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hello friends and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser a beautiful brooks georgia and the covenant people's church and today i'm pleased to announce that we will be continuing our long-running scrutinize ation of every word that was spoken by the minor prophet micah and in the last segment I devoted a fair amount of time to actually proving that Jesus Christ when he stood on the Mount of Olives clearly looked at Jerusalem that same Jerusalem which is now and said it was the city that murdered the prophets however it was Christ's intention in that statement and we will be revisiting it today to gather it clearly said how I would have gathered you together as a mother hand does her chicks that's exactly what we're going to be looking at today as we pick it back up in Micah chapter 4 but right at the beginning in verse 1 Micah says but in the last days that shall come to pass that the mountain of the house of Yahweh shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and people shall flow into it now right here at the very beginning of Michael chapter 4 you can obviously see that this prophecy that Micah is giving pertains to the last days that's confirmed in verse 1 in the last days it shall come to pass not possibly not even might but shall as per the words of Yahweh God however the question needs to be presented where and by home was it only Micah that foretold of a regather invol the Israelite people an ultimate day of the Lord in which the good fish are separated for the bad and the tears from the weed etc not really and in order to confirm that I'd like you to turn with me to the book of the major prophet Isaiah right in chapter 2 so I can concrete with in your mind that what Leica is teaching here is the same thing that Isaiah a prophet to Israel Jeremiah a prophet to the Judeans and Yahshua a prophet to both houses talked so consider Isaiah chapter 2 but beginning in verse 2 it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of Yahweh's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow into it quite interesting is it not because what we just confirmed was the fact that Micah begins this prophecy on a well-known prophecy that is Isaiah chapter 2 he continues on in verse 3 and many people shall come and say come ye and let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh to the house of the God of Jacob and he will teach us his ways and we will walk within his path for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem now I believe we've most assuredly covered that in a segment looking at the minor prophet Micah but what we learn in both Isaiah chapter 2 and here in Micah chapter 4 at the very beginning is an endtime prophecy meaning at the end of this age it is Yahweh God who through various minor prophets clearly said that there will be an ultimate regather II one more statement to consider before we move on here in Isaiah chapter 4 it's found in Ezekiel chapter 17 I want you to consider beginning in verse 22 thus says Yahweh God I will also take up the highest branch of the high cedar and will set it I will crop up from the top of Yong his young twigs a tender one and will plant it upon an high mountain and an eminent one in the mountain of the height of Israel I will plant it and it will bring forth boughs and bear fruit and be a goodly cedar and under it shall dwell all foul of every wing and in the shadow of the branches thereof they shall dwell and all the trees of the field shall know that I am a have brought down the high tree stopping right there just for a moment it was clearly Jesus Christ who said we are to judge a tree according to the fruit or the works that it brings forth but how do we reconcile that with those that claim to be of the same faith and continually espouse unity but behind the scenes work to destroy to sow discord and to scatter and in that I mean a majority of those that claim to be CI who put such emphasis on unity are no different than the Pharisees and the Sadducees of old who also had unity in spite of their great differences you see the Sadducees denied that there were angels the Sadducees denied that there was a latter reconciliation and/or resurrection but the Pharisees confessed both but what I don't want you to lose sight of my friend is that those are the type of people that have no problem whatsoever coming in and espousing unity as the Pharisees did with the Sadducees while they clearly killed the genuine prophets that are sent unto Jerusalem remember we proved today right here in Ezekiel that the word of Yahweh is supposed to come from Jerusalem right and so here we are today in a New Jerusalem where very few people even consider these statements back in verse 24 of Ezekiel chapter 17 all the trees of the field shall know that I away have brought down the high tree what tree that box cedar known as Satan that Ezekiel himself even prophesied about and we don't have time to look at today but every lofty thing every eye tower and every person who exalts himself above the most high being Yahweh will be brought low in this valley of decision so let's complete the verse have exalted the low tree and have dried up the green tree i Yahweh have made the dry tree to flourish by Yahweh have spoken and have done it perhaps this sheds more light on why Christ would say to judge a tree according to their fruit men will come in and they will say unity a polite way of saying gathering all the sheep under one fold but behind the scenes if you pay attention to their works you will see that they're not much different than the Jerusalem of old that murdered all the prophets so back here in Micah this prophecy is given that in the end of days this will happen what will happen Judgment Day Yahweh God will come down defacto and pleat amongst his people