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hello again dear friends and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of CPM and today we're going to continue our long-running look at the words of the minor prophet Micah and in the last segment about a week ago we left off on what I felt to be one of the most important statements that Micah brings forth perhaps even as a book he says in Micah chapter 4 but verse 5 for all people will walk everyone in the name of his God and we will walk in the name of Yahweh our God for ever and ever not not only proves what we have been espousing from this very menu for many years that there are other gods but the fact that every person seemingly will always walk within the name of their own God this is why we as the Israelite race so oftentimes love to erect false prophets if we follow our own God which is not Yahweh then stands to reason that that false God also needs false prophets so don't overlook that we left off on that point and this is where we're going to begin because if we could truly understand that there is no conversion that there is predestination we won't be found arguing quite so much with family members and even our enemies over what the gospel says we'll have faith within the fact that those who walk in the name of Yahweh God do so and will do so forever and ever Micah continues in verse 6 in that day says Yahweh I will assemble her that halt and I will gather her that is driven out and her that I have afflicted now we oftentimes come in and will blame the enemies of Christendom in general for what I consider to be oftentimes self-inflicted was but it is Yahweh God who afflicts us it is Yahweh God who scatters and it is Yahweh God who ultimately we gathers and we proved about three days ago from the Gospel according to Matthew John and Paul's new testament letter of the Ephesians that Christ came to gather we're gonna we're not going to look at that quite so much today because what we find at the conclusion of chapter four or more messianic prophecies in that day says Yahweh what day the day of the Lord which Micah chapter four verse one Isaiah chapter two ezekiel chapter seventeen Joel chapter three and oh so many other places all confirmed is quote-unquote Judgment Day the day in which Christ clearly taught that the terrors must be separated from the wheat in order that the wheat can shine forth now I spent a bit of time towards the conclusion of last week proving that we're not to hate our brother right remember in the very beginning when Yahweh God came and said and asked Cain where is your brother Abel Cain's response was am I my brother's keeper Christ clearly taught we are to love our brother so enough on that but notice God's intention on that day will be to assemble her that halts why is this important because it ties right into a major prophecy that we looked at partly last week found in Ezekiel right here in Ezekiel chapter 34 we learn beginning in verse 15 pay close attention Yahweh speaking I won't feed my flock I will cause them to lie down says Yahweh guard I will seek that which was lost and bring again that which was driven away and will bind up that which was broken and will strengthen that which was sick but I will destroy the fat and the strong why because I yell way God will feed them with judgment that is exactly what we've been looking at in Micah chapter 4 and as we hop around going from place to place like this in Ezekiel chapter 34 this verse 16 I will seek that with which was lost but Christ clearly said the Son of man came to seek that which is lost in his parable of the prodigal son the father clearly said behold my son who was lost is now found he was dead but now lives again - what is life fair question when you think about it life is more than food and raiment which is exactly what Christ taught so Ezekiel confirms this fact exactly what we're covering in that day I will assemble her that halts meaning the lame and God will judge why because the weight of man oftentimes is to judge diametrically opposed to what Yahweh God's law dictates and we sure as Teutons see this within Christian identity my friends so they'll come in and hold a double standard and they'll say they profess to follow the law but they never seemingly follow God's law against date setters who come in and say the world will end on 12/12/12 they never seemingly follow God's law when it pertains to adulterers because nine times out of ten they're in the very act of adultery or fornication themselves Oh they'll come in and profess to teach Paul but not quite so much when Paul says that a bishop must be blameless okay so at the end of the day there truly is no new thing under the Sun that is until this great day of the Lord now one could argue that there have been wars and rumors of wars since the dawn of time and in many ways that is true but there is a falling away there is an apostasy and it comes right before Christ returns and isn't it interesting that we in the flesh usually tend to think oh I won't be deceived but knowing that the Word of God says unless llame had cut short those days of tribulation no flesh would be spared so again at the end of the day mercy and grace we are saved by faith through grace Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8 not works okay and if you are to be judged by your works isn't it interesting that Christ in His own parable says you're judged by how you treat others every single time so it's very important to love your neighbor because that is part of this reconciliation that is part of gathering love can gather hate will scatter or ego one could say I want you to consider a statement in the 147th psalm I believe we may have actually covered this last time but I feel it'll fit in really good here so 147 verse