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hello again dear kinfolk we're gonna give it a few minutes because Google Hangouts has been known to be real choppy especially right at the very beginning but I would like to thank you for joining me today your kinfolk we're live streaming now on Google Hangouts and also YouTube and all around the world by extension we will be going live here in about 13 to 15 minutes on euro folk radio but before we actually get to that I'd like to look through a few books some that I suggest some that I suggest you stay away from one that came to us here in Brookes just yesterday by way of our post office is titled the hidden tyranny this is from the 11th hour remanent ministries I'm not very familiar with who they are but this particular issue looks at the rosenthal document there's many substantiated quotes within it it basically deals with what we saw growing up that many artists wrote about that is 1984 written by George Orwell and how it came into effect will be about 10 years late nonetheless it did come into effect so we're not too familiar with this ministry but we're gonna read it and we'll definitely get back to you on the hidden tyranny now one that I suggest is from the late great dr. Peter John Peters and it's titled terrible stories the full name of course is terrible terrible stories to solve the mystery of lawlessness this you can order from scriptures for america.org on the worldwide web and basically about a year before Pete Peters passed on to go be with Yahweh this was assembled from many of his writings and of course it like the hidden tyranny as many newspaper quotes within it and many pictures so therefore you that really come in and say that uh none of this is substantiated aliens in high places and so forth what's interesting about it as well as it has a quote right on the beginning of the book from the King James Version of the Bible while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way and you know as well as I do countless times I preached on this concept that is the parable that Christ taught basically coming in and saying not everyone who claims to be born of Yahweh God is in fact the enemy that sowed them is the devil and so if you're able to I suggest it it doesn't really have much of a theme but it is a collected works of Pete Peters and a few of you may know that actually scriptures for America was going to publish my books itani out through Richard who currently actually posts on the covenant people's forums today but Pete Peters unfortunately passed on before that came to be so we had to self-publish one you might consider is this title it's called I want to be left behind and it's by pastor Ron podge what's interesting about this one is it blows through the erroneous doctrine that were somehow or another gonna be raptured away by a Cowardly God I'm not really familiar with who Ron putch is but it is a great book because it goes through all of the timeframe that Yahweh and Yahshua speak about his return Solomon's Temple being rededicated and so forth so this is one if you struggle with the rapture doctrine you might want to add to your collection because it blows through this erroneous rapture theory that was invented by Margaret McDonald a several hundred years ago this one's kind of hard it's really not a rare it's not really hard to find it's written by Salem qurban who I believe is a camel jockey but what's interesting about this book is it was written in the late 70s and it basically deals with Satan's angels exposed so even though it is written by an Arab you can go through it and it actually deals with free masonry Shriner's the Illuminati The Rose crucian so many other things so I don't suggest you give this author any money but if you're able to find it at a yard sale for 25 cents you might want to pick it up pretty interesting now probably just as rare as that one is the first edition joy unspeakable by pastor Jeremy John Visser this has promised as you can see holds the barcode but is out of print and I know about 300 people got copies of this joy unspeakable with the original newsletters in the back the original orders back in about two thousand four or five they received free copies of that if they supported covenant peoples Church and the reason it's discontinued is we didn't really like the formatting of it we want with the bigger book so you're able to find it I know used copies exist and that was the first book they ever published technically a full volume now I know many of the people that I have the pleasure of preaching to are well familiar with I Raymond cap I Raymond cap was an archaeologist he was well studied he knew his stuff several books I suggest you pick up by cat if you're able to King Solomon's Temple beautiful book deals with the over length of all the tapestries all of the cherubim and their wings outstretched some of which we're going to be looking at today directly from The Book of Enoch so King Solomon temple is a study on it's symbolic on its symbolism so you might want to get a copy of that another one is Petra the Edomite capital if you don't know anything about Petra pick up Petra by earring and cap it goes into bail P or the God of the Moabites and basically explain so many things about archaeology and how true silence of the word of God they coexist perfectly in harmony with no problems one you might consider is biblical antiquities I believe there's about eight editions of these they were taken directly from his radio show in the 70s but it goes through the Bible confirmed by archaeology ancient manuscripts what the Bible does not tell you it has many coats of arms in there showing what each tribe eventually became so any volume from biblical antiquities by ear Ayman cap is it's must read basically in my estimation that is jacob's pillar is one written by a raven capped it's a great book perhaps you know the story but it deals with the Abrahamic covenant that was ultimately fulfilled through Jacob or Israel the man and so basically anything that I Raymond cap wrote as an author I suggest you obtain a copy of then we have two copies of it somehow I must have mailed it to us back in the day so time is somewhat getting away from me so like usual we are gonna lie we're gonna livestream directly at 7:00 p.m. we're going to be talking about angels in the book or books of Enoch plural and I'll be back with you to go through some other titles like Ted Weiland and several other authors and what's interesting is back in the day many of you may be aware of this but I actually went to the Los Angeles Unified School District's unfortunately because I grew up in Los Angeles I actually graduated from Hollywood high school and so my mother actually just gave me these a few days ago but these are pictures of me in the bend eighties during that time was kind of interesting here's one I really like look at the Hawaiian shirt like you know Hawaii five-o is real popular at that time book it book em Danno or hey here's one here's pastor resolutely there's one even worse this actually leaked to the internet once upon a time because this is 1984 so we got a little krokodil t-shirt on gotta love the seventies and the eighties you know I used to be picked on mercilessly because I went to LA Unified schools and therefore I went to school with majority Latinos and Mexican so they would pick on me all the time call me white boy but look at that that's a white boy look at the gold chain what can you say honestly so these are actually kind of entertaining and maybe someday I'll use one of them as an avatar on the internet so people can see how actually dorky I looked back then but then again still look pretty door to you today so I just thought you guys might get a kick out of that because if you remember Johnny Carson he used to like arm at them you just and he stick them on his forehead and say what they were but I haven't seen many of these in many years my aunt came with her and actually gave me these you remember the udin sal which i put up a couple days ago I preached too sometimes well here's pastor Visser with a real utin Sal back in 1987 with my grandparents holding a pig actually castrating the pigs which is a hard thing to do and nothing I'd ever wish on people so when it comes to the swine I actually know what I'm talking about cuz I grew up on a flying farm outside of Los Angeles County but without being established I figure you guys would get a kick out of that today we're going to be looking