verse 2 and many nations shall come and say come let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh and to the house of the God of Jacob and he will teach us his ways and we will walk within his pathway just as Isaiah chapter 2 verses 2 through 4 confirm the law will go forth from Zion and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem and or out of Jerusalem as a majority of manuscripts put so I want you to understand that right here at the beginning of Micra chapter 4 verses 1 & 2 he reiterates this minor profit a major prophecy that was given to the general Israelites that also incorporates the Judeans whom Micah was a prophet unto so why is that important because here in a moment he's about to branch out but he begins on a very familiar prophecy and as I have said in this very series the Pharisees and the Sadducees of old the Bayeux priests of Herod's court knew the prophecies of Isaiah they knew the prophecies of even Micah as we're about to prove when we begin chapter 5 so they most assuredly knew this what that Yahweh God will cause many nations to come and say let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh God obviously the teaching at the time of Micah and Isaiah before him was exactly what Christ taught that Jerusalem was the city that murdered all the prophets no matter how many times Yahshua himself would rise early and send them his ultimate goal is to gather but Jerusalem withstood Jerusalem not only killed the prophets and the Pharisees that taught within that very city are responsible for the blood of Abel all the way to Zechariah but Jerusalem killed Jesus Christ himself the gatherer the Good Shepherd who clearly said he had come to gather his sheep under one fold verse 3 here in Micah chapter 4 and he who Yahweh in context shall judge among many people and rebuke strong nations afar off and they shall beat up their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks nation shall not lift up against nation and neither shall they learn war anymore why well the obvious answer is because it is ultimately a time of eternal peace as Christ talked but don't neglect the fact that in Matthew chapter 24 Christ clearly said one of the signs that precedes his second Advent is what nation rising against nation but yet here is a prophecy of Yahweh God coming down irregardless of how mighty a particular nation is he will judge Yahweh the Pharisees knowing this at the time of Christ when he clearly said I have come to gather woe unto them that scatter why is this important because this right here is the end of the continuation of Isaiah chapter 2 where he began and what I'd like you to turn back to in Isaiah chapter 2 notice the similarities verse 4 he Yahweh shall judge among the nations and shall rebuke many people and they who the Israelite men women and children and Gentiles by extension will will beat their own swords into plowshares and neither will they learn war any more so what can we learn from both Isaiah chapter 2 and Micah chapter 4 that when we live in a world where war is the norm and as Christ clearly taught there is wars and rumors of wars that is not the kingdom of Yahweh God the kingdom of Yahweh God is about to be outlined but I want you to notice wheresoever the King comes to bring his Dominion there the kingdom is this is what Christ taught he told the Pharisees that the kingdom of God had already come upon them so what I'm getting to is this the kingdom will be ushered in but that kingdom begins with judgment and judgment at the house of Yahweh God it's one thing to be a zealot it's another thing to believe within yourself that you are doing the will of God but what can be said for those that come in and murder the prophets well Micah chapter 4 begins with the minor prophet reiterating a well-known prophecy found in the second verse of Isaiah a major prophet and perhaps one of the most beloved because he on par with Micah gave many messianic prophecies and perhaps you haven't already noticed by now but we're going to prove this when we come back from the break every one of these prophecies that were looking at today from Micah Isaiah and Ezekiel are all fulfilled by who Jesus Christ now that's important especially beginning in January when we start looking at the book of Revelation where Christ says I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end so several things I want you to consider right here before we move on in Micah chapter 3 neither shall they learn war any more I want you to consider a statement by Joelle also known as Joel but in the third chapter beginning in verse 9 Joel says proclaim ye this among the Gentiles prepare war first cape wake up the mighty men let all the men of war draw near let them come up but beat your plowshares into swords and let your pruning hooks in disputes let the weak say I am strong assemble yourselves and come all ye heathen a polite way of saying Gentiles and gather yourselves together roundabout to their cause my mighty ones to come down let they even be wakened and come to the valley of Jehosaphat for their will I Yahweh speaking sit to judge all the heathen roundabout very important key because many people will come to this movement and they will tell you no matter what it takes that non-whites are somehow or another mentioned within the scripture well if the Gentiles weren't the offspring of Adam the man why would y'all way God come to judge these quote-unquote heathens the answers provided in Ephesians in Philippians and Enma Pauline epistles for Christ to come and say he is the ultimate regather would have been blasphemy had it not been well known prophecy still it did not stop the religious leaders of Christ's time from coming in knowing all of these things knowing that Isaiah chapter 2 verse 4 and Joel chapter 3 all talk about the way of man being to war