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hello again dear friends and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser and I'm pleased to be joining you this beautiful Sunday morning for the continuation of our look at the Book of Micah the minor prophet and last time we basically centered the entire sermon around the first two verses of chapter 2 where we learn well unto them that divides iniquity and work evil upon their beds when the morning is light they practice it because it is in the power of their hand they covet fields and take them by violence and houses and take them away so they oppress a man and his house even a man and his heritage and that actually led me to go on a long tirade but explaining specific things that are meant to be a heritage to the Israelite men women and children and some of those things are offspring the most obvious having children and having them blessed land of course which was part of the promise made to Abraham and the deliverance during the Exodus the Word of God is considered a heritage to us our protective shroud as we discussed last week is also part of a heritage and with all of those things that we actually outlined as being a heritage or a reward I want you to consider a statement made by Peter in his first epistle in 1st Peter chapter 5 right in the very beginning verse 1 he says the elders which are among you I exhort who am also I an elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ and a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed part of that glory is most assuredly revealed in mica because towards the end of chapter 2 mica showcases his very first messianic prophecy regarding the coming Messiah Yahshua the Christ and it's not the only one to be found within the minor prophet Micah but back here in 1st Peter right at the beginning of chapter 5 Peter says well I'm an overseer I partook of the sufferings of Christ surely he was there he denied Christ three times right he says this and verse two feed the flock of God which is among you taking the oversight thereof not by constraint but willingly not for filthy lucre but I've already mind neither as being lords over God's heritage but being examples unto the block now I truly wanted to begin this beautiful Sunday November 15th in the first epistle of Peter because what's interesting about that is he gives a commandment he says don't be a lord over God's heritage but yet we clearly proved that Yahweh's heritage are supposed to be the Israelites at least according to Joel chapter 3 verse 2 but also these other things that we outlined and devoted a good amount of time last Wednesday evening into proving our in heritage of Yahweh God so notice a true over fear as he puts here one who feeds the flock of God does so of a ready mind but not out of filthy lucre sake what's that but a polite way of saying greed or the love of money which is one of the major things that a lot of judeo-christian false prophets are led by of course we could leave it at that but for us within this movement who loved the Word of God notice we can't be lords over God's heritage we have to be an example to the flock and in so many ways that's absolutely accurate you'll convert more people by your example than by arguing a good game every single time but we can never lord over other people's heritage because that is exactly what Micah chapter 2 begins on saying the wicked do they rise early to covet the fields that don't belong unto them that technically belong to the Israelite men women and children and of course all of those things are an oppression of a man's heritage which incorporate children land the Word of God and our protection from both Yahweh God and Jesus Christ so where we left off and the last part was actually in verse 6 where Micah says in chapter 2 prophesy II not say they to them that prophesy they shall not prophesy to them and they shall not take shape now from this point for the next few verses it is Micah who comes in and outlines the sins of Jacob that is one of the reasons I have chosen to actually preach Micah as a book because it clearly outlines our sins our rebellion our tolerance of things that we should not and just as a more famous and many other minor prophets straight board Lee said we need to love good and hate evil and so in verse 7 we read in Micah chapter 2 o thou that art named the house of Jacob is the spirit of Yahweh straightened are these his doings do not my words do good to them that walk uprightly question question from Micah and indeed it really is if Yahweh's word according to the 119 Psalm is part of our heritage we need to fight to preserve that heritage but it's also something that is uprightly right allowing us to walk as I have pointed out it at least the law of God is a measuring rod or a rod of Correction it's a foundation in which we personally and nationally know what is right what is wrong what to tolerate what not to okay so notice though that our named the house of Jacob those are the Israelites and that's what Micah is about he spends a third of his entire book rebuking his own people his own bloodline and we as the preachers of God's people need to do the same no you can only come in and blame the Edomite or the Canaanite to a certain degree at some point we need to take responsibility for our own transgressions the way Micah puts it iniquities meaning violations of God's law oh thou that art named the house of Jacob that's the Israelites is the Spirit of the Lord straightened or is it strained but notice even back then Micah was more concerned about the spirit why because the law is set that you will it's strict cannot be changed cannot add to or take away