at the Book of Enoch which I have right here we're also going to be going back and forth to the authorized King James Version of the Bible I may be throwing up cryptic messages on my dry erase board as we go through because at the beginning middle and conclusion of every broadcast I play a one minute introduction middle and ending and so that will give you basically the structure of the competent people's broadcast or live stream as it goes out they promise towards the conclusion we'll look at a few of these like this one Eve did she or didn't she what a deceptive title if you were a seed liner you would order that and say hey it's interesting it's a really good book right it could be about the seduction of Eve but this is a miserable dismal attempt at dismissing and explaining away tool feed line doctrine which ironically can't be done so this is the closest attempt I've ever seen to that but we're gonna be back exactly eight o'clock when the show concludes and we're gonna look through a few of these i'll suggest a few and definitely suggest a few that you should avoid by this particular author because many within the Anglo Israel movement problem with him and rightfully so and so we are nearing the 7 o'clock mark I'm about to open match the broadcast for you when that happens I'll be quiet for about one minute as the opening plays at a 7 o'clock now we should be doing wise [Music] thank you for joining us for the covenant gathering here on euro folk radio calm our host is pastor Visser from the covenant people's ministry org we hope that you are inspired to grow in faith and wisdom by studying the scriptures with us this written gather the people sanctify the congregations assemble the elders and gather the children so let us gather together for this Bible study hour with our coats pastor Chester on the euro folk radio networks [Music] hello again dear kin spoke and thank you for joining me live here on euro folk radio.com my name is faster Visser and I am most assuredly pleased to be joining you here on euro folk radio calm and all around the world today on Wednesday name today we're going to be looking mostly at the Book of Enoch and I'm going to be going back and forth to what we consider can and I scripture to confirm who Enoch was why he was chosen what his purpose to Yahweh God is and ultimately some of his prophecies that deal with the end times and like usual before we begin today's broadcast I would like to thank you I James Paul English and the entire euro folk radio crew by extension for making this covenant people's coming a gathering radio broadcast available to the entire world and so we don't have much time because the Book of Enoch is replete with many many examples of angels however today I'm going to provide you a basic overview of Enochian literature and why it is important perhaps the reason for that or the reason that Enochs writings are important is already made clear as a bell with in what we consider canon i scripture turn with me today to Genesis chapter 5 and you know as well as I do that in Genesis 5 we learn of the genealogy the family tree in the bloodline of Adam and Eve and their eventual descendents that would lead all the way up to Yahshua Messiah Christ emannuel but nonetheless we learned in Genesis by but beginning in verse 19 Jared lived after he begat Enoch eight hundred years and begot sons and daughters and all the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty and two years and he died and enoch lived sixty and five years and begat Methuselah and Enoch walked with God after Heber saw or begot Methuselah three hundred years and begot other sons and daughters and all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years Genesis 5 verse 24 Enoch walked with God and he was not because Yahweh took him the why would Yahweh come in all the way in the beginning and set aside a man named Enoch the very father of Methuselah the world's oldest living man ever well there's a reason for that but the reason he was taken and chosen is given right here Enoch walked with God perhaps you've heard that terminology before we need to walk with God or walk in the spirit walk in the light or in short walk with Christ but there were people in the Garden of Eden who walked with Yahweh God right Adam and he walked with Yahweh in the cool of the day that's one example Abel had a walk of faith and most assuredly Enoch walked with God he was personal chosen holy set aside and the reason I believe this verse Genesis fight verse 24 appears within scripture it's because God foreknew that the Book of Enoch would be cut out of canon and many people would come in and they would say oh well don't hearken unto that but there's a reason I believe Enoch is shot from what we consider the sacred script continue reading Luke Methuselah lived in hundred and eighty and seven years of begat lamech and so on and so on it no so it is confirmed right in the beginning that Enoch is a patriarch and a great example of faith now you know as well as I do that the matter of everything in the Word of God must be confirmed by two witnesses so turn with me over to the general Epistle to the Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews 11 is a great book because it gives and provides so many examples of faith and you might be shocked to find out that listed alongside Abraham Sarah Isaac and so many others is this one Enoch for example we learn right in Hebrews 11 but verse 5 by faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death and he was not found because God had translated for him for before his translation he had this testimony he pleased God I want to digress right here momentarily but currently we are still going through a long-running series on the book of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians where Paul easily comes in and says you know what I become your enemy because I tell you the truth but also to those that believe upon his name Israelite and Gentile alike to him God gave the power to be called the sons of God so right here isn't it interesting that in Hebrews 11 we learned of Abel his faith we learn of Enoch his faith and we learn of Abraham who obviously obeyed God and it was counted unto Him righteousness so what was it that pleased God long before the Mosaic law was even codified or given obedience belief and faith all of these examples Enoch included in Hebrews chapter 11 are there not because of their adherence to the law not because they observe days years and weeks but because they obey God two times now I confirmed it from Genesis and Hebrews chapter 11 right here by faith Enoch was transfigured or translated shaken if you will so few people had ever dealt with this Transfiguration Moses was one but he died a physical death Enoch was taken and set aside so he could prophesy and God foreknew that at the Council of Nicaea they would chop out the books of Enoch and there's more than just one why because all of the prophecies that Enoch deals with are found within Ganon we're going to prove that today like the angels that fell and bread with the daughters of Adam but also about the end times don't believe me well turn with me then to the general epistle of Jude right before the book of Revelation and you'll find a statement here that is the linchpin and will lead us directly into the Book of Enoch and as you know Jude was considered the half-brother of Christ meaning Jude was a descendant of Joseph and Mary Jude says in his general epistle and this is quite important because notice in Jews general epistle and it's sure he gives all of these examples just like Hebrews chapter 11 or examples of great faith well these are examples of false prophets these are examples of what happens to people who go after debauchery lifestyles for example he says I will therefore put you into remembrance though you once knew this that Yahweh having saved the people out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believed not long before the law was even given so faith always Trump's obedience now perhaps that's an oversimplification but Enoch Abel Abraham Isaac are great examples of faith not obedience they continue reading and the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation is reserved in everlasting chains under darkness into the judgment of the great day great day of what great day of Yahweh and so notice these are examples he says in verse 7 Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth for an example an example of what would happen