James even said it where two wars come from from your own members it's not the will of God the will of God is for you to beat your plowshares why because there's no need for them within the coming Kingdom the answer was already provided in Isaiah chapter 2 that that lofty box cedar known as the devil will be judged that son of perdition and cast down to the sides of the pit one more thing I'd like you to consider before we actually move on here it's found within the Psalms and it doesn't look like I actually have this marked so you'll have to bear with me as I turn over there but I have it written here within my Bible the 72nd so that is Psalm 72 we learn beginning in verse six Yahweh God will come down like rain upon the bone grass as showers that water the earth in his day shall the righteous flourish and the abundance of peace so long as the moon indoors he shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from River until the ends of the earth they that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him and his enemies shall lick the dust who well one could say Yahweh another could easily say Jesus Christ in fulfillment of this prophecy and we'll look at that a bit more when we come back from the break the way of man is to war why because they lust and desire to have those things that they cannot which is what James the half-brother of Christ taught therefore when you live in in Europe where war is the norm as it has been for the last fifteen years or fifteen hundred years you know that this is not Yahweh God's kingdom but the kingdom of man and one could even split hairs and say the kingdom of the prince of this world being the devil who being part of those fallen angels taught our Israelite forefathers what the art of war now Christ came together and Christ came to be a Prince of Peace we're gonna look at that prophecy more in-depth here in about a minute when we come back from this short intermission but I want to prove to you in the second half of today's lecture that everything that was spoken so far that we've covered from four prophets was fulfilled by Jesus the Christ and so if you have a pen and paper please write down this information it is imperative to support covenant peoples ministry during the month of December while everyone is distracted by the holidays in order for us to survive the upcoming year write down this information I'll be back in exactly one minute [Music] thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you are enjoying this gospel message I'd like to be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at covenant peoples ministry post office box two five six Brooks in Georgia three zero two zero five CPM can be found on the world wide web at covenant peoples ministry org well you will find more pasta Vista sermons and Christian literature these lectures and videos are made possible by your tithes and offerings you would like to support this ministry these make your checks or money order is payable to covenant peoples ministry if you are accustomed to using PayPal please send your donations to cp/m ministry or simply used to donate on the ministry's About section of the cp/m website it has been a pleasure to have you with us and now we will return to posture reserves Bible study message and hello again dear kids folk thank you for rejoining me here on YouTube Dailymotion wherever you're viewing this particular youtube video as you heard in that brief intermission we truly are listener based and require your ties and supports to continue preaching and being that it is the final time slot of the month of November I usually like to thank the men women and children that meet make my preaching possible men like James with a/c farad with a G George with a see Eric with a Z my friend Troy and over the road trucker Kevin with an A Curtis Danny with an F Willis with a C and Stephen with a D those are a few of the men women and children that make my preaching available to a whole new era and we truly hope that you will be alleged by the holy spirit to support CPM as we continue into the future before that break we left off in the Book of Isaiah proving that it is an endtime prophecy spoken by four major prophets as us for far that's only God will gather and bring to earth something known as Judgment Day the day in which he separates between the good fish the bad fish the tares and the wheat and so I would like to begin after this break and Isaiah chapter 9 why because we learn in verse 6 for unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called wonderful counsellor the mighty God the everlasting father the Prince of Peace five names given you right there the number of grace but I want you to notice three of those five names are Yahweh God the everlasting father the counselor the mighty God continuing on of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end peace being the key word the opposite of war so we know that we're living in man's kingdom where war is normal correct especially when Paul says if it's possible to get along peaceably with all men continuing on upon the throne of David and on his kingdom he will order it to establish it with judgment and justice from henceforth forever who Jesus Christ is Judge Jesus Christ is he who would gather which is why I spent so much time last week looking at his statement Jerusalem Jerusalem the city that murdered the prophets it was the will of Christ to gather but the will of man to scatter don't believe me well where was this power given we just looked at a beautiful statement a racially exclusive statement that begins unto us a child has given who the Israelites spoken by Isaiah not the entire world and unto us a son is given but that the government would be upon his shoulder and all judgment would be given unto him of Yahweh God right so I want you to consider a