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hello again dear kids folk and thank you for joining me my name is pastor Visser and I'm of the covenant people's church and ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia here near Atlanta and today we're going to be looking at the questions of Ezra and this is a nifty little book it won't be found within your Bible and almost assuredly discuss that more in detail when we go live here in about 13 to 14 minutes but before we go live on euro folk radio calm I usually like to warm up by looking through some books periodicals even movies and music oftentimes and so if you are a familiar listener to the EFR or euro folk radio network you're probably aware that we have our own newsletter and it is titled the new insight and it's definitely suggested if you've never read it before swing by euro folk radio calm and you can download it and I believe you can also order it in hard copy for your own personal study but about ten years ago I actually submitted to the original ensign message and while they did reject my article they put me on their mailing list and as a result I've received many years of the original ensign message you can see this is about eight years worth because it comes out bimonthly and what's interesting about this particular periodical is it is definitely addressed to the British and all Celtic anglo-saxon people which is exactly who we are trying to reach on your own folk radio and this particular publication comes out of the Orange Street Assembly which is located in London Engel and their claim to fame at least as a church is that they were the first congregation to actually sing Rock of Ages which is a great beloved hem within Christendom and so about every two months they mail these out and as you can see there's many things to discuss and are discussed in every single issue of the unsigned message this particular one has the chaplains page where he's discussing black sabbath that is the original black sabbath not the band that is fronted by Ozzy Osbourne but it goes into our debt to the Jews Christmas in Zimbabwe who exactly killed Christ no secret rapture a judgment from how you get the idea but every quarter or two months the unsigned message ship sneeze out and they have articles and history reports all of which are edifying to those within Christian identity that is a bi or British Israel publication and I've never found any inconsistency within their writings and there of course are so many here that I can't go through them all but you should be able to get the idea of what you'll be treated to now they have postal addresses if you desire to order the unsigned message one of course being the main Church Orange Street congregation in London England and the second it's the one that I'll give you now if you are interested in receiving this although it is cost intensive therefore you will likely have to subscribe in order to receive it especially considering it chips from London England to America therefore it costs about 250 each issue to ship but their postal address for north American subscriptions is P o box 97 33 Greenville South Carolina and the zip code is 2 9 604 one more time if you're interested in receiving the unsigned message or more information on how to go about obtaining this periodical write your post office box 9 733 Greenville South Carolina - 9 604 in the US and of course their original address is here in London England but it won't do you much good unless you want to pay extra to get it there but anyway this is a periodical that I definitely suggest and as you can see it will take up quite a bit on your bookshelf but every month to two months are treated with something quite edifying and educational something that is quite missing in this latter era where most of us go into the public sector and we expect our teachers and professors to not lie to us well the unsigned message can be an answer to that so we won't go through them all but this is one I definitely suggest in addition to the new inside newsletter which you can download for free or in print through euro folk and I usually do like to talk about a few books and many people ask where can i order those books and fortunately our forum moderator has taken to actually logging these particular books therefore you can go on the worldwide web to our web page the address will be given here in 8 minutes and in our forums you'll find a thread with order links where you can order some of these titles now here's one from my collection titled communist America must it be very interesting title because it's from a judeo-christian in fact it's actually from the Christian crusade and the Reverend is dr. Billy James Hodges but what's interesting about this particular book especially now in retrospect is it was published in early 1960 and therefore the author was asking must America go down the road to communism like many of the countries we fought in wars against to supposedly break the back thereof and in retrospect reading this 5060 years after the fact really open your eyes to how America once was before civil rights before the Liberals and long before any form of a social justice warrior so if you're able to find this it's pretty old but it's titled communist America must it be and of course he was asking that question in 1960 today we live in a communist America and so it is an eye-opener but it's not so much like most books pre-1960 praising and extolling the Jews rather this book actually points out a communist problem and in America when we say communism that's a polite way of saying Judaism so definitely when I suggest if you're able to pick it up pretty cheaply another one that would be considered straight poorly racist by today's standards is this book by Byron Nelson titled after its kind this is an in-depth look at every animal that Yahweh God created and every subspecies thereof proving that for example a raven can't impregnate a hummingbird now that should be common sense but one of the very first laws in fact the first law spoken by Yahweh God to man that it is kind after kind and unfortunately we in America and a Europe today where that law is not being observed in fact they're mixing it up and muddying it up more and more as we go along but this book is quite old as you can see the actual book cover is falling apart and it's actually autographed by the author Byron Nelson and Byron Nelson was actually a theologian as you can see and this particular book was published in 1927 thus this issue from 1952 is a reissue and what's interesting again as I say is we live in an America and a world today that if you were to say kind out there kind be such a nation is a sin they would mock you or ridicule you and say well that's not the Christ I serve this book written about a hundred years ago and reissued 60 years ago proves with many pictures and historical facts as you can see with cro-magnon man the differences between skulls in short the differences between the races and as you can see here's your negro and so this is definitely one I suggest I would say that it'd be kind of hard to come by however my forum moderators Apio is so good that he actually finds these books that are long out of print on Etsy or so you may be able to find this it's by no means Christian identity quote-unquote but it is definitely written from a segregationist and a separatist viewpoint kind after time by Byron Nelson you might want to look into it now if you remember about a week two weeks ago I went through some of my other books and there was one book titled I want to be left behind by pastor Ron posh and I suggested it albeit it wasn't Christian I but it is a good book in disproving the rapture and then it dawned on me I have another one quite good by another author who's not Christian identity in any way shape or form Robert Jewett this man who wrote this book Jesus against the rapture actually goes in to thirteen specific prophecies that Jesus Christ taught all of which quoted verbatim blow through the erroneous and cowardly rapture doctrine and that Yahweh God will come and rapture the Saints away and leave the wicked on the earth and short the terrors are taken first