Power in Prayer

Power in Prayer (Yahweh’s Truth #55) is a lengthy episode of Intel Update that proves the might within prayer from mainly the Authorized New Testament Gospels and Epistles. What can we ask for from our Creator and how many times can we make these requests? This two-hour broadcast also scrutinizes several passages solely from Luke’s Gospel to showcase the teachings of Jesus Christ pertaining to communicating with Yahweh the Father.

Zechariah (Part #11)

Zechariah (Part #11) continues to teach on the “root and offspring of David” who came and will come again to finally render righteous judgment and restore eternal peace to Yahweh’s Kingdom on earth. What does Zion represent? This upbeat sermon concludes Zechariah’s straightforward commands and only starts to explain his vivid prophecies concerning the coming New Jerusalem also mentioned in the New Testament by John the Revelator.

Zechariah (Part #10)

Zechariah (Part #10) covers the prophet’s vision of the Crown and the Temple in detail before providing extensive coverage on Zechariah’s personal call to the Israelites for justice and mercy. Considering his commandments align to Micah’s well-known mandate; “What doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” this lecture continues to show where other major prophets teach identically.

Mansions of Wisdom

Mansions of Wisdom (Yahweh’s Truth #54) attempts to explain Jesus’ assertion in John 14:1; “In my Father’s house are many mansions” by looking deeper at the definitions of His spoken Words in Greek. How important is knowledge to Yahweh? This Spirit-filled episode of Intel Update explains the vast differences between wisdom and understanding while scrutinizing our Authorized Bible’s teachings relating to “heaven” or the coming Kingdom age.

Search the Scriptures

Search the Scriptures is a lecture centered around Jesus’ statement to the Pharisees in John 5; “Search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify of me.” It is important to understand the Spirit of the Law and how it wars against the letter of the law used by scripture lawyers. This sermon from John’s Gospel highlights the importance of the codified Word of Yahweh and how it can be used against Saxons.

Shut Up the Kingdom!

Shut Up the Kingdom! examines tactics of Pharisees from Matthew’s Gospel to confirm there are hellbound imposters attempting to keep Saxon people from Yahweh’s eternal Kingdom. Does the traditions of the elders exist in modern times? This relaxed lecture is technically the continuation of “Effect & None Effect” because it further explains the organized religion of Christ’s time while providing updates from the previous Sunday pulpit sermon.

Zechariah (Part #09)

Zechariah (Part #09) deals mostly with the minor prophet’s vision of a woman in a basket and what it represents to current society. Also included in this continuing sermon is his vision of four chariots and their similarities to the horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned by John of Patmos. Towards the conclusion we touch upon the beginning of the Crown and the Temple which like the previous two visions represent Yahweh’s justice upon earth.

Effect & None Effect

Effect & None Effect looks at “tradition” from a Biblical perspective while explaining the purpose of the traditions of the elders and their effect on truth. This sermon from Matthew’s Gospel proves that man can sometimes disannul the genuine teachings of scripture in their attempts to uphold extra-Biblical traditions. This lecture is missing the final ten minutes due to power failure but is still an important enough topic to warrant an official release.

Zechariah (Part #08)

Zechariah (Part #08) begins in Ezekiel II to establish the “flying roll” mentioned in this minor prophet’s fifth chapter is part of the curse that Christ came to redeem us from under the New Covenant (Galatians 3:13). Does God’s Law offer salvation? Are the Israelites mostly obedient to His commands? This sermon further confirms the reality of the angelic host including the scriptural fact that some cherubs are female with white and feathered wings.

We’re In This Together?

We’re In This Together? is a sermon in relation to COVID-19 and the Corona Virus pandemic proving Luke’s Gospel correct. We hear in current society how we’re “all in this (crisis) together” with assorted riff raff but did Noah suffer during the flood of water? Was Abraham punished with the residents of Sodom when he freed Lot before its destruction by fire? This upbeat Bible study confirms that Yahweh always protects the obedient in times of distress.