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    Did You Know?
    An Open Letter from Gerald L. K. Smith

    Dear Friend:

    Only a true lover of truth will be interested in this letter. Its contents are explosive in fact, catastrophic in substance. Only the couregeous can accept the dangerous truth contained herein. Read slowly and absorb every word because this could be a turning point in your life and it could be the most important letter ever to come to you through the mails.

    DID YOU KNOW that Henry Ford, the great industrialist, spent about $5 million investigating the organized activities of the International Jew and came up with the conclusion that the organized Jew is in a campaign to rule the world politically, culturally, religiously, financially and militarily?

    DID YOU KNOW that Charles Lindbergh, the most heroic citizen which America has produced in this century, put his finger on Jewish manipulation and confirmed the logic of Mr. Ford?

    DID YOU KNOW that Colonel John Beaty, one of the top men in Military Intelligence under Franklin D. Roosevelt, was commissioned to conduct investigations designed to imprison people like myself alert to the Jewish issue? Instead, Colonel Beaty became my convert and wrote a thick book documenting the whole thesis.

    DID YOU KNOW that Senator Jack Tenney while Chairman of the Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities for the State Legislature of California (he was on this Committee for twelve years) arrived at the conclusion that Jew Zionism is a world-wide organization bent on world power and world control?

    The brief paragraphs above cannot be ignored. No intelligent man can absorb their contents without deciding in his own mind that these prominent individuals as well as thousands of other individuals equally as prominent must be proved false in their conclusions or, failing to prove them false, we must take very seriously their findings. That's what I have done. I have found out that they were correct and I dare not ignore the correctness of their viewpoints.

    DID YOU KNOW that regardless of any other issues that may arise in the political and social and cultural life of our nation, the real issue is the conflict between the dynamic of our civilization—Christianity—and the forces bent on the destruction of this dynamic?

    DID YOU KNOW that Martin Luther, the great Christian reformer, known as the Father of Protestantism, did a deep research on the Jewish question and came up with a Handbook for his followers entitled, "The Jew and Their Lies"? This book by the founder of Protestantism and the leader of the Great Reformation establishes the fact that the same Jewish force which crucified our Lord is still determined to crucify Christianity. I am the only person in the United States of America to have reproduced Luther's Handbook.

    DID YOU KNOW that 27 Popes issued special edicts warning the Christian communities of the world of the Jewish conspiracy to overthrow and undermine the Christian faith? I am the only person in America to have assembled the dates and the listings of these edicts.

    DID YOU KNOW that one of the greatest research students on earth whose name cannot be used and who holds honorary degrees from seven great universities in the United States and in Europe has assembled some 14,000 photostatic copies from the Libraries of the world at a cost of at least one-half million dollars in order that the theme of my life and the theme of this letter may be confirmed with logic and evidence? I have caused it to be published into a Handbook entitled "Quotes, Quotes, Quotes" statements mostly by Jews gleaned from these thousands and thousands of photostatic copies.

    DID YOU KNOW that the organized Jews of America have a secret service organization which operates somewhat like a Gestapo and is known as the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith? This organization carries on a constant campaign to prevent my being quoted in the press, to veto my right to broadcast over television and radio and to deny me meeting halls in which to address my followers. If they had their way, they would deny me the right to even write you this letter. A Handbook entitled, "The Jewish Anti-Defamation League and its Use in the World Communist Offensive" has been prepared by a former member of Military Intelligence for the United States Government and this Handbook is in my files and is being made available to my followers.

    DID YOU KNOW that Colonel John Beaty, referred to above, top man of Military Intelligence in World War II under Roosevelt, wrote a research book entitled "Iron Curtain Over America" confirming the thesis of this letter? The book contains 267 pages and is cloth bound and the title of it is "Iron Curtain Over America." Please be reminded again that Colonel Beaty was commissioned to gather the evidence necessary to put me in the Federal penitentiary but wound up as my disciple and vowed to write this book when he returned to Southern Methodist University after the war, to resume his duties as Dean of the English Department.

    DID YOU KNOW that organized Jewry boasted (after he was dead) that the purging of Senator Joseph McCarthy was the result of their highly organized efforts?

    DID YOU KNOW that General Douglas MacArthur was the victim of Jewish opposition? The largest Jewish journals in America branded General MacArthur as an American Hitler and then proceeded to smear him and undermine his reputation. He came to Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday and delivered a great address extolling the political doctrine of Christian Nationalism. In a similar address in Houston, Texas he glorified the Cross and the Flag as the two most dynamic and significant symbols.

    DID YOU KNOW that the form of government in the United States has been converted from a Constitutional Republic to an Elective Monarchy? The most sober-minded and conservative journalists in Europe are now referring to the American form of government as a Monarchy on the theory that the President of the United States has seized the Treasury and has now corrupted the states, the counties, the cities, the Congress, the schools, the hospitals, and the colleges. These institutions all pant for money and know that if they disobey the President they will lose it. I have just produced what could turn out to be one of the most sensational manuscripts ever to come off the press entitled: "A Constitutional Republic Becomes a Dictatorship." This manuscript could cost me my liberty. It could put me behind bars. But, it is the truth.

