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hello again friends and listeners and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of beautiful Brooks Georgia and the covenant peoples church and today we're going to continue our long-running look at the words of the minor prophet Micah and we actually left off in the final verse of chapter 1 that is verse 16 but today we're about to begin chapter 2 and from here on out you will say that Micah basically pronounces a series of woes but not against the heathen not against the Edomite but against the Israelites in fact Micah as a book is split into thirds the first third deals with the sins of Israel he outlines exactly where they aired how they were disobedient and we covered most of that last week where I pointed out that Yahweh God was married unto us and we would continually the Israelites go a whoring after other gods the second third is about the punishment that will always befall us if we are unruly or unfaithful to our bride Yahweh God and finally the final third of Micah's book deals with the restoration of the Israelite people if they will humble themselves walk justly with Yahweh God and submit themselves to their husband's will and that is why I spent a good deal last time looking at the marriage supper of the Lamb and what marriage divorce and remarriage signifies within the Word of God and it's so much more than we and the flesh tend to think so Micah is split into thirds and we can overlay that into our current apostasy because at the time of Micah he would come in and clearly attack his own people the descendants of Jacob and he would tell them that they need to get stop serving foreign gods and going after they of gas and then Yahweh God could bless them but at the time he wrote it they were looking forward to a coming Messiah just like we are today clearly looking forward to that future marriage supper of the Lamb and that is why I spent a good deal of time actually looking at that last weekend improving that we must be submissive to her husband anything else is as rebellion and rebellion is what as the sin of witchcraft punishable by death to Yahweh God so very important subject matter that we're going to be looking at today as we move into chapter 2 the best place to begin is again at the conclusion of chapter 1 which is verse 16 where Micah says make the bulb and pull thee for thy delicate children enlarge thy baldness as the Eagle for they are all gone into captivity from the meaning Yahweh God and that if you will is the story of our race since time memorial Yahweh God would come in deliver you would send Christ or Moses in the Old Testament and usually the Israelites would say no we prefer to be in bondage and so in this year 2017 as we're looking forward to the return or the second advent of Jesus Christ what we're looking at is very important but it should be pointed out that obviously Micah is lamenting for his people and we should lament in oh so many ways when we see them going into apostasy so the key word in verse 16 is delicate turn with me to lamentations which is a very appropriate book considering that Jeremiah also was a prophet to the Judeans but has the separate book solely devoted to his woes in his cries right considerate lamentations chapter four but verse four the tongue of the suckling child Cleaves to the roof of his mouth / thirst the young children ask bread and no man breaks it for them they that did be delicately or desolate within the streets they that were brought up in scarlet embrace dung Hills now notice the keyword being delicate or delicately as Jeremiah puts it Micah says make thee bald meaning cut off your hair another sign of lamentation and pull or cry out and lament for your delicate children now at first glance this may seem somewhat not even in context to the study but we here in America most assuredly have lived just like this very delicate and/or delicately in that Yahweh God has blessed us at least for the last 200 years of American history and the reason for that is obviously because we served him we put him first as a nation and were more willing at least for the last 200 years of American history to profess a lot of Jesus Christ but now we live in 2017 where our heritage is being stripped away from us scripture outlines many things that are in heritage but I want you to remember that the heritage is a gift if you will a possession and while many of us may be prodigal sons running to and fro there is an inheritance and a reward awaiting you that is if you are obedient and that is what micah is about to say in micah chapter 2 but verse 1 where he says woe unto them that divides iniquity and work evil upon their beds when the morning is light they practice it because it is in the our of their hand oftentimes within scripture we are commanded to not even try to incline ourselves to know the thoughts of the wicked because they can't be in home but right here we are given a clue by the minor prophet Micah that there are men and women who rise early in the morning they could only think of iniquity what is iniquity according to the King James Version of the Bible it means a transgression of God's law or sin in short but every time we transgress or go against the commands of Jesus to Christ it is considered iniquity and while we mess up and Christ did the work on Calvary to give us remission of our own sins there are still men and women at the time of Micah's writing and today my friends that do justice they work evil upon their beds they rise when the morning is like to practice evil now are they knowing or not perhaps not because if they don't know God's moral law well almost every time people go out and attempt to define morality themselves and while the road to hell may be