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hello again dear kids Fokin thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of covenant peoples church and ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia and I'm pleased this Wednesday evening to be continuing our long-running theory scrutinizing every word lying and verse spoken by the minor prophet Micah and by way of review in the first part I spent a good 25 to 30 minutes providing the listener an entire background on this minor prophet explaining where he grew up his reasons for preaching and the hatred that he naturally possessed for many of his Philistine captors and actually today we're going to be looking at a bit more of that and actually building upon what we've already established in part 1 and so if you need an overview on the book of the minor prophet Micah itself be sure to go back and familiarize yourself with part 1 in this series on the minor prophet but we left off in part 1 in chapter 1 verse 7 that is here where Micah says all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces and all the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire and all the idols thereof will I laid desolate for she gathered it to an hire of an harlot and they shall return to the hire of an harlot and that is actually what we're going to be looking at today as we skip around the concept that Yahweh God is married to the Israelite men women and children however every time we seemingly go running after idols or graven images it is akin in the mind of God to adultery to going after prostitution and that should be brought forth while we're actually studying this particular series in the King James Version of the Bible almost every other translation or transliteration translate harlot and harlot rook for harlotry as prostitution and so in order to begin today's beautiful study in micah chapter 1 verses 6 & 7 I need to actually lay the groundwork so you understand the mindset of the New Testament prophets apostles disciples and Jesus Christ Himself concerning Jerusalem and why would that be important you may be asking because out there in judeo-christian 'dom they are continually looking to the Jerusalem of old for fulfillment of prophecy and both the Old Testament minor prophets and major in addition to the New Testament epistles all said that if we look to Jerusalem the old Jerusalem you will be let down that is to say that Yahweh God does not dwell there so in order to begin today please turn with me to the major Gospel of Matthew the first book in the entire New Testament and I want you to consider a statement that Jesus Christ makes beginning in verse 37 of Matthew chapter 23 Christ says verily I say unto you all these things shall come upon this generation or genius or Jean meaning race continues Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee how often would I have gathered thy children together even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings and he would not pay close attention Christ says in verse 38 of Matthew chapter 23 behold your house is left unto you desolate desolate being your keyword and not only that the fact that our Savior Jesus Christ clearly stood on the Mount of Olives and said that Jerusalem abode was the city that murdered all the prophets in fact in relation to the Pharisees right before this in Matthew chapter 23 he tells them in verse 35 upon you will come all the righteous blood shed upon the Earth from the blood of righteous Abel unto zechariah whom you slew at the temple altar point in case number one first point for the day Christ clearly taught that the jerusalem of old was the city that murdered the genuine prophets and micah was one of those genuine prophets as were his contemporaries isaiah Hosea and Amos all three of which in addition to Micah clearly taught that Jerusalem had been inundated with imposter Edomite tears so Christ says what about Jerusalem your house is left unto you desolate this looks like a great place if you have your Bible with you to turn to the book of Obadiah in order to prove this point and we're going to be going back and forth between Amos and Obadiah to actually prove what's being said but I want you to consider a statement as it is found in Obadiah right in the beginning verse 6 of chapter 1 in Obadiah the minor prophet how are the things of Esau searched out how are his hidden things sawed up all the men of thy Confederacy have brought thee to the border the men that were at peace with thee have deceived me and prevailed against thee that's one thing to consider is it not but notice he continues in verse a shall I not in that day says Yahweh destroyed the wise men of Eden the understanding out of the mount of Esau for the violence against thy brother Jacob perhaps you're familiar with this because Obadiah in addition to Amos and Malachi all spoke against the Edomites who stood in the high towers that were meant to be the temple of God and we're going to prove that as well but I want you to consider a statement as it is found in Malachi chapter 1 in relation to who Esau Edom verse 7 you offer polluted bread upon mine altar than you say wherein have ye polluted thee in that she say the table of Yahweh is contemptible and if he offered the blind for sacrifice is it not evil and if he offered the lame in the