Zechariah (Part #02)

Zechariah (Part #02) continues our study by scrutinizing the red and white speckled horses of his first vision and how they correlate to John’s later book of Revelation. What caused the “scattering” of the Israelite people and where exactly did they go? Why do fair and ruddy horsemen patrol our earth going “to and fro” upon it? This upbeat lecture explains the importance of horses in apocalyptic literature and provides a brief explanation on the Diaspora.

Zechariah (Part #01)

Zechariah (Part #01) begins our study on the minor prophet by explaining his purpose for prophesying about Yahweh avenging the Judeans upon His return and some of the reasons why. What is Zechariah’s pedigree and who were his coworkers in Babylon? How can the faithful attribute this type of prophecy to our era and the current Corona virus hoax? This sermon attempts to answer these questions while providing an overview on the prophet himself.

Fair and Ruddy

Fair and Ruddy is a complete examination on physical descriptions of ancient Hebrews using mostly the inspired canonized scriptures. This upbeat sermon begins with the creation of Adam from red soil to substantiate the “ruddy” characteristic of several important figures like David, Solomon, Ruth and Jonah who were mostly in the linage of Jesus Christ. If you’re wondering how accurate paintings of these people are from times past this sermon is for you!

What is Antichrist?

What is Antichrist? provides listeners with all four Biblical definitions of the Greek word from John’s Epistles with the added bonus of lesser-known quotes from the Sibylline Oracles and Apocalypse of Daniel. It’s important to understand that there is both plural antichrist(s) and a singular (future) Antichrist that comes before the Messiah. This lecture further explains the Abomination of Desolation, Little Horn of Daniel’s vision and the coming Son of Perdition.

Who is Edom?

Who is Edom? looks at the birth of Jacob and Esau and Yahweh’s specific prophecy that “the elder shall serve the younger.” Who are the Edomites today? Why did Esau sell his birthright? Is “Edom in modern jewry?” What did Esau do that made God hate him? Meant to be a complete overview of Jacob’s twin brother this sermon should provide the answers to these questions while proving from the Bible that today’s jews have no claim to Abraham’s seed.

I Beheld Satan

I Beheld Satan is a discourse structured around Jesus’ statement in John 10:10; “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” This lecture explains the creation of Lucifer and his war against Michael the archangel before being cast to earth. Also covered is each temptation Satan used on Jesus Christ and our Redeemer’s dealings with the adversary.

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Lessons From Ecclesiastes

Lessons From Ecclesiastes is an upbeat sermon designed to provide an expansive overview of misquoted (but well-known) passages from Solomon’s book detailing life “under the Sun.” Why are faithful Christians commanded to “Fear Yahweh?” This livestreamed broadcast begins by establishing king Solomon’s authorship before proceeding to cover suggested Bible verses from practically every chapter of this Bible book known as “the Preacher.”

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Hermas II (Commands) #5

Hermas II (Commands) #5 continues our long-running audio series on the extra-Biblical book by scrutinizing the fifth command of the Shepherd understudy. Are there opposing guardian angels influencing mankind? What is the path of hardship mentioned in our Bible and why do the majority of creation take the harder path to destruction? This upbeat sermon on the Gnostic books also has the added distinction of being the final CPM lecture of 2019.

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Ecclesiastes (Part #21)

Ecclesiastes (Part #21) concludes our lengthy coverage of king Solomon’s book detailing the human experience. This final lecture on the book of The Preacher scrutinizes Solomon’s most popular statement “Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man (Adam).” While this sermon is considered the finale for our lengthy 2019 audio series it also features a precursor for CPM’s New Year’s Day lecture “Lessons From Ecclesiastes.”

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Ecclesiastes (Part #20)

Ecclesiastes (Part #20) explains how to live on this green earth in light of impeding judgment from Yahweh and basically begins to finalize this book’s teachings on doing well to our fellow man by putting others first. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – as Adam was formed from the red soil so shall he return to whence he was made. Knowing all are born to die how should Israelites live? Listen to this sermon to learn more about Covenant People’s Outreach.

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