to Yahweh God will build up Jerusalem he gathers together all the outcasts of Israel he heals the broken and binds up their wounds who Yahweh God but yet last time we clearly proved from Ephesians chapter 1 verse 10 that God's prophecies pertaining to this quote-unquote great and terrible day of the Lord were intention to gather all bye or through Christ so it is obvious that an Israelite that denies Jesus will be cast out of his mouth of judgment and men will come in and say but all Israel are saved right that is taught within the Bible but sure no Israelite if you deny Christ period that's in both Ephesians and Philippians so a Gentile in belief again is greater than an Israelite with works the Pharisees believed they had works we learn right here in the 37 or the 147 Psalm verse 3 he heals the broken he tells the number of their stars he calls them all by their name great is our Lord and great power his understanding is infinite what does that mean it means that it far supersedes our understanding remember it is Solomon right at the beginning of his book of Proverbs that says with all thy getting get understanding meaning that wisdom and understanding are two different things Pharisees then like now and Sadducees even then like now at the times of the Gospels and in our current era have much wisdom that is the lore but do they have understanding they had the wisdom enough to know that Micah David in the Psalms Ezekiel Joel Jeremiah and Isaiah all prophesied of a coming Redeemer but didn't have the understanding to recognize him when he walked so back here in Micah chapter 4 beginning in verse 7 I will make her that halted a remanent and her that was cast afar off a very strong nation meaning there not now continuing on and Yahweh shall reign over them and the Mount Zion from henceforth forever and ever in endtime prophecy that obviously is not fulfilled now because man rules over each and every one of us my friends and isn't it interesting that when Christ returns to set free the captives as for the book of Revelation a majority of the politicians and the kings and the queens of the earth are set an array to make war with the return of the king why because when he returns the ultimate goal is to regather from every nation that Yahweh God has dispersed the Israelites now many people may be saying but pastor mister this is Old Testament history this has no bearing whatsoever on our new Christian walk right well it's not what James says he says in James chapter 1 verse 1 James to the 12 tribes which are scattered abroad greetings so if the tribes of Israel were ever lost none of the prophets knew it and Christ didn't know it because he clearly taught my sheep know my voice and will follow moreover I know my sheep those very sheep that he said he would gather into an under one fold so the prophecy that is given is I will make her that Hulse a remanent going right back to isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 where we learned unto us the Israelite men women and children a child was born and a son is given not the entire world but why was that son given because the government and judgment rides upon his shoulder something that man seemingly is always unable to do perhaps the closest righteous judge that ever lived would have been Solomon but perhaps that's a study for another day I want you to consider something that is said at the very beginning of the Gospels the Gospel according to Saint Luke chapter 1 right in the very beginning and the foundation we learn in verse 31 that Christ fulfilled Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 that which I just quoted unto you what do we learn the angel came in unto Mary and said hail thou that art highly favoured Yahweh is with thee blessed art thou among women and when Miriam saw the angel she was troubled that is saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be and the angel Gabrielle said fear not Mary for thou hast found favour with Yahweh God Am behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus he shall be great be called the son of the highest the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David Yahweh God gave unto Jesus Christ what the very throne of David the Davidic throne that we'll be looking at in its entirety this next coming year of 2018 when we get to the book of Revelation why well Christ says right at the very beginning i am alpha i am omega i am the root and offspring of david Gabriel tells Mary in this angelic salutation he shall be great called the son of the highest and Yahweh will give unto him the throne of his father David to do what to exercise judgment to cast the bad fish away from the good fish and as we covered last week in Matthew chapter 13 to send His angels to gather all the tares and burn them so a man cannot reconcile the New Testament with the old without the acknowledgment that Christ's name as Gabriel says right here in the first chapter of Luke means Jesus or Emmanuel God with us God is spirit those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth but if you took the spirit of God and put it within one single man that man would be Jesus Christ now that is Christianity 101 but even Mary had to be told that Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14 confirms this fact and he continues he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end how many kingdoms have risen and fallen in the last 20 years in the last 2,000 years how many decades have come and gone in which what was popular then is now considered a plastic-surgery disaster to paraphrase why is it that mankind human humans as it is over and over can never learn from the past they have to make the same mistakes over and over a perfect example of that would be politicians Christ would teach that Jerusalem was the