they're burned clearly and in every parable that Christ wrote he straightforwardly said you want to be left to hide but have you ever considered outside of Peter Paul and John the teachings of Christ when they relate to the coming of Yahweh God and that's what we're going to look at today not the rapture so much but this book questions of Ezra which is akin to 2nd and 4th Ezra but also the Book of Enoch because Enoch was given a grand tour of heaven and today you're gonna see from the actual lecture that Ezra did as well so anyway if you're able to find it 7 unexpected prophecies all from the mouth of Christ himself this is autographed by the author in 1987 as most of my books are but you can see it was published in 1979 by the Westminster Press so it is considered educational now we're going to be going live here in about 30 seconds to 1 minute and I'll be back at the conclusion exactly 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time to look at several other books and to provide you updates from the ministry pertaining to the DVD upcoming shows on euro folk radio which I will be promoting when we go live here in about 30 seconds again I would like to thank the men women and children who are joining me today on YouTube Google and through euro folk radio all around the world most assuredly here in America but also in London England now I know five o'clock p.m. is it much of a sacrifice to make for my brothers and sisters across the pond however on Wednesday nights many of those same kinsa wait up until midnight to actually listen to yours truly and so without further ado let's now begin the show thank you for joining us for the covenant gathering here on euro folk radio calm our host is pastor Visser from the cabinet people's ministry org we hope that you are inspired to grow in faith and wisdom by studying the scriptures with us this written gather the people sanctify the congregation assemble the elders and gather the children so let us gather together for this Bible study hour with our host pastor Visser on the euro folk radio network Oh again dear kin spoken thank you for joining me my name is pastor Visser and I'm pleased to be streaming live through euro Boak with an all-new lecture looking into the quote-unquote lost books of the Bible often times the Apocrypha or pseudepigrapha writings and today will be no different but before we get to our actual subject matter I would like to thank my good friend Paul English Eli James and the entire your elbow radio crew for making the Covenant gathering radio broadcasts available overseas and all around the world by extension and you heard correctly today my friends were going to be looking at a rare book found within the lost books titled the questions of Ezra and before we actually begin let me give you a brief background into the book and the Prophet himself now this book questions of Ezra is a separate book not found within our canonized texts therefore these aren't questions that will be found within the book of Ezra nor Nehemiah secondly when looking at this rare book questions of Ezra it deals with questions that Ezra made to an angelic messenger sent by Yahweh God all of which deal with those who enter into the kingdom and those who will be ultimately cast out into outer darkness those are the questions that Azra puts forth and there are two surviving manuscripts of this book both of which have about 94 to 96 percent accuracy to one another because both of them are missing a fragment in the middle meaning both manuscripts that are written in the Armenian language are similar after thousands of years which in and of itself is quite a feat and so as you heard the manuscript itself or the two surviving are written in Arminian an entirely different language and no theologian can come in and tell you whether it was originally written in that language or translated from Hebrew or Greek because frankly the world does not know and unlike a majority of what we consider lost books or apocryphal non canonized texts no theologian to this day 2017 has ever been able to accurately date this book questions of Ezra and therefore it's up to you as we go through this because we will cover the entire book it's only about 50 some-odd verses to determine for yourself whether it is accurate or not or whether you believe it was written by Ezra himself post Babylonian exile during the rebuilding of the Second Temple if we are to believe that this book questions of Ezra to the Angels is authored by the Prophet Ezra himself then that would place this book between 546 to 462 before Christ BC so there is much to learn now again as we go through this I am not saying this is canon nor should I nor am I saying this should be accepted on par with what we consider the authorized text but there are many particular questions that can be answered from this particular book for example when dealing with the actual title it is the questions of the Prophet Ezra of the angel of Yahweh concerning the souls of men now that is what the book deals with it deals with a harsh rebuke by Yahweh at his return it deals with the terrible aspects of Yahweh God in judgment but so also does it prove Yahweh God is long-suffering as much mercy like way of saying grace and if it'd be possible would be willing that all come to repentance therefore all of the questions that are found within these two recensions are all asked by Ezra to an angel and they all pertain to the souls of men where will you go after you've died right what will happen during the great and terrible judgement of Yahweh God upon all the nations and who ultimately enters into the kingdom of Yahweh God and who is cast out into the kingdom of the devil so let's now begin this book very short but straightforward and much to be gleaned from it the first question is what is the fate Azra asks of this angel of the righteous and the sinners now perhaps you grew up in a judeo-christian home where people tell you eh if you misbehave you're gonna go to hell and if you behave correctly well you obtained entrance into the everliving kingdom is that wrong well let's see what the angel tells Ezra in questions of Ezra verse one Ezra the prophet saw an angel of Yahweh and asked him one question after the other and the angel approached him and said what will be at the consummation the consummation of what the conservation of this 2nd earth age and the ushering end of the eternal and final third earth age which is according to Canon world without end amen and so that is setting the stage here for every question that Ezra asks and as we go through this I'm going to be jumping around to the book of Esther on 2nd and 3rd to prove that this is taught also in the Apocrypha the angel approached them and said what will be at the end of this age the Prophet Ezra asked the angel and said what is Yahweh prepared for the righteous and for the sinners and that's a time at which the day of the end arrives what will become of them where did they go to honor or to eternal tortures the angel replied and said to the Prophet now stopping right there before we get to the angels response to Ezra consider the context if this was truly written by Ezra would have been written around the time of the dedication of the Second Temple therefore it would have been around the time of Ezra Nehemiah where many Samaritans came in our own canonized Bible and said we want to help you rebuild and dedicate that temple and of course the intention of Yahweh God is that all come to repentance but those Israelites during the time of Ezra Nehemiah with stood and said we don't need your help and that of course greed Yahweh and ultimately led Yahshua to come in much later when he was asked who is my neighbor and used the Samaritan as an example now I'm digressing here because I want you to understand at the time of Ezra Nehemiah both it was a great time of miscegenation race-mixing fornication homosexuality and everything that we've covered right here on this very venue pertaining to the days of Noah and the days of Sodom so is there anything new Under the Sun not really but when Ezra asked this where will the unrighteous go and where will the righteous go we know all sin is the transgression