Apocalypse Promos

Apocalypse Promos is a complete collection of uplifting outdoor “shorts” meant to explain the importance of Revelation in today’s society. This full-length feature contains four previously unreleased clips (and two bloopers) with a new introduction and informative final credits. The CPM video series on John’s prophetical book begins on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018! Participation in this event is sure to edify.

Download the mp3 here or here (20.1 mb).

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Identity in Christ (Part #2)

Identity in Christ (Part #2) completes our two-part series by scrutinizing the final four steps in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; taking up our cross daily, walking in the Spirit, constant Bible study and being consecrated to help our people. This second of two sermons will equip new listeners to the DS Identity message with the simple basics of Christian living and implant faith within Yahweh’s living progeny.

Download the mp3 here or here (8.28 mb).

Identity in Christ (Part #1)

Identity in Christ (Part #1) looks at the first four steps of eight in identifying ourselves with Yahshua; making proper confession, crucifying the old man, having faith in Him and walking in the Light. This first of two sermons on Christian living is meant to equip new listeners to the Identity message with basic dual-seedline doctrine and instructs the faithful in how to withstand Satan-el and his bastard offspring.

Download the mp3 here or here (7.88 mb).

Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (66) Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM is the continuation of an interview conducted by Euro Folk Radio focused on available Covenant People’s Books and the history of Covenant People’s Forums. Want more information on Wick’s sidekick? This special broadcast allows “The Viss” to discuss more about his childhood, education, ministerial mistakes and impending projects from CPM.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.5 mb).

Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (36) Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio is a relaxed interview about Covenant People’s Ministry that provides background into its roots and founding. This broadcast on Euro Folk Radio discusses a variety of important topics and allows Pastor Visser to talk about his childhood, Christian mentors and offer further history about CPM. The first of several broadcasts scheduled for the future.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.5 mb).

Desert Island Verses (Part #8)

Desert Island Verses (Part #8) showcases ten important Bible verses all dealing with the topic of forbearance or the tolerance we’re commanded to show our Israelite brethren. Should Christians embrace the world? In this segment Obie & Visser probe deeper into the meaning of the words “brother” and “neighbor” from Hebrew and Greek uncovering whether or not scripture teaches universalism.

Download the mp3 here or here (45.4 mb).

Fear of Salvation?

Fear of Salvation? reveals slanderers and those who gossip as being antichrist by showcasing numerous Biblical admonishments against fretting about others. If faithful Israelites are instructed to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12) than those who spend the mass of their limited time attacking or criticizing others are not only hypocrites but deniers of Jesus’ Words.

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Yahweh’s Wonderful Plagues

Yahweh’s Wonderful Plagues showcases Deuteronomy 28:58-68 to prove that rebellious Israelites who turn from obeying Yahweh’s Law cause a series of plagues to be sent in each generation. This relaxed sermon explains that many of today’s sorrows are caused by yesterday’s disobedience to God’s charges and even highlights several traits of Pharaoh’s “wage slaves” in order to avoid apostasy.

Download the mp3 here or here (10.3 mb).

Hermas I (Visions) #2

Hermas I (Visions) #2 is the long-awaited sequel to the first part covering The Shepherd of Hermas 1:24-2:7. Pastor Visser provides a brief background into the text itself and current audio series before providing lively commentary on the meaning of this extraordinary vision. This sermon on creation finds “the lady” granting Hermas exclusive permission to copy her book (of Life) before it’s quickly snatched away.

Download the mp3 here or here (13.5 mb).

DSCI For Dummies (Part #3)

DSCI For Dummies (Part #3) completes our simplified trilogy dealing with the beguilement of Eve and the resulting offspring of “the world’s first murderer” Cain. This broadcast deals with Genesis 3:15 which is a central verse in Christian Identity and even looks deeper at the curses Yahweh directly placed upon the heads of Adam, Eve and the serpent. Newsguy and theChomo call in during the last hour!

Download the mp3 here or here (43.8 mb).