from it and therefore many ways the false prophet can come in and manipulate through the law and if you don't believe me that's exactly what the Pharisees did they use the law to condemn the Mosaic law they marveled when Christ dined with sinners and publicans because of course they weren't doing that and so at the end of the day Jacob sins or what Micah rebukes and that's what it's about not being spirit filled felt okay and I have said from this very venue many many times there is the letter of the law and it's good if it's used lawfully but so also is there the spirit of the law being that we're coming up on Christmas a perfect example of that would be the Virgin Mary you know when she was found to be of child a with child of the Holy Spirit there were those that came in and said we need to put her to death that's per the Mosaic law which is clearly outlined that adulteresses are to be put to death but Joseph intervened he understood the spirit of the law and took her into the land of Egypt so what I'm getting to here is the fact that even Micah was chastising our race all the way back then for not being spirit-led restraining the Spirit of God the Israelites were meant to be his heritage okay now ultimately he will come back and claim his heritage but we're losing all of ours which incorporates everything we covered last Wednesday so you want to study on an heritage of Yahweh God quote/unquote go back to us the last segment that we preached verse 8 even of late my people is risen up as an enemy you pull off the road with the garment from them that passed by securely as men adverse from war meaning returning from war this is moving into the most unique part of Micah and his prophecies that is at the halfway point of Chapter two during this block of passages where Micah outlines the sins of Jacob almost every then he speaks here is unique thus I won't be going back as I have in the previous segment to prove Amos Hosea Isaiah Jeremiah teach similarly but notice this point this point of late my people are risen up against me as an enemy how can we become adversarial to Yahweh God well we know it begins in part by relinquishing our heritage okay and allowing the stranger to come in and take that but also after the pattern that was outlined within Lucifer remember he said with in his heart I will be like the Most High I'll take his position okay so that is why in this very series I've spent a good amount of time preaching on marriage divorce and remarriage and what it signifies and it's a lot more just like everything else within the Word of God it's truly dual fold the verse 9 the women of my people ye have cast out from their pleasant houses from their children you have taken away my glory forever now perhaps you understand why I prove that we are supposed to be as the Bride of Christ his crown and glory that's part of our heritage right the word psalm 119 but yet it's being taken away by these group of people of our own seat who are so evil chapter 2 verse 2 begins on this woe unto them that devise iniquity that plan lawlessness or you could even say profit upon lawlessness or the sins of God's bride the women of my people ye have cast out from their pleasant houses now in Joel and in the book of Revelation an angel is loosed with the key to the bottomless pit and out of that pit come smoke and ultimately locust and locust armies and as those locust armies descend upon our people and our earth it's interesting to see that just as chapter 2 outlines our heritage is being stripped away from us and part of that heritage is what they're pleasant houses going back at least here in the states 200 years and I know in Europe Germany and many other places they're coming in to make room for the refugee in a land where they have no business being by pushing out who the women of God's people and if you don't believe that you may have your head buried within the sand because you merely need to look at world events and what's happening a great time of displacement okay now displacement is a key word as well it's part of the dysphoria of our people and we prove that in this very important series on mica as well it's one of the reasons we were dispersed abroad our own iniquity cast out of the land why because the land was meant to be a heritage a reward that very promise made unto Abraham and so everything does center around Abraham Yahweh God loved Abraham so much that he honored that covenant or promise that was made with him on the plains of Mamre for the rest of Israel's dismal history leading up until today my friends we still have grace and mercy of Yahweh God which is truly unmerited because we've never done anything to obtain it we've been just like as we've proven in this series a group of Israelite men women and children who would rather prefer the company of a stranger than our husband we would rather flush our heritage down the proverbial toilet as Esau did in despising his and we allow the heathen to come in and rule over us so what we're seeing in America Europe and in practically almost every white European nation is not new it has been this way since time emori Oh technically since the Garden of Eden since the serpent came in and slithered and whispered into the ear Aviv saying yay hath God said which is the word of God say what does man say you will find if you actually research it that usually what man says the Word of God says is not what the Word of God says itself so it is in the glory of God to conceal a matter but the duty of Saints to seek it out now the women of our people are already being cast out of their pleasant places and that's part of land seizures and the wicked who rise verse 2 they covet fields