of God's law so it's a polite way of asking where will the faithful and the disobedient end up after judgment game the angel replied and said to the Prophet Ezra great joy and eternal light have been prepared for the righteous but for the sinners there have been prepared the outer darkness and the eternal fire now I know many men want to come in and say that Yahweh God it's not a sadistic God and there's no such thing as hell and perhaps this isn't really the venue to look at it but even the parable of Lazarus and dydz spoken by Yahshua clearly proves that there is a vote of the Dead there is a shio there is a hell so much that even Lazarus could look up from hell eternal flame and say well will you go to my ancestor show hell is real but if you don't want to believe in Hell outer darkness is just as scary just as he ternal and just as torturous as eternal flame okay so here's the outcome Ezra asks an age-old question what happens to the righteous what happens to the wicked that is when they are judged or at the second Advent when Christ returns to separate the tears from the wheat and the sheep from the goats and the angel says great joy and eternal light have been prepared for the righteous meaning it was already prepared before the foundations of the world just like we read about in John chapter one that the Word was there in the beginning and in him was the life of all men and the light of all men thus Christ could say I am the light of the world and also this angel could answer Ezra and say well eternal light is for the righteous but what happens to the wicked for sinners there has been prepared the outer darkness and eternal fire thus the Prophet Ezra said to this angel Lord who what the Living has not sinned against God question and if that is so then blessed are the beasts and the birds who do not away the resurrection and have not expected an end if you will crown the righteous who haven't toured all tortures and the prophets and the martyrs when they were taking stones and with a hammer were pounding their faces until their innards were seen they were tortured for your sake Ezra says to the angel thus addressing Yahweh directly have mercy upon us sinners Ezra says who have been occupied and seized by Satan now I want you to pay close attention as we go through this because we tend to think well they belong to the devil let them go to the devil right but what is the intention of Yahweh God that all Adam i'ts appoint way of saying Gentile and all Israelites come to repentance but what happens after you die is it too late well the Catholics come in and they teach something known as purgatory and they basically say well if you have a relative who's considered righteous they can pray your way out of purgatory pray your way out of the abode of the Dead and gain you entrance into the kingdom is that so well bear with me as we go through this Ezra asked this question and there's nothing really wrong with this question on its face this is the question that any child would ask a parent if I'm good will I go to heaven if I'm evil will I go to hell thus Ezra asses and the angel has to rebuke them so our narrative continues in verse eight of the questions of the Prophet Ezra the angel replied and said if there are someone about you do not talk with him anymore otherwise a great evil will befall you the Prophet then Ezra said to the angel Lord I would speak a little more with you so please reply unto me when Gared the end arrives and he Yahshua takes the soul will you sign it to the place of eternal punishment or to the place of honor question so he's rebuked but yet he continues in his questioning number one sign of a true prophet number two what we saw in Israa Nehemiah are both but most assuredly Isaiah Jeremiah and hermos the Shepherd which I covered on this very venue continual product right the glory of God to conceal a matter but the duty of saints to seek it out so it's safe to say Azra was the same and he asked this question and what happens well following this according to the manuscript the text is lost but remember the question the question is I would speak with you when the day of the end arrives and he takes the soul back to paraphrase will he assign it then or later fair question because our Bible say that when the silver cord parts the soul goes back instantly to father Yahweh who gave it but there is also an endtime judgment considered the great judgment the judgment of All Nations thus the manuscripts drop and picks back up in verse 11 the angel replied and said do not wait until the day of the end but like an eagle hasten to do good deeds and mercy for that day what day the day of Yahweh Judgment Day is fearsome urgent and exacting it does not permit care of children nor of any possessions it comes in her eyes suddenly like when someone merciless and impartial it takes captive unexpectedly surely whether that man weeps or mourns it the day of Yahweh will have no mercy that is the teaching of the angel of Yahweh to Ezra the Prophet and to be found within this book to questions of the Prophet and I want you to notice many things that are said this is the day of the end and each is just like Christ that that day will come like a thief in the night that no man knows the hour nor the moment but it will be a great and dreadful terrible day ok and I know many people are saying hey I'm looking forward to that day right now right but the plan of God is not complete yet all those that He is calling have not been called into the fold as of yet so we shouldn't walk around looking for great judgment upon sinners rather we should be meek especially in light of the second half of this book because many of them that are under seized the dictatorship of Satan as ezra puts it here in verse 8 can be delivered this is what paul says that we can deliver them even out of the mouth of the lion right that sheep and we could even take a speck of that wool from an israelite sheep who's been devoured and breathed within it new life so a few things need to be established before we move on turn with me to the fourth book of Ezra the fourth book of Ezra we're going to look at the seventh saying and we're going to prove that this was taught also and forth Ezra chapter 7 but it's found in verse 75 as we're speaking I answered and said if I have found favor in your sight my lord show also unto your servant whether after death as soon as everyone of us yields up his soul we shall be kept in rest until those times come when you will renew creation or whether we will all be tormented tormented at once meaning in that exact moment the same question that was dropped off and lost in the manuscript in the questions as a prophet Ezra however here in the fourth book of Ezra he receives his answer and you should pay close attention if you question this as well whether your body goes into a hole in the ground ruts and is eating the worms and as long as risen up like dust right in which case you're out of luck if you're burned to death or drown and they don't find your body or if you're judged in the great judgement instantaneously upon death so how does the end how does the angel answer the angel answered Azra and said i will show you that also but do not be associated with those that scorn nor number yourself among the tormented for you have treasure of works laid up with the most high but it will not be shown unto you until the end times and it will be as if one of those have shown scorn and knock up the most high of those who have despised his law and those who have hated to fear god that is such spirits will not enter into the habitation of Yahweh but shall immediately wonder about in torment now we're gonna leave it right there in second Ezra but notice right away the angel has no problem telling you what many men often can't and that is if you live disobedient to God's charge if you're evil if you screw people over you're going to hell bottom line and it must need speed what because if there is no punishment for the wicked then by default there can be no report for the righteous now Christ clearly taught us when he dealt with the rich young fool he told him take all you have and give it to the poor but you lacked that one thing