already is if you're able to obtain a copy of the Goodspeed translation of the Apocrypha it's basically from the Syriac version and only two versions exist and so for tonight's study it's more than sufficient and I definitely hope that by looking at some of these comparative study Bibles you know I've at least helped you understand another form of study many people say that the words that are found within the King James Version are a little bit too cryptic and therefore well if you desire a modern translation my advice is go for it because at the end of the day any translation is better than none and some people will come in and say well the NIV it's a homosexual Bible it's from Milwaukee Foundation maybe so but at the end of the day would you rather people not read the Bible or read the NIV and therefore you should be able to see many of these have different words and different translations and different meanings I'm looking for my copy of the lost chapter of Acts it was here earlier but that also is something that we're considering doing here on this very venue is looking at the so called lost chapter of Acts which proves that Paul went to Rome and that's important to understand because the papacy usually says well Peter is the first pope but our Bible doesn't say Peter went to Babylon or to Rome it actually says he went to Babylon and this terminology Babylon extremely important because today what we're going to be looking at took place in ancient Babylon however you will see these types of behaviors on both sides on the part of Susanna and the part of the elders still exist today in 2017 and what we know as rebuild Babylon and so nonetheless here in a moment we're going to be going live so bear with me as I play a one-minute opening to today's lecture and at the 30 minute mark I'll play a middle and towards the conclusion when we close the show if I'm able to read your questions I'll be more than happy to answer them it is 7 o'clock now [Music] [Music] thank you for joining us for the covenant gatherings here on euro folk radio calm our hostess catastrophe sir from the cabinet people's ministry org we hope that you are inspired to grow in faith and wisdom by studying the scriptures with us just written gather the people sanctified the congregation assemble the elders and gather the children so let us gather together for this Bible study hour with our host pastor Visser on the euro folk radio network hello again my Yorkin spoken thank you for joining me my name is pastor Visser and I am from the covenant peoples ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia in the heart of the dirty south joining you once again 7 o'clock Eastern Standard Time on July 8th 2017 for an all new covenant gathering radio broadcast today like usual we have the distinction of not only streaming live through euro folk radio to my friends in London England and all around the world but also live streaming through Google Hangouts and YouTube today we're going to be looking at the apocryphal story of Susannah and the reason I felt compelled to look at this particular narrative as it appears within the Goodspeed Apocrypha is because we have within our scripture a book known as Esther and it is considered canon but ironically just like with the book of belem the dragon the prayer of the three children the story of Susannah was chopped out of Canon because many people felt that it didn't teach any doctrine but you will see from today's lecture as we go through this narrative that it confirms the will of God the law of God and also proves that if we will do it Yahweh's way we will always be victorious now perhaps you remember about three days ago we looked at the story of belem the dragon and in that particular story the king Sirius the Persian comes in and he tells Daniel you need to bow to bail you need to bow to our national idol and Daniel refused to do so he basically said no I have no king but Yahshua and this particular act on the part of Daniel being virtuous landed him in hot water with the king and most assuredly with many of the bail priests who instantly came in and said you know what we desire Daniel to be dead so today when we look at Susannah I want you to keep in the back of your mind the similarities between these two stories because while the story Abell and the dragon tells the victory of daniel being a mighty warrior and not only that being one with yahweh so also does the story of susanna and what isn't said within these particular narratives is oftentimes organized religion and the governments of men will abuse god's men women and children and that most assuredly was the case in dealing with Susanna and so like last time the story of Susanna was not found in the text of Daniel itself even in the very first 1611 King James Version it was considered chapter 13 so it appeared it - back and that's unfair because Daniel in this story is actually a youth unlike Belle and the dragon therefore it should technically appear at the beginning of our authorized codified and canonized books of Daniel you will see today that is the case a few things need to be established before we actually look at this book number one we already covered it it is chapter 13 in the Book of Daniel and the first edition King James number two it was axed or chopped out of Canon because they believed that it didn't instill or teach any doctrine but I asked you what doctrine or belief system does the book of Esther and still when she goes and has a one-night stand with the king the exact opposite of what we're going to be looking at today with virtuous Susanna and the third point is this this takes place in ancient Babylon but yet we know that Babylon will be rebuilt in in many ways we find ourselves in rebuilt Babylon today and so just as many of our men will feel the pressure from their peers and from the world in general to bow to a graven image like the serpent or Bale as Daniel did so also well many of our women deal with what Susie in a day that's what makes this story of Susannah so important especially to the women that might be within our audience and so with that groundwork being laid and without further ado let's dive into the story of Susannah to prove and confirm how identical it is to today's society but what would you do if you were a man in Daniels place as we covered three days ago and what would you do if you were a woman in Susanna's place now I venture to say before we even look at this book that ninety-eight percent of the women listening to this have dealt with what Susannah will deal with in this bear with me this will make sense verse one in the story of Susannah it's only one chapter and it's about 64 verses in total there once lived in Babylon that is ancient Babylon a man named Joakim he married a white named Susannah the daughter of Hilkiah a very beautiful and pious woman so right at the beginning of this particular apocryphal book it is established that Susannah was married Susannah had virtue and Susannah would have been ancient Babylon three keys that are extremely important when looking at God's law now the Bible is replete with examples many of houla and many a virtuous woman so what do you choose that is if you are of the female gender in life when you are blackmailed when they come in and they attempt to persecute you are more commonly bear false witness if you don't sin well let's look at the law we know that the story of Susannah was mentioned by Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice when dealing with Portia now that's another story for another day but many people consider The Merchant of Venice or at least Portia within that particulars experience story to be the second Susana because she also withstood stood firm on the law of God knowing that even if she was put to death she would overcome and ultimately be victorious so the first place I would like to look in dealing with the law on