Satanel: Coming Soon from Covenant People’s Books!


This will be the thread to watch for updated information on the upcoming book Satanel: The Rise and Fall of the Adversary (aka: Strategies and Tactics of the Satanic – Volume One) coming soon from Covenant People’s Books. This exhaustive guide on Satan is based on many sermons currently found at the CPM website but it also boasts over 50% new content and is more expansive having extra chapters not available to the general public at this time. An impressive scripture index is included for the hundreds of passages taken from the Authorized, Ferrar Fenton and Amplified Bibles. An online version of Strategies and Tactics of the Satanic will be launching on June 6th, 2006 (aka: 666) for reasons covered within the book itself so be one of the first to own a copy by this Christmas!

Cover Price $12 / Pre-Orders $7 (150 pages)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2005908761

Here’s the current and projected outline:

Sirach 21:27; “When the ungodly curseth Satan, he curseth his own soul.”

Pre-orders are always welcome and thanks for your interest!

In bold defiance of Satan!

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