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hello again dear Ken's fokin thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of covenant peoples church and ministry and today we're beginning in all new series examining the Old Testament book of micah and micah happens to be one of the few minor prophets that i've not covered from this particular pulpit here in brooks georgia and as such because i feel it will lead perfectly up into the holiday season quote-unquote we're going to take a look expository at every verse to be found within the book of this minor prophet and this by way of review is a little different than many of the other minor prophets that i covered in the past for example Obadiah is straightforwardly a condemnation against easily doe and have a cook and many others go on to denounce those around them the heathen nations however micah is a little different as a book and there's many reasons for that micah doesn't come in and blame the heathen the Edomite or even the enemies per say the philistines and as much as micah puts all responsibilities at the feet of the Israelite men women and children and that is why I have chosen to actually cover this beautiful book of micah because it deals with that theme and this my friends is something i believe that we actually need to get down within christian identity very easy to come in and blame a proverbial boogeyman is it not but it's not quite so easy to actually lay credit where credit is due and that if you will is what maika talks about so to give you an overview about the book itself mica as a name is an abbreviated form of Mikey L or Michael and as a result the core meaning of Micah's name means who is like God for example in the first edition Strong's Concordance Micah's name is listed as 4318 but it is a derivative the definition of Micah is an abbreviated form of Mikey L which ironically is 4317 in the Strong's Concordance and that means Mikey L the name of an arc angel whose name is a question who is like God so to begin Micah as a minor prophets name means who is like God and this is very important because as I have proven from this very pulpit it is the way of a majority of the twelve minor prophets to actually autograph their epistle with their own name and the reason for that is most likely so man couldn't come in and say well as they do the Bible is written and been rewritten over and over so in order to actually begin this study I want to consider a statement that Jesus Christ makes and then we'll get back to actually proving well we can prove that right now in Micah chapter seven the final chapter of Micah Micah asks and verse eighteen who is a God like unto thee that pardons iniquity and passes by the transgression of the RAM of his heritage and so right there in Micah chapter 7 verse 18 who is a God like unto thee well that in Hebrew is Micah so we're of course going to cover that more in depth when we actually get to that particular segment which being chapter 7 I am per would be around mid-december which is all the more fitting but I always like to begin with in the Gospels turn with me to the Gospel according to Matthew chapter 10 it is here where Christ teaches beginning in verse 34 think not that I am come to send peace on earth I came not to send peace but a sword for I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter in law against her mother-in-law a man's foes shall not might but shall be of his own household now why is that important two reasons number one it proves Christ didn't come to bring peace he actually came to bring that sword which we know to be the Living Word of God the second point is this that is a direct quote which Christ attributes to himself from the same said chapter seven of Malachi don't believe me well consider a statement in Malachi chapter seven verse six Micah says in Micah chapter 6 verse uh trust ye not in a friend pussy not confidence in a guide keep the doors of thine mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom the Sun dishonours the father the daughter rises up against her mother the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man's enemies are the men of his own house so as you can see Christ's attributes this statement of Micah to his own ministerial walk clearly saying I am come to fulfill this prophecy that Micah gay and that of course is just one example Micah's response to that or advice is found in verse 7 therefore Micah says I will look unto Yahweh I will wait for the God of my salvation and my god Yahweh will hear me now this is very important because to understand Micah we need to understand that Micah lived in a town called more Seth or more specifically more Seth Gath which means a possession of Gath so it was Micah the minor prophet who grew up in a small town outside of Jerusalem in the land of Judea with a natural variance and or hatred towards the Philistine and therefore the Book of Micah deals with his rebuke against King Hezekiah organized politics the temple which was engaging in idol worship organized religion and warning against going and intermarrying with a of Gath Micah was a contemporary and a friend of who Amos Isaiah and many others and therefore teaches very similarly to what Amos does and this if you will actually sets the theme of Micah as a book and I want you to pay close attention this is found in Amos chapter 3 but verse to Yahweh God says here the word that Yahweh has spoken against you O children of Israel against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt saying you only have I known of all the families on the face of the earth therefore I will punish you for your iniquities and as you can see Amos Isaiah Micah all taught around the same time that is about 750 BC and they all had an exclusive message a message which was always time and time again come out from among them come out from under Hezekiah skort come out from under the Temple of Jerusalem and come out from under our Philistine captors amos says right here in the beginning of chapter three that yahweh god only knew one family upon the face of the earth the israelite men women and children and even goes on to explain the reason yahweh god brings about punishment because the israelites are near and dear unto his heart and that is the main theme of micah so many things to consider as we go through this book of micah you will see micah never once comes in and says we'll go the way of the world rather almost every time says come out from among them and be ye separate but the key theme of micah as a book and perhaps one of the most important statements in all of its pages is found in micah chapter 6 verse 7 where we learn he has showed thee O man what is good referencing Yahweh and what doth Yahweh require thee but to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your god that if you will is one of the most powerful keys that Myka the minor prophet gives and that is this that if we are humble Yahweh God will continue to pour out his blessings upon the Israelite men women and children however if we are disobedient if we continually run after other gods and Micha as a book mentions many by name Yahweh God will add us unto the curses and so as we have said Micah grew up and was born in more Seth gasped meaning a possession of the Philistines or the possession of Gath so you will see that reflected within this book his preaching is usually against Jerusalem and the idols and mostly for the Judean men women and children along the lines of Jeremiah Maia the major prophet see Isaiah was for the Israelites whereas Jeremiah was for the Judeans however because Micah deals with the Judeans more in context that does not mean that we cannot apply this to our Christian walk in fact it's my opinion that we can apply Micah and should more so now than perhaps ever before because of course Judah was merely one tribe of the Israelite nations therefore this also applies to us it does mention Lilith as does the Book of Isaiah and we'll get to that in a future segment most assuredly but we're not going to be teaching on the concept of the dragons the screech owls and Lilith the way many in the erroneous truth movement do my friends we're going to look at it actually honestly and prove that even sex can become a god and more and more so in this latter era when practically every nation the face of Yahweh's green earth is made drunken by the rule the wine of the Whore of Babylon fornication and mica most assuredly deals with that but as you know judgment begins at the house of Yahweh seemingly almost every time and at the time of Micah there were many Israelite men women and children who would go into the temple and they would engage in temple prostitution my friends and that's very important to understand as well because that is another form of fornication and we in 2017 are being misled by fornication in oh so many ways most assuredly in 2 the Whore of Babylon which ironically Micah does mention Christ is most assuredly mentioned in this book and we're going to get to that but turn with me very briefly to Micah chapter 5 and I want you to consider a statement right in verse 1 he says now gather thyself in troops Oh daughter of troops he hath laid siege against us and will smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the sheep but thou Bethlehem Ephrathah though thou be little among the thousands of Judah yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be a ruler in Israel whose goings forth have been from old from everlasting I'm sure you already know who that is in reference to but more specifically it is this minor prophet Micah who not only predicts like many others before him that a future Messiah would come but predicts the actual birth place being Bethlehem Ephrata so in order to prove this turn with me to Matthew the major gospel once again in the testament but right in chapter 2 we learn in verse 1 now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem saying where is he that is born King of the Jews for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him but when Herod the King had heard these things he was troubled and all Jerusalem with him and when he had gathered all the chief priests the scribes of the people together he demanded of them who the Bale priests in orange court demanded of them where the Christ should be born pay close attention and they said unto Him in Bethlehem of Judea birth us is written by the prophet and thou bethlehem in the land of Judea are not the least among the princes of Judah for out of thee shall come a governor that shall rule my people Israel not the entirety of the world and so as you can see this was fulfilled and we are nearing the so called Christmas holiday and we're going to be looking at that more in depth when we actually get to it but for now don't neglect that that Herod called bail priests to come in and say well what does prophecy say and they go directly to the book of the Old Testament minor prophet Micah and they quote what we just did out of thee Bethlehem would