harlotry and virtue is here in the Book of Leviticus chapter 19 where we read in verse 29 commandment of Yahweh God do not prostitute my daughter to cause her to be a whore lest the land fall to whoredom and the land become filled with wickedness now in many ways I know I'm preaching to the choir but really am I because we live in a society where a whore is accelerated looked up to as something great so much so in today's society that I'd venture to say a majority of women wonder if there is any reward in having virtue if you turn on the television what do you see but a bunch of dirty sluts going on and on basically they're no more than prostitutes and God's law forbids this now you would think for a moment but no rightful person is really within the right mind would want to raise their daughter to be a whore but what do we have today where many men do just that and so there is a law do not prostitute my daughters because if you cause her to be a whore common sense dictates that the entire land will be filled with whoredoms and so it is in today's rebuilt Babylon later towards the conclusion we're going to look at the Whore of Babylon the significance and how it ties in to the story of Susanna therefore we have proved one time already that God's law forbids our daughters from being a whore the next place I would like to look is in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy many people consider this to be case law but in the a third chapter the bird the 18th verse we learned there shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel nor a sodomite amongst the sons of Israel to straight board commandment god forbids our daughters from being whores or prostitutes and our men from being homosexuals or male prostitutes but in ancient Canaan and in the land of Canaan our ancient forefathers had a problem with this then like now and they most assuredly did at the times of Babylon as you will see from the story of Susanna today continue reading verse 18 in Deuteronomy chapter 23 though shall not bring the hire of a horn or the price of a dog into the house of Yahweh for any doubt why for both of these are an abomination unto Yahweh now we don't have time today but this was confirmed in verse 17 whore sodomite but the terms reappear whore what price of a dog so there's much etymology in this word dog because this is technically where we derive well I shouldn't even say it but if you study it out and you look there's a reason why male homosexuals are always called dogs Karen adventure why that would be but back then like now there were Bale priests we dealt with that and Balaam the dragon correct they would come in they would say their Idol has breath and it was a profitable position for them to be in they were able to feed their children their wives and so we have that today and they come in and they say well it doesn't matter how you live and they instill whoredoms and sodomy or a faggotry on our sons and daughters in your modern judeo-christian church for two times for double witness we have confirmed from the Mosaic law that whoredoms are forbidden so now let's return to the story of Susanna she was beautiful and a pious woman now we learn in Scripture that Goliath disdain David why because he was buddy youth ruddy and other fair countenance earlier in the pre-show I went to Revelation chapter 1 verse 14 where we learned that head and hairs of Christ or white as wool and so what we learn is just like usual most of our Adamic and Israelite women are very beautiful to behold and as such many of the non covenant people desire them and they will come in and attempt to guilt them and say hey well if you don't be with me or lie with me I'll call you racist I'll go out and bear false witness in high school until everyone in class that you are or if you don't play the whore that's the predicament that Susanna is gonna find herself in now that's a predicament that a majority of our beautiful white women deal with probably from the cradle into the grave but what I want you to focus on is that this like in the story of Bella and the dragon was at the hands of what would have been considered organized religion bale priests or false prophets continuing to read her parents were upright people and instructed their daughter and the law of Moses Joakim was very rich and he had a fine gardener joining his house and the Jews used to come and visit him because he was the most distinguished in the land of Judea therefore it is established well this was in Babylon or during the reign of Babylon Susanna was raised up in these very laws that I took you to Deuteronomy 23 verse 18 no higher of a hardly know daughter being a prostitute and no daughter being profaned because the land will slip into whoredoms then many people go to bed with the Whore of Babylon and will prove that today but Suzanna knew the wall god now the law itself right should be sufficient but what do you do in the case where the hand of every matter must be established by two witnesses and you have two false witnesses or sons of Belial children of the liar come in and lie now that would seem like there's a loophole and that you could be put to death wrongfully but the story of Suzanna proves that virtue will always deliver in the end continuing on that year two of the elders of the people were appointed judges men of the kind of home Yahweh said lawlessness came forth from Babylon from elders who were judges who were supposed to guide the people so in ancient Babylon the priests were supposed to guide the people but they wouldn't they would fill and line their pockets with much food like they did in Belem the dragon or if they would blackmail and use their positions of authority against the people don't believe me well malachi teaches on this many of these babylonian prophets like ezra and nehemiah post exile had no problem coming in and saying well the israelites winning they played the whore or the sodomite with temple prostitutes not in the house of yahweh but in the house of bale so is that any different than today let's continue reading these men constantly came to Joachim's house and all who had cases to be decided came to him there and it happened that when the people left at noonday Susanna would go into her husband's garden and walk about so these two elders saw her every day as she went in walked about and they conceived within their heart passion for her I really want to digress on this teaching heart Christ clearly says out of the mouth proceeds within the hearts of men Christ also has no problem telling you that if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her to quote unquote desire or conceive passion within their heart meaning mind that is sin proving that sin begins in the thought not the act and this is extremely important to understand because many people come to this message and they promote antinomianism they say you can do whatever you want you can think however you want but these are two appointed elders voted in and they were supposed to guide the people but they didn't and all those that had cases would come to Joachim's house they would hear them there much in the manner of Solomon and so Susanna having no Affairs within her husband's business or at least being a king would go into the garden at noonday day after day these two elders saw that they ultimately started casing her out a noticing that she went about the same time every day and because she was beautiful and many men desired Susanna they conceived thought which began this in and this is the end result of what happens so their thoughts were perverted and they turned away their eyes so as not to look up to heaven and to not consider giving justice now consider this for a moment we live in a society today where if we have a beef with a fellow Israelite we go to the courts of men and nine times out of ten as we've proven according to the mouth of Christ himself we are