right he also said you full this night your soul shall be required of you that night that very instant the same exact thing Christ told the malefactor Winnie hung on the cross this day you will be with me in paradise a bold claim to make and one that flies in the face of men and women who wants you to believe that flesh and blood somehow do inherit the kingdom of God but they don't my friends and on that token without hate there would be no love without demons we couldn't recognize angels thus we should understand all of this is part of God's divine providence here on earth and his plan a plan that incorporates the wicked until the very last moment Christ told the rich young fool woe unto he rich ye have received your reward that means they don't have an eternal reward coming that means they didn't store for themselves up treasure in heaven the way they were instructed so the angel says whether he weeps or mourns that man who was judged it the day of Yahweh the day of recompense will have no mercy no partiality or righteousness appears as filthy rags before God Paul taught that there's neither male nor female Grecian nor Judean all are one so don't walk around thinking as many people did at the times of Ezra that were so great we can resist our brothers picking it back up in verse 14 here in the questions of the Prophet Ezra the angel then begins to discuss what I have tried to teach in my Morningstar series and that is that there is a heavenly hierarchy there are both good and evil angels good angels are considered archons in the Greek and no matter how men try to get around that by saying messenger just means or Angelo's just means messenger they can't get around arch Angelo's which means a guardian angel but so also in the demonic realm is there an exact counterpart of them in short we could say demons succubus minions etc so picking it back up at verse 14 the angel continues when the day of the end arise a good angel comes to the good soul but an evil angel comes to collect the evil soul just as someone sent by the kings of doors to evil deeds and good deeds recompense is good to the good and evil to the evil even in the same way a good angel comes to the good soul and an evil angel comes to collect the evil soul not that the angel is evil but each man's deeds are evil therefore he takes the soul brings it to the east they pass through frost through snow through darkness through hail ice storm and all those sub Satan through streams through the winds of terrible rains through terrible and astounding pass through narrow defiles and through high mountains the angel says o wondrous way for one foot is behind the other and before it our fiery rivers the Prophet Ezra was thus amazed and said oh that truly is a wondrous and a terrible way so what have we just learned right there that technically there are good angels they're bad angels is this far removed from what we read in Canon not at all in fact the book of Revelation clearly says that there was war in heaven and that Michael and his angels good angels are gone jealous but against the Satan and angels write bad angels and neither was their place found in heaven anymore they were cast down to earth the devil and his ministers with him but here you're given a glimpse as to who the Reaper comes for the wicked and a righteous angel comes to collect the souls of whom the righteous the obedient that may seem very very simple but there is simplicity within Christ and not only that there are seven steps to the divinity there were seven steps to the Temple of Jerusalem seven stanzas in the song of accents at the Virgin Mary sang every day until she was betrothed and the angel outlines those seven steps picking it back up and verse 19 of the questions of Ezra the angel said to that way there are seven camps and seven steps to the divinity or a polite way of saying seven steps to the divine all right if I can make someone to pass along it the angel says because the first lodgings are bad yet wondrous the second fearsome and indescribable the third hell icy and cold the fourth full of quarrels and Wars v then investigation and or judgment if he is just if he shines but if he is a sinner he is darkened in the sixth then the soul of the righteous man sparkles like the Sun in the seventh then having brought him I the angel speaking will make him approach the great throne of the divine opposite of the Garden of Eden facing the glory of God where the sublime light is now when looking at the terminology what because Christ is the light of the world we know from revelation that in that eternal Kingdom there's no need for the Sun the moon and the stars because yoshua will give us light eternally and light our path but so also just the name Lucifer denote light bringer the bright and Morning Star just as Yeshua is so you can see the seven steps to the divinity the first is live well that's all the control you have over your outcome your destiny also at another point in this narrative the angel will say if you're not able to do all of these things then go and do good exactly what Christ taught do good feed the hungry clothe the naked turn with me before the break back to 4th estra back to the seventh chapter and I'm gonna prove to you that this also was confirmed in the fourth book of Ezra in Chapter 7 beginning in verse 7 this is what we learn there's a city built and set on a plane and it is full of all good things but the entrance to it is narrow and set in a small place so that there is fire on the right hand and deep water on the left and there's only one path lying between them that is between the fire and the water so that only one man can walk up on that path now if that City is given to a man for an inheritance how will the heir receive his inheritance unless he passes through the danger that is set before him the dangers of a life right which is why the first step to the divine is what the first lodgings are bad and wondrous that's here on earth my friend so what do you do with the time God gives you I'll be back with you in exactly one minute stay tuned [Music] thank you for listening to the Covenant gathering was our host pastor Visser broadcasting live on your own folk radio if you have been led of the Spirit to hear more of these Bible study messages and be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at CPM post office box 256 brooks georgia three zero two zero five you can also visit us peoples ministry org where you will find direct access to our extensive selection of audio sermons and Christian publications hello again dear kids spoken thank you for rejoining me my name is pastor Visser and this is the covenant radio gathering broadcast my friends I would like to make an announcement at the halfway point today of course as you know is Saturday July 29th making it the last time slot for covenant peoples ministry for the month of July and therefore at the halfway point I would like to invite every listener of euro folk radio calm to swing by euro folk radio this coming August the 8th and tune in to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show the reason for that is I pastor Visser will be appearing alongside Pastor Dan Jones Eli James and Steve Anderson for a great time of fellowship discussing the sins of Sodom and how they relate to today's apostasy again that is August the 8th on euro folk radio calm so be sure to swing in for that and if you miss it like usual we'll be happy to put it up on YouTube and Google now before that break we were actually looking at this rare book titled questions of Ezra it's written in the Armenian language and what's great about this book is there's only two surviving manuscripts both of which are extremely similar with small variations in the text and before the break we left off looking at the seven steps to the divinity where the angel makes the claim to Ezra that the throne of Yahweh God happens to appear right across from the Garden of Eden now I know in many ways that is a study for another day but what does even mean as a word it means paradise and we know that at the reconciliation of all things when Yahweh God comes returns in fire and sets all things back as they were from the beginning of creation