if any said he would come in later and what live ungodly so what you need to get you in the general epistle of Jude is verse 14 Enoch also the seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord comes with ten thousands of his Saints to execute judgment upon all and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed and over their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him right there and the general epistle of Jude is this statement with the term ungodly put within it five times it may seem out of context right but what this is my friends is a direct quote verbatim from the Book of Enoch and in context to the angels which kept not their first estate God reserving as wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness of Darkness forever and so we have more than proven that Enoch is mentioned in Canon he's found within the bloodline of Christ he's set aside so much so that he was translated and many people will argue and say Enoch is one of the endtime witnesses who will return and his body will litter the street and also Jew comes in and close this Enochian literature in reference to angels now where is this quote found it's found right at the very beginning of the first Book of Enoch and in the first chapter ironically that way no man can come in and say well you're adding to this you're trying to make it seem like Jude is quoting inna but Enoch should be in Canon my friend especially in light of the fact that Esther made it in why not Enoch well because it deals with equipping the Saints to overcome a beast system and Enoch really has no problems as Christ did saying as it was in the times of Noah so shall it be right before the second Advent meaning that the angels will fall again and those fallen angels will take from among the daughters of Adam so where is this quote well it is found right in the very beginning of Enoch salutation the Book of Enoch book 1 chapter 1 the blessing of Enoch which he blessed the elect and the righteous who would be present on the day of tribulation at the time of the removal upon the ungodly ones now it should make sense why Enoch isn't bound within Canon because his his authorship explains his intent with his salutation the blessing of Enoch is for whom the entire world any Tom Dick and Harry who believes throw not at all the elect and the righteous so only the elect and the righteous will understand what Enoch is preaching the second thing is is all of these prophecies that he not gives are for those who will deal with the end times final tribulation that does precede the second half that or eventual return of Christ to usher in the third and final Earth age Christ clearly said there were signs that we should look forward to right in Matthew chapter 24 so continue reading any knock the blessed and righteous man of Yahweh took up his parable while his eyes were open and he saw this is a holy vision from the heavens which angel showed me now you're not going to get around the Book of Enoch without dealing with angels that his angels that took him it was Angel's that showed him on every single level of heaven including the fifth heaven within a--they Liam and the grigory the Watchers sit with their Mouse's mouths islands and their faces gray perpetual you're not going to get around the angels that Enoch describes so there will be men that come in and they say hey you know what angels don't have wings the Roman Catholic Church added them no they didn't no one added wings to the cherub that Yahweh God placed East of Eden to guard it no one added angels to those two cherubs with wings outstretched over the mercy seat the Catholic Church did not come into the Temple of Jerusalem and add thousands of wings on the tapestries surrounding Solomon's porch so let's get that down first and foremost angels have wings I've more than proven that in books and we're going to prove that today from the Book of Enoch men come in and they say hey an angel that just means a messenger so give me the homage you were God angels or what messengers to get prophecies so a man can't come and transfigure you but angels came and transfigured Ino so here is your quote that you need to understand he says in verse 4 God at the universe the holy great one will come forth from his dwelling and from there he will march upon Mount Sinai and appear in his camp emerging from heaven with mighty power and everyone will be afraid and even though Watchers will quiver even the watchers that were set aside all the way back in Genesis chapter 6 and we're going to look at parts of that today the offspring of those unholy unions between the daughters of Adam and the fallen fallen how do you say fallen in Hebrew net felt what were the offspring of those unions nafeel IAM the nafeel IAM our grigory and/or watchers and in reference to what enoch is saying right here is that in the day of the Lord even faith who are reserved and set aside those wandering stars the blackness is reserved for veil quiver what well everyone will be afraid great fear and trembling will seize them unto the ends of the earth Mountains and high places will fall high Hills will be made low and they'll melt like honeycomb before the flame and the earth will be rent asunder and all that is upon the earth shall perish Enoch says and there shall be a judgment upon all notice we're going into the quote down pay attention this is Jude chapter 4 1 verse 14 the earth will be rent asunder there will be judgment upon all including the righteous and to all the righteous God will grant peace he will preserve the elect and kindness will be a on them they won't belong to God they will prosper and be blessed in the light of God will shine in them behold he will arrive with ten million of the Holy Ones in order to execute judgment upon all what does Jude say well God will come to execute judgment upon all ungodly sinners that have spoken ungodly words against them let's revisit that so you know that this is a direct statement verbatim so what does proves as you're turning back to Jude is that if the half-brother of Christ is able to quote directly verbatim from Enoch chapter 1 and verse 14 then Christ Himself would have been familiar with Enochian literature that should be a given because many church fathers actually quote it but he says Enoch also the seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord comes with ten thousands of his Saints to execute judgment upon all and convince all that are ungodly of their ungodly deeds here he comes with millions of the Holy Ones in order to execute judgment upon all he will destroy the wicked ones and censor all flesh on account of everything they have done a wicked earth reaping what it says just as Christ taught and many people look at Armageddon and they say well it's a great and terrible day well it's great for us but it's only terrible for the heathen the Antichrist at you and the god denier notice he will destroy the wicked ones not the righteous ones every tree that Yahweh God did not plant those tears will be rooted up and burned with fire that if you will is what Enoch is saying and most likely why they don't want you to understand Enoch that's just chapter one of an expansive book of literature all from one prophet and it says right there now my point is man can't come in and say well Jude just made that up we proved today it's a direct quote so how about the fall of the Angels this is important in fact in dual seed line identity this is one thing that we really need to understand it's found in Genesis chapter 6 but verse 1 it came to pass when men the word is out of my meaning the out of my descendants or the Gentiles ensure it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters have been that they were fair and they took wives of all they chose couple of things I want you to notice here notice they didn't come down and write the daughters of Adam the daughters of Adam were just as privy to the sins of the father the net self so both were just as equally guilty the Fallen Angels and the daughters of Adam who married not live with not consummated but married and lied with those that were fallen and this is important because based on what we read just in Genesis chapter 6 it allows false prophets to come in and say well it says sons of God it doesn't say angels but you know as well as I do that job chapter 38 confirms that the sons of God are the morning stars or angels with wings it's really not rocket science but without the Book of Enoch a false prophet could