judged according to how we look but God judges according to the hearts the intense and the thoughts of men okay so Susana will be victorious but after much persecution and not after every possibility for Susana to fall just as Daniel enough that is in the world but if we don't we will overcome we will be victorious as Daniel was right countless times so their eyes because they lusted they couldn't give proper judgment anymore the thought not the act that had commenced yet therefore again sin commits here once the thought happens then nine times out of ten men will entertain that notion at this stage it is a thought let's continue reading they were both smitten with her but they could not disclose their pain to one another for they were ashamed to reveal their passion for they desired to have sexual relations with Susana and they watched jealously every day for a sight of her and they said to one another now we're gonna look at what they say but both of them desired to have relations with a married woman and what did they do when they're not able to obtain that for example Susannah had virtue much virtue so much that she refuses their advances but I want you to pay close attention to what they do when she does the right thing so they don't disclose it and they say to one another let us this is the to bunk elders let us go home for it is dinner time so they went out of the garden and parted from one another and they turned back and encountered one another again and they crossed question one another as to their explanation and both admitted to one another their passion for Susana then they agreed together upon a time when they would be able to find her alone now we're dealing with serious subject matter you can see that once they conceived thought the next thing is now they're premeditating right forcible rape and blackmail on one of the most virtuous one of the most beautiful women at least according to this text to be found in ancient Babylon let's continue reading now it happened as they were watching for an opportunity that she went out one day as usual with no one but her two maids and she wished to bathe in the garden as it was very hot and there was no one there except for the two elders that had hidden themselves and were watching her when she said unto her maids notice they were hiding they were lying in wait which is a trait of the snake right the snake lies in wait coils up and will attack let's go back to the King James Version of the Bible I want to prove a few points that you may have not considered so far turn with me to the Book of Psalms the 41st Psalm verse 12 we learned by this I know that thou favors me because my enemy does not triumph over me will Susanna's enemy triumph over her and will she be delivered because she's married to the king or a great judge well time will show continue reading though as for me thou upholds me and mine integrity and you set me before thy face forever what is David saying here in the 41st ohm that if we have integrity a polite way of saying virtue God will deliver but that doesn't mean that every one of us male or female alike doesn't have the ability to fall at any point and when that pressure comes in and it's made compounded when men come in and they say you know what if you don't lie with us we're gonna go out and say you're the biggest whore that exists do you fall or do you stand firm upon the rock that is Yahshua Christ well Susanna does not she stands firm on the established doctrine that her parents taught her the Levitical Mosaic law consider another statement it's found in Proverbs however chapter 12 where we learn in verse 4 a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband but she that makes ashamed is that's rottenness in his bones not her bones a hoard dishonours her husband now in the case of Susanna and her husband Joakim who are the crown on earth that would have been Joakim and Babylon but in the kingdom who is the crown of righteousness to the king a wife we just confirmed that and we're gonna look at some of this more as we go into it but a virtuous wife is truly a gift of God and their price is so far above rubies they're so rare and hard to be found and that is why I find it so ironic that while Susanna was chopped out of Canon because it tells the story of a virtuous woman refusing to commit fornication and adultery with these elders of Israel she is victorious while the book of Esther is in Canon which basically teaches us we can go out and be a whore and everything will be given you you'll become a queen right and so as we go through this you should be able to see how many of these particular books were purposely cut out of what we know as Canon because it's much easier and more profitable to the enemies of Christendom to have your daughters go out be a whore that's common sense so remember that as we continue reading here in the Apocrypha so she said unto her maids unbeknownst that these two elders were watching her bathe in her husband's garden she says bring me olive oil and soap and close the doors of the garden so that I can bay and they did as she told them and shut the doors of the garden and went out to the side doors to bring what they had been ordered to bring and they didn't see the elders because they like all children of Belial working and when the maids went out the two elders got up and ran to her now pay close attention to what they say the text already confirms that they have passion for her they desired Susana and they were conspiring within their mind to attempt rape okay that's what's in their heart and the Senate already commenced but what did they say - Susanna they run to her and they say here the doors of the garden are shut and no one can see us we both are in love with you so give your consent and lie with us if you do not we will testify against you that there was another young man here with you and that is the reason why you dismissed your mates number one these men those two men at one time run - Susanna in the privacy of her own living room for lack of a better term and they say we love you but did they love Susanna no they lusted after her they wanted to defile her like so many people do in the clergy out there with in judeo-christian yo but it doesn't stop men from coming in and telling women hey I want you to what in the hopes that that woman will lie with them point number one number two is this they both say that if you don't have this menage a 12 with both of us will go out and say that you're committing adultery and fornicating and adulterating your very marriage bed and you had another young man here if you don't know I asked you how many women or children or young teenage girls that go to public school put in the same exact situation where a man will come and say you know what I love you in the hopes that they can have some physical gratification through the act of defiling the very woman and when they don't obtain what it is that they desire being physical gratitude then they say or threatened you like they do in this case we're going to go out and bear false witness and say you're a whore anyway how many of our women have dealt with this now as a and we could probably never even fathom how many times but I want you to consider this in light when you're at work and your wife is in the world do you not think for a moment these non-israelite Nations and oftentimes even white men in positions of authority are going to abuse that position of authority and come and say number one we love you why number two if you don't lie with us we'll bear false witness and say you're a whore anyway now what a situation and when a woman is faced with that she has two options she can go and give in to the pressures of the world lie with them be cursed by Yahweh God because we confirm today that a harlot is an abomination right to make it easier to go along to get along or she can stand firm as Daniel did