it will be a return to Eden or a return to paradise so while we don't have time to prove today from many other pseudepigrapha sources that Yahweh's throne is found directly opposite of the Garden of Eden to Angel basically said it such he said that the seven steps to the divinity are all dealing with beginning on earth but working our way into the kingdom through good works and obedience through many hardships many persecutions and even as or brings that up he says if you will crown the righteous who have endured all tortures and the prophets are the martyrs when they were taking stones and pounding their faces they were tortured for your sake so that I want you to pay close attention to who makes it into the kingdom well we know Christ returns with the Saints and who are the Saints but those who are slain for the testimony of God's Word down here in 2017 we would tend to think the exact opposite that if we died for Christ were somehow or another a fall but you can truly live for Christ unless you die to the world enough on that now Azra ask the angel can God be seen this is a fair question and a question that can equip you at least the answer thereof against a false prophet because they usually will come in and say you know what I had coffee and bagels today with Jesus Christ and he told me to tell you has any man seen God no the Bible says no man has seen God at any time the two only begotten who is in the bosom of the Father hath declared so even Christ clearly taught no man hath seen God and added to it if you've seen me you've seen the father so the point is God is spirit those that worship Him worship Him in truth and spirit so can a spirit be seen can a demon be seen can a good angel or a bad angel be seen let's pick back up our narrative and the questions of Ezra verse 22 the Prophet said to the angel my lord when you caused him to pass through such terrors and quarrels and Wars and burning heat why do you not cause him to meet with the divinity rather than causing him to approach only the throne of God and the angel said to the Prophet Ezra you are one of the foolish man and think only according to human nature have you met people like that they're not in the spirit they can only think according to the flesh they're let around by the lust of the eyes the whims of the flesh and unfortunately again flesh and blood don't inherit the kingdom so the trick is is to not think according to the flesh and according to human nature the angel continues I am an angel and I perpetually serve God and I have not even seen the face of God how then do you say that simple man should be cause to meet the divinity the divinity is fearful and wondrous and who dares to look towards the uncreated divinity understand that point Yahweh God was not created he is the Creator who spoke all things into existence and didn't need tangible material matter to do it so the angel asked Ezra why on earth would you think for a moment that the sinful could even gaze upon anything more than the throne of Yahweh God this is any different than what we learned about in the Old Testament not at all because Yahweh's spirit was encapsulated within the Ark of the Covenant and the Ark of the Covenant was as near as you got to the holiest of Holies that is mortal man but it was an outward representation of God God in a box if you will so would it be fair for the wicked to even gaze upon God not at all that is if there's any justice with him and for them to see it would be partiality the angel continues if a man should look upon the face of God he will melt like wax before the face of God for the divinity is fire and wonderous for such guardians stand around the very throne of the divinity their stations manuscript drops meaning there's about five fragments missing Hallows fiery ones girdle weavers and lanterns and at that place there are thunders earthquakes quarrels wars he fire flames swearing ones in fiery hosts and around Satan are in corporal seraphim six winged cherubim and with two wings they cover their face now stopping right there the devil has the counterpart for everything Yahweh God has and you should already be able to see that he's going into now the highly polished bronze of Ezekiel's vision now Yahweh God rides around and his throne has an angel at all four corners some of which cover their face right they say holy holy holy Yahweh of hosts the heaven the earth are full of your glory why such Guardians stand around the throne of both sake and the divinity the Prophet asked the angel and said Lord then what will become of us for we're all sinners and we're all seized in the hands of Satan now then by what means are we delivered or who will bring us forth from The Devil's hands that's what Ezra asked the angel who can free you from the cares of this life right who can free you from the clutches of the wicked one if the angel answered and said if someone remains after death father or mother or brother or sister or son or daughter or any Christian and he offers prayers with faith for 40 days there may be great rest and mercy through the sacrifice of Christ for Christ was sacrificed for our sake upon the cross and for six agents he has delivered our soul from the hands of Satan six ages if this was written by Ezra it would have been written about 546 ad making it exactly six ages from the time of Ezra writing it until the time of Christ's crucifixion but notice Ezra doesn't say Yahweh God delivers us Ezra says Jesus Christ will deliver you from Satan and if a man dies with no knowledge of that before Christ then of course he may be delivered why because well even Christ post crucifixion descended into the bowels of the earth and set free the captives so notice it's not teaching purgatory it's not teaching you can pray a man out of hell it's teaching that in six hundred years a redeemer will come he will shed his blood and it may be possible for some of those captives who've never heard the gospel to be set free so it goes on freeing of the soul from Satan how the soul is delivered through that offered Everitt late by a priest for 40 days he will remain within the body of Christ not going into public places but from time to time that man will recite the Psalms of David together with his own private prayers it is this which brings us forth from the hands of Satan and if this does not work give to the poor if that doesn't work your arms your supplication singing of Psalms if that doesn't work there's one thing you can do in the flesh to deliver your own soul from Hell give to the poor why is that important because my friends we live in any era now a great virtue signaling people rather come in and talk of their virtue instead of actually doing right by other men and women so here's a king when someone comes in and they say hey you need to open your home to refugees you need to give all your money to the poor and they have the means to do with such but don't they're more wicked than the people they're lying to now I know in Sea Island we love going to John where he straightforwardly says all sin is a transgression of the law therefore it well transgressing the law is the biblical definition of sin right about the statement for him who knows to do good and does it not to him it's in meaning a man who knows to do good and will not do it that sin - why well it's given right here but the angel says if and dealt then give to the poor continuing on don't listen to celebrities okay celebrities have billions of dollars and they tell you you need to get to the poor that means all they're doing is virtual signaling and telling you hey you need to do something for them to achieve their ends the angel continues for your prayers are thus just as a farmer goes forth and comes to sew the shoe comes forth is both joyous and graceful and desires to produce numerous fruit but thorns and weeds come forth also and they choke it out and they do not allow the numerous fruit to be assembled similarly also you when you go inside the church your body of Christ and desire to offer prayers before the divinity the cares of this world the deceit of greatness or wealth will come forth and can choke you and will not allow the numerous fruit to be sown for if your