Valuation of Parables

Valuation of Parables examines Yahshua’s allegories of the two sons, householder and marriage feast while attempting to defend the worth of these metaphors to Christian Identity. This Covenant Gathering broadcast aired exclusively on Euro Folk Radio and proves Yahweh’s Israelite people are His vineyard and they can often be mislead by false pastors. Technically the fourth and final lecture from the series.

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Application of Parables

Application of Parables continues our study on Christ’s metaphors by teaching how modern Christians can apply His parables of the mustard seed, leaven and hidden treasure to their personal walks of faith. Are Yahshua’s parables for today? This Covenant Gathering broadcast proves Yahweh’s “treasure” are the Israelite people and something that is small (like mustard seeds or leaven) can often wax very large.

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Interpretation of Parables

Interpretation of Parables is a Covenant Gathering broadcast that focuses mostly on Yahshua’s parables of the sower and tares of the field while describing how modern Christians can study these allegories. Christ clearly taught the value of Bible reading because Satan has literal offspring on earth! While Christ explained these two parables it’s our desire this sermon will clarify why He taught in this manner.

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Christian Desire (Part #2)

Christian Desire (Part #2) continues to describe what faithful Christians should be wishing for by examining several New Testament passages proving hypocrites often flock to religion because they desire the glory of men. Yahshua our Messiah warns “Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes” (Luke 20:46) and even James informs that wars of men come from wicked desires (James 4:1).

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Christian Desire (Part #1)

Christian Desire (Part #1) clarifies the difference between want and desire by highlighting several passages of scripture that explain what the faithful should covet. Is there a secret to answered prayer? Is desire evil? This brief sermon provides a “want list” from three different New Testament authors proving desire itself is not sinful and Christians should seek to see their countries under Yahweh’s Law.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #2)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #2) completes a study begun one year before focused solely on the Biblical Law of karma. This segment explains that Yahweh designed natural providence so that both righteous and wicked seeds will “reap what they sow” in this life and the coming Kingdom. We also give details on why Jesus Christ used agricultural terms when teaching His bride parables such as seeds, trees or branches.

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Prophets Like Foxes

Prophets Like Foxes looks at sly and cunning false teachers of tradition directly from Ezekiel 13:1-7 after showcasing the Messiah’s teachings regarding end times from Matthew 24:21-26. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are a given! What about other forms of canine? This sermon explains why Yahweh’s Word attributes sham prophets to “foxes” and expounds on why the days of tribulation are “cut short” for the elect.

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Sowing & Reaping (Part #1)

Sowing & Reaping (Part #1) explains the Biblical Law of karma and proves every Israelite man and woman will harvest exactly what they plant. What should Christians be “sowing” and how much should they propagate? Why did Yahweh hand us a bill of divorcement and send us into diaspora? These teachings pertaining to agriculture aid in judging the “fruits” of particular individuals claiming to share our faith.

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Seven Things Not To Fear

Seven Things Not To Fear deals with seven things explicitly mentioned in scripture that are forbidden for Israelites to FEAR and shows how they’re all interlocked in some regard. Do you understand why we’re commanded to “Fear God?” Why would Solomon say fearing Yahweh is the whole duty of man? These answers are provided in this relaxed sermon that proves the wicked have no power over God’s children.

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