statement Paul makes and a beautiful epistle to the Ephesians in Ephesians chapter 1 I want you to consider a statement beginning in verse 9 having made known unto us the mystery of his will yahweh according to his own good pleasure which he has proposed within himself that in the dispensation of the fullness of times he yahweh might gather together in one all things within christ now before we even conclude what we're looking at here in the first chapter of Ephesians it's obviously the will of God from the very beginning to gather all nations unto himself by who Christ now you should understand why Paul says in Philippians to those Gentiles that believe they have the power to be called the sons of Abraham because whether you're an Israelite or not if you do the deeds of the devil you're none of his don't believe me well let's continue reading and fullness of time what time the day of the Lord that we've covered four times today he might gather together all things in Christ which are in heaven and on earth even in him in whom also we have obtained an inheritance an inheritance my friend just like in heritage now the land of Canaan was meant to be in inheritance but because of the Israelites continual disobedience well that was taken from them and they were cast into dysphoria all around the world Christ now is our inheritance not the Land of Israel nothing land of Judea but the New Jerusalem those that believe in Christ according to Paul right in the very beginning of Ephesians that was the will of God all along to gather all those nations those things Israelite and Gentile nations that Ezekiel joelle David in his Psalms and Micah prophesied all along enough on that but Ephesians and the Pauline epistles are very powerful in truly understanding the ultimate fulfillment of all things with your finger here in the New Testament I want you to consider a statement that was made by Caiaphas the high priest not all they that were in the Temple of Jerusalem more bad some of them actually were were able to recognize who Christ was and what he came to do turn with me to the Gospel according to st. John chapter 11 we begin reading verse 42 nevertheless among the chief rulers many believed upon Christ but because of the Pharisees they didn't confess him lest they should be put out of the synagogue right there is your contrast between the spirit the flesh organized religion and truth but in that midst of people what did we have we had some that were sympathetic unto the cause consider verse 55 in Saint John chapter 11 and what them named Caiaphas this is when Christ was young named the high priest of that same year said unto them you know nothing at all nor consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for all the people in order for that whole nation to not perish and not for that nation only but that he Jesus Christ should also gather together in one of the children of God every single one of them that were scattered abroad what does that proof that while the Pharisees denied Christ some understood that Christ came to gather together under one fold why is that important because it is basically the integral theme of Christ's teaching don't believe me well we're going to prove that before we actually move on as well turn with me to the Gospel according to Matthew I want you to consider a statement as it is found in chapter 12 verse 30 beautiful statement by Christ he that is not against me is for me and he that gathers gathers not with me scatters abroad who is that that's Jesus Christ and isn't it interesting that this statement he makes not only confirms that he came to gather as he clearly taught that that those who scattered are none of his as well this right here in Matthew chapter 12 verse 30 clearly proves the intention of Yahweh God was to gather through Christ he that is not with me is against me and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad so man could come in and say unity all they want but if they're doing the deeds of their father the devil if they're scattering the flock of Yahweh God just like the Pharisees of old they're none of Christ that's a given while you're here in Matthew I want you to consider another statement because this is very important the 23rd chapter of the Gospel according to st. Matthew it is recorded Jerusalem Jerusalem now that kills the prophets and stone that which were sent unto thee how I would have gathered thy children together we've covered that most assuredly in the previous segment but once again 2nd witness from the mouth of Jesus Christ that his intention was to gather have you ever considered however the parable of the tares and the wheat all these major prophets came in including a few minor ones and said Yahweh God will do this Yahweh God will gather but yet it is Paul in Ephesians chapter 1 right in his foundation who says that God will only gather for those that recognize Yahshua the fulfillment of what Christ clearly taught that no man comes unto the Father except by or through me why short answer it is Christ who separates the good from the bad don't believe me well perhaps we've covered this a thousand times and you may have overlooked it let's consider the parable of the tares in the wheat this is where Christ teaches on endtime judgment right on par with what Micah chapter 4 does Matthew chapter 13 a beautiful statement in verse 13 where Christ is clearly explaining his parable of the tares in the week beginning in verse 37 he that sowed the good seed is the son of man the field is the world the good seed are the children of the kingdom but the tares are the children of the wicked one the tares look likely and that tear that looks like wheat may even come in and profess unity the only way you'll know is to judge a tree according to their fruit and the only way that every tree will know is it the