paved with good intentions good intentions are never enough let's prove that point turn with me to Hosea as you've heard me say in this particular theory Hosea was a good friend just like many others to Micah but Hosea was a prophet to the Israelites just as I say it was and I stressed that over and over because many of these minor prophets all work together and even though they were a collective whole attempting to bring the Israelites back to the precepts of God one of which being an heritage for the Israelites you either have eyes to see or ears to hear or don't Hosea chapter 7 consider a statement what we learned about the Israelite men women and children and this is God's viewpoint or world view of us then and now when we bowed to graven images or when we adulterate the holy seed line of Yahweh God a verse for they are all adulterers as an oven heated by the Baker who ceases from raising after he is kneaded the dough until it be leavened and the day of our king of princes they have made him sick with bottles of wine he stretched out his hand with scorners for they have made ready their heart like an oven their Baker sleeps all the night and in the morning it burns as a flaming fire what iniquity which is clearly why Christ would say beware of the leaven of the Pharisees why because if you allow a little bit of that leaven and suddenly nationally because of our own tolerance we will slip into apostasy and naturally Yahweh God cannot bless us any more and so we have in the past as the descendants of Isaac the man lived delicately but no more my friends and we're moving in to a great apostasy in which it is my own opinion only Jesus the Christ can deliver and we need to be more in tune with the spirit and in the realization that we are not all the same in the eyes of God that while we are instructed to rise early and give praises unto Yahweh God there are men and women who rise early to do only evil now let me interject some manuscripts don't put work in verse 1 here of chapter 2 at all they put plan meaning they get up to literally plan a stumbling block and place it before you we are living in oh so many ways a very Orwellian world in which new evils and new abominations a polite way of saying iniquity is candy-coated manufactured and presented unto the people through the airwaves the media the television you get the idea verse two and they covet fields and they take them by violence and houses and they take them away so that they oppress a man and his house even a man and his heritage now I need to really digress right here it should be obvious from what we've covered already that there are iniquitous tears that arise early but their eyes are set on something known here in verse two as in heritage notice Micah says that not only do they rise early in the morning to oppress a man but their goal is to oppress a man's heritage something to consider because there are specific things within the Word of God that are all outlined as in heritage for the Israelite men women and children and in order to fully understand how this correlates to our current era I need to hop around to begin looking at the topic of the very heritage that many tears will come in and attempt to take from us turn with me to the book of Psalms the 119 Psalm is a great place to begin because actually I feel we should begin right there so 119 but first 111 david says to yahweh thy testimonies I have taken as in heritage forever for they are the rejoicing of my heart point 1 before we even look at many other things that Yahweh God has promised as in heritage unto us number 1 is the Word of God his testimony's that's appropriate don't you think because that part of our heritage keeps us on the straight and narrow that is our foundation that is what keeps us from the rest of the world who may with good intentions go after other gods or graven images so gods testimonies according to David are in heritage while we're here in the Psalms turn with me to the 127 psalm also a Davidic Psalm but I want you to consider verse 5 happy is the man that has a quiver full of children they shall not be ashamed they shall speak with his enemies in the gate as arrows are in the hand of a mighty men or man so our children and heritage of Yahweh God verse 3 lo children are an heritage of Yahweh God and the fruit of the womb has rewarded two things now we have proven our in heritage to the Israelites the Word of God something that the wicked and iniquitous will rise early and seek to pervert children are a reward and in heritage of Yahweh God also something according to Micah chapter 2 they evil will rise to pervert notice verse 2 so that they oppress a man and his heritage the Word of God and children however there are also many other things that are in heritage of Yahweh God that aren't just the Word of God and or children how about land itself have you ever considered that because I know I truly harp upon that here from this pulpit but it was promised to the Israelites so this ties right into Micah does it not men and women who rise up early to and covet the fields which are inheritance to the Israelite men women and children so consider Exodus chapter 6 this is what we learned beginning in verse 7 Yahweh speaking I will take you to me for a people and I will beat unto you O God and you shall know that I am Yahweh your Lord which brings you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians pay close attention verse 8 I will bring you into a land concerning which I did swear and give it unto Abraham and Isaac and to Jacob and I will give it unto you as an heritage why for I am Yahweh thy God the God of the Jacob i'ts or the Israelites but that promise that was made unto Abraham was part and parcel to land inheritance so land we can add to the