prayer were as such as Moses wept for forty days and spoke with God mouth to mouth like lines also Elijah was taken up to heaven in a fiery chariot likewise also Daniel prayed pray in the lay lion's den and the manuscript is fragmented beyond this point that leads us up to recension being and the final part of the questions of Ezra but notice the angel answers just as Christ's parable of the tares in the week and the parable of the sower just as a farmer the son of man who sowed good seed within his world goes forth and he comes to so the shoot will shoot forth joyously say hey I'm gonna fight war for Christ you know I'm gonna support GPM but what happens the cares of the world will choke out and the desire to be wealthy wealth can mislead you my friends Christ taught it woe unto you rich and that's usually 95% of them who got their wealth by ill-gotten gains that doesn't mean Yahweh God won't bless somebody financially what that does mean if those who come and go after it'll gotten gains did Christ teach this I believe we should confirm it before we actually move on turn with me to the Gospel according to Matthew I know we've covered this in passing but I want to prove to you that Christ was at of God verse 22 he that received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word and the care of this world or the deceitfulness of riches choke out the word and he becomes unfruitful but he that received the seed unto the good ground is he that hears the word and understands it and brings forth 40 and hundredfold some sixty and some thirty all varying levels so here's the context of what we're looking even someone who brings four twenty forty sixty percent is on par and equal to the man who brings forth a hundred percent but what can be said about the man that has no fruits at all did not Christ say let your yea be a your navy nay that's not John in this book of Revelation clearly say that only God will vomit out the lukewarm from his mouth that he prefer you to either be hot or cold you're better off being a zealot for God than sitting on the grace a comfortable area and saying you know what I'm not going to contend I'm not gonna fight notice through all of this Ezra himself in addition to you and I have control over our ultimate destiny by how we obey the law know by how we preach the gospel know just as Christ taught how we treat others give to the poor pray for the sinful opposite of what a Pharisee would do the Pharisee come in and say oh I'm better than everybody else we're to esteem everyman better than our own selves and that's the difference between books like this and even how the judeo-christians pervert Christ parable of the sower what's the first thing the devil does he takes the word the word that's shown within your heart thus now on to recension be to close the book we pick it back up in verse one of questions if that's run he saw the angel of God and asked concerning righteous sinners when they go forth from this world and the angel said for the righteous there is light and rest eternal life but for sinners there is unending tortures Ezra said if that is so then blessed are the animals in the beasts of the field and the creeping things in the birds of heaven who do not await neither resurrection or judgment the angel said you sin in saying this for God has made everything for the sake of man and man was made for the sake of God let's stop right there for a moment especially to the listeners who hide behind the law and say you know what I keep it perfectly even though we know we can have you ever stopped to consider that Yahweh God created man you and I to bring him pleasure but the law was made for sinful men that's the difference okay those who don't have any sin or above the law in that regard through faith and obedience because if we love our neighbor we fulfill the whole of the law and don't be sidetracked that's why I began on talking about the Samaritans in the time of Ezra many people in CI love coming in and putting forth the same exact question who is my neighbor in context who's your neighbor the one who does you right the one who obeys the golden rule the one who obeys the law you sin in saying this the angel says for God has made everything for man the Garden of Eden the animals the Titans everything is created for man because God doesn't need it Ezra said when you take the souls of men where will you bring them the angel said I bring the souls of the righteous to worship God and establish them in the upper atmosphere and the souls of the sinners are seized by demons and imprisoned in the lower atmosphere again we don't have time today but the nathie Liam when they were destroyed the spirits of those offspring are known as demons why because the angels which kept not their first estate or reserved according to second Peter and Jude but their spirits are free to roam the earth just like good angels are free to roam the earth as well in spirit and bring good tidings so opposite of of recension a clearly the angel says in the second fragment that demons will come and take you if you are evil and ezra said then when will the soul of he who has seized by satan be delivered the angel said when the soul has someone as a good memorial in this world thus one releases it from Satan through much prayer and many acts of mercy Ezra said then by what means question how how can we free those that we are in doubt over right none of us even know even Paul doubted his position within the coming kingdom yet we live in any right now wherever one says well Uncle Tom you know Aunt Betty there in heaven you don't know that no man knows okay so don't make that mistake either don't be lifted up saying oh I'll be found in the kingdom because the man who makes it in it's just like in the parable of Christ the lowly man down in the dust and in his own tear saying if it be possible let me enter in not the Pharisee who sat there and said I'm so great high of mighty of pipes and we learned that as well hear my prayer and many acts of Mercy and many sacrifices thus Ezra said if the sinners soul has no good memorial which helps them what then will happen unto him the angel said such a one then is in the hands of Satan until the coming of Christ when the very trumpet of Gabriel sounds then the souls are freed from the hands of Satan and then they will soar down from the upper atmosphere and they will come and they will be United each with its body which has been reached to dust and which the sound of the trumpet has built an aroused and renewed before we get to the conclusion I taught on this very venue countless times because it's taken directly from Enoch the Watchers on the fifth level of heaven being reserved and of course we don't have time today but that's basically what he's saying when the trumpet of Gabriel sounds when would that be when the seventh vial is poured out when the seventh seal is broken and the seventh trumpet sounds when that happens all souls are freed from the hands of Satan and they soar from the atmosphere they all come and are united with its body and have been returned to us and then the sound of the trumpet will raise all who have been aroused and renewed and it raises it up before Christ our God who comes to judge all those upon the earth that is the righteous and the wicked and requests and recompense --is each class for their own deeds now there's one more verse and that ends the entire book of the questions of Ezra but I'd like to digress one more place I feel it'll really hit home and prove the point I'm trying to make turn with me to the first letter of Paul to the Thessalonians the fourth chapter it is here where we learn in verse 16 Yahweh himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and with the Trump of God and the dead in Christ will rise first then we which are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet a shore in the air and so we shall be forever with our Lord wherefore comfort one another with these words notice Paul's not teaching the rapture Paul is teaching that those who are still alive on earth during the second Advent will meet Christ in the air when he comes to earth with his Saints assuring him back down to establish