in life and in spite of the fact that there may be a potential death sentence placed upon her head would you rather die to maintain your virtue or would you rather play the harlot to prolong your life and what life would you have if you do that in the first place so they come to Susanna they lie to her and they say hey we love you lie with us both and if you don't we will go and tell your father that you committed adultery that's punishable by the Mosaic law of death so here we have two elders voting for an appointed by the people themselves coming in and saying if you don't give us the desires of our heart we will tell you that's what the bail priests and that's what the King Sirius said to Daniel and the book of belem the dragon so they say that now here in a moment we're going to take a break I want you to stay tuned because we'll be back with the conclusion of today's book and many more points for you to consider I'll be back in one minute thank you for listening to the Covenant gathering with our host pastor Visser broadcasting live on your own folk radio if you have been led of the Spirit to hear more of these Bible study messages and be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at the cp/m cox dockets box to tide stick 1st Georgia 30 0 to 0-5 you can also visit us on the web at 7 8 peoples ministry where you will find direct access to our extensive selection of audio sermons and Christian publications and thank you for listening to that short message and for rejoining me here on euro folk and on YouTube livestream the date is July 5th the day after the fourth of July it is a Wednesday the time is now 731 on the East Coast that makes it about 12:30 in the midnight hour for my friends in London England and before the break we were looking at the Apocrypha and its story of Susannah and we left off with basically two appointed elders coming in bearing false witness against this beautiful wife of the king at the time and they say number one we love you so lie with both of us number two if you do not will go out and tell the world that you're a whore anyway now number one I'd like to point out that had Susannah went the way of the world and played the harlot they would have went out called her whore in the first place so in a situation like this you're better off saying I'd rather die than relinquish my virtue okay here's something I want you to consider from the James version of the Bible before we pick it back up and what we know as cannon it's found in the Book of Proverbs but the 19th chapter because we learn in verse 14 houses and riches are an inheritance of father's but a prudent meaning a virtuous wife one who is wife is of Yahweh though right there many people wonder what is a blessing well a virtuous wife is a blessing from Yahweh God now let's get back to our story these two elders come to Susanna they tell her if you don't lie with us if you don't have sex with us we're gonna say that you did anyway we're gonna get you in hot water with the people with your husband and we're ultimately going to get you to put to death and therefore these elders are saying but if you don't do this you're guilty of breaking our lung and Susanna groaned and said I'm in a tight place for if I do this it means my death but if I refuse I cannot escape your hands I'd rather not do it and fall into your hands then commit sin and Yahweh site what virtue right what virtue is that to come in and say you know what I would rather die than play the whore in Babylon of all places now today in rebuilt Babylon a majority of women played the whore by default anyway and I'm not even talking a prostitute there's two forms of harlotry in the Bible one is spiritual and one is literal we dealt with the law today on literal harlotry temple prostitutes and temple sodomites but so also is there a spiritual harlotry Susanna said I'm in the tight place she admits it because if I do this I will die but I would rather die at your hands then be cast out of the kingdom then Susanna gave a loud scream and the two elders shouted against her and one of them ran and opened the garden doors and when the people in the house heard the shouting in the garden they rushed room aside doors to see what had happened to her and when the elders told their story her slaves were deeply humiliated for such a thing had never been set about Susana what can we learn from that that often times if a woman is virtuous that doesn't stop the world from coming in and bearing false witness and saying she's a whore continue reading the next day when the people came together to her husband Joakim the two elders also came followed their wicked design to put Susana to death and they say before all the people now this is a very serious thing and I want you to really put this into context because within Christian identity many of us have a blind faith and our teachers and our leaders and oftentimes we can come become blinded from doing what is right because of loyalty now Susana already understood but why did she understand that who made Susana this virtuous woman and what was it that she leaned back upon to actually say I would rather die than sin in the eyes of Yahweh - these two preachers who were supposed to be teaching the word of Yahweh now I want you to consider this because many ways we deal with the papacy and the papacy comes in and they teach what is not found within the Bible well the Bible says that one of the prerequisites of being a preacher is that a man must be married to one wife and rule his house in subjection this an apostate an imposter church will come in and say well you're gonna take a vow of celibacy then we're gonna let you around choirboys what what do you think's gonna happen okay exactly what does happen because it's not scriptural because it's a wicked design and both of these elders had a wicked design within their mind and evil thought an evil inclination which is where the sin started now Susana is in a tight place she not she did nothing wrong she only had virtue she was only faithful to her husband but it didn't stop to appointed elders in the position of authority to go into the court to tell the berry King her husband that she was a whore so this is what they say before the people send for Susanna the daughter of Hell Kea Joachim's wife and they did so and Susanna came with her parents and her children and all her relatives now cisu Susanna was accustomed to luxury because she was very beautiful and the law breakers ordered her to be unveiled for she was wearing a veil so that they might have their felt of her beauty but whose beauty was that Joachim's it wasn't for the world to see now you should already without me saying very much be able to see the correlations and the similarities between rebelled Babylon and ancient Babylon of old where the priests would come in and abuse their position right out of the lusts of their own heart and they couldn't render righteous judgment Jochum could daniel could but these elders couldn't why because their minds were clouded with sinful thoughts but here they come they bring Susanna they say lift her veil the equivalent of shaming her publicly and the only reason they desired to do it was because they would rather have one glass glance one last look at Susanna's beauty even though it meant her death if it fulfilled their need and that's the point I want you to understand oftentimes men will abuse the clergy will abuse the Word of God and we see this over and over how many payouts have there been for choir children and abused young boys and young girls from the papacy and even from Protestantism because of the same analogy because of what's being taught right here so and the people who saw this stood and wept and the two others stood up in the midst of the people and laid their hands on her head and she wept and looked up to heaven for trusted solely in your way understand this point when the