Revelation (Part #32)

Revelation (Part #32) provides explanation on the whore of Babylon and several metaphors used in chapter seventeen and elsewhere in cannon. Who is like unto this creature? These have one mind and shall give their powerful strength unto the beast! This lecture clarifies each beast mentioned, the specific seven heads (and their mountains) alongside the ten horns mentioned by Daniel in the Old Testament.

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Revelation (Part #31)

Revelation (Part #31) is devoted solely to describing the whore of Babylon by explaining who “she” is. How does Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton relate to this political prostitute of Jerusalem? Who becomes drunk on the wine of her fornication? She is now! Therefore this sermon attempts to clarify “mystery Babylon the great and mother of harlots and abominations of the earth (II Thessalonians 2:7).”

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In the Beginning

In the Beginning provides an outline on each “day” of Creation from the first two chapters of Genesis with special importance on the two different formation accounts of Adam. By understanding the beginning we can more easily understand the end therefore this sermon from Worldwide Christian Radio attempts to clarify who the Creator of all things is while exposing some known false theologies.

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Revelation (Part #30)

Revelation (Part #30) deals with the sixth vial being the great river Euphrates drying up so kings of the east can prepare for the final judgment of Yahweh. What do frogs symbolize in scripture? This cheery sermon revisits John 8:44 to explain “the spirits of devils [that] work miracles” and continues highlighting the numerous similarities of these signs and wonders to the Crucifixion and mass Exodus of old.

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Revelation (Part #XX)

Revelation (Part #XX) is quite possibly the worst sermon ever preached being a total disaster from start to finish. From the heavy Georgia rain pounding our tin church roof to techie gremlins losing the last two minutes of the broadcast it was eventually decided to remove this abomination from CPM’s official numbering system. Do yourself a favor and DON’T listen to this lecture. You’ve been warned.

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Who is Who?

Who is Who? is the third sermon of a trilogy scrutinizing Bible doctrines of importance to Dr. James P. Wickstrom. Who are God’s chosen people? Whom does Yahweh hate forever? This episode of Yahweh’s Truth aired live on Worldwide Christian shortwave Radio and attempts to explain the “players” of scriptural history from both Testaments while exposing God’s serpentile enemies in the process.

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Revelation (Part #29)

Revelation (Part #29) continues looking at the song of Moses before detailing six of the seven vials poured out upon mankind during Armageddon. Why does God smite the earth with various curses? This sermon attempts to explain similarities between the plagues of ancient Egypt and Yahweh’s final “cups of wrath” while explaining the heavenly temple (or New Jerusalem) during this lecture.

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Revelation (Part #28)

Revelation (Part #28) starts to examine the song of Moses sung by overcomers of this earth age but not before explaining the “harvest” mentioned by Christ in His parable of the sower and tares. This sermon mainly looks at the cup of wrath poured out by Yahweh during the time of vintage and confirms the blood-soaked Redeemer comes from Edom ( not Esau ) from the major prophet Isaiah 63:1-4.

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Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments provides listeners with a general outline of the “greatest two” commandments in Yahweh’s eternal Law and briefly discusses each eternal request. This ongoing episode of Yahweh’s Truth continues to highlight doctrines of importance to Dr. James Paul Wickstrom therefore this upbeat sermon explains the importance of God’s Law to followers of Emmanuel the Christ today.

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Revelation (Part #27)

Revelation (Part #27) mostly covers the fall of rebuilt Babylon and the fornicating whore that controls it through drunkenness. Is virginity commanded? Who makes war with the antichrist beast and his false image? What is the seal of Yahweh? This sermon in our long-running series on John’s Revelation covers all three angels and their final acts of grace before the “harvest” of time being the return of Christ.

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