tell you a you know those aren't the Fallen of God so continue reading and Yahweh said my spirit will not always strive with Adam for he also is flesh and his day shall be in hundred and twenty years there were giants in the earth in those days and after that when the sons of God came in to the daughters of Adam and they bear children the same became mighty men which were of old and men of renown much speculation goes into the new philia many people look for giants many people claim to have even found huge skeletons that they believe the descendants of the offspring but it's all impossible when you really look at it because God took them and Enoch explains it doesn't mean they didn't die a physical death okay so what you need to understand about they could find maybe some skeletons but they'll never find the spirits of been athelia or the Watchers why they're free to roam the earth they are any short what we consider today demons plain and simple people wonder where did demons come into existence well right here in Genesis chapter 6 but you wouldn't know that unless you turn with me to enoch chapter 6 Enoch book 1 chapter 6 what do we learn in those days when the children of man had multiplied it happened that there were born unto them handsome and beautiful daughters Wow that's even greater than what we learn in the King James because it aligns with what we know of the Philistine another giant disdaining David because he was a youth ruddy and up there countenance it aligns with what we know of the Jew elders who attempted forcible rape on Susanna because she was beautiful and delicate is to look up so you're given a glimpse here of all the beasts of the field of all the soulless beasts that shall a God created and did not breathe into them the breath of life so that of Adam or Adam would become a living soul singular they weren't fitting not for the Fallen the Fallen had one target in mind and all assured you today on the 12th of July they still do the devil and his children have one target in mind and it's those that they haven't bought and sold already so let's continue reading in Enoch and the Angels the children of heaven saw them and desired them and they said to one another this is the angels reasoning come let us choose wives for ourselves from among the daughters of Adam and beget for ourselves children in many ways you can't blame them no more than you could blame the natural brute beasts for trying to upgrade his genetics but who you can blame is to blame a bull and those are the daughters of Adam then like now having no problem whatsoever with miscegenation race-mixing in short now you could split errors and say this is a genetic thing well these are angels that fell from heaven it was mixing don't believe me well that's continuing what do they say some yes their leader a polite way of saying zombie L or Psalms Yael said unto him I fear that perhaps you will not consent that this evil deed be done and I alone will become responsible for this grace in but all the other angels responded to him and said let us swear an oath and bind every one among us by a curse never and not true abandon this suggestion by deed or thought so you see again sin begins where in the thought nine times out of 10 every single time you can rape a woman but Christ clearly said you know what if you look upon her to lust after you committed adultery or fornication sin begins in the thought okay at this point when the fallen angels are saying we're going to take from the daughters of Adam because they have blond hair blue eyes and they're the most beautiful women known on earth the sin have you committed with the daughters of Adam you it had with the Angels so let's continue reading then they all swore together and bound one another by the curse and they were all together 200-something our book of Genesis does not tell us how many angels fell two hundred okay and they descended into Ordos which is the summit of Hermon we don't really have time today but I definitely invite the watcher or listener to look up Mount Carmel Mount Hermon as it appears and you will find even from Wikipedia that atop Mount Hermon today where the bobbing angel fell and took from among the daughters of Adam is a United Nations complex I wonder why that would be now you wouldn't know that from the Word of God in fact you wouldn't even know that Amman is the very valley and the mountain in which all of the Fallen fell to take from the daughters of Adam breeding lawlessness and mixing let's continue to read I'm going to prove this and they called the male hormone for the floor and bound one another by a curse there and their names are as follows Tommy oz the leader of our Kiev Rami Al Thani o Romeo Daniel Ezekiel brachial Azio our meals Bharati Oh Ariel Zakia and Yamal eels and noticed the very last one listed as real not from The Smurfs Azrael true angel names Enoch lists a thousand angels throughout all three books every one of them with a name and a position but notice almost every angelic name from Enochian literature and our Bible is something of L or something of God Gabrielle might yell that we read about in our Bible is a man of God or a son of God well each one of these has a name something of God so we learn an inoperable one but verse 7 they took lives unto themselves and everyone respectively chose one woman for they himself isn't that interesting as well unlike today where we're being prover believed raped on a spiritual level at a physical level in many regards what do we see an attempt at normalization something that was out notice they didn't write they didn't just go have a one-night stand they married with the intent of having children and then when the Fallen Angels chose to marry they didn't come in and say hey you know what I'm going to marry 20 wives they each married one therefore I want you to understand there is no new thing under the Sun and very few things change in that regard now here I am two years later after gay marriage has been legalized and if I were to remind people that that form of fornication or adultery she wasn't even tolerated two years ago they probably wouldn't even remember okay what do you mean well homosexuals have the right to marry not according to God no more than by Senators do why did God get angry at this that this was just men sons of God going into the daughters of Adam because it was forbidden Jude says it the angels which kept not their first estate waiting their first estate was where God designed them to be that was their abode Bevin's but you will see time and time again it's never enough so I want you to think on that we're gonna play a 1 minute break and we'll be back with the conclusion of today's lecture [Music] be sure to write to us at CP m256 Prince George's 3 0 to 0-5 you can also visit us on the web at permanent people's ministry org where you will find direct access to our extensive selection of audio sermons and Christian publications [Music] hello again my friends thank you for rejoining me this beautiful Wednesday evening July 12th it is now 731 on the East Coast that means that it is about 12:30 1:00 in the midnight hour for my friends in London England and like usual we are broadcasting why to euro folk radio comet is a great venue and a great big tank of like mines where you can literally that is if you're on the milk of the word have a smorgasbord or a buffet of bearing teachers with bearing opinions but all of which are usually edifying by way of reminder we are now live streaming through YouTube and Google Hangouts every Wednesday and Saturday to bring more exposure to the euro folk radio networks so thank you men and women who have joined me over there before that break we were looking at the account of the fallen angels of Yahweh God coming in and breeding Giants within the land quote-unquote but we were looking at it from the first Book of Enoch and confirming several details that are suspiciously silent in Genesis chapter 5 thus we learn an anoxic percerin they took one wife and what they began to go into them and they taught them who the Fallen Angels taught the daughters of Adam medicine incantations the cutting of roots and taught them about plants the women however became pregnant and gave birth to great Giants whose heights were 300 cubits these giants consumed the produce of all the people until the people detested tweeting them anymore so the Giants turned again against the people in order to eat them then they began to sin against Birds wild beasts reptiles