sick is it not evil offer it now unto thy governor will he be pleased with the or except I person asks Yahweh of hosts sound familiar well this is a all in relation to Esau Edom and your keyword being desolate just like Jerusalem will be leveled and lay desolate at the time Christ spoke that at the time Myka spoke this and this is why we learn right in Malachi 1 but verse 3 I hated he saw Yahweh speaking and laid his mountains and the heritage of waste for the dragons of the wilderness whereas Edom says pay close attention we are impoverished but it will return and build the desolate places thus says Yahweh of hosts they shall build who the Edomite but I will throw down and they shall call them the border of wickedness and the people to whom Yahweh has indignation against forever so we're about to move into that but before we actually look at Jerusalem's prophecies of desolation because of the Edomite tears I want to again confirm in your mind that the Jerusalem which is now is not to be looked unto and we actually covered that this year in the book of Galatians I want you to consider a very powerful statement in Galatians it is here where we learn about two allegories ok verse 24 of Ephesians chapter 4 Galatians chapter 4 these things are an allegory for these are the two covenants one from the mount sinai which gendereth abondon which is agar for this cigar is Sinai in Arabia and answers to Jerusalem which now is and in bondage to her children so this is very important my friends because we need to understand while looking at Malachi that the Jerusalem in the Old Testament and the New Testament was usually the object of repair don't believe me continue reading Paul continues in verse 26 of Galatians 4 but Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all for it is written rejoice thou barren that bears not and it continues so what does Paul say Paul says Jerusalem which now is at the time he wrote Galatians genders unto bondage part of the very reason why Micah was risen up to prophesy against Jerusalem and Samaria so with that groundwork being established and the fact that the Jerusalem which is above the New Jerusalem it's the mother of us all let's now look at where we left off in Micah chapter 1 but let's begin reading in verse 8 we learn Micah says therefore I will wail and how I will go stripped and echod I will make a wailing like the Dragons and morning as the Owls now many things can be said right here but your mind should already be going back to Malachi chapter 1 where I just took you verse 3 I hated Esau Yahweh said and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness dragons being your keyword and the Edomites being they who say we will rebuild those desolate places and Micah was the one who would prophesy that those places would become desolate and we're going to look at that Old Testament prophecies specifically saying that the old Jerusalem would be raised leveled and it was the will of Yahweh God why because Jerusalem Abbas is free and the mother of us all so men women may come to you and say well who is the mother of us all if Yahweh God is the father of us all scripturally your answer is Jerusalem and that is what she is supposed to be however at the time of my cup at the time of st. John the Revelator and most assuredly today she is the mother of harlots don't believe me well we're gonna look at that let's continue reading notice therefore Micah says I will wail and howl and I will go stripped and nekkid that should already remind you of one of his contemporaries who did the exact same thing turn with me to the Book of Isaiah I want you to consider Isaiah chapter 20 it is here where we learn from the mouth of Isaiah himself beginning at verse 2 at the same time spake Yahweh by Isaiah saying go and loose the sack cloth from off thy loins and put up thy shoe from thy foot and he did so walking naked and barefoot then Yahweh said like as my servant Isaiah has walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and Wonder upon Egypt then Ethiopia so shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptian prisoners now why did we look at that I want you to understand that while Micah was a close companion to Isaiah Isaiah Amos and ultimately about 40 to 50 years later Jeremiah would come in and continue the prophesies that Micah gave they did the same exact thing it was a sign of lamentation pay close attention to what Micah says right here therefore verse 8 begins this is Micah's lamentation and we must remember in context who he's talking about the Judeans the land of Judea remember in the first part what we learned was all of these things came upon the descendants of Jacob for their sins but in verse 5 Micah asks what are the high places is it not Sumeria is it not Jerusalem so that is your main point for this particular Wednesday Jerusalem of old renders unto a bondage and it did at the time of Paul it did at the time of Christ who clearly said Jerusalem was more responsible for murdering the prophets than teaching genuine prophecy so from this point for the next two verses Micah's gonna wail and lament he says I will go I will howl meaning I will cry I will go strip to nekkid and I will make a wailing like the Jackals and what else mourning has the Owls now what's interesting about these two words jackals and owls is