A Thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night inspects the return of Christ from II Peter 3:3-14 to prove it comes at a time when the world least expects. Peter says before Yahshua’s second advent many will walk after their own lusts feeling “God is dead” thus unashamed. This sermon establishes God’s time table regarding His end-time prophecies and commands faithful sheep to always be “hasting” the coming Day of the LORD.

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Born of Yahweh

Born of Yahweh probes deeper into the fifth chapter of John’s epistle to define the doctrine of Yahshua. The apostle John describes antichrist as “those who deny Christ” but what about those Israelites that accept Him? How can we identify these sons of Yahweh? This brief sermon explains eight guarantees of being a Christian from John’s first letter and proves Satan can’t move against those YHVH protects.

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Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (66) Pastor Jeromy Visser & CPM is the continuation of an interview conducted by Euro Folk Radio focused on available Covenant People’s Books and the history of Covenant People’s Forums. Want more information on Wick’s sidekick? This special broadcast allows “The Viss” to discuss more about his childhood, education, ministerial mistakes and impending projects from CPM.

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Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (36) Pastor Jeromy Visser’s Bio is a relaxed interview about Covenant People’s Ministry that provides background into its roots and founding. This broadcast on Euro Folk Radio discusses a variety of important topics and allows Pastor Visser to talk about his childhood, Christian mentors and offer further history about CPM. The first of several broadcasts scheduled for the future.

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Parable of the Virgins

Parable of the Virgins begins by covering the allegory from Matthew 25:1-13 before comparing the same narrative to the Epistula Apostolorum (Epistle of the Apostles). What is the “oil” of our people and why did the wise virgins refuse the foolish? This sermon deals mostly with the topic of “preparedness” as all ten virgins were faithful to the Bridegroom yet only half were known and acknowledged by Yahshua.

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He That Soweth Discord

He That Soweth Discord proves that Yahweh hates those who needlessly cause conflict amongst His people by using Proverbs 6:16-19 with supporting passages from Paul’s epistle to the pagan Romans. We’re instructed to “mark” those that cause divisions as false prophets don’t possess the ability to love nor be unified with the Saints thus this short sermon aids in recognizing behaviors that God loathes.

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Marriage of the Lamb

Marriage of the Lamb scrutinizes the words “bride” and “Bridegroom” in scripture attempting to clarify the latter supper mentioned by John in the prophetical book of Revelation. It was Yahweh that divorced Israel in the Old Testament but Yahshua who marries them under the New Covenant. This brief sermon proves Jesus Christ is the Creator Himself and will redeem His precious bride only if they’re subservient.

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Greater He In You

Greater He In You scrutinizes 1st John 4 to show that Bible study alone is not sufficient to overcome false teachers – it requires discernment of the imparted Holy Spirit. Scripturally, both the sons of Yahweh and offspring of the serpent are literal thus loving John provides several ways of understanding who is genuine in addition to substantiating the importance of God’s Law (as opposed to dismissal of His morality).

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Truth Shall Be Evil

Truth Shall Be Evil examines the methods of false teachers from 2nd Peter II to expose the tares sown in amongst the genuine. Why do fake brethren never debate their faulty premises? How come they spend so much time projecting outward? What are Yahweh’s thoughts on such men who judge His faithful? The once-denying follower Peter provides many of those answers in this tranquil condensed sermon.

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More Milk of the Word

More Milk of the Word uses Ist Peter 2:1-10 to establish the importance of not “studying ourselves retarded” over accepting the simplicity that exists in Christ. We cover the five things that will hinder spiritual growth and what must be done to have an ever-increasing faith in Yahweh. Also explained are several tactics of false prophets and how they make the uncomplicated more difficult and confusing.

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