come king of Israel not the whole world but a king of one group of people that Amos spoke about that Isaiah spoke about very very important to understand all of these things because Micah is an integral part of the Gospels it was Michael who would come in and actually predict that Jerusalem would be leveled and sacked and so it was but there are many preterists who come in and believe that all prophecy was fulfilled by 70 AD so then how did they get around Micah's prophecy of Jerusalem being sacked and leveled being fulfilled three times since the time Micah gave it well two of them are mentioned here and of course one is in 70 AD and if you bear with me in this series on the Book of Micah we're gonna actually go in-depth to those destructions of the temple and why is any of this important because my friends well Micah prophesied against Jerusalem we find ourselves in the New Jerusalem and many of the characteristics the Jacob i'ts and/or Israelites displayed at the time of Micah and at the time of his writing or being displayed in this current era many men and women need to be warned to come out from whoredoms to come out from idol worship and perhaps even worse are people who believe that idol worship does not exist when in reality anything including organized religion or a false God that you spend more time within Yahweh God our Lord becomes an idol and so we're going to be going to a break here in a moment and we're going to begin our study but there's one more point I would actually like to bring forth Micah goes through all of these things and like any other prophet reminds the Israelites that everything that is to be good that will happen or could happen is contingent upon their obedience he reminds them of the Covenant he tells the Israelites they're not special but because of a promise that Abraham was made by Yahweh God on the plains of Mamre that all Israel shall be saved so I want you to consider a statement he makes in a seventh and final chapter in the book of Micah but the final verse it ends as us that will perform the truth to Jacob and the mercy to Abraham which thou has sworn unto our fathers in the days of old and so I want you to think about that we're going to take a quick one-minute break and I'll be back with you for the conclusion of today's lecture thank you for joining us for another CPM Bible study if you're enjoying this gospel message part of our fellowship be sure to write post office bucks to fight six Brooks Georgia three zero two zero five CPM can be found on the world wide web at covenant peoples ministry org where you will find more of past resisters sermons and christian literature these lectures and videos please make your checks or money orders payable if you are accustomed to using tape please send your donations or simply use the donate button on the ministry's About section been a pleasure to have you with us and now we will return to Pastor visitors Bible study message and thank you for once again rejoining me this beautiful Sunday November 5th 2017 it's about 10:30 in the a.m. and before that break I actually gave you a brief overview into who Micah the minor prophet was where he grew up his reasons for preaching and even looked at a few Old Testament prophecies that Micah brought forth that were ultimately fulfilled one of which was in the mouth of Christ himself who said that he came to set men and women at variance or at odds with on another the other of course being the actual birthplace of Yeshua our Messiah being in the land of Bethlehem and before that break I proved that the Book of Micah actually ends like oh so many other prophetic Oh books from the Old Testament reminding the Israelite race of the Covenant and why would Micah chapter 7 verse 20 be so important because it also was ultimately fulfilled as per the Gospels so before we begin our look at the first few verses of chapter 1 in Micah as a book turn with me to Luke chapter 1 we begin reading in verse 72 pay close attention Yahweh God spake by the mouth of his holy prophets which we have since the world began that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all those that hate us to prefer form the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy Covenant the oath which he sware to our father Abraham what does that mean that means that Paul's best friend Luke the scribe clearly says in his establishment of his lengthy Gospel of Luke that that part of the prophecy chapter 7 verse 20 that Micah spoke did come true will come true and will come true again my friends and this is why unmerited favor is so so very important not anything we can do and why again I make no apologies for preaching on the Pauline epistles they actually shed more light into books like this but before we actually get to the text it is said within scripture itself that unless there usually is a second witness then it really shouldn't be hearken unto so I want you to turn with me to the Book of Jeremiah once again a prophet to the Judeans right just as micah is however the 26th chapter and we're going to begin reading and verse 17 then said the princess and all the people unto the priests and the prophets this man is not worthy to die for he has spoken to us in the name of Yahweh our God then rose up certain of the elders of the land and spake unto the Assembly of the Israelite people saying pay close attention Jeremiah chapter 26 verse 18 Micah the Marashi type prophesied in the days of Hezekiah the king of Judah and spake unto all the people of Judea saying