they're technically a study in and of themselves but right here a little bit beyond the halfway point of Micah chapter 1 the text shift from the masculine into the feminine and that is why it is transliterated as it is Dragons meaning a female jackal in the Strong's Concordance and owls meaning a female ostrich now in other places in Scripture usually the feminine owl denotes Lilith and in fact we could actually look at that but it is owls and jackals in Malachi chapter 1 verse 3 that we already covered and that's how they tie together I Yahweh speaking will lay Esau's heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness same exact word okay now bear with me this will make sense for heart wound is incurable back in Micah chapter 1 verse 9 for it is come unto Judah he has come unto the gate of my people even unto Jerusalem I want you to notice even in verse 9 is italicized that means that it was added by the translators and what he is saying is this her wound Judas wound is incurable it is an incurable wound and of course naturally Jeremiah picked up on this and expanded very beautiful terminology Jeremiah chapter 15 consider a statement now a god asked why is my pain perpetual and my wound incurable which refuses to be healed wilt thou be all together unto me as the liar and the waters that failed why is that important well Micah chapter 1 verse 9 the her wound is uncurable it has come unto Judah he has come that wound for corruption unto the gate of my people now why is any of this importance number 1 remember last weekend when we looked at verse 5 Micah asks what is the transgression of Jacob or the Israelites is it not Samaria in order to understand the rest of Micah's rebukes from here until the end of chapter one we really need to establish what Samaria is now Samaria was within the land of Judah and was known to be one of the biggest epicenters and/or cities for both Israelite and Judy alike and we're gonna look at that more in a moment I'm gonna take a one-minute break and I want you to write down this information if you feel led of the Holy Spirit to support covenant peoples ministry we'll be back in 60 seconds [Music] thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you're enjoying this gospel message to be a part of our fellowship be sure to write to us at covenant peoples ministry post office box two five six Brooks Georgia three zero two zero five is cp/m can be found on the worldwide web at covenant peoples ministry org where you will find more of Pastor visser sermons and Christian literature these lectures and videos are made possible by your tithes and offerings if you would like to support this ministry please make your checks or money orders payable to covenant peoples ministry if you are accustomed to using paypal please send your donations to cp/m i've covenant peoples ministry comm or simply use the donate button on the ministry's About section of the cp/m website it has been a pleasure to have you with us and now we will return to Pastor visitors Bible study message and thank you for rejoining me dear friends you know before that break we were actually looking at verse nine of Micah chapter one where we learn that the wound unto the people of judo is incurable so as for for thought consider a statement and second Kings chapter 18 where we learned in verse 13 now in the fourteenth year of King Hezekiah did Shahana dread the king of Assyria come up against the fence cities of Judah and took them and Hezekiah king of Judah sent to the king of Assyria and sent him to LA sheesh sang I have offended return from me that which now puts on me I will bear and the king of Assyria appointed unto Hezekiah king of Judah three hundred talents of silver and thirty talents of gold what does that confirm that confirms exactly the point in history that Micah speaking about right here remember in his authorship and his salutation right in the beginning he says the word of Yahweh that came unto Micah in the days of Jotham has the Chi of the kings of Judah that is your reference point and second Kings where we just went her wound is incurable now Micah says in verse 10 declare ye it not at Gath we eat not at all in the house of Afra wolf I self in the dust what is a throg well in the hebrew it's actually Oprah Opie our a-w Oprah it means a house of dust but I don't want you to overlook what mica does right here we've already gone to the Psalms in this particular study right and it is here where Micah says declare he not it at Gath does that sound familiar to you because it actually should this is the benediction that David gave over King Saul and I should have it here within my notes but if we yeah actually I believe it's in first kings and yeah it's in first Kings where we find it but my notes are out of sorts here so please bear with me but long story short samaria became a high place in first Kings chapter 16 verse 24 he bought the hill of Samaria of shemar for two talents of silver and built upon the hill and called the name of that city which he built after the name of shimmer and the very hill itself Samaria so Samaria was meant to be a town set within a hill it was a high place and it was a place of Defence that was to sound the alarm when the enemy was at the gates however Samaria and Jerusalem both by name are chosen as objects of rebuke in