the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven so Paul's not saying you're going to be raptured away and nowhere in scripture is that taught in fact Christ clearly taught in the parable of the tares in the week that the tares are gathered first and burned that may be why the final verse and the questions of Ezra is verse 15 through the petition of your divinely narrated prophets have pity upon all readers of this writing through what through petition how many people today July 29 2017 do you reckon are reading the book questions of Ezra and on top of that how many before this broadcast even aired even knew such a book existed well it is only in two fragments I believe that by looking at it today we proved several facets from Scripture that confirm what we already know that there are angels good and bad both that there is war in heaven that no man has gazed upon the by siege of God himself without being turned into a pillar of salt in the process that no man has seen God right and also that there is a way that you can deliver your own soul from hell and how do you do that through continual prayer through petitions through good deeds done towards others through loving your neighbor as yourself but also having pity pity God is a pitiful God he takes much mercy upon us right so so much can be taught from this and you know I personally believe that these books should be examined of course the way a man is to come in and say well it wasn't canonized in 380 or whatever these books predate that and I try to cover them as they're found like this one today in the Armenia now that being said it is in the glory of God to conceal a matter thus that 1611 authorized King James as we know it today in the form of the 66 books as we hold it is exactly as Yahweh God wanted to preserve his word for the masses for the majority however if it is in the glory of God to conceal a matter and the duty of saints the same Saints that we discuss today who make petition for those that have fallen then it is up to us to go to these books and at least approach them with an open mind are there seven steps to the divinity personally speaking I believe there's more than that but they're minimized here so you can what knock it down every one day of the week seven step god if any man have blessed assurance that they're going to be found within the kingdom not really not a single one of us even the goats tell Yahshua in judgment hey in your name we cast out demons and in your name we did marvelous works in Christ would tell them depart from me I never knew you but he does tell the Sheep and her in he does allow the wheat entrance into his eternal kingdom of light why faith faith Trump's obedience faith is the linchpin and the whole story of the four Gospels therefore if we are to preach that which is becoming of those Gospels if we're not to speak anything except that that glorifies Christ then I stand by looking at these books and plan to continue to do so into the future and I hope that you will join me this coming Wednesday 7 p.m. eastern standard time right here on euro folk radio for an all new covenant radio gathering broadcast until then this is pastor Visser wishing you and yours Ward for Christ amen thank you for joining us study lesson with Pastor Visser these teachings early courted for you live by the Europe both radio broadcasting network and can also be found in the archives of our church's website which is covenant peoples ministries org if you have questions or comments regarding these messages please write to it at cp/m post office box - five six berths Georgia read 0 to 0-5 USA thanks again for joining us god bless you and keep you and be with you always excellent yet another great broadcast my friend and another good one in the back you know we're not really sure how these are doing on YouTube you know we were watching them all week in fact the last broadcast I did last night was up to about 210 views then we go to check our stats this morning and it's down to 170 and ironically in that time over the last two three days we know for a fact we had men go over there and thumbs it up and make comment so how that works we're not really sure how YouTube denotes a number as near as we can tell as far as page views are concerned I think it's one page view per IP that might be how it works but we actually expected them to be much more popular than they are are going to be but perhaps like fine wine we to give up more time to age and maybe pick up with in the future when I definitely hope that today's lecture helped you look at a book that's lesser-known and prove that there are good and bad angels now I know I taught this within Christian identity for 20 years in fact my morning saw our series it's definitely something I would suggest at this point in the venue because I proven that that there are both good and bad angels considered messengers and demons respectively before that break we're actually looking at a few books this is my favorite copy of the Gospel according to Thomas I have a few others in fact I have one right on the bookshelf but this one's really good because this must when it was rediscovered and reissued to the hippies in the sixties and what's cool about this edition this is 19 watchings in 1959 but this is the one that all the people in the jesus movement of the late 60s and early 70s were using and what's cool about this is it has several notes and it has the original papyrus on the other side so if you're familiar with Greek that can help you and I definitely suggest the Gospel according to Thomas I taught it in its entirety and plan on doing so again there's only a few statements within the book itself that could be considered hard to wrestle with and one of them has found towards the end of the Gospel according to Thomas where Christ basically says that a man needs to become as a woman and a woman become as a man in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven and so many people really have issue with that because they think it's teaching transgenderism and it's teaching empowered therefore they attack the Gnostics and say well we're not going to keep this within Canada for lack of a better term in fact right here towards log 103 whoever knows his father and mother shall be called in the you're the son of a harlot jesus said when you make the two one you shall become as the sons of man and when you say mountain be moved it will be moved that's one statement and I know many people struggle with the Gospel according to Thomas consider this state here's one that everyone has a problem with Simon Peter said unto them let Mary go out from among us because women are not worthy of the life jesus said see I shall lead her so that when I make her male that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males for every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven thus ends the Gospel according to Thomas didymus great book and unfortunately there are many people fools who come to Christian identity and they want teaching that women do not have souls I've blown through that theory countless times Hannah even said my soul languish my soul is green women most assuredly have souls it is through the act of marriage the two becoming one that they become one just that one soul people can miss that and idiots can abuse women by saying hey women have no souls it's not what's being taught Paul clearly said the unbelieving white can be justified by the believing husband and vice versa why because they're judged as one so I know that's a study for another day I didn't really have a chance to go into it today but I was going to quote these and I'll quote him here in a moment these are two additional books I think these are the only two in this series titled the missing books of the Bible and I have about eight copies of each volume 1 volume 2 because we tore him apart as we went through but these were released in 1996 not really that long ago but volume 1 for example has the first book of estrus second as just tobits Judith Esther and the width Solomon whereas volume Jim has wisdom of Jesus the Son of Iraq Brooke Jeremy Azariah which we've covered susana Belen the dragon manassas Maccabees and the second book