and fish and their flesh was devoured the one by the other and they drink blood and then the earth itself brought forth accusations against its oppressors so much is lost in translation but you should be able to see from Enoch chapter 7 that many things are said here that aren't bound within the Genesis account for example the Giants a polite way of again sang the fallen unfortunately net fool was translated as China and we learned in our own Bible there were giants in those days also well Goliath of Gath was one of them but giant as a word really only means a bully or a tyrant so don't look so much as to their height but look to them as exactly what Gath was to David a giant the majority one with Yahweh is who exactly that's the whole point of these giants that will fall again and in many ways have already taken over through miscegenation another thing I want you to understand about is they reached and took so much off of the Adam i'ts a polite way of saying you could say they were taxed to death because then the atom ice who bore those daughters that brought forth the nathie Liam had to feed the Giants and then when they couldn't feed him enough guess what they did they turned on each other and then when the Giants were bulking port or bucking for position they turned one against each other and started fornicating and sitting with reptiles animals and wild beasts does that seem far removed it should there's a reason homosexuality and all forms of fornication and adulteration or forbidden the Word of God why we already covered today from purity they're an example of what happens let's take a look at Sodom and Gomorrah let's briefly let's look at what happened well we know that lot lived within Sodom and Gomorrah we know Abraham did not but we also know that lot vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds meaning lot vexed his own spirit living within that city we also know that that city most likely begin with homosexuality went ultimately on to as we confirmed today going after strange flesh which only has one meaning race-mixing and then ultimately as Abraham stood on the plains of Mamre making intercession for a lot he says hey will you spare the city for a hundred God says I will then Abraham says will you spare the city for fifty God says hell yeah I will Abraham even says will you spare the city for one righteous seed and God says oh if you can find one but there was not one that's the point so what do we learn about why is it an example because this is the theory of gradualism this is the leaven of the Pharisees which if we don't purge will grow so it begins with gay marriage and ultimately ends with what bestiality and many countries have already legalized that if you think I'm crazy saying this but this was written thousands of years ago and it's a foreshadowing of what we see in America Europe and abroad right now today in this year July of 2017 why tolerance tolerance they come in they preach tolerance y'all tolerate these freaks tolerate these manners right these soulless beasts that are walking around and never even understanding that if you're having to tolerate something it's evil and sinful to begin with but what happens when you tolerate evil instead of Perga and kill it out of your it becomes empowered and then all of a sudden the earth is polluted and that's what I want you to understand about it you know the earth was polluted because men were sitting around feeding them instead of killing them as the abominations they were now they upset Yahweh God now they God came down destroyed all than a feeling of all the unions all the offspring all the angels and all the women but he reserved and allowed their spirits to roam the earth well let's prove their continued reading these are the things they taught and isn't it interesting that almost every evil thing we know we learned at the hands of angels not says it in the book of Genesis you don't even need to go to inna but as soon as they went into the daughters of Adam what do they teach them what's the first thing medicine hmm it's medicine inherently evil no Luke was a medical doctor but I'll tell you this sorcery is and if you turn on the television today it's television ad after television ad of pharmakeia pharmaceutical drugs that will kill you and then usually a television ad for a lawyer wanting to sue the pharmaceutical industry that killed you why medicine number one first thing they taught them what type of herbs will get you high and screw you up and then they continue on incantations the cutting of roots all of which are still used today vain repetitions and ginseng and Eastern religion why is that something to consider anyway continue the account so the Giants turned against the people in order to eat them and then the earth brought forth accusation the earth itself perhaps you know in job chapter 7 that's basically the story but many times including in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah the sins of the people are so great that they reach to the heavens and even Yahweh God will hear them and he'll have no other option but to answer their prayer now in the case of lot lot wasn't right you period bottom line we can yes because he's listed as an example of faith being faithful doesn't denote that you're righteous okay God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for a reason the reason was God knew better but Abraham came in and said well will you spare it for a lot fine so God sent in his angels they literally took lot his wife his daughters out by the hand and what happened ultimately after the fact well Lot's wife looked back turned into a pillar of salt and Lots daughters lied with him and ultimately brought in the ammonites and the Moabites a curse that we still have today was Abraham wrong know through spirit through faith he was 100% correct but what was none righteous well he was righteous but he bets his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds so my point is you can quench the spirit that's what Lott did that's also why you're commanded to come out of cities cities are meant to be an example of what will happen and New York Las Vegas Los Angeles where I grew up even they control or a gay marriage all they want but God won't tolerate them that's the point God doesn't suffer fool neither should we after the Angels fall they bind in oath so nobody can back out and they say hey we're gonna do this day okay we're gonna really turn against God and the earth was polluted through all of this fornication well it goes to heaven right thus we learned in Chapter 9 well actually let's go chapter 8 ah CL taught the people the adamite the art of making swords and Knights and shields and breastplates warfare for the angels taught war that makes sense I mean Michaels considered the warring angel who crushes the head of the serpent every representation of my ki l has him with the javelin crushing the head of the devil so we learned in Revelation there's war in heaven Michael and his angels fought in the devil fought right so when the devil's father earth isn't it interesting the first thing they teach men to do is corrupt themselves with medicine through fornication and they teach him the art of war why well what do you think the enemy still does today but send our children off to fight in feudal wars and ironically just like in the days of old they put that bill on the back of the white blue-collar worker who has to pay for them what else and showed their chosen ones bracelets decorations shadowing a bi ornamentation the beautifying of the eyelids all kinds of precious stones all colouring teachers and alchemy the two greatest things in 2017 according to the Jew vanity right beauty and what alchemy so we live in a society today where we have an entirely different standard of beauty most assuredly than we did in the eighties when Christie Brinkley was a covergirl today who is it then Queen Latifah consider the irony but the point is is they come in and they teach vanity the way of the Egyptians yeah put on a bunch of mascara put on a bunch just a book like a hora that's gonna get you far in life while you around walking dressed and acting playing the harlot because you're fornicating why not engage in a little alchemy you think alchemy doesn't still exist well sorceries part of that the pharmakeia is part of that the synthetic drug industry is part of that this is all taught by the Angels why continue reading there were many wicked angels and they committed adultery and they