list but have you ever stopped to consider and I know I have preached this many times that we have protection written about within the Word of God the blood of Christ is one such form of protection the shield of faith that Paul wrote about within his epistles is another form of protection but have you ever considered that protection also is an inheritance or a reward from Yahweh God don't believe me turn with me to the major prophet Isaiah and in Isaiah chapter 54 I want you to consider a very beautiful statement as its found in verse 17 no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against thee and judgment thou shalt condemn this is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh and the righteousness is of me saith Yahweh God of just like in the to noting origin but notice one of the promises given by a major profit to the Israelite men women and children is that no leaven ever formed against you that means as a nation or personally will ever prosper why key word right here this is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh God meaning they are in servitude they are submissive to Yahweh God therefore they have this protection and I truly don't know how many times people have moved against me as an outreach and that is not to brag but you cannot touch the anointed if Yahweh God blesses you alert well that is because that's part of your heritage so I really wanted to point that out because many people question they say well it seems like Oh a God is an intervening right now no of course not when you relinquish your sovereignty when you appoint a strange ruler over you as we did many years ago you can never again obtain that sovereignty why because it's heritage if you forfeit your heritage you can never obtain it again and so it is if you forfeit the Word of God don't be surprised when men come in even professing to be identity and pervert it right before your very eyes if you hands your children over without any question to this world well then don't be surprised if they are corrupted within that process I want you to think on that we're going to actually continue our list we're about halfway through it looking at things that are in heritage that the wicked enemy will rise up to pervert very early in the morning I want you to consider this statement and write down the information if you feel for any reason led of the Holy Spirit to contact this outreach I'll be back with you in one minute [Music] thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you are enjoying this gospel message like to be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at covenant peoples ministry post office books to vibes things Brooks Georgia read 0 to 0-5 CPM can be found on the worldwide web at covenant peoples ministry org or you will find more pastor visited sermons and Christian literature these lectures and videos are made possible by your tithes and offerings if you would like to support this ministry please make your checks or money orders payable to covenant peoples ministry if you are accustomed to using PayPal please send your donations to CPM or simply use the donate button on the ministry's About section of the CPM website thank you so much for rejoining me my good friends you know before that break I was actually proving some of the things that are scripturally considered in heritage of Yahweh God and that is in reference to the minor prophet Micah chapter 2 verse 2 where we learn they covet fields and they take them by violence and houses and they take them away so they oppress a man and his house even a man and his heritage and so thank you for joining me this Wednesday November 15th it is about 7:30 in the p.m. and I would like to thank the men and women that make my crew qing possible we actually proved before that information was given that children land the Word of God and in many ways our protective shroud or in heritage of Yahweh God meaning that naturally it stands to read if evil people rise early to corrupt those things that are considered in heritage than those four things most assuredly are something that they seek to corrupt so what else about this heritage why is this heritage so important well in many ways the land heritage that was given us is part of the reasons the world is at war right now because they don't identify the the players in many other ways our anglo-saxon world is in peril because we like Esau our brother have despised our own birthright and allowed impostor tares to come in Joelle is a beautiful minor prophet I've actually covered him last year in his entirety and perhaps one of the strongest things taught in the book of Joel is the teaching of the Locust armies how just like in Revelation when that angel is loosed having the key to the bottomless pit smoke comes out and from that smoke locusts so turn with me to Joel chapter 2 and consider verse 17 he says gathered the people sanctified the congregation assemble the elders gathered the children and those that sucked the breath let the bridegroom go forth out of his chamber and the bride out of her closet that's exactly part of the reason why I spent the entirety of part three on Micah looking at the latter marriage supper of the Lamb but what about the next verse well let the priests the ministers of Yahweh weep between the porch and the altar and let them say spare thy people o Yahweh and give not thine heritage to reproach that the heathens should rule over them wherefore should they say among the people where is their gone three points when we give our heritage to and reproach number one then number two the heathen rule over and because Yahweh God does not deliver number three the first instinct they have is where is their daughter sound familiar because that's the EULA we're living