and they take them by violence why short answer is this the earth and the fullness thereof all along the only God the earth is his footstool but knowing that it belongs to Yahweh God the wicked can only rise and say well I want it that was seen an a half Jezebel many other biblical examples who wanted to rise up and take for example no boss vineyard but they have greed within their heart for something that's not theirs an inheritance and they seek to change it verse 10 arrive and depart for this is not your rest because it is polluted it shall destroy you even with a sword destruction if a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie saying I will prophesy unto thee of wine and strong drink he shall even be the prophet of this people what's being said there Mike is basically saying if a man would come in and tell you contrary to what's in the Word of God to what the prophets said before you would rather have that and that's akin to the rest of scripture how the Israelites despise the commands of God and would rather erect their own graven images their own false prophets that will come in and tickle their ears notice the word is polluted and that pollution will destroy you as the Israelites why is that important because Christ clearly taught that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump and that's how it begins tolerance if you tolerate evil as opposed to hate it than evil flourishes and we prove that in the last segment but this is important if a man walking in the spirit and Paul said do lie saying I will prophesy unto thee of wine and strong drink well he shall be the prophet of this people the Whore of Babylon makes all the nations of the earth drunk with the wine of her fornication and the end times and judeo-christian is integral or judeo-christianity and the false Roman Catholic Church is integral on getting people just like this they come in and say well hey they come up with their the first church right and all Protestantism sponge off of that well they rather have that why is this important turn with me to 2nd Timothy Timothy or Paul's second letter to Timothy chapter 4 verse 3 for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears I want you to think on that I'll be back in exactly one minute we're gonna take a 30 or a 60-second break and you can write down this information grab yourself a quick beverage and listen to this announcement [Music] thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you are enjoying this gospel message we a part of our fellowship is sure to write to us at covenant peoples ministry post office box two five six Brooks Georgia three zero two zero five CPM can be found on the world wide web at covenant peoples ministry org where you will find more of Pastor Bitzer sermons and Christian literature these lectures and videos are made possible by your tithes and offerings if you would like to support this ministry please make your checks or money orders payable to covenant peoples ministry if you are accustomed to using paypal please send your donations to see p.m. at covenant peoples ministry comm or simply use the donate button on the ministry's About section of the CPM website it has been a pleasure to have you with us and now we will return to Pastor visitors Bible study message and thank you for rejoining me my friends it's a beautiful Sunday November 19th and it is about 10:20 in the a.m. and before that break I was tying together many correlations to our current apostasy where we find ourselves today in era in which the enemies of God not content with just being referenced as God's want to come in and take that heritage that's not theirs why is that important because we learn in Revelation 2 9 & 3 9 both that there are they who say they are Judea but or not they are of the synagogue of Satan Micah as a minor prophet was today of Judah to dance in short and while he does spend a good amount of time just icing his own people where we are towards the conclusion of chapter 2 is the end of his rebuke he says basically that you're not allowing the true prophets to speak Micah was one of the true prophets Micah would come in and in context especially to chapter one prophesy against Samaria and Jerusalem he would consider them high places now when Christ stood on the Mount of Olives looking towards Jerusalem he clearly said Jerusalem Jerusalem the city that murders the prophets so where do we stand as a people as God's bride or children take your pick are we willing to allow this which is where we locked off people to come in and basically say hey you know what you can get drunk you can do whatever you want to paraphrase but to make you drunk on a different type of spirit as opposed to the Holy Spirit if a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie okay so the spirit of falsehood which else ran scripture is sent of Yahweh God if that man excuse kitty she loves my preaching you'll have to forgive her but if a man comes in and has that spirit of falsehood you should notice that Yahweh God says we would rather erect that and prefer that as a people and that is why before the break I went to second Timothy chapter 4 verse 3 where we learned that the time will come and ask where we will not endure sound doctrine remember Christ told the devil that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God something to consider now beginning in verse 12 to the end the next two verses of chapter 2 is a messianic prophecy pretty much everything we have dealt with in the first two chapters is quite dismal but it's something that needs to be faced by the realistic okay that often times we are our own enemy that we go after graven images we spend more