this particular book and that's important declare ye not it gasps so in your own free time when Saul died study that out that's exactly not only what David said but when we're gonna deal with from here to the end of the chapter that is Micah who comes in and he attacks every single one of these cities townships even small pastures within the land of Judea but all of them happen to be a possession of Gath meaning the Philistines so I don't want you to overlook that when we read in Genesis chapter 6 for example we learned that there were giants in the land right we learned of Goliath we know that he was of Gath we know that he was a Philistine however we're going to deal with over 12 specific townships that michael rebukes by name and every one of them is number one in the feminine number two under Philistine occupation and number three already prophesied elsewhere in Scripture to be desolate or destroyed as we looked at today in the case of Obadiah and Malachi so this is very important because consider this point declare ye not it at Gath that is a direct quote of King David we P not at all in the house of Oprah roll myself in the dust what is Oprah mean in the Hebrew its feminine like every other Township here but it means house of dust continue reading pashia way thou inhabitant of Saphir having thy shame naked the inhabitant of the non come not forth in the morning of bel zo he shall receive of you standing what did we look at severe in the Hebrew means beautiful xenon in the Hebrew is a sheep pasture one of the biggest gnomes in the land of Judea and Beth ezel you guessed it means house on the side or a house of sanctuary so Micah and a roundabout way is basically coming in and saying that everything that was the possession of the Philistines in the land of Samaria or that Township which was in the land of Judea will be leveled burned with fire and in habitation for Owls of dragons exactly what was spoken against Esau Edom and you don't need me to remind you that many of the Pharisees at the time of Christ were Edomites they were more so of the Herodian dynasty than anything else and that is why what we're looking at here in Micah is so very important notice Oprah in the house of rule thyself in the dust what does Oprah mean house of dust so whether you understand these words deeper in their Hebrew meaning or don't they're actually brought forth in the text Saphir means beautiful but notice in context they'll have their shame bored nekkid the inhabitant of xenon won't not come forth in the morning of the house on the side meaning there will be no sanctuary for any of these cities continue reading verse 12 for the inhabitant of Marah waited carefully for good but evil came down from Yahweh unto the gate of Jerusalem where did evil come from fair question it is Amos and many others from around this time who clearly said that Yahweh God creates peace Yahweh God forms light but also creates darkness and forms evil and so even here and Micah we're learning that Yahweh God sent what evil evil came down from Yahweh not from this Satan right not from his terror children and not even from the Edomite this evil which came down to Jerusalem which Christ mentions which Paul rebuilt as we've confirmed today when we began just Wednesday was sent of Yahweh God and that is the central theme of Micah as a book why are all these plagues befallen us today as the Saxon Israelite race I'll tell you why the same exact reason our disobedience to God's law are going after graven images and our tolerance of Edomites standing where they are not just as revelation 2:9 m39 confirm they who are the synagogue of Satan but aren't even Judeans so the wound that is incurable is against Judah as a tribe Jeremiah would come he would expand upon what Micah says but the evil was sent of Yahweh God and notice he didn't come in and say well they didn't know any better let's impart unto them a little extra grace because after all Christ hadn't come yet no Micah told you in the Old Testament long before Christ rebuked Jerusalem all the Pharisees and power would come in 40 years after the fact and say well Jerusalem which is now renders and Garner's unto bondage only however Jerusalem which is above is free and is the mother of us all where is freedom found technically in the truth of God's Word which is Christ the truth shall set you free right you shall know that truth but also within the word itself as far as Paul said the old and new Testament both say don't look to Jerusalem why just like with circumcision Jerusalem was meant to be the mother of us all but at the time of this writing was not it was a den of owls and jackals it had Edomites standing where they shouldn't have taking away the daily sacrifice so much so that Obadiah and Malachi both and Amos to a lesser degree would come in and rebuke the Jerusalem which is and is today so let's continue reading we left off in verse 13 now inhabitant of Allah sheesh there's your keyword as we've already covered today but what does loss cease mean it's unknown but what is know is that loss sheesh as a town was one of the biggest towns in the land of Israel quote/unquote or at least the land of Judah so that's what la sheesh was and what is the prophecy against it thou inhabitant habla sheesh bind the chariot to the sweat beasts she is the beginning