    DID YOU KNOW that Scotland Yard made a thorough survey of the rise of Bolshevism and Communism and made an official report? It was so sensational that it was buried and no one was permitted to see it outside an inner circle. A copy was buried in the Archives in Washington and it was identified as classified material, making it a criminal offense to publish it. Thanks to the constructive infiltration of an American patriot, the document was lifted out of the classified file and declassified legally. The substance of this report is summarized by the following sentence. "There is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews." We have reproduced this report, including the reproduction of the Government seal and the reproduction of the signature of the Keeper of the Archives.

    DID YOU KNOW that American Military Intelligence made a complete investigation of the rise of world Communism beginning with the Russian Revolution? This report was buried in the Archives and no one was permitted to see it until very recently when it was transferred from the classified file to the unclassified file. This report reveals that of something like 325 commissars, nearly 300 of them were Jews and approximately 260 of these who journeyed to Russia to become commissars came from the United States; most of them came from the Lower East side of New York City. Unbelievable, isn't it? Well, I have a photostatic copy of that American Intelligence report which I have reproduced.

    DID YOU KNOW that in the beginning days of this Crusade, two of my heaviest contributors were Henry Ford, Sr. and one of the substantial gifts came from Colonel Charles Lindbergh, the American hero? These and other men of character and substance were anxious to see this truth go out across the face of the earth. As referred to above, Mr. Ford spent some $5 million on research and assembled a report entitled "The International Jew". The Jews advertised to the world that Mr. Ford apologized for this report, but the apology was later revealed as a hoax when an important individual in Mr. Ford's circle confessed that he collaborated with Jewish authorities in New York and had forged Mr. Ford's signature to the so-called apology. I have reproduced this report which Mr. Ford assembled and it documents the theme of this letter. It is one of the most sensational revelations ever to fall into the hands of men who really love truth.

    DID YOU KNOW that organized Jewry has set out to make it a criminal offense to glorify the name of Christ in our American institutions? When our pro-Communist Supreme Court ruled that devotions in schoolhouses were unlawful the Jews confessed that 66 of their organizations furnished the money and paid the lawyers necessary to bring about the Christ-hating edict. Recently a diagnosis of the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States was made by U. S. Senator Eastland, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate. This chart reveals that the Supreme Court has decided favorable to Communism 77% of the time. This chart has been reproduced.

    DID YOU KNOW that the so-called riots in Los Angeles were organized guerrilla riots—organized in the pattern of Viet Nam and other areas where ruthless half-savages are being taught to terrorize white people and destroy property and burn cities? One of the most publicized leaders of the Black revolution recently said: "The great cities of America must burn". I have made a survey of this Los Angeles riot and reproduced it and it is available. It contains 53 observations shocking and unbelieveable and documented.

    DID YOU KNOW that under the leadership of certain Jews the slums of our great cities are being organized into revolutionary mechanisms? And did you know that the Communists have already made a map of what they consider will be the area to be carved out of the United States territory to become a 'Black Republic'? This map is in the files of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Before it was put into the files, I made a photostatic copy and the photostatic copy of this Black Republic map is available.

    DID YOU KNOW that an organization has been formed known as the Christian Nationist Crusade committed to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic, the liberty of our Christian faith, racial self-respect, individual and political sovereignty? This Crusade exerts an influence beyond the understanding of the average observer. It is reported that this Crusade has influenced the formation of and the expansion of nearly 2,000 right wing movements in the U.S.A. and in the world. This has been done because people on the order of those who receive this letter have donated money with which to enlighten and inspire and mobilize men and women of character and self-respect.

    DID YOU KNOW that The Cross and The Flag is the official organ of the Christian Nationist Crusade, which is a National Political Committee, maintaining regular contacts with the Members of the Congress of the United States and one of the two most important factors in the campaign to prevent the diplomatic recognition of Red China in the United Nations and in the United States?

    DID YOU KNOW that Lyndon B. Johnson when persuading Arthur Goldberg to surrender his seat in the Supreme Court to Abe Fortas—did you know that Johnson said to Goldberg: "You can be my Vice-President candidate in 1968, thus putting you in line to be the first Jewish President of the United States in 1972?" I have documented this fact and reproduced it.

    DID YOU KNOW it is alleged that the most powerful Jews in the world assembled in a secret meeting about 65 years ago and madeup the blueprint for their campaign for world power? This secret plan was spirited out of the meetings by an enterprising investigator and reproduced. It first appeared in the Western world in the London Museum and was translated by an enterprising contributing editor for the London Post, Victor Marsden. The title of the report is "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" The Jews and others have branded this as a forgery, but men of great character and competence insist that it is not a forgery. In fact, Mr. Ford said: "It fits what is going on". In over half the world it is a crime punishable by death to be caught with a copy of the Protocols in one's possession. Even in the United States, any print shop that reproduces it is in danger of being blown up. Any individual who distributes it is subject to the harassment of the Jewish secret service machine known as the Anti-Defamation League. Even so, I have reproduced it.
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