erred and their conduct became corrupt therefore as Rialto incantation in the cutting of roots the resolving of incantations and barak wheel taught astrology and korekiyo the knowledge of the science that's the zodiac and Tommy L the singing of the stars and this Audrey L taught the course of the moon as well as how to deceive all men or Adam i'ts I want you to understand that because our Bible teaches the same exact thing if we or administer of light come in and tell you we are a minister of God come and give you any other gospel you're to consider them cursed do you not think for a minute the devil knows the law better than we do I assure you he does being the very cherub that covered the mercy seat alongside Michael he knows how to pervert the law so does the Jew his children we have a greater problem following the law as we've covered today how come the daughters of Adam didn't say hey no not my daughter and even furthermore when the sons of God fell who were corrupted in the process and buried from amongst the daughters about them where were all the fathers saying I'm not going to pay your way through life I'm not giving you food stamps and Welfare proverb alee there really is no new thing under the Sun the white race male nine times out of ten it's a coup cold in feminized person who will allow this type of behavior to go on in fact most of them usually every morning when the newspaper comes we'll look and read their zodiac or their astrology what do you call astronomy right what if what's the sign say they seek diviners definition is of the devil chapter 9 then michael cera Fjell and gabrielle observed carefully from the sky and they saw all the blood being shed upon the earth and the oppression that they run upon the earth and they said one to another the good angels they are from her empty foundation has brought the cry of her voice to the very gates of heaven and now a Holy Ones have happened the souls of thy people are putting their case before you pleading bring our judgment down from the most huh and surely it will be that way once again before Jesus Christ returns that his second Advent no man knows the hour at the moment but Matthew chapter 24 surely gives those signs and some of the signs that Jesus Christ says will happen is that the Sun and the moon will no longer give their light and the stars will fall from heaven the morning stars the same morning stars that fell from heaven in Genesis chapter 6 perhaps that's a study for another day but as it was in the times of Noah there were two sins going on in Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah both of more identical fornication and going after strange flesh God will not tolerate any nation any race any city that does the same exact thing and they said unto the Lord for he is the Lord of us and the god of gods the king of kings and the seat of his glory stands throughout all generations of the world your name is holy blessed and glorious you have everything in authority everything is naked and laid bare before you thus they have this long exchange the Holy Ones the very Saints the good angels or the Archangel OSA and the Greek come to Yahweh God and they say look the earthers be filled with the deeds of your fallen the fallen go and they take from amongst the daughters of Adam and they breed these man's errs and to existence a man's are devoid of any soul now you need to understand that only Adam had a living soul the Angels did not angels live forever thus God has to take measure what does Yahweh do Enoch book 1 chapter 10 then spoke to most high the great and holy one and he sent her you'll the son of Lamech saying tell him in my name hide yourself and reveal to him the end which is coming for the earth and everything will be destroyed how win well you know the account in Genesis chapter 6 in fact let's turn there right now in Genesis chapter 6 God was so grieved and I want you to understand this in light of this we tend to overlook this we'll go back to Enoch in a moment we tend to overlook this we say him look the Angels fell the Angels took from amongst the daughters of Adam and they brought in the net though right so God was angry at the angels was he let's see beginning in Genesis 6 but birth life God saw the wickedness of man was great within the earth not angels man God saw more fault with the daughters of Adam that were complacent in that sin that were willing to go headlong and rush to sin with him God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually when during the deluge right before God sends the flood upon the world of the ungodly and he will do so again now here is a key I want you to understand do we live in an era like this where every imagination and every thought of the heart meaning mind is only evil continually because we do the love of many is wax cold so few people even care because iniquity about but understand this point it repented God to have created man not D'Angelo's why Mannu better man had a living soul man had the law man is more accountable bottom line really when you looked at it and it repented Yahweh God that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart stop right there consider this for a moment God is not just some deity floating in outer space he is our heavenly father and he has a heart and that heart can be broken by what disobedience disobedience to a simple charge so I want you to understand that even though those the feeling or the angels that Bell were destroyed even though every anima daughter that lied with him every sodomite homosexual and race mixer was eventually burned with fire it doesn't stop these examples from existing and assuring does not stop Yahweh God from being hurt at our disobedience it repented God who have created man consider that when we sit here and say do you know what I'm Israelite I'm white I got blue eyes I'm so special right if you're so special then why was God upset that even created man in the first place because here's the Bible's clearly telling you that their thoughts their inclinations and their intentions are only evil always has that change no there may be a remedy but the majority is evil the majority is wrong and narrow be the way and few there be that find toe verse 7 in Genesis 6 Yahweh said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth both man beast the creeping thing the fowls of the air why because it repents me that I have created them but Noah found grace in the eyes of Yahweh you know this account Noah found grace because he was perfect within his generation one of the keys that got that God in flesh gives us is that it will be just again as it was in the time Noah before his return so it will be a great time of lawlessness and mixing according to the Book of Enoch and that time is now more so now than ever before even with these pictures and everything I was showing you at the beginning in the eighties race-mixing barely even existed homosexuality was still in the closet until two years ago so apostasy spirals it goes faster and faster Buffy says tell him my name hide yourself why secondly Yahweh said unto Raphael the angel bind Azrael hand and foot and throw him into outer darkness and he made a hole in the desert which was in do adel and cast a Maron through am on top of rugged and sharp rocks you know this in fact I really kind of want to end on that note turn with me back to Jude Jude talks about this which again confirms that Christ would have quoted Enoch and there are hints and glimpses and many of us parables of Enochian type literature but Jo but Jude again even as Sodom and Gomorrah in the city's round about them in like manner going after strange flesh and giving themselves over to fornication are set forth as an example these speak evil of those things they understand not but what they know naturally as brute beasts and those things they corrupt themselves woe unto them for they have gone the way of Cain and run greedily after the error of Balaam for reward and perished in the gainsaying of course these who the false prophet in context should you the natural brute beast that doesn't know any better as an allegory these are spots in your feasts of charity when they feast with you right feeding themselves without fear clouds they are without water carried about of winds trees whose fruit withereth twice dead plucked up by the roots raging waves of the sea foaming out their own shame wandering stars to whom it is reserved the blackness of darkness forever that's your nephew Liam batcher