thus says Yahweh of hosts Zion shall be plowed like a field and Jerusalem shall become heat and the mountain of the house as high as the high places of a forest what does that teach us in Jeremiah chapter 26 number one that micah is a legit prophet he's mentioned elsewhere in Scripture number two that the very first prophecy that Micah gives in Chapter 1 Jeremiah comes in and volatilize and says well in those days Micah stood up this would be about 40 to 60 years after the fact okay so Jeremiah reiterates what we're going to cover here and Micah and my friends this is actually what the book of micah begins on so if you have a king james version also known as authorized I'd like to now begin in the book of micah chapter 1 but verse 1 where we learn the word of yahweh that came to micah the morash type in the days of jotham ahaz and hezekiah kings of judah which he saw concerning Samaria and Jerusalem so that sets the stage if you will number one the authorship is mica the abbreviated term Michael meaning or asking who is like our way bear a question there is none like our God and Michael will say that number two is this this was prophesied during the times of Hezekiah so as we progress through this series there will be times that I go back to the book of kings and chronicles and even other major and minor prophets to prove was Micah who came in and first saw that the Temple of Jerusalem would be destroyed and ultimately would be rebuilt right but why and for what reason well it says right here everything within this Book of Micah that this minor prophet prophesied concerns Samaria a polite way of saying the Israelite and Judeans as one nation and Jerusalem the epicenter of the Land of Israel where Micah dwelt where he lived in this possession of Gath or more Seth Gath outside of Jerusalem many are going to love this study because Micah has no problem coming in saying you're not going to find it while Yahweh God is supposed to speak from that Temple of Jerusalem it's not there now verse 2 Micah says here all he people and hearken o earth and all that therein is and let the Lord L or Elohim be a witness against you the Lord from his holy temple why is that important well obviously Yahweh God is supposed to dwell within his temple but time and time again men could not fulfill that so much so that Yahweh God would come in much later and say I'm no longer to light in buildings that you build with your hands then Christ Himself would come in and say wherever two or more are gathered there I am in the midst of them so we live in a society today where they say well you need to go to the temple of God or the house of God and here in the south it usually is about test or presbyterian you get the idea but even more so amongst Christian or judeo-christian Dome Christendom in general they're looking to the Middle East they're looking to the old Jerusalem that Paul clearly said was no longer for fulfillment of prophecy Micah is important because Micah actually says as a book if you look to Jerusalem for fulfillment of prophecy other than the prophecies he gives against its downfall and destruction you'll be let down it's the same and is again too great an idol worship but why is any of this important notice he begins by saying here all ye people hearken o earth and let the Lord Elohim or the highest form of God there is out speak against you the Lord from his holy temple consider a statement as it is found in the Psalms the 11th psalm however verse 4 King David says Yahweh is in his holy temple Yahweh's throne is in the heaven his eyes behold his eyelids try all the children of men Yahweh tries the righteous but the wicked and him that loves violence Yahweh's soul hates why is that important because that's exactly my friends what we're about to move into we're going to move into the prophecy we already covered that Luke says was fulfilled in the first chapter verses 32 or 72 and 73 maika continues first three for behold Yahweh comes forth out of this place and will come down and tread upon all the high places of the earth now I don't want you to overlook that simplistic statement because many times we tend to think well what's a high place that's the tip of a mountain right and that word in the Hebrew honestly can actually mean that but usually time and time again when we see the term high place it is a place where men of renown set themselves up albeit king's judges high priests men within the Temple of Jerusalem and God will come down and notice the usage of what he says he'll come from his place he'll come and tread upon the high places of the earth verse four and the mountain shall be as molten under him and the valley shall be cleft as lacks before the fire and as the waters that are poured down a steep place some manuscripts don't even put molten at all because it's a antiquity that King James Version word in the King's English they actually put melt meaning the mountains shall melt under him at his return is this foreign from the word of God well it shouldn't be perhaps in today's society the fact that Yahweh God our Lord is a consuming fire is overlooked but even malachi and even Obadiah clearly say that the house of Esau Edom shall be for stubble but the house of Jacob Israel for what for fire for fire my friends and so part of judgment is fire and I most assuredly have covered it from this pulpit from other minor prophets while Yahweh God is supposed to dwell within his house in this current era unfortunately he does it and what is preached behind