in today where they're saying who can make war with the Beast but at the same time saying well you believe in Yahweh God let Yahweh God deliver but Yahweh God never promises to deliver an unruly group of people in fact when he does it's divine intervention okay so very important to consider we're forbidden to forfeit our heritage our nation our lives our daughters our if you will inheritance of Yahweh Khan our blessings to anybody now you don't need me to go to Leviticus to truly prove this but it is the story of Scripture in fact let's prove that turn with me to Malachi once again the final book and the New Testament or Old Testament but in chapter 1 verse 3 what's not Esau Jacob's brother says Yahweh and yet I love Jacob and I hated Esau and his heritage was laid waste for the dragons of the wilderness many times we tend to overlook that but the key word here is heritage once again the fact that Esau despised his birthright it is exactly why or at least part of why his heritage was laid waste for the dragons of the wilderness so what does your heritage mean to you are you willing to sacrifice it it's forbidden by joel and many people may even be asking well what is the heritage of Yahweh God right because almost everything including marriage that we do can be overlaid to Yahweh so turn with me back to Joel but before we move to the New Testament and I prove one more point and then we pick it back up in Micah but back in Joelle there's a beautiful statement here and by the way while you're turning there dear can smoke all compact discs were dropped in the mail yesterday Tuesday therefore if you ordered a compact disc it should arrive very shortly with in the mail and thank you for being patient with us as we rebuild but final point from the new test or Old Testament concerning and heritage this is found in Joel chapter 3 verse 2 for behold in those days and in that time when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem I will gather all nations and I will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat and I will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel so who is the heritage of Yahweh God the Israelite men women and children what are some things that are outlined as in heritage to the Israelite men women and children well children land the Word of God our protective shroud and the law of God in addition to the minor prophets all forbid us from forbidding our heritage which is exactly what Christ meant when he said it is not me or proper to take the children's bread and cast it on to dogs it has to go to the Israelites first so I wanted to digress to really prove that while I said Micah is divided into perfect thirds remember the first third is about the sins of Israel this isn't to eat of my tear here in Micah chapter 2 these are the Israelites and if you don't believe me verse 7 which we won't have time to get to today confirms that oh thou that are named the house of Jacob is the spirit of Yahweh straightened within you so what they did at the time of Micah is exactly what we're doing now and we're going to move on from this but if the enemy seeks to oppress a man and his heritage and take his land take his wife take his future posterity being the land itself they rise early to do it and in oh so many ways the enemy knows what they're doing even more so than we do they've only had six thousand year headstart my friends so back in Micah chapter two verse three therefore thus says Yahweh behold against this family - I devised evil now this is very important because as you know Amos and Michael were close but in part one I clearly pointed out that Amos and Micah were similar and we actually need to prove this my friends turn with me while we're looking at this - Amos chapter three verse one here the word that Yahweh has spoken against you O children of Israel against the whole family which I brought up out of the land of Egypt saying you only have I known of all the families on the face of the earth therefore or for that reason I will punish you for all your iniquities can two walk together except they be agreed that is the question Amos presents that's nicly what micah sang in chapter 2 and verse 3 but notice because the Israelites were the only family known upon the face of the earth and were hand-delivered by Yahweh God he must punish them for what for no reason no for their own iniquities why the answer was given right here in amos chapter 3 - cannot walk together unless they be agreed whom Yahweh God loves he chastises or in the New Testament despise not the chastening of Yahweh not but either way of Yahweh God or any father did not care they would not seek to correct their children so now more than ever just as amos and micah say we need to agree and walk with Yahweh God as Enoch did as Adam and he did as Abel even in the cool of the day walking with Yahweh God and that has been my intention at least for the last couple of months to teach on the spirit now we're looking at an Old Testament book here and not only does Amos teach a racially exclusive message by saying the Israelites were the only family known by Yahweh God then and now consider another statement in light of Micah chapter 2 verse 3 in Amos chapter 5 but beginning in verse 12 this is what we learn no way says I know your manifold transgression and your mighty sins they afflict to just they take a bride they turn aside the poor in the gate from their own rent wherefore the prudent shall keep silent within that time for it is an evil time now just for a moment I have hinted at this statement made by Amos in my own ministerial preaching for the last two or three years but there is a time and a place for everything and there is a time also for the prophets to remain silent regarding the days because