watchers don't believe me well we probably have time it looks like we got about five minutes left but there is intercession if you continue to read any not book one Enoch then goes on a tour of earth hell and the heavens all the a in chapter 20 all the names of are the Archangels are given with their positions than the luminaries of heaven but the point I want to get to is when Enoch is taken to the fifth level of heaven four angels come they take each level of heaven they show them this is for that this is for that and this is for that the great judgment of the blood Enoch chapter 54 and in those days the punishment of the Lord of spirits shall be carried out and they shall open the storerooms of water in the heavens above and all the waters will be united with other waters which is from the heavens above being masculine water whereas all that dwell underneath in the earth or feminine that's fitting the Israelites are who the bride were waiting for the bridegroom and they shall obliterate all those that dwell upon the earth and all those that will underneath the earth on account of the fact that they did not recognize their oppressive deeds which they did within the earth no accountability no shame no fear of Yahweh before their eyes and so it still stands today people go they sin and they literally give you issues you have a problem with their bastard who shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven there's the deluge here's the manner in which he does it Enoch book 1 chapter 66 after this Enoch speaking he showed me the angels of punishment who were prepared to come and release all the powers of the water to become judgment and destruction will live upon the earth but the lord of the spirits gave an order to the angels who were under duty that they should not raise the water or the enclosures for were the angels who were in charge of those waters and so Enoch is a great book it really gives the luminaries and explains how time rolls the twelve patriarchs for twelve directions it can be kind of hard to find a book of Enoch however in this latter era you're able to actually order a pretty cheap and if you order it you want to make sure you get the complete edition there's three books of Enoch and the books and secrets of Enoch and there's actually the prayers of you know but you can usually find them all together second Enoch is where the angels who govern the Stars are and so I really hope for my euro folk radio listener that today's lecture has edified you Enoch is an expansive study I plan on being back with you to look at some of them today we basically established that Genesis chapter six and Enoch book one chapter six are very similar in the teaching that God does not suffer the disobedient God expects more out of the atomize than he even does fall in angel and there are such a thing as the gregorio or the watchers whose faces are withered whose mel's are silenced perpetual who are reserved the wandering stars to fall again in the latter era so I truly hope that today's look into the Book of Enoch has helped you and I truly hope that by going to Genesis chapter 5 Hebrews 11 and the general epistle of Jude I was able to at least confirm in your mind that once upon a time the Book of Enoch was considered on par or equal to the book of Genesis is it canon no it's not considered canon but neither is about half of what I preached and canonization means nothing at the end of the day we didn't have chance we looked at it and passing but pan on or canna if the prefix for cannibal and that's exactly what the Fallen Angels and their offspring did was it not when they were done consuming the daughters of Adam they then started consuming all the beasts the reptiles the substance that was designed to be an inheritance for Adam in his ostrich and then when that wasn't sufficient and the white man for verbally wasn't able to carry their way anymore and pay their way they turned on each other and cannibalize each other so my point is just because someone says it's canon or does it doesn't mean nothing the end of the day it is up to you to study to show yourself approved and Enoch the shooter piccola the Apocrypha books like Belen the dragon Susannah story everything we've covered right here on this venue are all parts of that think about for a moment you have the upper hand while the majority of the world watch television you can go back to the canonized word and so join me again dear Ken's folk here next wins Saturday 12 noon on euro folk radio.com and until then thank you for joining us for this Bible study lesson with service ministry these teachings are recorded for you live network it can also be found in the archives churches websites ministry if you have questions or comments regarding these messages please write to us at CPM post office box - five six versus georgia three zero two zero five USA thanks again for joining us for this episode of the covenant gathering may God bless you and keep you be with you always [Music] excellent there was another great broadcast in the bag I'd like to thank you guys for joining me on Google we minimize that window it looks like there's about 12 viewers over there today so that's really good and hopefully you read some of my cryptic little messages that are out there before we actually look today at the Book of Enoch I was going through a few books including Jacobs pillar by ear Amon capped biblical antiquities and I was able to show some of you guys the first addition joy unspeakable which actually has the bonus our Father ate manna which is kind of a cool book this was published in 2006 this edition so this one's about ten years old you won't be able to find it or you might actually but there were about 300 pressure donors and what's cool about this is you can go right here for example and on this page there are comments from all of the Protestant reformers not all of them but some of the better-known ones all about the Pope of Rome have you ever considered some of these statements for example Thomas Cranmer says wherefore it followeth Rome to be the very seat of Antichrist and the Pope is the Antichrist himself that's powerful powerful that is if you're debating somebody who is a papist right how about Charles Spurgeon you know what he had to say quote we must warn with judicious boldness those who are inclined towards the errors of Roe we must always tell them of the black doings of popery and cause the damning statement there's one from John Calvin John says this of the kaathal of the Catholics we call the Roman pontiff Antichrist period that it's see Martin Luther you know what he had to say the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist how about John Wesley you know what he had to say he is in am emphatically the man of sin that is the Pope because the Pope increases sin above all measure and cor final one will look at John Knox John Knox was Scottish but you know what he had to say he said the Pope should be recognized as the very Antichrist many of those quotes are hard to find today because they're considered politically incorrect but that doesn't really mean that much so if you're able to find a old copy of joy unspeakable do so they're worth about five bucks each and you can always order the new edition now before I began the broadcast I said I would look through some of evangelists had wildin sports some are good some are bad I'm what's known as a dual feed line Christian identity minister I've only taught dual see blind dogma today was part of that the Fallen Angels taking from the adamite women for example so one book that I can suggest even though this man is not dual feed line it's the mystery of the Gentiles by Ted or wild and ironically a lot of people struggle with who a Gentile is I touched a bit on it today in today's broadcast right in short the Gentiles are be created Adam when he created in Genesis one male and female now Israel is the descendant of B atom the atom that was created in Genesis 2 and therefore many people have problem they come in and they say well who are the Gentiles right this outlines the mystery of the Gentiles so I give credit where credit is due Weiland actually did pretty good on this explaining who the Gentiles are and improving that they're not the non covenant and the non-white people so you can order this for mission two Israel or amazon.com I believe and it's probably about the only one I will suggest from Ted or one another one I briefly touched upon right at the very beginning Eve did