Official Covenant People’s Video releases bear a “coven” number during the final credits. We occasionally release special videos without this numbering system to designate they are NOT carried nor supported in the CPM catalog ( internet only ).

All videos are uploaded to five servers ( listed below ). Each video file is downloadable in our complete listing of all “coven” releases from Covenant People’s Ministry via the Covenant People’s Forums.

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Suggested ( earlier ) segments;

Who Maketh His Angels Spirits? [2007] is based on the first chapter of Hebrews and examines the superiority of Jesus to His created angels. Pastor Visser proves that the author of this epistle accepted Christ as God incarnate because he used several Old Testament passages that specifically refer to Yahweh attributing them to the Messiah. This youthful (but valuable) broadcast is part of the four-part Halloween “Samhain Coven Series” spanning several years.

Spirit Like A Dove (Original Version) [2005] is a short but sweet study into the baptism of Jesus and His connection with doves in the Holy Bible. Pastor Visser also examines the actions of Christ as He drove out the money-changers from the temple with a fat whip and what exactly drove Him to doing as such. This nifty audio track appears as an extra on the free “Noah’s Flood: Flesh or Beast?” compact disc.

The Boxcar Sermon [2012] deals specifically with the topic of bearing false witness and provides the listener with valuable keys in identifying Satan’s seed though their depraved actions. Using Yahweh’s Law and the parables of Christ we concrete the fact that liars and talebearers have no position within the Body of Christ but (ironically) serve other purposes towards advancing our coming Kingdom of God.

Hast Thou Forsaken Me? [2012] details the crucifixion by using select verses from king David’s 22nd Psalm to show the mindset of Christ as He made His eternal sacrifice. In this sermon we highlight why hypocrites will never understand their actions are immoral to Yahweh and showcase the marriage supper of the Lamb by explaining why Jesus had to die in order to redeem His beloved bride, Israel.

Pastor Visser’s 2008 sermon “Vision of Obadiah” has been reissued for Halloween 2011. This special Samhain broadcast is unlike any other released by Covenant People’s Ministry! Aside from the “Death Metal” Christian music and peculiar sound effects, this exposition is a full study into the downfall of our Edomite enemy during the “Day of the Lord.” This hour-long sermon covers the Book of Obadiah and the fifth chapter of Enoch.

“Cut Off” Time! by covenantpeople

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