they're evil if you Wells walking circumspectly even Christ said be wise as serpents but harmless as doves correct so notice therefore the prudent meeting the wise in this time this time of great apostasy that at Micah's time was right before the return of the king or the birth of the King and in our time is right before his return notice he continues in verse 15 hate the evil and love the good that's one statement my friends will never be taught within a judeo-christian pulpit but is required in Malachi does not Yahweh God hate Esau indeed we confirm that today Malachi chapter 1 verse 3 Yahweh God hates iniquity there are many things Yahweh God hates in fact in many ways there's more things outlined that God hates within the Word of God than that he loves we know Christ he delighted within right this is my beloved Son in whom I'm well pleased but all those other sacrifices all those other appointed feasts and observances of moons he didn't delight with him teddie so what we're learning is very important for overcoming and staying out of bed with the Whore of Babylon or being made drunk upon the wine of her fornication just like it was in the times of Amos just like it was in the times of Micah where he'd have to come in and clearly tell them love good hate evil and so I'll repeat that for you today November 15th love those things that are good and hate those things that are evil even Christ drew a line in the sand okay but if you don't what happens evil flourishes when good men do nothing and that is the point in which Myka was when he gave these prophecies and actually one of the punishment to come and did come just like today my friends this punishment will come upon the house of Israel again and it's you know so many ways what heritage do you have think about where are your children most likely owned by zark where is your land but you truly don't own your land when you die it goes to another because the bank usually owns it where's the Word of God well there's a million-in-one transliterations right but the manuscripts haven't changed so sola scriptura is very very important right because even in the parable of Jesus Christ in the parable and his seller the first thing the devil seeks to rise early and depress his third of God which we are forbidden to forfeit so just as it says right there verse three says thus says Yahweh behold against this family the Israelite men women and children do I devised an evil just like he says in Amos I will punish you for your iniquities and the purpose of punishment is so that you will draw closer to Yahweh God not blame them like did he then do verse 4 and that day shall one take up a parable against you the Israelites and lament with a doleful lamentation and say we will be utterly spoiled he has changed the portion of my people how has he removed it from me turning away he has divided our fields some manuscripts don't put doleful lamentations at all they put proper and it basically means the same thing and other manuscripts don't even put the term in here at all they put bitter take up a bitter lamentation that is within the Hebrew and say has the portion of my people been what spoiled and changed and that is what we're attempting to do at least here in Brooks is show you not only is your heritage and all the blessings that Yahweh God promised us through Abraham being taken away and corrupted right here changed and surely you don't need me to point out especially here in the South they're changing your history before your very eyes and if they have done that that much in two years what do you think they've done in two thousand years since the time of Christ it's easy to change history because history is always written by the victors my friend and so now more than ever it is imperative to not relinquish that heritage that was taken from Esau because he despised it fighting for our children fighting for land fighting for the word which is Christ and that is exactly why I end almost every sermon from this very venue war for Christ the Living Word if it's not important enough to you to war for your heritage then it is a guarantee made to Abraham Isaac and Jacob bet that heritage will be taken from you he saw despised him it was given to the dragons and the elves of the wilderness and in oh so many ways that's exactly what's happening to us and so we're gonna leave it right here in Micah chapter 2 but verse 5 therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast Accord by lot in the congregation of Yahweh prophesy Hina say they to them that prophesy they shall not prophesy to them and they shall not take shame we're gonna look at that more in depth when we rejoin each other this coming Sunday 10:00 a.m. right here on this very venue but notice Micah clearly says there is a time where the prophets are unable to speak whether by choice or of circumstance and I could personally perceive this happening in the hero that we live today where the enemies of Christendom in general are seeking to control information control your children your land the Word of God and even get you to relinquish your protection why because it's an assault on your way God remember the Israelites are in heritage to him just as a crown of glory but when we go when we are iniquitous when we appoint strange rulers and when we refuse to be a faithful virginal bride for our bridegroom the plagues will be poured out and so to leave you on a dismal tone it's not going to get better so personally war for Christ protects your children your land and at the end of the day I pray that you rejoin me right here same time as we continue our study and Micah until then this is pastor Visser wishing you and yours great studies and war for Christ

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