city that killed the prophets that he came to gather but Jerusalem withheld that but yet a majority of judeo-christians look to what Jerusalem this week especially the fulfillment of a prophecy a prophecy given by Micah and many others like Amos that Jerusalem would be leveled and only in this day of the Lord when Yahweh God returns defacto to plead amongst his people does Jerusalem even come into play as far as fulfillment prophecy now I know in many ways that's a study for another day but we're moving into December now and many people are going to be preoccupied with the quote-unquote Christmas holiday and I have preached on both ends of the spectrum men have come to me and said but pastor Bazar you've preached the pagan origins of Christmas and so also will you preach a nativity sermon why well the short answer is should be common sense that the answer lies between those if knowledge is power then it's the knowledge of knowing the origins of Christmas perhaps that's a study for another day we're going to be looking more at Christmas most assuredly when we get to Micah chapter 5 later in this month but it is here where we learn from Bethlehem even though it be little among the thousands of cities and townships of Judah out of thee shall come forth unto me away God speaking who is to be ruler in all Israel exactly what Isaiah says in his seventh and ninth chapter and why I spent a good amount of time proving that the beginning of my coach Apter 4 is a reiteration of the second chapter of Isaiah why was it the Pharisees didn't recognize the Messiah could it be that they wanted the reverence do man themselves or could it be that many of them were imposter tears children of the devil as Christ clearly taught in John chapter 8 well we're definitely going to be looking at that as we progress through this series on Micah and when we begin an all-new series Wednesday January the 3rd 2018 right here on this venue looking at the book of st. John's apocalypse I hope you'll be part of that and stay tuned we're going to take a one-minute break I'm going to give you information if you feel led of the Holy Spirit to support covenant peoples church because your support for this month of December is greatly needed I'll be back in 60 seconds thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you're enjoying this gospel message I would like to be a part of our fellowship sure to write to us at covenant peoples ministry post office box two five six Brooks Georgia three zero two zero five CPM can be found on the world wide web at covenant peoples ministry org where you will find more of Pastor Victor sermons and Christian literature these lectures and videos are made possible by your tithes and offerings if you would like to support this ministry please make your checks for money orders payable to covenant equals ministry if you are accustomed to using paypal to send your donations to see p.m. at covenant peoples ministries or simply used to donate buttons on a ministry's About section of the CPM website it has been a pleasure to have you with us and now we will return to masters message [Music] and thank you for rejoining me my good friends all around the world I would definitely like to thank you for rejoining me for our continuation of our look at Micah chapter 4 before that break we left off in verse 8 where we learn that Yahweh God will make him that halts a remnant and her that was cast off meaning the Israelites a strong nation but the prophecy goes on to say that Yahweh shall reign over them in Mount Zion from henceforth forever not Jerusalem because Jerusalem was meant to be the city from which the Word of God goes forth however you will very rarely hear the New Testament loaded with him what do we consider that land in the Middle East it's a lie and those that do go over to that land and quote the words of Christ can find themselves locked up and put in jail what I'm getting to is it's quite ironic that so many people look to the Middle East for fulfillment of prophecy when all the prophecies that were given regarding Jerusalem was that it would be leveled and raised because it kills the genuine prophets that God sends unto it now from this point on to the end of chapter four we're gonna deal with terms like daughter of Zion or daughter of Jerusalem but notice that no point to show a God come in and say look to Jerusalem No in fact even this valley of jehoshaphat the Valley of Hinnom or this valley of decision in which God separates the good from the bad takes place outside of Jerusalem between the Mount of Olives and the city itself so that's important in understanding as we continue on ultimately it will happen again God will speak from Zion God will speak from Jerusalem but it takes to book a revelation to understand that it is a New Jerusalem wherein dwelleth righteousness the Jerusalem which is now has no righteousness okay they denied Christ and meanwhile the world comes in and calls them what God's chosen the city of the very prophets or at least the Pharisees that killed those prophets and murdered Jesus Christ enough on that let's continue on Yahweh God asks now why does you cry aloud King James says dust thou is there no King within thee as thy counselor perished for Ping's have taken me as a woman in travail some manuscripts put as a woman giving birth but this most assuredly is one of those signs that Christ gave the birth pangs of a new era apostasy is just at a downward spiral that goes faster and faster and so I ask you just as food for thought think back 10 years ago what were the main concerns for politicians and even preachers then think back 50 years ago then think back 200 years ago at least according to what you've been heard what do we learn from this that we are in a time of great apostasy where we are