time with our car or you know fast food the television all of those things that can become an idol but beginning in verse 12 we see a glimpse of the coming Messiah and this is part of the promise made unto Abraham and I want you to consider that in many ways we tend to think well in Abraham's seed all the nations on the earth are blessed that attribute that to ourselves but of course that was the promise of the coming Redeemer and you will see it's technically the same thing here towards the conclusion of chapter 2 verse 12 Micah says I will surely assemble of Jacob all of thee I will surely gather the remnant of Israel I will put them together as the sheep of basra as the flock in the midst of their fold they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men now as you can already see this is a glimpse of the coming Messiah then that is his birth and for us as well Yahweh God will assemble out of our dysphoria so his people are found throughout the entire world and in many ways he has used his people as an instrument to bless all the other nations on the face of the earth but there was none more a blessing than sure Messiah that is to the Gentile nations right so Yahweh God will assemble now from this point to the end of Micah he basically peppers his prophecies with the promise of a coming Messiah so let's establish that first we won't have time today but in Micah chapter 4 he says in verse 6 and that day says Yahweh I will assemble her then holtz and I will gather her that is driven out and her that I have afflicted stopping right there that is why I have spent time from Amos and many others proving that it is Yahweh God who afflicts it is Yahweh God who sends evil quote-unquote notice here we're in the feminine his people his bride very important to understand but then even it continues I will take her that was cast off I will make her that halted the Israelite a remnant and her that was cast off a strong nation and Yahweh shall reign over them in Mount Zion from henceforth forever now that's something to consider but how does Yahweh God dwell over them who returns to marry this feminine Bride of Christ her that halted her that is driven out her that Yahweh afflicted turn with me to Jeremiah I feel this will drive home the point as found in the 31st chapter but verse 10 here the word of Yahweh oh ye nations and declare it in the Isles afar off and say he that scattered Israel will gather them and keep them as a shepherd does his flock now I want you to think for a moment to the 22nd psalm where David says the Lord or Yahweh is my shepherd I shall not want it was Jesus Christ who said I am The Good Shepherd I will lay down my life he taught a parable of the lost sheep he clearly said that he was the Good Shepherd okay but notice this is a disbursement and a regathered very important to understand because it is Christ who regathered and that is why I spent so much time looking at marriage divorce and remarriage and proving from the law of God that while a husband wins the bride is not free to remarry okay so God has to in many ways give that bill of divorcement ultimately leaving the Israelites dead unto God which is why Christ would say if you've seen me you've seen the father but also no man can come unto the Father except by or through me what can you learn from that that many men will come in and say or try to get to God by going around or over or so they think Yeshua Messiah who clearly said it can't be done here the word of Yahweh back in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 10 oh gee Israelite nations I will gather them I will keep them as the Shepherd does his flock why is this important because it obviously is a messianic prophecy turn with me to Isaiah chapter 40 and I want you to consider verse 11 Isaiah 40 verse 11 behold yahweh l will come with a strong hand and his arm show rule for him behold his reward a polite way of saying heritage is with him who is his heritage the israelites but his reward is with him and his work before in verse 11 he shall feed his flock as a shepherd he shall gather with his arm and carried them in his bosoms and shall gently lead dose that are with young who is that but Jesus Christ my friend Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd and Micah chapter 2 ends off on the note that a future Messiah will come verse 12 i yahweh speaking will surely assemble o Jacob of all of the a remnant within a remanent and in oh so many ways I truly understand the sentiment while I attempt to follow the outline of Jesus Christ by preaching to the masses and hopes that the remnant will understand truly there is a remanent within the remnant and I've spent time proving bad as well if many are called few are chosen than the chosen are the remnant they're the ones that are like the sheep in Christ's own allegory that know their Shepherd and will follow the rest of them may be saying well I'm going to go to Yahweh only and deny Christ they may be saying his name is Allah his name is Buddha right the gods of the other nations that Jesus Christ or Yahweh in the Old Testament clearly set up thus the term God of gods and Lord of lords so I hope that looking at this actually identifies you the multitude of men its innumerable this is the point in Christ's teachings where he separates the tears from the wheat the sheep from the goats why is that important because I would reckon to say that many of the false prophets that the cult go after not to chose it will come in and say you know what uproot those terrors yourself go ahead and kill in spite of the warning against Lamech inspite of Christ saying no do not uproot those tears lest you uproot or harm the wheat in the