of the sin to the daughter of Zion for the transgressions of his were found within thee now as I have said Isaiah and Jeremiah were very similar but two different tribes Micah was to Judah like Jeremiah however he was a contemporary to Isaiah who was for the Israelites just like Hosea so I want you to consider a statement in Isaiah but chapter 36 this should drive home this point actually in Isaiah chapter 36 we learned right in verse 2 and this by the way before we even get to it deals with the reign of Hezekiah okay so what did Hezekiah do the king of Assyria sent from LA sheesh to Jerusalem unto King Hezekiah with a great army and he stood by the conduit of the upper Pole and the highway of the Fuller's field then came forth unto him ala King Hezekiah son which was over the house and Russia kaya said unto them say you now unto King Hezekiah thus says the Great King the king of Assyria what confidence is this wherein thou trusted I say say us now but they are but vain words I have counsel and strength for war now I know does thou trust Val that repels against me saith Yahweh of hosts and so again judgment begins at the house of the Lord while Jerusalem was meant to be the house of God right how do you get around books like Micah Obadiah Malachi meaning that nobody no Israelite at the time of Christ should have been looking to Jerusalem for fulfillment of prophecy however as there is no new thing under the Sun a majority of our people were make sense Jerusalem which is above that's meant to be the Israelite people the body of Christ if you will that Jerusalem which is in the Middle East is just the dead building it's a Sepulcher whitened albeit but full of dead man's bones and so Lachish was one of the biggest cities and even it would be leveled and was leveled as per the mouth of the minor prophet Micah verse 14 therefore shalt thou give presents to more Seth Gath the houses of ox if L do lie to the king of Israel now why is more Seth Gath so important because it means as we covered in the first part possession of Gath that was the very land in which Micah grew up now it was in the land of Judea but it was the possession of Gath the Philistines okay so what we're looking at today are impostor tears while the land of Judea okay at the time of Micah's writing was compass about by the Philistines and unfortunately we didn't have time enough to look at that today the Jerusalem today has a group of people there that should not be there that did not go there and didn't even become a state until they stole it from the Palestinian people in 1945 and therefore a majority of people to the Middle East and even Micah said that more Seth gas and the houses of oxen shall be ally to the kings of Israel so if you are a true king or queen you already understand a majority of what we already covered today the summits the sheep pastures the beautiful fields the houses of desolation and/or the bitter springs all within the land of Judea at the time of Micah all under the possession of more said gap or the Philistines would be razed destroyed and leveled so very beautiful what we covered today let's round it out with the final two verses yet I will yet will I bring an heir unto thee o inhabitant of Marathon he shall come unto ad Illume the glory of Israel what does that mean Mary Shaw means the summit or a high mountain and AD illumise likely sheesh unknown McVie bald and pall thee for thy delicate children enlarged eye baldness as the eagle for they are all gone into captivity from thee o that you be why is that important that is technically one of the biggest stories to be found within the Old Testament the house of Israel splitting into two nations ten of those tribes descending north and to the land of dad or Dan over the Caucasus Mountains and settling most of Europe but two nations staying behind Judah and Benjamin and while Judah and Benjamin were meant to be places and inheritance for the Israelite men women and children and I might interject are still meant to be they were taken by an imposter group of people known as Edomites as we've proven to day although not completely at the time of this writing this is why Christ would say Jerusalem Jerusalem was the city that murdered the prophets just like Micah Isaiah Jeremiah and Amos this is why Paul would say Jerusalem which is now is nothing but bondage but Jerusalem which is above is free why is that important because each and every one of us are looking forward to a new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness but a new Jerusalem as well and that new Jerusalem comes out of heaven as a bride adorned for her bridegroom and unfortunately we didn't have time to look at that so we will this coming Sunday at 10 a.m. the fact that Yahweh God was married and clearly divorced the Israelite men women and children but what for for what Micah deals with right here graven idol worship and going after who was which fornication is the only grounds of divorce according to Jesus to Christ so I truly hope that you'll tune in this coming Sunday 10:00 a.m. right here same bat-channel same bat-time and until then this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia in the covenant peoples Church wishing you and your entire family great studies and always war for Christ

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