Hermas I (Visions) #10

Hermas I (Visions) #10 completes Hermas’ forth vision and his first Gnostic book entirely. This Covenant Gathering broadcast covers The Shepherd of Hermas 4:9-4:29 which deals mostly with persecution of the church in every era yet finally finds “the shepherd” becoming a full-fledged prophet with specific instructions to educate the elect of Yahweh. Possibly the finale to our longest-running series ever!

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Ten Plagues of Yahweh

Ten Plagues of Yahweh confirms idol worship is forbidden by God before showing the correlation between each plague He sent to an Egyptian graven image. This Covenant Gathering broadcast teaches on the exchange between Moses and the hard-hearted Pharaoh while proving Yahweh made His “signs and wonders” manifest to both His faithful Israelites and the pagan Egyptians of the Old Testament.

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And All the Trees

And All the Trees scrutinizes the importance of the Parable of the Fig Tree in relation to the return of Christ for judgment. Why did Yahshua command His followers to learn this teaching over all His others? What are the signs preceding the great and terrible Day of the Lord? This broadcast on Euro Folk Radio attempts to explain what our faithful should be looking for before the third and final earth age.

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Lord, Redeem Me!

Lord, Redeem Me! is a complete examination of the entire 26th Psalm that proves only Yahweh will judge His people righteously and we should only seek His acceptance. Why was David “a man according to Yahweh’s own heart?” Our former king made a vow to only follow God and seek His judgment regarding morality while refusing Godspeed to the mischievous and wicked resulting in a peaceful reign for Israel.

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Abide in Christ

Abide in Christ compares Ist John 2:26-28 to Ist Corinthians 2:9-16 to prove both John and Paul taught the faithful must have the mind of Jesus Christ. This relaxed sermon regarding the anointing of the Holy Spirit and righteous judgment is designed to strengthen our Christian walks by explaining “he that is spiritual judges all things ( especially “seducing” ministers ) yet he himself is judged of no worldly man.”

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Third Epistle of John

Third Epistle of John begins by providing a brief background on the disciple John’s conversion from a “son of thunder” into the “apostle of love” before covering his entire third letter. Veiled within this sermon is an explanation of the recent CPM Notice and a comparison of genuine brothers in Christ to false ministers. John’s main focus in old age was truth and love therefore this program explains CPM’s future.

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Second Epistle of John

Second Epistle of John covers the apostle’s entire letter and explains what the word “antichrist” means. This missive written to the “elect lady” warns future believers of many deceivers and antichrists that refuse to abide in the doctrine of Christ. Loving John not only taught that the faithful show their love to Yahweh by loving one another but also commands we refuse hospitality to those who twist scripture.

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A Thief in the Night

A Thief in the Night inspects the return of Christ from II Peter 3:3-14 to prove it comes at a time when the world least expects. Peter says before Yahshua’s second advent many will walk after their own lusts feeling “God is dead” thus unashamed. This sermon establishes God’s time table regarding His end-time prophecies and commands faithful sheep to always be “hasting” the coming Day of the LORD.

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Reasons for Plagues

Reasons for Plagues outlines fourteen specific sinful behaviors that always result in Yahweh pouring out His curses upon the Israelites. By highlighting the conditions of God’s Mosaic covenant faithful Saxons are better equipped in understanding our current woes are caused by turning our backs on the Creator. This sermon also provides a concise overview on “plague” as a word and its usage in scripture.

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This Poor Man Cried

This Poor Man Cried is a complete study on the 34th Psalm of David pertaining to deliverance from ALL problems. This musical Psalm provides the conditions of obtaining freedom and holds a Messianic prophecy later fulfilled by Yahshua “He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.” This peaceful sermon is dedicated to all Israelites in distress and we pray this study will provide them personal comfort.

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