ultimate fulfillment of a prophecy that's found in Isaiah chapter 2 continuing on Christ continues the explanation of the parable of the tares from the weak the enemy that sowed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the world exactly what we're looking at in Micah chapter 4 the Reapers are the Angels as therefore the tares are gathered and burned within the fire so shall it be at the end of this world a polite way of saying age and/or EULA so what did Christ say the end of this age would be the judgment a gathering together and a casting out of those things that do iniquity don't believe me verse 41 in Matthew chapter 13 the son of man Jesus Christ not Yahweh God the Son of man shall send forth his angels and they shall gather out of his kingdom who Christ kingdom all things that offend and all things which do iniquity and shall cast them into a furnace of fire and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth and here is the answer to what we're looking at right in Micah as to why many of our people will need to beat their swords into plowshares then shall the righteous shine forth in the son of the kingdom of their father who has ears let him hear now it should be pointed out the obvious here the Pharisees professed to have ears to hear they even outwardly would show a sign of unity alongside the Sadducees to push out everything that was spoken before so men will come to you today and they will tell you Jesus Christ is not God which is Judaism 101 a denial of the fact that Christ is Emmanuel God with us like we confirmed today from Isaiah chapter 9 it's just one of his five names that were given there a Prince of Peace so that's enough on that but I want you to consider that Christ gathers all things that commit iniquity and cast them out in fulfillment of Micah chapter 4 continue reading in verse 4 but they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree and none shall make them afraid for the mouth of Yahweh god of house has spoken it notice right there you may overlook it but none shall be made afraid as I have stated on this very venue the enemy knows that they can control through fear which is why you were commanded to beer God and keep his commandments because the moment you start fearing and fretting over what man does over what's happening in the political spectrum you're already lost especially in light of the fact that you're not to preach anything that doesn't become the gospel so how do you reconcile these teachings of Micah what answers provided in Zechariah chapter 3 consider verse 10 and that day says Yahweh of hosts you shall call every man his neighbour under the vine and under the fig tree and what day in the day of the Lord where clearly the unrighteous tears goats or bad fish need to be cast out as Christ said in Matthew chapter 13 in order that the righteous can shine forth now we are instructed not only to judge a tree according to their fruit but to cut up a verbal dead wood from amongst our life that may be holding us down so perhaps you should do that with men who come in and tell you that Christ does not fulfill these prophecies as they are given Zechariah clearly said it now as time is getting away from me we're going to leave off right here in one of the most important statements to be found with the book of the minor prophet micah chapter 4 period and I believe that if we could get this down well we won't be out there all the time hood wait and upset when people aren't converted what does my cat each chapter 4 verse 5 for all people will walk everyone in the name of his God and we will walk in the name of Yahweh our God forever and ever what does that prove number one predestination number two no such thing as conversion you're either given eyes to see or ears to hear or are not but at the end of the day every single person will walk in the name of their God forever and as I've gotten older I most assuredly learned this the hard way the only people I attract are people that are of a like mind something to consider why because every person walks in the name of their own God forever ok so you can beat people over the head with the Bible you can prove to them as we did today that Christ fulfilled every single prophecy that was given redeem regarding and redeeming a coming Messiah there will still be Jews that come in and tell you Christ is not God in the flesh Christ is not the bridegroom and that you should hate Jacob's brother why is that important because Christ clearly taught whosoever does not love his brother abides in darkness taught it for John John taught it Paul taught it the entire thing love your enemy love your brother who is Jacob's brother how easy is it for the enemy to come in claiming to be something and causing a majority of the world to hate their brother overnight and Damned themselves in the process remember it was Christ at this very point that we're going to look at more in depth next time who says to those that are cast out in it's much as you have done it unto these the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me the enemy wants you to hate your brother by any means possible and if you want to come in and attribute to them characteristics of Jacob's brother fine but don't hate don't hate the only way to overcome evil is with good perfect love casts out all fear but most of those who walk around in a continual state of hate not set free live in a perpetual state of fear and I might interject one desire to be never understood for the life of me how people can come in claim to hate something and do everything they can do to be it so until next time please if you're able to support please do we truly need it to continue for the upcoming year and always remember great studies and war for Christ this is pastor Visser until then

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