process so it's important to understand the Word of God okay then that the truth shall set you free final verse of chapter 2 verse 13 the breaker has come up before them they are broken up and have passed through the gate they are gone out by it and their kings shall pass before them and yahweh on the head of them some manuscripts don't put broken up they say the breaker has come up before them and has broken out so over and over we see a pattern within the word of God God coming in intervening usually by erecting a puppet like Micah or a man like Moses to deliver out of a form of captivity into the Promised Land quote-unquote the land of Canaan meant to be in heritage to the Israelite men women and children and then they go into that land and find that it's flowing with milk and honey as America Europe Australia were once upon a time and the first thing they do usually is not give praise unto Yahweh God but they turn around and get lazy and our current era many people would rather have a large screen television or a nice car they have no time for Yahweh God but ultimately at the back of their mind somehow or another believe that well if they spend their life in front of the television and not five minutes that's so much is reading the Word of God they're gonna enter into the kingdom as well the Word of God that's written for the cult the majority of our race but only the remnant will understand so the end of chapter 2 is Micah discussing a future reconciliation while the Israelites were scattered partly because of their own sins Yahweh God will ultimately regather separate okay the good fish from the bad fish and so that actually ends Micah chapter 2 so we should begin in Micah chapter 3 verse 1 Micah says here I pray you O heads of Jacob and he Princeton's of the house of Israel is it not for you to know judgment that's the question and in my estimation probably part of the reason why they split and put a chapter right here and in chapter 3 notice in chapter 3 verse 1 here ye o heads of Jacob and the princes of Israel but also verse 2 or chapter 2 woe unto them that devise iniquity each time setting the context for who Micah would come in and rebuke part 3 or chapter 3 of his rebukes continue to the heads of the Jacob i'ts or the Israelites in many ways what he's about to move into can be overlaid for people who want to engage in politics but even more than worldly politics the church itself the temple the high priests because as per the Mosaic law they were the ones to no judgment okay so we didn't go to a king we went to an High Priest like Solomon who would ultimately discern or judge a matter and that was the outline of Yahweh God that's how it was designed to be so what can we learn from Micah 3 verse 1 and how can we overlay it to our current life well to the heads of Jacob is it not for you to know judgment yes it is to because of the Israelite men women and children then and now now do they use the law of God or the law of man law fully 95% of the time not so which is why micah malachi jose i said many of these prophets would come in and rebuke them pay close attention to the next verse who hate the good and love the evil now we're in a society that calls evil good and good evil here we learn that many of these princes of the israelites and rulers of our people since the time micah wrote this minimally or just like this they hate the good and love the evil aaron pilot of course the Assyrian Pharaoh many examples in the Bible but we'd be hoodwinked to think it's any different under Trump under Obama under JFK under Franklin Delano Roosevelt right so the Bible says woe unto him that puts their faith within man man will not deliver why because usually the rulers of our people the princes of Israel are the ones we look up to hey good love evil they're the same people at the beginning of chapter two that rise evil they work evil or rise early to work evil and put those stumbling blocks because it is in the power of their hand to do so you've heard the old term power corrupts but absolute power absolutely corrupts thus the theory of the leaven of the Pharisees are levered in general a little leaven truly well leaven the whole lump and I find it interesting how in the media world at least they come in and say what we tolerated this abomination in the 60s this one in the 70s this one in the eighties and altogether we're being played and inundated with locusts armies that are stealing corrupting our heritage putting women out of their own homes widows and oppressing them most assuredly the hireling within their wages and so we're gonna leave it right there at Micah chapter three verse one and we're gonna pick it back up next Wednesday I hope you'll join me right here it is for us to no judgment the Israelites the Oracles of God were given unto us to exercise but if we don't exercise them the heathen will come in and they will change history and ultimately replace give you a government that has no God whatsoever allowed and or tolerated within its halls so I hope you'll join me for that and I truly want to thank the few men women and children that deemed fit to support covenant peoples ministry and outreach while we rebuild during this somewhat dark period it is a beautiful Sunday morning and I'm glad that I was able to actually live stream I'm sorry micah is going a little slower but I make no apologies for that I actually really want to prove how essential micah is to today's hero so if it's blessed you bless us back with correspondence and until then this is pastor Visser from Brookes Georgia wishing you and your entire family great studies and war for Christ

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