falling away from the faith and it goes right back to what Christ taught a little leaven will leaven the whole lump it's not coincidence that Yahweh God has to redeem that Yahweh God has to gather and cast out the bad so the righteous can shine forth and then the words of Yahweh can ultimately come forth out of Zion and come forth out of Jerusalem but they're not now not literal they are within us Zion God's people and they are within us the body of Christ the New Jerusalem but not in Israel the land Israel our people okay so picking it back up here in Micah chapter 4 now a God a sin verse 9 why do you cry out is there no King within thee consider that for a moment Herod when the three wise Marsh I came to him they said we seek the king of Israel or the king of the Judeans parrot perceived it as a threat so also did Pilate perceive Christ to be a threat why because all prophecies and what we covered today from Luke chapter 1 from the mouth of Gabriel the angel himself say that Christ was to come forth to be right here in Micah chapter 5 from Bethlehem Ephrata is to come forth unto Yahweh he that is to be a ruler in all Israel the pilot wanted to be a ruler Herod wanted to be a ruler therefore we learn once again that not only does organized religion murder all the prophets but politics as well and isn't it interesting that people profess my title and spend all their time talking about everything but the Bible food for thought if you actually asked him to preach the Bible they couldn't but they could tell you about JFK or they're willing to hop in bed and be a conspirator or for the Jew knowing that it takes a conspirator to make a conspiracy but they won't honor what Paul says will they well verse 10 be in pain and labor to bring forth o daughter of Zion stopping right there are we not instructed to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling are we not instructed in the New Testament that we are none of this world that even Christ said if we were of this world that he would have to take us out of this world so we are vagabonds and pilgrims that's the point the remedy that we're discussing here the elect orders the dock are they who are not of the world be in pain and be a labor to bring forth a daughter of Zion who's that the Israelite men women and children like a woman in travail for now shall you go forth out of the city and thou shalt dwell in the field and thou shalt go even unto Babylon there shalt thou be delivered and Yahweh shall redeem me from the hands of thine enemies who rose up Nebuchadnezzar to take the Israelites to Babylon of old Yahweh God who is raising up our current leader to draw the Israelites unto the rebuilt Babylon short-answer once again God but don't mess the correlation he uses the terminology Babel law and this is Micah okay post Babylon prophet who's reiterating the fact that in the future you will go even unto Babylon and there you will be delivered why because if you go into the land of Canaan you're going to get fat you're not going to obey even if Yahweh God tells the Israelites to take every Canaanite from the land and murder them drag them from the land you're not going to obey so the end result for disobedience is going on to Babylon so Yahweh God can what gather short answer one cannot gather unless you're scattered but scattering comes from disobedience so imagine the irony behind all this Christ came to gather as a mother hen and as the good shepherd but the Pharisees murder them which meant that while they professed unity they had murder within their heart oh they talked the 10 commandments which says thou shalt not kill but conspired to kill God in flesh the king of Israel who wasn't Yahweh God at this point but was given the keys of the throne of David his father so you should understand why Yahweh God will always render righteous judgment but man will always judge amiss continuing on in verse 11 now also many nations are gathered against thee let's say let her be defiled and let our I look upon Zion what a powerful statement when you really consider what's being said there are enemies of Yahweh God who want to take the kingdom by force I've spent a good deal amount of time looking at that in this very series on Micah but Micah says right here many nations are gathered against the Israelite men women and children why two reasons number one to Defiler and number two to let there I look upon the kingdom that isn't theirs to begin with now Obadiah and Malachi both taught on imposter tears and that was part of the reason why even Christ when he came into the Temple of Jerusalem had to overturn the tables of the moneychangers because they didn't understand these prophecies oh they understood usery they understood selling trinkets so I want to prove something we're gonna digress right here to two different places okay number one is going to be Amos which I feel in many ways is a companion piece to Micah because it's just as racially exclusive but here in Amos I want you to consider in the fifth chapter a statement that we find right here at the very end verse 27 Yahweh speaking therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus says Yahweh whose name is the God of hosts woe unto them that are in ease in Zion and trust within the mountain of Samaria to objects once again of Micah's rebuke Samaria Jerusalem both high towers and at the time of Amos the minor prophet had no problem coming in saying woe unto you if you trust in the city that murders the prophets to paraphrase now that's one statement and it certainly fits right here but the other one I want you to consider is a well-known statement in fact it's found within the minor prophet Obadiah which like Malachi deals with Jerusalem and it's stay with the God robbers and the pulse profits that would come in but this