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    An Evil Generation

    An Evil Generation explains why Christ continually rebuked the Pharisees for their insincerity and promotion of a false religion centering around their traditions. Learn the difference between the letter and the Spirit of Yahweh's undying Law! This study continues to explore the necessity of being sincere when serving our Master by examining the mistakes of the "sign-seekers" from Luke's Gospel 11:29-44.


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    CPM @!

    Lindstedt's Movement Update #2 could be considered a lesson in NOT answering a fool according to their folly. In this lengthy show Pastor Visser makes one final attempt at setting straight slanderous allegations made against him by modern-day Pharisees before finally putting it in "language" they can understand. For entertainment value - no substantial Bible teachings (Contains adult language).


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    Covenant People's Audio ( @ )

    The Protevangelion (Overview) provides the listener with valuable dual-seedline truths concerning the seduction of Eve and Yahweh's curse in Genesis 3:15. This Voice Of Christian Israel broadcast features Pastors Eli James and Visser discussing the numerous parallels between "canonized" scripture and the Gnostic books which explain the birth of Christ and murder of Zechariah in greater detail.


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    Dual Seedline CI #1

    Stumble Inn Radio: Dual Seedline Christian Identity (Part #1) provides the listener with a brief history of Richard G. Butler's Aryan Nations organization and the numerous splinter groups that surfaced after its untimely downfall. Pastors Lindstedt and Visser continue expressing their concerns regarding the existing state Covenant People's Ministry and the "terrible sock-puppet outbreak of 2010."


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    Lindstedt's Movement Update #1

    Lindstedt's Movement Update #1 features Pastor Visser (beginning 43 minutes into the show) addressing several slanderous allegations leveled at CPM within the last several weeks. Discover in inside scoop on running Covenant People's Forums, the future direction of this ministry and the so-called "mystery of dead Nazi money" by listening to this three hour broadcast (Contains adult language).


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    A House Divided

    A House Divided examines the necessity of sincerity in serving Yahsua by examining a slanderous charge made against the Messiah in the Gospel of Luke 11:14-28. By observing the tactics God's enemies used against Him we're able to better see that those who scatter are not for the ultimate "gatherer of our people" Jesus Christ. Pastor Visser also brings the listener up to date on projects at CPM.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #7)

    The Protevangelion (Part #7) deals with Herod's "slaughter of the innocents" and the extreme measures Mary and Elizabeth take to protect their infant children. To conclude the series we examine the murder of Zechariah by the Herodians in detail helping to shed light on the curse of Christ in Luke 11:51; "The blood of Zechariah shall be required of this generation [race]." Contains music by Matthew Ott.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #6)

    The Protevangelion (Part #6) covers the temple's hypocritical trial of faithful Mary and Joseph for supposed adultery. In this lecture we cover the numbering of the Israelites by Emperor Augustus, the vision of Joseph concerning dispersed Israel and the actual birth of Christ at the hands of a Hebrew midwife. This sermon concludes by examining king Herod's deceitful exchange with the three wise magi.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #5)

    The Protevangelion (Part #5) explains Satan's seduction of Eve by investigating Joseph's sentiments after returning home to discover the virgin Mary six months pregnant. This segment also unlocks many mysteries concerning the original sin, Cain's bastard progeny and the state of judaism during Mary's fourteenth year. Easily, the most "dual seedline" Christian Identity program in this entire series.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #4)

    The Protevangelion (Part #4) finds Mary betrothed to Joseph at fourteen years of age through a requested "ensign" by Yahweh. Understand the importance of the virgin Mary's sincere service to God through full obedience to His Word. This segment also deals with the archangel Gabriel's annunciations to both Mary and Elizabeth concerning their coming children John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.


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