she or didn't she I thought when I ordered this book that it was a pro Cee'd Lane I bought it like ten years ago but I thought it was pro Cee'd line doctorate and apparently what this book is is an attempt by evangelist Weiland who's not a preacher by the way to come in and discredit dual feed line doctrine ironically the lady does it is by going to the Talmud and quotes to tell me well that's kind of interesting in a way because look according to John chapter 8 verse 44 the Jews are either liars or aren't lawyers you can't take your pick you can't pick and choose okay so my point is is if the Jews say within their Talmud that the spirit of the Pharisees remains unaltered within Judaism and they're the Pharisees do you believe it if the Jews say within their Talmud that Satan injected lust into Eve do you believe it well it's interesting how suppose that Christian identity men are willing to set aside their differences to believe the Jew no they lie all the time that's the whole point if did you say we're Pharisees why they're not Pharisees because they're not Judea the Pharisees were mostly Gentiles so this one I do not suggest it has the trick title its clickbait to get you in and then you start reading it and he starts going through saying how you have a debase mind if you believe the Word of God is it's plainly written and of course like every other anti seat languor this man can't get around exposure in the Greek where Paul says lest by any means the circuit beguile you it's not in Hebrew they know that they always go to Hebrew the word touch or lie with his noggin he grew Hebrew it means to have fruit or bear progeny to have children exposure in the Greek means to sexually wholly seduce so this is an attempt by a vain man to ironically dismantle my teachings and let me interject here Ted Island is the only preacher that I ever dealt with in my entire ministerial career who actually had the audacity to come in and tell me that the picture that goes out on the Wiccan bits of videos to YouTube is smack with managing kind of interesting actually therefore I've used it ever since for like ten years I keep using that picture over and over in fact it's in all my books because how is any picture smacked with vanity this one is a good one this is by Weiland also evangelist but it's called Christian duty under corrupt government now this is probably his best work ever because with this title he attempted to come in and prove where the balls profit keeps so many people gridlocked but they usually will go to the book of Acts and say you got to do what man says they usually will even quote Christ where he holds up the sign or the quarter and he says do you see Caesars face on this well then render unto Caesar that which is Caesars but what while improves within this book is that there is no duty whatsoever on the part of the Christian under a corrupted government you're always better serving man than a corrupted government so if they come in and they say hey you know what we're gonna outlaw the Bible what do you do well I would assure you probably 90% of people would turn into finals because they don't read them anymore but what is a Christians duty under corrupt government it's outlined within the Word of God their ministers of righteousness they persecute the evil and not the good so something to consider on the same exact vein and theme of God's covenant people or the mystery of the Gentiles at least as I showed you is this magnum opus God's covenant people yesterday today and forever this is pretty good honestly because he stays away from the real the devil and he deals solely with who God's covenant people are then and now and of course it comes with who is Israel but it's a pretty good book in fact it is 400 almost 500 pages long you can get it from mission to Israel but it basically argues to be the most comprehensive book proving who both the Gentiles and the Israelites are so this is really important because we consider this and CI to be foundation you don't have a good foundation you will be lost in translation another thing that's kind of interesting is Weyland was writing a book on the ten commandments I don't know how many other men and women happy but he was releasing them by chapter that of course is the first commandment have no other gods before me this is the second command no blade and images this is the third do not take nobody's name in vain for Sabbath day except where you get the point it goes through them all but what's interesting about this was why one simply needs for free pitched him to me when he wrote them I believe about 12 years ago but you can't get these now 2007 so yeah ten years ago he sent me all these and what's interesting now is this as these are you can't find but they now make one big tall one big book on just the 10 commandments and actually I can't suggest this one the reason I can't suggest it if a lot is lost in translation on that one as well for example thou shalt not commit adultery what is adulteration me well adulteration as a word means to add impure element until okay Whalen comes in and says Oh adultery just reads race-mixing total lie adulteration is of everything you can adulterated fabric by mixing woolen cap and and and cotton together you can adulterate your marriage bed by cheating on your spouse but so also can you adulterate your bloodline through miscegenation so he's off there he did good on kill because there's not much that goes into that basically thou shalt not kill is do no murder which begins in the thought of premeditation so he was right in their honor thy mother and father pretty good book but what do you do when your mother and father like mine our 33rd degree master masons an Eastern star do you honor them well it kind of goes into lying with Christian duty under corrupt government if your parents are corrupted do you honor them fair question so not really and so with that I will suggest of all the books I've showed you today two from Ted Whelan his his best work and his forte who are the Gentiles who are Israel pretty good there because he stays out of politics that's all I can suggest from Ted our island now everything from arraignment count I suggest you get your hands on every possible thing and I have another one that I didn't bring today to the church and it's called glory of the stars we looked at it partially today astrology right the signs of the zodiac and how God put them there to be signs and wonders in fact the 12 signs of the zodiac actually aligned to the twelve tribes of Israel in the twelve gates within the coming kingdom but there's a difference between astrology and astronomy for example so studying the Stars it's a great thing but using the Stars like a lucky rabbit's foot to find out what if you're going to be lucky or not for both by the Word of God so Petra glory up the stars biblical antiquities King Solomon's Temple all good work another thing I suggest is check out the 11th hour remedy I know very little up them however they did send me this awesome full-page map map of the Adamic race you guys might like this I can't get it in with Sean true but I'll stand up here I'll show you how big this is this is actually they sent me theirs so I would put it on the door it's a door poster and ironically I'm not going to put this on the door brother because I'd have to cut it for the door now I'm not gonna tear up a poster and also you get one of these almost like this which is the history of the Adamic race when you sign up for the American Institute of theology Kingdom identity course so obviously I'll be searching them out a bit more too but they're called the 11th power remnant messenger and they send me lots of material so truly there is a Great Awakening going on in the land and I'm really grateful to be with you and live stream and to be able to broadcast on Europa radio and Yahweh's truth with my good buddy Jim Lynch them so thank you guys so much for joining me today it's gonna be about four or five days until I come back if I do so as I said if you're able to support the ministry please do so it's an imperative trying to do a search I pray that Yahweh God will truly bless each and every one of you your family and everything you put your hands forth to do I pray that God will prosper you and until next time this is pastor besser from Brooks Georgia and the covenant people's Church wishing you and your entire family great studies and always war for Christ

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