world comes in against you when the world lies and they attack you with straw man or add him to me in italics look up to the heavens and praise Yahweh God because he is the ultimate deliverer now we tend to think that man will justify us we tend to think if we go into a court of man well the truth will always come out because most of us are raised up in America where we watched the television and well every crime is solved right when in reality 98 percent of all crimes never saw so you have to go to Yahweh God he is the only righteous judge so Susana learns this she knew this because she was raised properly and she stands in this court with her own children being shamed her own parents being ashamed as well but she knew that she was right so what happens the elders say as we were walking by ourselves in the garden this woman came in with two mates and she shut the door of the garden and she dismissed her mate and a young man who had been hidden came to her and lie down with her number one who was hidden the two elders number two there was no man there at all so this proves number three that the way of the hypocrite and the false prophet is to come in and attack you and call you exactly what they are they were hiding they were lying in wait so much so that the moment Susanna's maids left the garden they ran up to her and said we love you align with us and if you don't we'll bear false witness so here they are bearing false witness and we were in the corner of the garden their testimony continues and when we saw this wicked action we ran together up to them though we saw that they were together and he was stronger so we could not hold him because he was stronger than both of us he opened the doors and rushed out but we laid hold on this woman and asked her who the young man was and she could not tell us this is both of our testimonies quote-unquote it would seem to be a shut-in clothes case right and it would seem like Susana is going to deal with a death sentence all according to the Mosaic law unlike today where they protect the whore and persecute the virtuous so the rules may be reversed but the analogy still applies and if you're a father or a mother and have daughters I I know that they deal with this mindset because this happens every day in public school this happens at Vacation Bible schools around the land this happens in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts this is our testimony now the Mosaic law says every matter must be established by two witnesses these two witnesses were both elders elected elders meaning it was the will of the people to have these two men these children of wickedness in charge what do they do their testimony is given right here in verse 36 to 41 and they basically accused susana of everything they did what was she truly doing taking a bath in the garden innocent nothing wrong there but the two elders had intent then the assembly believed them as they were the elders of the people our judges and they condemned susana to death but Susana uttered a loud cry again and said eternal God you know what is hidden who know all things before they happen you know that what they have testified against me is false and here I am to die when I have done none of the things that they have so wickedly charged me with would have been easier for susana to lie with them in the eyes of the world that would have been but it wouldn't have saved her right susana herself even said I would rather not do this wicked act and die by your hands to be judged by Yahweh then to sin against the everliving God now the death sentence is pronounced now Susana utters out her cry for the second time and says you know what yes God takes away god it's the righteous judge not these two elders and God knows that both of them bore false witness do you not think for a moment they still do it today because I assure you even with good intentions 80% of police officers still lie in a court today it's just how it is eternal God you know what is hidden this was hidden from the eyes of the people and I assure you the moment these two elders came out because the test says that the people believed him because well after all their elders their priests their preachers probably half of the women and half of the men started coming in and attacking Suzanne as well look at the horn look at the slut but was she she was not and the Lord heard Susanna's cry and as she was being led away to be put to death God stirred up the Holy Spirit of a young man named Daniel a young man as you heard me say this book the thirteenth chapter of Daniel technically should be at the beginning of Daniel because Daniel is a young man but what we see here is a woman who did nothing wrong being led away to be put to death a foreshadowing of yahushua himself and an intercession being made on the part of daniel we learned that yahweh heard the cry of Susanna because she was being wrongfully charged and having bear false witness more against her so god stirred up Daniel no God stirred up other elders no God stirred up the Holy Spirit within Daniel and that's what made Daniel the great king he understood the law the spirit of the law the letter spirit Old Testament deals solely 100% with flesh that's why it's all law that's why it deals with Abrahamic covenant that's why it deals with offspring and progeny the New Testament deals with the spirit 100% perhaps that's a study for another day but the spirit within Daniel was stirred up and I venture to say in today's society 95% of men would cast in there lots to throw stones at Susanna saying she's a whore and a slut based on the false witness of two supposed elders thumb to think about the Lord heard her cry and at the very moment she was being led away to be put to death there was intervention divine intervention through Yahweh ultimately raising up Daniel a young man at this point in the narrative but a man of Valor nonetheless and Daniel loudly shouted I am clear of the blood of this woman and all the people turned to Daniel and said what does this mean that which you have just said and he took a stand in the midst of all of them and said are you such fools you Israelites now before we go on we should establish this this is the ancient land of Babylon but these are the Israelites that were carried away unto Babylon this is why Susanna was beautiful because she was an Israelite like all Israelite men women and children are beautiful but also notice Daniel says I'm not responsible for the blood of this woman I don't want her blood on my head does anybody even have that mindset today in this world not really but at the foot of the cross the Jews clearly cried out his blood be upon us and our children forever so there's a difference between being covered and anointed in the blood of Christ and being responsible for that blood and Daniel didn't want to be responsible for the blood of an innocent Israelite woman being put to death at the hands of two suppose it frees but she was about to until Yahweh God led her up where was joakim in that equation why did it require Daniel because Daniel had the same mindset we covered it and fill in the dragon Daniel knew that God would deliver and even under penalty of death would rather say you know what to you and your king when it's all said and done I'll serve the Living God I'll Sir Gawain because the Lord liveth the Lord takes away when it's all said and done so takes his stand in the midst of them and this is Daniels testimony so we as people can be hoodwinked by the masses right cognitive dissidence the world comes in and says hey 50 million obese fans say he's the king and we believe it but it doesn't make it true and if a million-in-one men come in and say jesus christ is at you and the bible doesn't it's not true so Daniels testimony is this are you such fools you Israelites that you have condemned the daughter of Israel without any examination or ascertaining