is important as well and as I'm turning their dear Ken's folk perhaps you aren't aware but beginning January we are going to begin a brand new series looking at the words of the minor profit or the words of st. John the Divine and hopefully by then we will have concluded the Book of Micah but if we don't do not fret we will actually get back into it and conclude it the first month of January but it will be completed I never leave loose ends my friends then Obadiah verse 12 but that should've have not looked this is spoken against the Esau Edomites okay you should not have looked on the day of your brother in the day that he became a stranger neither should you have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction neither should us now have spoken proudly in the day of distress now you don't really need me to point out that the book of Obadiah was reiterated by Paul in Romans but the fact that Jacob was loved and Esau was hated was because of this fact right here Esau was hated because he looked on the day of his brother and the day became a stranger and rejoiced now you only have to go back to the book of Genesis to read about this account but they were grown adults at this point Jacob and Esau and even though he saw treated Jacob dirtily Jacob permitted Esau to pass through his land why because he was his brother's keeper why because he loved the snake ablaze loved in returned Esau hated his brother just like Abel okay just every one of those that abide within darkness according to John's epistles but to this day they hate their brother within their heart thus Esau was hated so this gives you part of the reason why verse a shall I not in that day say Yahweh destroy the wise men out of Edom an understanding out of the mount of Esau understanding and wisdom again being different things now there are wise men of either okay so wise they can come in and profess to be something they're not and even over die or Micah and Malachi would have to point out Christ even in his parable of the tares and the wheat that they're not of Yahweh God judge them by their fruits so enough on Obadiah I have covered it it countless times but it goes on and on here the beautiful statement that verse 10 for example for thy violence against your brother Jacob shame shall cover thee not for any other reason okay so yes indeed God hated Esau but it was for a reason okay and the reason is given right here in Obadiah and why I spent time last week saying don't hate your brother within your heart it's against the law of God you're regardless of what man tells you they're gonna come in and tell you oh hey D so you know it's not why Jacob was loved in fact it's the reason he's always hated because he hated Jacob til you reap what you sow my friends so well Jerusalem and it is during this marriage supper of the lamb in which Christ has to come cast out all those things that offend in order that the righteous can shine forth and so it stands in your own personal lot if you don't cut out the proverbial Deadwood a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump so back in micah chapter four let's consider verse eleven many nations are gathered and they want Israel to be defiled and because they have the mindset we're gonna look upon Zion and take it for ourselves verse 12 but they know not the thoughts of Yahweh neither understand they his counsel for he shall gather them as the sheaves and to the floor and this beautiful prophecy pay close attention arise and Thresh of daughter of Zion for I will make thine born or horn iron and I will make thy hoofs brass and I will make thy house brass so that people will beat in two pieces many people and I will consecrate their gain unto Yahweh and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth that my friends is why I've spent so much time in the last two sermons proving that wars come from within our own members the lust and desire to have an OP not because you can never have it because the earth and the fullness thereof belong to Yahweh God and Men will come in they'll fence off the earth they'll say hey you know what I own miss a little bit of property no they don't that is the elect understand God controls and owns everything don't believe me well on our final verse that we'll be looking at today I want you to consider a statement in the 21st chapter of Isaiah as is found in verse 10 we learn right here oh my threshing the corn of my floor that which I have heard of the Lord of hosts the God of Israel ha by Isaiah speaking declare it unto you the watchman said the morning comes and also the night and if ye will inquire inquire ye return and come the inhabitants of the land brought water for they fled from the swords you get the idea they said chapter 21 ends on verse 17 and the residue of the many number of archers the mighty men of the children of Kadir shall be diminished for the Lord God Yahweh of Israel hath spoken it I want you to meditate on that until we meet again very shortly and in your own free time study out Micah chapter 4 verse 11 notice that number one first and foremost comes defilement in order that they can look to Zion that's you and I as property and or goyim take your pick but it's truly truly imperative to understand Micah for the upcoming woes oh my god we'll assemble all those prophets of old spoke it but don't be shocked when it is Christ and all those who denied Christ Pharisees and Sadducees included as being exactly who he is the mighty God the everlasting father a counselor etc will be cast out of his mouth in judgment and if you're able to support please do we truly need financial support for the month of December until then this is pastor basura wishing you and your entire family great studies war for Christ

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