of Maccabees now these are really cool because I was actually going to quote from second Ezra in today's broadcast but didn't get around to it and I'll show you where here before we move on to the rest of it but I didn't actually get to bring this forth in today's broadcast in the questions of Ezra right at the very beginning when Ezra asks in verse 3 where did they go to honor or eternal tortures the angel replied and said to the Prophet great joy and eternal light had been prepared for the righteous and for sinners now that's a direct quote from fourth Ezra which we looked at today but also 2nd Ezra and another part that I wasn't able to actually go to was Isaiah and this would have really fit into the broadcast today we'll go back to that in just a second in Isaiah chapter 64 the very first two verses oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens that thou wouldest come down that the mountains might flow down at thy presence as when the melting fire burns the fire causes the waters to boil and to make thy name known unto thine adversaries that the nations may tremble at thy presence when thou didst terrible things when we look not for thou camest down in the mountains flowed at thy presence for since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear neither happy I seen oh yah way beside thee what he has prepared for those that wait upon him now that should be familiar to you because we basically covered that today in the book of Ezra but also it's found in Psalm 31 and this is kind of important to ties everything up so I'm 31 and verse 19 how great is thy goodness which thou has laid up for them that fear thee which thou has wrought for them that trusted me before the sons of man thou shall hide them in the secret of my presence from the pride of man thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of all tongues beautiful Davidic Psalm written by David and quoted countless signs and again when looking at the missing books of the Bible or the lost books of the Bible I bring them to you as food for thought some of them I believe should be right on par with Canada some of them not self but it's really up to you to decide that for yourself now a two series book set that was given me by the Brooks thrift store Believe It or Not which is a wing of the United Methodist Church is this true volume book on Adolf Hitler and I've never been that thing of a Hitler Apollo Genesis because I truly believe that God been with Hitler he wouldn't won the war and through his actions he made many things worse but what's interesting about this if you're able to find it it's authored by John Toland and it's a two book look at the birth of Hitler his fighting in the First World War becoming a Chancellor control over all Germany and how it came to be and this set actually claims to be a bias and from my own reading of it I've only read about 1/3 of both books but it seems to be actually that way what's cool about this book was when you read it you're able to see how his father a voice Hitler did everything within his power to keep a doll from being seen as illegitimate and that really puts things into perspective because a hundred years ago in 1919 or so one of the biggest concerns of father hat was legitimacy and I'm not even talking about miscegenation I'm talking about children being born out of wedlock and the reason it mattered to at least Hitler's dad was because you couldn't serve as a mayor a lawyer a judge you couldn't serve as a peace officer or a policeman a hundred years ago if you were born out of wedlock you were considered a bastard straightforwardly and so it basically tells the story of that and attempts to explain some of the reasons people wonder why Hitler who is actually very little and low man on the totem pole did what he did Hitler by today's standards would have been about the equivalent of a Donald Trump okay so there were other puppet masters about him but there's always a talking head so Hitler like Manson and many others didn't really do as much of the evil things that they say and I'm not even pro Hitler and saying that but it is worth a read because this author basically goes on to tell the story about how when Hitler's mother was dying and Hitler was an unapologetic mommy story they hired a Jewish doctor and the Jewish doctor killed his mother and so that put Hitler at edge against the Jews and then supposedly not sure how true this one is when he was in high school he fell in love with a human sound at a young girl and basically believed that they were gonna get married and then found out that she was Jewish so will man ever know why the Third Reich happened not really not until the day of the Lord when all things are made manifest when everything is stripped bare and decadent judgment then you'll know the reasons but common sense usually dictates that from the scripture when Yahweh God is with us in a time of war we will always overcome and win that war but I'm sure men could come in and split hairs and say you don't have to win every battle to win the overall war that is true okay but we're living in an era today where people are awakening in fact at such an accelerated rate that we've taken a hit big time back in the days when it was just me and a few other men preaching see I well I guess most of the support went between us for but now that there's so many other men coming in and attempting to be CI preachers half of which god only knows where they're ordained from men like wickstrom and Eli James and myself question over and over where these people come from well they're flocking to see I my friends and they're taking what's rightfully due others and I'll leave it at that but as I said earlier we're not sure how YouTube works we truly expected them to have higher page views so if you're able to and you're on Facebook or Instagram or whatever MySpace these places were not able to go and you can't share those videos those live streams that we've done right here on YouTube embed them on your own Twitter share them and mirror them if you're on storm front BNN please post those and try and get people comfortable with them familiarity usually breeds contempt so we're not too shocked that people are dropping off however we are truly grateful for the men and women who do tune into these and comment and thumbs them up that's always imperative to keeping us inspired perhaps there's no greater a thing that any person can do than just say hey good job I listened to the whole sermon in this era there's millions of movies come out every month tons of books and millions of distractions in short and so to take time out of a busy schedule as we cover today to not allow the cures of the world to come in and choke us out is truly attributed for righteousness so if we could do the rest of what we covered today do good to those who are poor or in a state of need love our racial kids folk and our neighbor as we do ourselves that we shouldn't have half as many problems and so with that I'll chip my hat and be on my way and bid you are you however if you're able to in the next four days because I won't be with you until Wednesday night unfortunately and feel led of the Holy Spirit to support please do so and we would be extremely grateful to you if you're able to and can't afford it otherwise do like the angel told Ezra go out and feed the poor clothe the poor do some righteous works sitting back and saying you know what I out faith that doesn't mean nothing that's a big nothing burger in the eyes of God you know why the Devils believe and Trumbull the goats say hey we believe we did great works didn't spare them a judgement but if we are able to deliver a soul from Hell then we can cover up a whole myriad of our own sins and I'd like to thank the men women that I won't mention today you know who you are I mentioned you on the broth last broadcast who have supported this ministry and allowed us to stay on the air with you we intend on being back Wednesday so until then this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia on the covenant people's Church wishing you and your entire family great studies and always war for Christ

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