of the truth question simple you're a willing to rush headlong and put this woman to death to fulfill your own desires you're willing to lift her bail so you can look at her beauty even if it means to death something as you like daughter you think this doesn't happen today society I assure you it does and on a much deeper level than you probably ever desire to know go back to the place of trial Daniel says for these men have borne false witness against her now we and 2017 can actually read this narrative and common sense they're bearing false witness right but that doesn't stop the danger that she finds herself in and we also see that Yahweh God raises up a prophet to deliver like usual so the people hurried back that is to the garden where Susannah was found and the elder said to Daniel come sit among us and inform us for God has given you the right to do so and Daniel said unto them separate them widely from one another and I will examine them why is that important because this is a tactic that is still used by long first enforcement today usually when there are two suspects the first thing police will do when they investigate to separate them out 9 times out of 10 they usually go to one or the other and say your buddy just ratted on you in the hopes to get a confession when it's not true so it's not far removed from reality but Daniel had sense enough to say hey did you cross-examine did you do what the Mosaic law confirms you must do in this instance before you put Susanna to death now Susanna was about to be dead she was about to be stoned as per the Mosaic law so he says separate them that way we can get to the heart of the matter because you'll have two false witnesses working in cahoots that's hard to contend with but if you separate them out it's really easy to pick them off one by one so once they're separated we learn in verse 52 of Susanna story and when the two elders were separated from each other he called one of them and said to him you ancient of wicked days how your sins have overtaken you that you have committed before making unjust decisions condemning the innocent and acquitting the guilty although Yahweh said you shall not put an innocent or in upright man or woman to death so now if you saw this woman tell us under what tree did you see the meat simple question if you saw this act of coitus if you saw them fornicating where then did you see it he answered under a mastic tree pay close attention to what Daniel says his response is we saw them under a mastic tree softwood softwood easy to chop down so Daniel says and Daniel said you have told a fine lie against your own life for already the angel of Yahweh has received the sentence from God and will cut you and to why soft wood mastic tree every own person's mouth condemns them he left he bore false witness he said mastic tree daniel said Yahweh sending an angel to chop or cut you down because a mastic tree is softwood but what does the second false witness sir he had him removed and ordered them to bring in the other false witness and Daniel said unto Him you descended of Canaan and not Judah two terms we've looked at right now wicked of ancient days or ancient of wicked days and also your descendent of Canaan not Judah so what we see here is non Israelites bearing false witness against the Israelites perhaps that's not surprising but what should be is the fact that a majority of the Israelites were willing to go and put an Israelite woman to death and Christ himself clearly said it's not meet to take the children's bread and cast it to dogs meaning the Israelites must be sovereign and homogeneous first before anybody else before any Gentile even so he says you descendent of Canaan and not Judah polite way of saying you're not Judean you're not an Israelite they're a child of the devil from Canaan Beauty has beguiled you and desire has corrupted your heart this is how you've been treating the daughters of Israel and yield it to you through fear many of them but a daughter of Judah would not endure your wickedness what can we learn from that that these elders had done this several times before if not many times before abusing their position of authority and telling women hey if you lie with us well then you'll be safe many of them obviously did according to Daniel not Susanna so the questioning continues daughter of Judah a true Israelite woman from that tribe would not endure your wickedness so tell me under what tree did you catch them embracing each other he said under in live oak tree oak tree hardwood very important to understand because the punishment always fits the crime what does daniel pronounce he says you have told a flying lie against your own life for an angel of God is waiting with this sword to destroy you both and saw you in Thunder saw there is your metaphor within book the mastic is cut or chop down the oak tree is sawed down because it's hard Daniel gives you the key you're told a lie against your own life so if you lie which is a thought you bring it for sin commits in the fuck so he pulls both of them the first one lies and says well it was under this tree the second one says it was under this other tree but both of their testimonies were different they bury meaning they were lying but it didn't stop susana from coming this close to being put to death did it so verse 60 concludes our narratives and the whole company uttered a great shout bless God who saves all those that have Hope within him it Susanna most assuredly did Daniel and the book of belem the dragon most assuredly and did the three children Shadrach Meshach and Abednego when they were thrown in the fiery furnace undoubtably undoubtably so at the end of the day God will say those who have Hope within them but don't have hope within the courts of men don't have Hope within the brief why all men why it's really that simple let's continue reading and they threw themselves they who the Israelite the multitudes threw themselves upon the two elders for Daniel had convicted them out of their own mouth of having borne false witness and treated them as they had wickedly planned to treat their neighbor they obeyed the law of Moses and killed them both his innocent blood was saved that day why because Daniel said clearly he would have been responsible for it and so also will you guilt by association if you sit back and don't do what is right when God calls you to do what is right that said you're responsible for that blood now that may seem like an oversimplification but in America 100 white women are raped at the hands of feral savages every single day many of us who sit back and say well it doesn't affect me what do I care the blood is on your head he'll remember that now to conclude the narrative pick it back up in the final three verses and healthy and his wife praised Yahweh for their daughter Susanna and so did you look on her husband and all her relatives because she had done nothing immodest and from that day onward Daniel had a great reputation and the eyes of the people and thus ends the story of Susanna and you should be able to see how it does appear at the beginning of the Book of Daniel because it explains how Daniel developed such a great reputation that he could become a friend to Nebuchadnezzar even and through his actions could be delivered from the fiery furnace from the lion's den and deliver his three friends as well in that process now in your own free time if you read proverbs chapter 31 beginning in verse 10 to the end of the chapter verse 31 it deals with the virtuous woman and it's so important we don't have time to look at it today but it basically outlines Susanna as we've covered today four characteristics four attributes another thing I want you to consider it's written it's written by wise King Solomon and it ties right to it proverbs 31 verse 10 who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies know rubies are rarer so is