the pulpit nine times out of 10 is usually a bastardized form of psychology now it was no back then and we're going to look at that in the next segment coming up this coming Wednesday evening but mica says that Yahweh God will come and at his return even mountains will melt okay like molten lava and they shall be as walks and melt verse five for the transgression of Jacob is all this let's stop right there for just a moment that if you will it's the main theme of the Book of Micah Jacobs transgressions now Micah unlike Malachi and Obadiah does not come in and blame the Edomite does not come in and say that these plagues including Jerusalem being razed and burned to the ground will come upon the Israelite men women and children because of their disobedience to God's law one way or another whether they're serving other gods whether they're bedding down with who else or whether they're going after heathen practices that were picked up in the land of Gath or this land of the Philistines that Micah has to come in and warned against notice for the transgression of Jacob is all of this why won't you a God come down from his abode to actually render judgment right here the answer is given for Jacob or Israel's transgression of God's law not for any other reason thus why I'm preaching Malachi now and the importance or Micah and the importance of both books take your pick but he continues for the transgression of Jacob is all of this and for the sins of the house of Israel what is the transgression of Jacob question is it not Samaria and what are the high places of Judah are they not to Jerusalem meaning that Jerusalem at least as it was outlined to David and Solomon was meant to be the City of God wherein dwelt the temple of God and within that temple being Solomon's porch was the holiest of Holies in the Barry Ark of the Covenant but right here notice mica is saying well what are the high places of Judah are they not Jerusalem at the time Micah wrote this they were and they are today still in high place where people look down their noses at those that profess the love of the Messiah Jesus Christ want to prove that well consider many other statements here's one it's found in Amos chapter 4 verse 13 therefore thus will I do unto thee O Israel and because I will do this unto thee prepare to meet thy God o Israelites for lo he that forms the mountains and creates the winds and declares unto man what is his stuff and makes the morning darkness and treadeth upon the high places of the earth Yahweh the God of house is his name what do we learn from Amos and from Micah oh my god gives Yahweh God will take away Yahweh God created those mountains and ultimately every one of those mountains will melt with extreme heat and fire as per the day of judgment now why is this important because Christ clearly taught that judgment begins in the valley of enim which is exactly where Micah would prophesy in full view of Jerusalem as a city and he referred to Jerusalem not as the temple of God but as in high place in high place therefore verse 6 here in Micah chapter 1 therefore I will make Samaria as a heap of appealed and asked planning's of a vineyard and I will pour down the stones there into the belly and I will discover the foundations thereof and all the graven images there up shall be beaten to pieces I want to stop right there just for a moment but notice obviously and we've only covered seven verses from mica so far the girth of all the prophecies that are given in this book by this minor prophet Micah are against the Israelite people for going out there graven images and surely you should be able to see in today's current era how that practice is still being observed how men and women look to the bank or the motion picture industry to deliver right but very rarely Yahweh God and perhaps even worse is their hoodwinked by judeo-christianity which is nothing more than a polite way of saying churchianity where men and women come in and basically worship their idols or their false christ that has no resemblance to he of the Bible and believe somehow or another that is a form of church it is Micah who explains part of the reason why judgment must begin at the house of Yahweh God verse 7 all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces and the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire what iers temple prostitutes thou shall not bring in higher oven whore into the house of Yahweh God that was the law of Moses my friends but at the time of Micah it became common practice and I'm here to tell you in many ways it still is and that apostate judeo-christian church most assuredly within that pagan catholic church temple prostitutes and prostitution and if you don't believe that then believe for a moment or at least believe the fact that most of those whore houses are giving our people equipped spiritually to get in bed with the Whore of Babylon or Satan take your pick verse 7 concludes they'll be burned with fire and the idols Theron I will lay desolate for she gathered it to the higher of an harlot and they shall return to an higher of the harlot my friends that's all the time we have for today so we're gonna pick it right back up next time where we left off right here in verse 7 of Micah chapter 1 and hope to hear from you until next Wednesday until then this is pastor miss ER from Brooks Georgia and the covenant people's Church wishing you and your entire family great studies always war for Christ

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