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The Morning Stars (Complete) [2007]

MP4 | 2022
1st Peter: Be Ye Holy (Part #1) [2006] starts our two-part expository style sermon covering the first epistle of Peter in its entirety. Recorded on New Year's Day 2006, this vast lecture examines the true covenant people, authentic Christian suffering, corruptible and incorruptible seeds, “an holy nation” and a lot more! There is much spiritual "meat" in this analysis so spend an hour covering I Peter 1-3.

MP4 | 2022
Serpents and Worms (Nightstream) [2013] is a closer look at the seduction of Eve that explains what transpired in the garden of Eden between Adam, Eve and the fallen angel Satan. This double sermon deals with the god-tripping Herod being snuffed out by a cherub and the apostle Peter's dealings with angels in the New Testament book of Acts. Included is a squat preview of the upcoming Obie & Visser show dealing with Samhain/Halloween.

MP4 | 2022

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