a virtuous woman but a virtuous woman is a gift from Yahweh God that means they still exist just like virtuous men but they're hard to find Solomon confirms us in Ecclesiastes chapter 7 verse 28 behold this I have found says the preacher that Solomon counting one by one to find out the account which yet my soul seeks but I find not one man among a thousand I have found and not one single woman Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 20 what is this prove virtuous women do exist but they're extremely rare and therefore these false prophets cast many women down join me again in exactly three four days here on euro folk radio and until then war for Christ church's website which is covenant people's ministries org if you have questions or comments regarding these messages please write to us at CPM post office box to five six Brits Georgia three zero two zero five USA thanks again for joining us for this episode of may God bless you and keep you and be with you always and I would like to thank you guys for actually joining me you know right now I'm actually over on at the covenant peoples website or YouTube channel and for some reason it doesn't look like it's even listed which is ironic and I had a friend told me basically it is listed through Google+ so if it's not listed on YouTube go right ahead the reason I'm bringing that up is because I'm actually looking at the chat box now and on my end I know there's no questions so something's wrong saying there's over twenty-two viewers right now looking at this live stream and on YouTube and in my window both I am NOT able to see any of your questions which is pretty sad actually and so here at the conclusion of the broadcast I would like to thank the men and women who have actually tuned in today for the pre-show and the post show there's so much to discuss that we're definitely going to continue on in this vein as you can see the set is cleaned up again even more so and that's the most exciting thing about this on May first Google which is owned by YouTube and AOL Time Warner or some one conglomerate bought out talk show and if you go to talk show comm today what's interesting is it's basically a shadow of what it was so talk to you sent out an email about three months ago basically saying they were going to be bought out by the Edomite the many people even took that may ran out and said Oh Christian identity is being attacked whose false witness just like we covered today in the Apocrypha they were lying no we weren't being singled out and perhaps I was one of the few men out there basically saying that talk suits not going to start in Grove just a leading accounts but now two months later I can tell you talk soup will build exactly what I assumed they would and that is by pushing particular shows down in short what I'm getting to is the main bead and most of the audio is hardly even listen to anymore so audio shows are are unfortunately a thing of the past and it seems like the new future of broadcasting is this of course that's a double-edged sword we can reach more people because the eyes are the mirror of the soul right but so also does the enemy come in and they keep tabs on things one of the biggest questions I've ever asked is how come the anti-defamation league in the Southern Poverty Law Center don't write smear pieces on me the short answer for that is because I don't commit crime if you don't commit crime and you don't give your enemy nothing that they can use against you they have nothing to say but that doesn't stop them like we covered today from coming in and focusing on the weak and so they find lunatics oftentimes they find bank robbers they find crackheads when they lift that up as somewhat Christian identity when it isn't but my point is this is actually the future of live-streaming and God casting videos so if you definitely enjoy this feel free to support this ministry unfortunately in today's broadcast I wasn't able to cover certain parts so I will cover them now more food for thought that I would like you to consider now that that particular broadcast is concluded I want you to consider a statement as its found in the fourth chapter of Philippians where we learn in verse 8 Paul speaking finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just pure lovely and of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think meaning meditate on these things virtue is important in today's society because so few of us have any form of virtue and we could split hairs and call a woman a whore right but men are pretty much more adulterous and women overall but what we learned today is that God respects virtue and not only that that oftentimes man will come in and bear false witness and you have all these opportunities to fall and at any point if you do fall you're an abomination in the eyes of God oftentimes that's the hardest thing to do to stand in the face of persecution to an adversary and say I will not fall I will not bend to your God which of your false rules or to your organized religion consider another statement and second Peter chapter 1 but verse 5 Paul says besides this giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge that's an interesting statement because it proves that you must have birch you to add knowledge to it therefore if a woman goes out and plays a whore or a man then the whole land is filled with harlotries and abominable things we live in a society today where they look up to prostitutes hookers and if they're not physical ly that then they are usually spiritually that and that perhaps is probably the most important thing that I didn't get to say in today's broadcast Belle and the dragon the prayer of the three children and the story of Susannah all transpired in what was known as ancient Babylon and as you heard me say at the beginning many of those Israelites and Adam i'ts Gentiles by extension in ancient Babylon that were carried away by Nebuchadnezzar they would go into temples and they would have homosexuals playing a dog or doggy they would have women being hookers and many men would go they would pay that money and they would call it religion they would call it Christianity at least pre Christianity but it wasn't now we know that ancient Babylon was destroyed but so also will it be rebuilt the third and final time therefore turn with me to Revelation chapter 17 this is something I want you to consider now we're gonna go one other place beginning in verse three she carried him eat me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured Beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten crowns and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup with in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication number one what is a harlot but an abomination number two what is in the Whore of Babylon is Cup but fornication and filthiness number three consider verse five upon her forehead was a name written Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the Saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her John says he wondered with great admiration now that is a spiritual or a Babylon and a majority of the world at that point in history right before the second Advent will be in bed with her or drunken on the line of her fornication but that is an Old Testament concept and it is a promise that Yahweh God makes within his word don't believe me consider a statement in Isaiah chapter 5 turn 57 actually excuse me Isaiah chapter 57 verse 6 among the spoons the smooth stones of the stream is Israel's portion they mothae lot even to them hostile poured out a drink authoring thou has offered a meat offering should i yahweh speaking receive any comfort in these pay close attention verse 7 upon a lofty and a high mountain thou hast set by bed even thither they'll when a stop to offer a sacrifice unto foreign gods behind the doors also in the posts as they'll set up in your remembrance for thou has discovered myself to another then to me and art gone up the hast enlarged thy bed and the house made a covenant with them who the baleen now loves their bed when you saw it and so my advice to your friends is we live in a society where the love of many is truly waxing cold because iniquity about the greatest way of doing that is basically saying I don't care what happens to my racial kin schmuck as long as I have a widescreen television as long as I have a job there's probably no greater form of selfishness than that than having no concern whatsoever no empathy and/or sympathy even for your own like men women and children we saw that from today the elders came in and they bore false witness on Susanna but the majority said hey she's a whore why well two witnesses said it didn't make it so at the end of the day so let God be true and every man be alive and if I taught you anything from this venue let it be that let it be that there are virtuous men and women there far above rubies they're just as hard to find but they do exist and so as you heard me mention because we didn't have time the 31st Psalm deals with the virtuous woman and let's skip over it very quickly it requires basically a full hour study but turn to proverbs 31 these are not the words of David nor Solomon but the king of the mother of King Lamech few people know that but that's what it is so it took a woman to actually write the 31st proverb and this is what she says who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies justice rare and just as valuable what Suzanna like that yeah the text actually confirmed it Daniel told those elders that because of their mischief many Israelite women said hey I'd rather played the harlot than be put to death to save their life but Christ clearly taught whoso seeks to save his life shall lose it and vice-versa continue reading though she says the heart of her husband does safely trust in her so that she has no need of spoil tell proverbs 31 verse 11 has much deeper etymology for she has no need of spoil look up that word spoil and it means to beat basically and as harsh as that sounds that's the reality of God's Word a virtuous woman will have a husband who trusts her completely because of her actions because of her world deal not because you can force a harlot or a whore into a housewife it doesn't work that way she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life Suzanna most assuredly did that for Joakim she seeks wool flax works well with her hands she's like the merchant ships she rises also while it's night she perceives that her merchandise is good she lays her hands to the spindle she stretches out her hands to the poor yay she reaches forth her hands to the needy now study that out in your own free time and you'll see what I'm telling you today it's true a virtuous woman is hard to come by but they do exist Susanna unlike Esther was one an Esther in our Canon at least went had a one-night stand with the king delivered the children of Israel yeah yeah right that's a great story of victory no it isn't Susanna is because Susanna did the right thing even under penalty of death and she was ultimately victorious and so with that and being that I'm not able to read the questions and so zombie rose up yell if you're actually in the YouTube or the Google Hangouts if you're able to please send me the questions I'll be happy to answer in fact I want to answer your questions one of the questions I received from the last broadcasts was about Adam and Eve the question was if Adam and Eve were the first two created then who then did Adam and Eve's children breed with and marry now that's actually one of the easiest questions there is to answer and why I stress so much on knowing the difference between the two created Adams and I'll prove that answered this question for who is it New Jersey militia right now even though I'm not able to see any questions today in the first book of Moses in the first chapter in the 27th verse God created man or a hadam in his own image in the image of God created he them male and female both he created them plural very important to understand because this six-day Adam is what is known today as the Gentiles they're not the offspring of Israel the man through the twelve tribes but the first created are created man and woman equally together and indiscriminately meaning their plural thus in Genesis chapter one Yahweh creates the Adam or the Adam i'ts in general but in Genesis chapter 2 what do we learn Yahweh God verse 7 for man Adam again same exact Strong's number either Hebrew number 119 or Hebrew 120 of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man not plural singular became a living soul not plural singular and Yahweh God planted a garden eastward in Eden now what are the differences between them they're both white they're both the Hebrew word awdawm or Adam because they're both atomized there's no difference between the Adam of Genesis 1 in Genesis 2 in that or except that one is obviously plural and one is singular and a bet that's confirmed right here every plant of the field and every herb of the field before it grew God had not caused but he realized that there was not a man to till the ground a singular man a singular Adam therefore when God created the Adam eyes he created the male and female both alike and he created them on the sixth day he rested on the seventh and then on the eighth day created the singular Adam and created his wife from that Adam from his rib or from his curve very important to understand because the word is the same but one is singular one is plural so to answer that question who did the children of Adam and Eve marry the Adam i'ts really simple Genesis chapter 1 says he created them both male and female and the day created it was until 2000 years later on the eighth day that God looked around and saw he did not have a man to tell that garden so I hope that answers your question I will be back with you Saturday and likely starting tomorrow we're going to be live streaming an hour to two hours every day for the next week straight so hopefully you'll join me for that because well that's just what we're gonna do but Saturday also at 12 noon right here on Google YouTube and efr will be broadcasting live yet again and will likely be going back into the old testament pseudepigrapha and maybe because it was pretty popular looking again at heavy metal music some of those lyrics you never know sky's the limit hopefully if any of you have technology wisdom and you know about technological things if you're able to and you know how to access the questions from the chat let me know another thing if you're able to do which we're working on right now it's the newsletters if you have that gift and know how to use Adobe then contact if you haven't already please swing by covenant peoples ministry on the world wide web we have a forums we have 10 books over there we recently cut a promo for our books looking at all 10 providing an overview and that has replaced temporarily the trailer on dailymotion and but you can download all of those books for free the Bible says freely you have received so freely you should give I would like to thank again the men and women I believe I did but I'd like to thank archetype Michael Carl fair and John Jack patreon and za PL and that's just for the last five days that's for July alone if you desire these studies and you desire more live streams and videos and please if you're able to help us help you and help others make that available so if we've helped you help us keep coming to you and until next time this is pastor Visser from the part of the Dirty South located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia where it's about a hundred and five degrees in the shade we should you and your entire family great studies war for Christ

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